Cousin Crystal Hill's "What If Perfect Strangers Met . . . ?"

Here's Crystal's scenario if Balki ever met Adrian Monk:

The continuing dialogue would go something like this:
Natalie gives Monk wipes and he frantically begins to wipe himself off.
Balki: (cocking his head curiously) Why you are doing that?
Monk: You have germs.  Your germs are now on me!!
Balki: What germs is?
Monk: (turns to Natalie and throws hand toward Balki) This man is a barbarian!!  Natalie, why am I talking to a barbarian?!

And what would have happened had Balki and Urkel from Family Matters
ever met?  Cousin Crystal presents us with a very likely scenario!!

Now what do you suppose would happen if Balki ever met Worf from
Star Trek: The Next Generation?  Probably something like this:

Now here's a very interesting scenario proposed by Cousin Crystal:
"The cousins buy a brand new Nintendo game system, the latest and greatest thing you know.
They are so excited with their new toy that they stay up all night playing it and end up falling
asleep on the couch.  This is the dream that follows."

What would Larry have to say to Sgt. Carter from Gomer Pyle, USMD, if the two ever met?  After all,
as Crystal explains, they're,
"Two guys who have to listen to thick accents and 'back home' sayings.'"

One of Cousin Crystal's other favorite fandoms is Gilligan's Island, which is
evident from this adorable drawing she did of Balki and Gilligan:

And here is Cousin Crystal's version of Balki drawn in the Disney style:
"I kind of tried to make him look like he belongs as a hero in one of the princess movies."

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