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Issue #4, April 1990

The truth is out!  And we're breaking the story exclusively, even before any of the tabloid papers!  PS fans have noticed that Dimitri's appearances in the show have been extremely rare this season.  Is it due to illness?  Contract negotiations?  Fleas?

The real reason for Dimitri's absence from the show is simple . . . our favorite sheep had adapted to his Hollywood (okay, Culver City) surroundings and has fallen in for the glamour side of show business.  Yes, I'm afraid it's true . . . Dimitri has had "felt" surgery . . . more specifically, a nose job.

The artist's conception below best illustrates the stages of surgery he has gone through:

It isn't a big deal for celebrities to undergo plastic surgery these days.  In fact it's getting to be the norm!  And quite often the difference in appearance can be stunning!  Dimitri's surgery apparently went through three major stages, as shown above.  Truly Dimitri must be extremely pleased with his "new"nose.  It makes him look like a whole new sheep!

The recuperation must have taken some time, explaining Dimitri's long absence from the show, but he has appeared mid-op and post-op!  The first time we noticed the mid-surgery was during a tiny bit in Everyone in the Pool, and then again during the episode Nightmare Vacation.  The latter is about the best place to see this part of Dimitri's nose job as Bronson holds him just in camera range.

After months of wondering just what the deal was with Dimitri's nose the final, new nose was presented in the episode This Old House as he gets his "bath."  The difference in his looks are quite stunning!  We hope Dimitri is pleased with the final product and won't continue to undergo such changes.  We'd much rather see him on the show!

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