In 2012, Bronson has returned to our television screens, not as an actor but as himself!  He is currently starring in DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Network's new series, aptly titled The Bronson Pinchot Project.  The show follows Bronson's passionate zeal for renovating and reviving the classic Greek-style houses and buildings he has purchased over the years in Harford, Pennsylvania.  Totally unscripted, no-shots-recreated and 100% pure Bronson through and through, the series offers a unique perspective on many of Bronson's burning passions for many years: history, art and antique furniture and materials.

DIY is offering the first episode online, which we have embedded below (we're not sure if any additional episodes may be posted but we will add them here if and when they become available!
Scroll down further for press interviews with Bronson about the series!

Visit DIY's official site for The Bronson Pinchot Project

Episode 01 - Welcome to My World

Bronson has been doing a lot of interviews and promotion for the show in various news circles, and the links to many of these are listed below:

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Daybreak USA, radio interview with Bronson
(he's on at the beginning of the last half hour of the February 8th
show - should be available for a limited time)

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