Episode Synopses
(very roughly translated from the show's official site
. . . many thanks to Cousin Yelena for some much needed corrections!)

Season One

"Here I Am" - September 25, 2006 - On a normal day, on the threshold of aspiring photographer Andrei Ruzhentsev's apartment appears the Caucasian youth Ivan Zyamzyulin.  Ivan asserts that he is the distant relative of Andrei along the maternal line and intends to live with him (based on PS episode Knock Knock . . . Who's There?).

"Night Rendezvous" - September 26, 2006 - Ivan want to go to a night club but Andrei is not so sure . . . Ivan won't leave Andrei home alone feeling he will cause trouble if left at home alone but it is Ivan who gets into trouble when he is stuck with the tab for another couples' drinks (based on PS episode First Date).

"He Said, They Went!" - September 27, 2006 - Andrei bets Arkady money that he can teach Ivan how to drive (based on PS episode Baby, You Can Drive My Car).

"Coast Automobile" - September 28, 2006 - Arkady fines the boys for a broken statuette, leaving them without enough money to get by.  Feeling it is his fault, Ivan persuades Andrei to let him use his car as a taxi to make money.

"Happy Birthday, Brother!" - September 29, 2006 - Andrei is about to sell a photograph to a magazine only to find out they don't want to buy it.  Ivan finds out it's Andrei's birthday and plans a surprise party with Tanya for Andrei (based on PS episode Happy Birthday, Baby).

"Maps, Money, Two Keys" - October 2, 2006 - Andrei looks forward to spending a night with Tanya and asks Ivan to spend the night in the store, only Ivan locks the apartment door from outside upon leaving, locking Andrei in.

"Body Into the Matter" - October 3, 2006 - Andrei and Ivan go to a fitness club where they meet two fascinating instructors and overdo the exercise trying to impress them (based on the PS episode Hunks Like Us).

"Sleeping Handsome Man" - October 4, 2006 - Andrei finally gets a date with a dream girl and doesn't want to visit Arkady in the hospital for fear of getting sick.  However, Ivan persuades Andrei to go and Andrei, naturally, falls ill (based on the PS episode Ladies and Germs).

"Respect of Babay" - October 5, 2006 - When Andrei saves Ivan's life, Ivan insists that according to the laws of the mountains he must give him the "Respect of Babay" (based on the PS episode Life Savers).

"Metre of Film" - October 6, 2006 - Andrei receives an invitation to an exhibit of his idol, a noted Russian photographer, but when Tanya has to go to an international conference Andrei must take Ivan instead (based on the PS episode Tux for Two).

"Russian Babylon" - October 9, 2006 - After becoming the millionth customers of a supermarket contest, the boys have to decide between a three chamber refrigerator or a trip to a large casino (based on the PS episode Babes in Babylon).

"Canine Happiness" - October 10, 2006 - Ivan brings a homeless dog back home and convinces Andrei to keep it but things get complicated when it turns out their neighbor cannot stand dogs (based on the PS episode Dog Gone Blues).

"Dance with the Sabres" - October 11, 2006 - Two ancient sabres show up in the antique store and when it's discovered that they are priceless (and stolen from the Hermitage!) Arkady becomes intrigued with the idea of making a fortune from selling them.

"The Stolen Childhood" - October 12, 2006 - Andrei catches a 13 year old boy shoplifting from the store so the guys decide to become his mentors, only their approaches to this are diametrically opposed (based on the PS episode Tenspeed and Soft Touch).

"Roll by Kolbaskoy" - October 13, 2006 - When Arkady refuses to give the guys raises they get jobs at a restaurant and soon find out they've only left one bad job for another (based on the PS episode Get a Job).

"Dances Around the Stomach" - October 16, 2006 - Ivan invites a pregnant friend to stay with Andrei when the hostel where she lived is shut down and her husband is away from town (based on the PS episode Hello, Baby).

"Raisin - It Is Good, and Two - are Better!" - October 17, 2006 - Ivan invests in a muesli company which promises one hundred raisins in every batch but he's disappointed when the actual number is much less (based on the PS episode Taking Stock).

"The Dream of Rapid Preparation" - October 18, 2006 - When Arkady returns from a trip to London he expects Andrei and Ivan to tend the antique store in a polite, British manner but for the same low pay.

"To Have Time in 180 Seconds" - October 19, 2006 - Ivan and Andrei win a supermarket shopping spree and have three minutes to get as many groceries as they can with some restrictions (based on the PS episode Better Shop Around).

