Series Overview
(roughly translated from the show's official site
. . . many thanks to Cousin Yelena for some much needed corrections!)

An American sitcom named Perfect Strangers (which can also be translated as "excellent strangers") aired in America for seven years, from 1986 to 1993, on the ABC network and enjoyed great success.  The story of two cousins, Larry and Balki, caught the fancy of the American audience . . . in its heroes they saw themselves.  Jokes from the show were retold in public places - supermarkets and cafes - and the dear toy sheep Dimitri, which reminded Balki of the dear lamb on Mypos which saved his life, became part of public folklore.

In the AMEDIA company's adaptation the sitcom bears the name Brothers Differently.  This is a situation comedy built around the dissimilar world views of two young men who live under one roof.  Urban, efficient and partly fussy Andrei Ruzhentsev, a 26 year old Moscow native, encounters the natural, more naive attitude of his relative Ivan Zyamzyulin who arrives in Moscow from a distant village.

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The basic premise is simple: one day Andrei is going about his business when there suddenly arrives a distant relative named Ivan who proclaims he has come to live with him (Ivan states he is Andrei's second cousin).  He's not a swindler but simply a very cheerful and completely naive youth.  Ivan worked in the mountains as a sheepherder but to escape an arranged marriage by his father he decided to leave and headed to Moscow.  Here Ivan is confident that he can fulfill all his dreams.

From this time on they live together and work in an antique store.  All this comprises the basis for situation comedy -  the differences between the urban and natural perceptions of life and the difference in character between the enthusiastic Ivan and the clumsy Andrei.  Together they reflect situations which often are not unfamiliar to us.

The role of the heavy from the very beginning of the series' development history is Arkady who runs the antique store where Andrei and Ivan work. The familiarity of the situations, sympathy for the role of a country simpleton in the big city, charm of the main heroes, natural humor of Ivan and irony of Andrei will make this series interesting to a wide and varied audience.  

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