Welcome to Dimitri's Page, dedicated to America's favorite stuffed sheep!

Issue #7, October 1990

A new season is upon us, and so we'll get the chance to see more of our favorite stuffed sheep!  So far it seems his appearances this season will be limited, but do keep an eye on the bookcase just above and to the right of where Dimitri usually sits.  The guys now have a photograph of Dimitri there.

Which brings us to the topic of this Dimitri's page.  Dimitri is such a memorable actor, he doesn't even have to appear in an episode to get attention!  Every once in a while his likeness or name is featured in a show where Dimitri does not appear in the wool.

Most notable for this type of reference was the photograph of Dimitri above Balki's excutive office desk in the episode He's the Boss from last season.  The framed picture was so large it was impossible to miss!

When Larry took an assertive training course, he came home determined to pass on the helpful hints he'd learned to Balki.  To do so, he put Balki through an exercise where Balki must imagine a cantaloupe is the raise he wants and he must cross the room to take it, no matter what!  As Balki makes his way across the room, Larry throws some hypothetical situations his way, one of which was the statement, "Don't step on Dimitri!", even though Dimitri was nowhere underfoot.

During a conversation with the Chronicle's Sunday magazine editor, Olivia Crawford, Balki answers the question of whether or not he gets homesick for Mypos by explaining some of the things he'd brought with him from there.  The first thing he mentions is Dimitri, proving just how much Dimitri really means to Balki.

It's nice to see them remember Dimitri in the episodes where he doesn't appear, but we would still prefer to see Dimitri himself in bigger and better roles!  (Could a spin-off be out of the question?  Sheep Matters?  Hmmmmmm).

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