Cousin Crystal Hill's Misc. Art and Costumes

Cousin Crystal doesn't just draw, she sculpts as well!  Here are some
photos she took of Larry and Balki dolls she made using Super Sculpy!

After a LOT of work, Cousin Crystal finished her bendable Balki and Larry dolls, complete with little Dimitri and
Maalox bottle accessories, which are simply amazing!

Crystal explained part of the process of making them this way:  "I found some Ken clothes that worked.
But I still had to sew a little.  Balki's pants were too wide so I had to narrow them.  His shirt was plain old
white so I dyed it and altered his collar.  It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be.  Their heads, hands and
feet are made from Super Sculpy polymer clay.  The inside is wire and electrical tape and two pieces of
gravel to give the body some weight.  The couch is made from that flowerists foam with some fabric glued on.
It was really fun making these guys and I learned a lot."

And here is Cousin Crystal's Larry action figure!  As Crystal explains:  "I've been having so much fun making custom action figures!  I discovered a couple months ago that I can repaint toys that I already have to be someone completely different, and there's a great air-dry clay that sticks to plastic that can be used to alter clothes and hair.  Oh, man that stuff is fun.  THEN I found out that if you heat plastic up you can take them apart and interchange parts!  Kind of morbid, I know but it helps if you have a head that needs different cloths.  Larry here is made with Lt. Carey's (Voyager) head, with sculpted hair.  His arms are O'Brian's (wanted rolled up sleeves) and the body is Scotty's, but I had to change the pant cuffs because the TOS uniforms have those short pants.  It was a lot of fun!  I even made him a little coffee cup but my camera busted so I only have this picture.  I hope to  make Balki and the girls soon too, but a vest is gonna be a killer to sculpt right.

Cousin Crystal offers this explanation for the following: "One day I was sitting around,
bored stiff.  And had nothing but a pen.  Boredom is the mother of insanity."

Cousin Crystal is also amazingly talented when it comes to costumes and
make up, which can clearly be seen in these photographs of her as Cousin Larry!

This is a fabulous bit of artwork combined with clever photography to make a
unique scenario!  As Cousin Crystal explains,
"Larry just did not want to cooperate when
I was drawing him today.  I think he had a date with Jennifer or something because he
kept trying to sneak off the page!"
  She promises more artwork like this in the future!

Here is another wonderful example of Cousin Crystal's creativity,
this time utilizing Mary Anne, who is getting her "finishing touch"
from Crystal's colored pencil (which is magic in her hand!)

And just when you thought Cousin Crystal couldn't possible be any more talented,
she went ahead and put Cousin Coastiegirl's beautiful poem, The Tale of Balki and Larry,
to music!  And you can now listen to it by clicking the graphic below!