Cousin Harmlessfangirl's Artwork

Cousin Harmlessfangirl has been practicing drawing our
favorite Cousins, and she's doing an awesome job!!

This adorable piece is titled "Cousins Should Hug More!"

And here is another practice page, this time including the girls!

Harmlessfangirl had the adorable idea to combine Perfect Strangers
with Precious Moments to create "Precious Stangers!"  Adorable!!

And Cousin Harmlessfangirl was inspired to draw this picture of Larry
undercover after watching the episode Night School Confidential!

Some PS snuggles for those who are into the Balki / Larry 'ship thing!

Cousin Harmlessfangirl explains this next drawing this way:
Saint Balki of Mypos.  One of only a handful of Myposian saints, none recognized outside of the island.
Here he is holding a Larry Dove.

We expect to see more great art from Cousin Harmlessfangirl soon!  We don't know
how she finds time to do such incredible drawings, as she's a mother of two year
old daughter, of whom she says "Itís just like living with Balki.  She pronounces things
wrong and sleeps with a stuffed sheep!"

Here's another hybrid creation of Harmlessfangirl's . . . Sheeple!  Here she has drawn Larry
and Balki as sheep (Dimitri the sheep is also a sheep!)

This is an adorable drawing of Larry and Balki with Harmlessfangirl in between!

Cousin Harmlessfangirl has been creating some very clever and funny inspirational posters
using AutoMotivator.  Here are some of the motivational posters she's created:

You can visit Harmlessfangirl's DeviantArt page by clicking here!