"From the Sleeps to the Matter" - October 20, 2006 - When girlfriends Tanya and Masha are invited to study in St. Petersburg Ivan makes it clear that he does not want Masha to go.  Andrei, however, negligently tells Tanya she can go and so both girls depart (possibly based on PS episode Future Shock).

"I, Witness" - October 23, 2006 - Ivan meets a man named Garikom who takes advantage of Ivan's naivety to have him run jobs for him.  It has to be explained to him that Garikom is a criminal boss (based on the PS episode Can I Get a Witness?).

"Divorce and Maidenly Surname" - October 24, 2006
Tamara gets fed up and throws Arkady out of the house, saying she wants a divorce.  Ivan, against the wishes of Andrei, invites Arkady to move in with them (based on the PS episode Since I Lost My Baby).

"Love to the Coffin" - October 25, 2006
As Ivan studies to be a veterinary surgeon he falls in love with a girl named Galya in his class and even wants to marry her.  But Andrey suspects that Galya is only using Ivan to help her pass the course (based on the PS episode Falling in Love Is . . . ).

"The Statue of Freedom" - October 26, 2006
Arkady brings his nephew in to work in the antique store.  But this nephew devises a scheme: he stages the loss of a valuable statuette of an Indian goddess.

"Fellow from the Cover" - October 27, 2006
Andrei photographs Ivan and sends the photo to a magazine which ends up publishing the picture . . . on its cover!

Season Two

"A Love Triangle" - January 22, 2007
Tamara helps Andrei and Ivan concoct a scheme to falsely present a marriage and divorce situation by which Ivan will be able to skirt the Moscow registration process allowing him to continue to live in the apartment with Andrei but as usual, at the critical moment, something goes wrong.

"Large Dispute" - January 23, 2007
Andrei and Ivan make a bet between themselves: who is the better salesman?  Tamara and Arkady in turn bet amongst themselves who will win, but the results could be devastating for the loser because they may end up being fired!

"Unhealthy Love" - January 24, 2007
When Ivan falls in love with a district doctor he feigns countless maladies to see her - stomach pain, toothache, broken hand, etc.  Arkady grows increasingly irritated by Ivan's absence from work . . . but things may unravel on their own when the female doctor shows up in the store!

"Armchair of the Grandmother of Manany" - January 25, 2007
In preparation for a visit from Ivan's grandmother, a large amount of money is sent to purchase an old armchair-rocker in which she will feel comfortable.  When the chair and other items from the store are lost, the store faces bankruptcy (based very very loosely on the PS episode Bye Bye Biki).

"The Place of Work Cannot be Changed" - January 26, 2007
Tamara decides to make a change and begin a newspaper publishing company.  She hires new workers and instructs Arkady that they are now "Antiquary and . . . . "  Behind her back Arkady fires Ivan and Andrei and they look for jobs on their own.  When Tamara finds out about this she has the editor-in-chief, Boris, hire the boys.  Andrei and Ivan received their first task as reporters and realize they have truly started a whole new life (based very loosely on the PS episode All the News That's Fit).

"I Grow Thin, Dear Editorial Staff" - January 29, 2007
When Tanya arrives from the mission Andrei decides to lose weight and starts dieting.  Unable to manage enough will power on his own, he turns to Ivan who puts Andrei on the shepherd diet but helping Andrei to help himself may prove to be difficult work for Ivan (based on the PS episode Weigh to Go, Buddy).

"Brothers and Bratki" - January 30, 2007
Ivan becomes acquainted with a con man who sells fake designer watches but the authorities are not willing to help so Andrei decides to expose the scam by reporting it in the newspaper (based on the PS episode Night School Confidential).

"The *Star* of Fascinating Happiness" - January 31, 2007
After returning home from a three-day absence, Andrei is shocked to find out that Ivan has invited a female volleyball team, who is in Moscow for the competitions, to live in their apartment!  Ivan intends to sell his possessions to sponsor the team but Andrei suggests they get Arkady to sponser the team instead . . . but how do they explain all these women living with them?

"As Not to Become Star" - February 1, 2007
A commercial director selects Andrei to star in the newspaper's advertising campaign.  Andrei starts to imagine himself as a future television star but everyone is in for a surprise when they sit down to watch the finished commercial on television (based on the PS episode To Be or Not to Be).

"Boss Andryusha" - February 2, 2007
Ivan tops off a special dinner for Andrei and the girls with a special pastry dessert.  The pastry is so good Andrei signs an agreement with a Moscow restaurant to sell them on the condition they can deliver 2,000 of the pastries in two days!  Everyone pitches in to help but it becomes pretty clear that Andrei, who has assigned himself the boss, is not doing his fair share of the work (based on the PS episode Just Desserts). 

