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Issue #1, Summer 1989

When television critics offer reviews of the hottest shows they sometimes overlook some wonderful actors.  These actors usually play "bit" parts (or at least "two-bit" parts) that don't warrant much attention but add a lot of flavor to the programs they appear in.  But let's face it . . . Perfect Strangers just wouldn't be Perfect Strangers if it weren't for one very important sheep . . . Dimitri.

Dimitri has been making his little guest appearances since Perfect Strangers first came on the air.  The first episode he appeared in was Baby, You Can Drive My Car.  A small part but great sheep often come from such humble beginnings.

Over the years fans have delighted in spotting Dimitri in the many episodes he's appeared in, often park of some "inside joke" having to do with the show's plot for that week.  But in this edition we will be looking at Dimitri's feature appearances.

Dimitri's real break came in the episode entitled Hello, Baby in which he was featured in the classic "sofabed" scene.  Balki and Larry, forced to sleep on the same sofabed due to a pregnant Gina in Larry's room, clash when Larry finds Dimitri's posterior stuck in his face.  Larry promptly drops Dimitri on the floor, which Balki reacts to by getting on his knees and praying that God watch over Dimitri "who's sleeping on the floor for the first time in his whole young life."  Unable to stand it, Larry picks up Dimitri and apologizes to Balki.  Not good enough.  Larry must apologize to the one he dropped on the floor!  A star was born.

Notable, also, is the famous "boochi tag" scene in Tenspeed and Soft Touch, in which Dimitri is the featured player (being the boochi).

Dimitri's toughest scene?  It has to be from The Horn Blows at Midnight when, as prophecy foretold, Larry sits on him.  Later in that show Dimitri is literally smashed in the Balki and Larry human pretzel on the couch.  A stunt sheep extraordinaire!

We'll be looking at moe of Dimitri's appearances in future issues!  Baa baa for now!  (Where do I come up with them???)

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