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Issue #6, August 1990

Some actors live for scene stealing.  Some of them just can't help themselves . . . their very presence demands attention.  And yet, the very best actor knows when to remain in the background, pushing himself forward ever so slightly so as not to interrupt the action, yet making himself seen.  Such a subtle actor is Dimitri, who has provided some wonderful "background" entertainment as his co-stars (Bronson and Mark) steal the show.

When Balki took it upon himself to invite ex-con, Vince Lucas, to stay in the apartment, both Bronson and Mark stole the show with their positively manic behavior, but Dimitri commanded an excellent, quiet performance as he stood on a box in the corner of the bookcase, personifying the point of the show with a halo over his head and a black mask over his eyes.

In Since I Lost My Baby, Balki invited Mr. Twinkacetti to come live in their apartment after his wife left him, much to Larry's disgust.  The cousins discussed this problem as they prepared dinner.  Dimitri sat patiently in front of them on the counter, wearing a bib and awaiting his dinner (although it's safe to assume he wouldn't eat the hamburger they were fixing).  Later in the same episode as Larry and Balki broke the good news to Twinkie that his wife had agreed to give him five minutes, Dimitri was taking a nap on the far right counter, wearing a sleep mask, his head resting on a tiny pillow.

Larry was extremely nervous about taking Balki to the black tie opening of Roger Morgan's photo exhibit but he really would have objected to taking Dimitri had he taken the time to notice what the stuffed sheep sitting on the table by the couch was wearing!  We can't make out exactly what kind of shirt he has on, only that it's sort of gray / white / brown multi-colored, but he is wearing his little bullet hat and looks very much like he wants to be invited to go along!

If you ever find a Perfect Strangers' plot getting a bit too complicated and you just can't keep up with what's going on, you might be able to figure out the point of the show by watching Dimitri.  For instance, throughout the episode That Old Gang of Mine, Dimitri paralleled was was happening in the show.  In the beginning, when Balki says goodbye to Mary Anne as she leaves for London, Dimitri is sitting on the bookshelf, nose to nose with a female sheep.  When Balki is completely depressed about losing her, Dimitri is likewise crushed.  He is lying upside down on the bookshelf, alone, listening to the refrigerator turn on and off.  At the end, when Balki is dressed as a Motor Psycho, Dimitri is sitting on the bookcase, upright, wearing a similar leather outfit (although he also has a biker's cap on).  It's a good thing Dimitri decided against joining the Motor Psychos, too.  During initiation they might have turned him into a seat cover!

We'll take a look at more of Dimitri's exciting appearances in future issues!

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