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(This particular biography was taken from the 1990-91 season press kit for the show)

Rebeca Arthur, whose ancestry traces back to the infamous McCoys, was born on March 18, and raised in Cumberland, a town in the mountains of western Maryland, on the border between West Virginia and Pennsylvania.

After majoring in dance and drama at the University of Maryland, Ms. Arthur moved to New York to pursue a career in entertainment.  Following a string of "typical" jobs, she answered a classified ad search for "Real Life Charlie’s Angels," and began a second career as a private investigator.  After three exciting and sometimes dangerous years of detective work, Rebeca decided to return to the less risky world of entertainment.  With her natural comic abilities, it wasn’t long before she landed recurring comedy roles on both "The Guiding Light" and "Search for Tomorrow."

In December 1983 she moved to Los Angeles to resume her acting and quickly won guest-starring roles on "Remington Steele" and "Newhart," and an appearance in the feature film "About Last Night."  In 1986, Ms. Arthur was cast in her role on "Perfect Strangers" as Mary Anne, the innocent and energetic flight attendant who lives upstairs, and is the object of Balki’s romantic desires in an ongoing relationship that continues to teeter on the brink of consummation.

Ms. Arthur has made several appearances on the "Circus of the Stars" television specials, and this past hiatus she completed the starring role in the upcoming television movie "Running Mates" with John Forsythe.


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