Cousin Crystal Hill's Perfect L'il Strangers
(Balki and Larry's Offspring!)

After watching the final episode, Up, Up and Away, Cousin Crystal was inspired to draw
the Bartokomous and Appleton families, including a young Robespierre and Tucker.

This is a really adorable drawing Cousin Crystal did of Robespierre Boinki,
Balki and Mary Anne's son, seen here at around the age of four with their cat
Poosikalos.  As Crystal noted in this dialogue exchange between Larry and the child:
Larry:  "'Poosikalos?'  What's that mean?"
Pierre:  "It means 'cat'.  What did you think it meant, Uncle Cousin?  'Crayon'?"

And here is Larry and Jennifer's adorable offspring, Little Tucker Appleton!
Crystal used colored pencil to draw Tucker, and the colors are amazing!

Cousin Crystal continues to enchant us with this, her drawing of Balki and Mary Anne's
second child, appropriately named Riva Newton Bartokomous.  As Cousin Crystal
explains: "She is much like her mother when it comes to the 'blonde' personality, although she
has a sweet innocence about her that is reminiscent of Balki.  She has the voice of an angel
and can dance like nobody's business.  A natural cook, by the age of nine she bakes bibbibabkas
better than Balki (try saying that ten times fast!)  And like her father is often found singing,
dancing and cooking simultaneously.  She can be shy at times but will always stick up for what
is right, often with a well-placed Myposian saying.  Possible career: Her own cooking show."

And here is Larry and Jennifer's second child, Brittney Elaine Appleton.
As Cousin Crystal describes her: "A tomboy at heart, this young girl has a curiosity and
imagination that won't quit.  With her father's camera and her uncle's adventuresome
spirit she dreams of becoming a famous photographer.  With an almost complete lack of fear
she will run into any situation, dangerous or no, if she thinks she can get a good picture out
of it.  She inherited both her father's clumsiness and temper and tends to pace and
rant in Myposian if things do not go as planned.

And here is Balki with little Robbie!  What a great daddy Balki must be!

Ever wondered what Balki and Larry's sons, Robbie and Tucker,
would look like as teenagers?  Wonder no more!  Cousin Crystal has
outdone herself with these wonderful drawings of the adolescent pair!

Cousin Crystal has been doing a series of comic strips called Perfect L'il Strangers which follow
the comedic moments in young Robbie and Tucker's lives.  Here are her wonderful comic strips:

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