Cousin Crystal Hill's Perfectly Futuristic Strangers Artwork

Here are her version of Balki and Larry from the Perfectly Futuristic
Strangers fan fictions!  The scene with Larry and Dimitri is from the
story "I Fall to Pieces."

Cousin Crystal couldn't decide if she preferred this drawing
with dialogue or without.  To view the version without dialogue,
check out the Perfectly Futuristic Strangers illustration page

Cousin Crystal drew this hilarious Perfectly Futuristic Strangers cartoon.
Balki's expression just says it all.

I really wish I'd had Cousin Crystal as an artist back when I was trying to sell
the Perfectly Futuristic series.  With her drawings it might have actually sold!!

Cousin Larry tends to get annoyed with the mechanical Dimitri from Perfectly Futuristic
, and here is Cousin Crystal's depiction of that.  Note that Dimitri's pupils are drawn to
resemble the block letters of old computers!

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