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Issue #5, June 1990

We haven't seen as much of Dimitri in the fifth season as we normally do (which we explained in Issue #4 was due, in part, to his nose job) but Dimitri did make a few appearances, and some memorable ones at that!  Let's take a look back, shall we?

Dimitri made his first subtle appearance in the season opener, Good Skates, casually posed on the bookcase wearing roller skates (and he was standing a lot steadier than either Balki or Larry!).  It's a shame Dimitri wasn't able to participate in the skate-a-thon himself, but ten again he probably didn't have much opportunity to go out and get pledges!

When Larry was pretending his back injury was still bothering him to fool an insurance company out of enough money to send Elaine to Juilliard, Dimitri must have wanted some money too, because again he was on the bookcase, this time wearing a neck brace.  Maybe he thought it wouldn't be impressive enough, as he was also wearing his little bullet hat.

Dimitri's biggest appearance of the season (and most difficult stunt work to date) was in The Newsletter which he helped Balki with The Chronicle Chatter by giving it his "stamp of approval."

It was a while before Dimitri showed up again.  It happened nine episodes later in Everyone in the Pool.  Larry wanted to get the name of the winning football team out of Balki and was helping Balki relax to do so.  After getting him settled on the couch, Larry asked him if he wanted anything else.  Balki immediately asked for Dimitri and Larry happily obliged.  As Larry placed Dimitri in Balki's hands, Balki smiled as if he couldn't be more content in his whole life!

Dimitri was scarce again until showing up in Balki's arms in the first scene of Nightmare Vacation.  In this case, perhaps Dimitri was the only smart one present, since he clearly decided to stay home instead of venturing to Club Paradise with Larry in the lead!

As far as we know, Dimitri has never visited The Chronicle building, but at least his likeness has been there (apart from the Dimitri the Sheep cartoon in The Chronicle Chatter).  When Balki was promoted to head of Editorial Services he was given a luxurious office and placed squarely behind his desk was a huge portrait of Dimitri with a red, silk background.

Dimitri popped up for the last time this season in This Old House when Balki cornered him for a bath after he had been crawling behind the refrigerator (which may also explain where he's been all season!).

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