Welcome to Dimitri's Page, dedicated to America's favorite stuffed sheep!

Issue #3, February 1990

Let's face it . . . a world-famous sheep is only as good as his wardrobe!  Luckily for Dimitri the costume department hasn't passed him by!  On the contrary, very often Dimitri's outfits steal the show right out from under its stars' noses!

In the episode where the boys first deal with Vince Lucas, Dimitri is sitting on the couch at the end, appropriately wearing a little convict's hat and a ball and chain around one leg!  When Balki brought home a dog, Dimitri is wearing a dogcatcher's hat and has a leash!

When Balki booked himself and Larry on a ski trip with the girls, Dimitri looked all ready to go, wearing a scarf, goggles and coat.  Luckily for Dimitri they left him behind on that trip.  Likewise he was dressed in a warm wool coat, all ready for the trip to Madison, Wisconsin, for Christmas but they didn't get any farther than a few streets!  (Dimitri was also wearing glasses in that episode!)

And while the cousins were fighting over what to serve Jennifer and Mary Anne for dinner, Dimitri looked content enough with his date, a girl sheep sitting next to him on the table next to the couch!  He was even all dressed for her (in a tie, anyway).

When Larry missed the hockey game because he was too busy with his new job at the Chicago Chronicle, Balki was pouting around the house with his Chicago Blackhawks' souvenirs.  Dimitri, always in the mood, had a little hockey stick next to him (and could that have been a pout on his face as well?).

When Larry was trying so hard to diet, Dimitri was seated on the counter throughout the episode, first with a little cake and finally a chef's hat and bib.  Not much help to Larry, huh?

When the guys had a chance to be in a commercial for The Chronicle, Dimitri obviously had ideas of Hollywood grandeur as well, for he is sitting in his favorite spot on the bookcase wearing sunglasses and a loud shirt.  And Larry was absolutely flabbergasted to meet Balki's friend, Olympic track star Carl Lewis, but obviously Dimitri believed Balki all along, as he has a baton in his mouth and looks like he's just dying to pass it!

But Dimitri's biggest thrill had to be in the episode Wedding Belle Blues.  Even though his life may have been forever changed, Dimitri looked smart in his little tuxedo (I wonder if you can really rent them that small?).

There's more outfits to cover (Dimitri especially . . . where do I come up with them???) and we will in future issues!

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