Advertising Age
October 6, 1986

Jim's Kids Pick Winners
By James P. Forkan

Jimmy, 16, and Johnny, 8, the sons of ADVERTISING AGE senior editor James P. Forkan, having shown a talent for picking prime time tv hits last season, try their hand at the new season:

From what they've seen during "premiere week" and some sneak previews before that, Jimmy and Johnny are most excited about "Perfect Strangers," renewed by ABC after a short tryout last season, and NBC's "ALF."

Most other newcomers generated lukewarm responses, leaving my dynamic duo to focus mostly on returnees.

Monday: Jimmy labeled "ALF" as "great, a good comedy" that he plans to watch regularly.  Johnny agreed: "Yeah, I like that a lot.  It was really good."  Both liked the alien character most -- his looks and his lines.

Wednesday: Jimmy calls "Strangers" "one of the funniest comedies in a while, with a great story line."  Johnny, too, sees that as one of his weekly favorites.

They're less enthused about ABC's "Head of the Class," whose promos Jimmy found funnier than the show.

Saturday: "Life with Lucy" was the other sitcom Jimmy had most wanted to sample.  Both found it simply "okay" after two showings.

Jimmy said "Lucy" "fell short" because of "the fake acting by the family.  It wasn't a natural-acting family."

As for the "Ellen Burstyn Show," they had no interest in even sampling that, so NBC's "227" will be their pick come October.

Dramas: They liked NBC's "Our House's" story and the main character, and Johnny says he may watch that sometimes, depending on "Disney Sunday Movie's" titles.

Jimmy also praised NBC's "Matlock" and felt "Crime Story" was "okay" -- but once the latter goes to Tuesday, he'll stick with "Moonlighting."

So far, they've greeted the other newcomers with yawns.