"The Law of Honor" - February 5, 2007
After much persuasion Arkady gets Ivan to reveal some information from a tax related letter.  Andrei scolds Ivan, telling him that he has broken the code of journalistic honor.  But Andrei's tune may change when it turns out Ivan has some private information which would benefit Andrei if he were to reveal it (based on the PS episode My Lips Are Sealed).

"Nature of People" - February 6, 2007
Ivan and Andrei find themselves on opposite sides of an issue at work when Andrei is assigned to write an article outlining the benefits of a new commercial center and Ivan sides with the local residents who want the construction project stopped, going so far as to sign the collective letter of protest and then publish the letter in the newspaper.

"Passions According to Ivan" - February 7, 2007
Xenia, the editor of the Sunday supplement, makes excuses to get close to Ivan, making it clear she is interested in him sexually, leaving Ivan confused . . . he does not want a relation with this woman but he also doesn't want to lose his job.  Andrei comes to Ivan's aid in stopping this woman's sexual harassment (based on the PS episode Sexual Harassment in Chicago).

"The Terrible Prophecy of Moyra" - February 8, 2007
A well-known fortune teller predicts an untimely and fast death for Andrei, who does not believe such nonsense.  Ivan is very worried and in the evening the brothers and their girlfriends gather in the guys' apartment to embark on the path of the terrible prophecy (based on the PS episode The Horn Blows at Midnight).

"Ivan Changes Profession" - February 9, 2007
Ivan is put in charge of the newspapers inter-office newsletter.  Andrei reviews Ivan's first enthusiastic effort but points out that a journalist must speak only the truth.  The following morning when the new issue comes out the editorial staff are not happy to learn the truth about themselves (based on the PS episode The Newsletter).

"To That Corrected - To Believe" - February 12, 2007
Andrei learns that Garikom, the crook he and Ivan testified against in court, is to be released from prison.  Andrei fears for Ivan's safety and hurries home, only to find out Garikom is staying in their apartment (based on the PS episode The Pen Pal).

"Brother the Savior of Brother" - February 13, 2007
Returning home from a day at work, Andrei and Ivan are trapped in the elevator.  Trying not to panic, they calm each other down and recall stories from their lives when endurance and calmness helped them deal with difficult situations.

"Conquered it Cannot Be Lost" - February 14, 2007
Andrei is to meet Tanya' father and finds out the man is an avid billiard player who nevetheless plays very badly.  Andrei decides that to make a good impression he must lose the game to his future father-in-law and hopes Ivan will also be instrumental in helping him carry out this idea (based loosely on the PS episode Hello, Ball).

"Fraternal Aid" - February 15, 2007
Andrei urgently needs money to help send his sister to school and takes a chance on bilking an insurance company to get the money (based on the PS episode Lie-Ability).

"Nothing to Itself Repair!" - February 16, 2007
Andrei and Ivan have to make a certain repair in Arkady's apartment but will their boss be pleased with their work?  (Could possibly be loosely based on Pipe Dreams?)

"One House" - February 19, 2007
Andrei and Tanya take a vacation and Andrei asks Ivan to cover for him at work . . . which results in Ivan writing an article by himself which leads to trouble.

"Consequence Conducts Journalist" - February 20, 2007
Someone robs the newspaper's offices and Arkady accuses Ivan of not shutting the door when he left.  To defend Ivan, Andrei launches an independent investigation, the results of which prove to be surprising!

"People Against Arkady Mikhaylovich" - February 21, 2007
On Ivan's birthday the brothers decide to have a party and they invite many of their friends and colleagues but not their boss, Arkady.  When Arkady shows up anyway it could totally disrupt all of their plans (based loosely on the PS episode The Gift of the Mypiot).

"To Increase Print Run" - February 22, 2007
Having a problem with his creditors, Arkady desperately needs the circulation of the paper to increase.  Despite the various efforts of the newspaper's workers prove futile and everyone is worried when one day Arkady simply disappears!

"Mountains Call" - February 26, 2007
The newspaper is taken to court over a controversial article.  At the same time the relatives of Ivan's mountain fiancee, Dardanelles, arrive and persuade him to return to the village to be married since it is his position to do so.  Will Ivan return to the mountains?  Will the newspaper be shut down?  (based very loosely on the PS episode Wedding Belle Blues)

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