Cousin Crystal's Art and Comic Strips

Cousin Crystal Hill has just recently discovered Perfect Strangers and is already a big fan!
She drew this absolutely adorable picture of Cousin Larry and Balki, and even threw in a Balki-ism!

Cousin Crystal also sent us these absolutely adorable drawings of Balki and Larry as kids!!

First, Balki as a young sheepherder with the real Dimitri:

And Larry, whose coffee addiction started early:

Cousin Crystal also created this fabulous prequel to the episode Life Savers
which we are also featuring on our Comics page!

And she "doodled" these lovely portraits of Balki and Larry
while watching television!

Here's a very funny comic strip Crystal created which spoofs a classic TV ad

Cousin Crystal couldn't bear to add a speech balloon to this particular masterpiece,
but if she had Balki would be saying, "You are full of babasticki, my short wooden friend!"

Cousin Crystal has been generous enough to let us sneak a peek inside one
of her sketch books to view this page which she's dedicated to Balki:

And here is the Cousin Larry page:

Inspired by Larry Appleton's stories about growing up in a large family in Madison, Wisconsin,
Cousin Crystal gives us these moments from Larry's younger life!

And here is a page of drawings which show Balki's younger life on Mypos!

Cousin Crystal decided to try drawing Balki and Larry in anime / manga style!
And here are the fabulous results!

Cousin Crystal was inspired to draw this comic strip after viewing the episode
Speak, Memory and hearing Balki say the line "Cousin Larry would forget his
name if I hadn't sewn it into his underwear."

While looking through some old sketches, Cousin Crystal came across this
half-finished strip and decided to finish it up, for which we are very grateful!

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