Cousin Justice's Pencil Sketches and More!

Cousin Justice is a NEW fan of Perfect Strangers and is already producing
some terrific artwork!  Here is some of her talent on display already!

Cousin Justice explains the story behind these first two sketches:
"This is my first real attempt at drawing Balki, done just a few days after I discovered the show.
As you can tell, it's nothing fancy, just a sketch with a mechanical pencil on copy paper.
(Funny, I just looked at the date I did it and it was May 20th, Bronson's B-day!
Didn't even know it at the time...)"

And here is a color version of the sketch which Cousin Justice sent us:

"The second drawing, of course, is of Cousin Larry (I have the tendency to always call
him Cousin, like Balki does) done a day later. I don't consider this one as good
as my Balki sketch, but I'm my own worst critic : / "

And Cousin Justice also did a color version of this sketch:

And Cousin Justice recently sent in this lovely drawing of Balki with Dimitri!

"I drew this one from memory, with no reference pictures on hand, (which is quite an accomplishment
for me!)  It began as a doodle in my notebook, and turned into a complete drawing.  I was surprised
that it turned out well enough that I decided to keep it.  This is also my first "grin" drawing,  I usually
don't attempt to draw big smiles.

Cousin Justice shared this wonderful trace drawing she did of Bronson with us as well!  As she explained on the Forums: "I traced this from a photo I found in the articles section.  I started just doing a simple tracing to fill time because I was bored, but I got carried away and it became a full drawing.  Part of it was done freehand, with my reference pic off to one side.  (If I'd done this completely freehand, I'd call it the best pencil sketch I've ever done!)"

And here is a follow-up trace drawing she did of Mark!

Inspired by Cousin Crystal's wonderful handmade Balki and Larry dolls,
Cousin Justice decided to try her hand at make some as well, and these are the
amazing results!  She explains the meticulous process that went into creating them:

I made them out of clay pieces, strung together with wire, using thin wire for the arms, and thick copper wire to support the legs.  Their faces, hands, and feet (although you can't see those) are made out of Sculpey, and the rest is natural air dry clay, all painted with acrylic paints.  I made all the clothes myself, out of scraps I had stashed away or cut from old clothes.  The shoes are small pieces of leather, glued to cardboard soles and tied with bundled sewing thread.  I also put just a little bit of varnish
on their eyes to make them shine.

Larry was the first doll I did, so I had to learn as I went.  I couldn't find curls small enough for his head,
so I bought the smallest I could find, wrapped it around a thick piece of wire, put some water and hair gel
on it, and let it set for hours out in the summer heat!  Then I cut it into pieces and glued it on bit-by-bit.
His newspaper was made out of a screencap from the episode Aliens.  The mug, of course, is just
painted and varnished clay.

Balki was actually harder to do, even though I'd gained some experience doing Larry.  I had to try doing his face three times before I got it right!  It was so frustrating, let me tell you!  Anyway, his hair is actually some I cut off an old Barbie doll, one I just had stuffed in a drawer.  I was so lucky, it was just the right color!   I secured it into sections by melting the ends together with an iron and gluing the sections onto a small clay ball.  Then I trimmed it, curled the ends, and set the curl by dunking it in boiling water.  Finally, the clay ball was attached to the back of his head with glue.  (It's kind of complicated...)  Dimitri was made out of an old stuffed animal, but I trimmed the fur down a bit so he wouldn't be too fluffy.  I knew Balki needed a pair of suspenders, but I got impatient trying to find just the right material for them, so I wove them myself out of black embroidery thread.  The hooks at the ends are bent wire, painted black and sealed with clear nail polish to keep them from flaking.

They can be bent into all sorts of poses, including sitting, but I don't want to risk breaking the wires
that hold them together.  All in all, this has been the hardest project I've done in my life, I worked for
85 days straight, (not counting the 9 days I spent trying to get the photography right!) but it was
worth it, I'm pretty happy with the outcome.

Cousin Justice also put together this inspirational poster for us: