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Issue #2, December 1989

Dimitri has appeared on more than half of the Perfect Strangers episodes so far and he continues to make his subtle appearances throughout the fifth season.  If you look sharp, you can spot Dimitri in all sorts of places and in all kinds of outfits!  But he has made some more obvious appearances and that's what we'll be looking at in this issue.

What has to be the best close-up of Dimitri yet was in the episode entitled The Rent Strike.  Mr. Twinkacetti has turned off the heat, water and electricity in the boys' apartment in reply to their rent strike and after the commercial break we see Dimitri sitting on the coffeetable wearing a pair of earmuffs.  The camera pans back and we see Balki sitting on the couch trying to fry eggs over a candle.  Dimitri's performance was, as usual, stunning.  You could just sense the coldness of the apartment in his expression.

Dimitri had a poignant part in the episode Falling in Love Is . . . as Larry counts on Dimitri to be Balki's comfort during sleep after suffering a broken heart.  Sitting on the kitchen table next to a bowl of wax lips, a box of Kleenex and a carton of Macadamia Nut ice cream, Dimitri showed pathos and sadness in his performance; the way his ears slightly flopped, the way his legs limply fell to the sides as Larry set him down.  Dimitri was a definite mood setter and basically stole the scene.

In Happy Birthday, Baby and Life Savers we see Dimitri in his bed scenes, keeping Balki company as he sleeps.  In this birthday episode, Larry, depressed over being such a miserable failure in life, walks into the living room and mumbles about being depressed while Balki is "off in dreamland with a stuffed sheep."  Larry startles both Balki and Dimitri awake with a terrifyingly realistic wolf call.  In Life Savers, Balki, disgraced by Larry's refusal to be served after he saved Balki's life, has been walking around with a bag over his head.  Larry hires an actor through Twinkacetti to break into the apartment so Balki can think he's saving Larry's life and the whole thing will be even.  As Larry waits for the actor (who never comes, as Twinacetti couldn't get hold of the guy and didn't bother to tell Larry or give him his money back) we see Balki asleep with a pillowcase over his head.  Dimitri is lying by his side with a little brown bag over his head as well.

In future issues we'll be taking a look at some of Dimitri's less conspicuous but equally stirring performances!

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