The Daily Gazette
September 13, 1992

This article was submitted to us by Cousin Monika!  Thanks, Cousin!

Meet Rebeca Arthur

from The Mini Page by Betty Debnam

Rebeca Arthur plays Mary Anne, the stewardess on the show "Perfect Strangers."  Mary Anne is the neighbor of Larry and Balki.

Rebeca grew up in Cumberland, Md.  She began dancing when she was 4.  As a teen-ager, she toured the country with a dance group.  She also studied gymnastics.  Her first acting role was in high school.

Rebeca went to the University of Maryland to study dance.  She later changed her major to dance-theater.

Rebeca left school to study acting in New York.  She also worked as a bank teller and for some private investigators.

She lives in the Hollywood Hills in California.