Cousin Nick Choo's Musical Tribute to Dimitri!

Cousin Nick Choo is from Malaysia.  He is a talented musical theatre composer and one of his projects was a "non-church" musical of the Christmas Story entitled Follow the Light.  In this musical, Nick fictionalized a back story for one of the Shepherds whose favorite pet sheep had gone missing.  As a Perfect Strangers fan he lovingly named the lost sheep Dimitri.  Though not many people caught that reference when the musical was staged in late 2005, Cousin Nick thought PS fans would enjoy the tribute.  Cousin Nick has graciously allowed us to post the lyrics and a segment of the song (vocals by Cousin Nick himself)!  I'm sure you'll agree this is a really special reference, since Balki himself reminds Larry that the Shepherds were the first to get the news of the birth of Baby Jesus at Christmas time.

Click on the Dimitri illustration to hear the song!

Lost Sheep

Bob: Dimitri’s gone, he must be scared.
Poor sheep, lost and petrified.
This wouldn’t happen if I had a trusty sheepdog by my side.
Everyday it’s just the same – I’m pushed around and undertrod.
Things go wrong and I’m to blame.  Things go right and I’m ignored.

My greatest fear is that he dies – the whole thing’s queer, I realise – can’t help it!
Though he’s a pet, he’s my best mate – oh, please don’t let him
Wind up on a plate with a serving of fries…! 

He whips out a piece of paper, unfolds it and addresses someone in the front row of the audience with it.  On the paper is a large photo of the sheep.

Bob: Excuse me, have you seen this sheep?  Have you seen him?  He’s about this big… (groans)

I can’t find him anywhere…  He must be
hungry, lonely, deep in shock.
Dimitri’s gone, but they don’t care.  They just could not give a f…

(pregnant PAUSE) …

God above, if you’re real – do you know how I feel?
Send me down some help to find my lost sheep!
God above, if you’re there, if you care, hear my prayer:
Send me down someone to find my lost sheep!

'Music & Lyrics © 2007 by Nick Choo'

Many thanks to Cousin Nick for sharing this special story with us!
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