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Issue #9, February 1991

Okay, warm up the VCRs!  You just might want to pop in a few PS episodes after reading this article!  It's time to once again look at some of Dimitri's humble appearances in early episodes!

Dimitri's very first appearance was in the episode Baby, You Can Drive My Car.  Balki, sorry because he let a hurtling shopping cart ram into Larry's Mustang bumper, hides his head in shame.  Larry tries to coax Balki to give driving another try and to not give up the dream of getting a driver's license.  Balki is holding Dimitri throughout the scene, and after Larry boosts his confidence again, Balki announces he will not give up because Larry (and Dimitri) believe in him.  It's is amazing to think Balki gave Dimitri as much credit with boostering his self-belief when Dimitri hadn't said a word for the entire scene!  That's how powerful Dimitri's quiet performances are!

Another early appearance was in the next episode, entitled Check This.  Dimitri is present during the entire first scene in which Balki and Larry discuss how Balki keeps his money under his mattress.  Of course Balki wasn't afraid the money would be stolen, what with "watchsheep" Dimitri lying on top of the bed (although it looked like Dimitri would just as soon be left to sleep instead of being jostled by Larry's attempts to close the sofabed).

Look sharp to spot Dimitri in The Unnatural!  When Balki begs Larry to let him practice pitching in the living room, they push aside the furniture and stand on opposite sides of the room to give it a try.  Dimitri must be playing shortstop, seated on the chair behind Balki, which Balki had pushed away.  We'll never know how good Dimitri's fielding skills are, since Larry hit the lamp instead of the ball (or, I should say, socks).  I guess we can just assume that if Dimitri ever did make it to the major leagues he would probably spend a good amount of the playing time just grazing.

How about some instances where you really have to be on your toes to spot Dimitri?  Take Ladies and Germs for example!  Dimitri is seated on the bookcase behind Balki as Balki is shining his shoes (and belting out Freeway of Love).  Or, even more subtle, was Dimitri's appearance as a Teenage Mutant Ninja Sheep in The Karate Kid.  The best time to spot the wooly thespian in this episode is when Larry flips Balki over the couch and onto the floor.  The camera follows Balki down and if you look on the far right of the screen, sitting upon the counter is Dimitri clad in black!

When Balki was being plagued by nightmares and couldn't sleep in the episode Beautiful Dreamer, Dimitri obviously didn't have the same feelings of homesickness and guilt, as he sleeps peacefully though the entire dream interpretation party.  He is even wearing a little night blindfold, not unlike the one Mary Anne wears (except Dimitri's is blue, not pink!).  Look for him seated on the table behind the couch during Mary Anne and Jennifer's visit!

So, remember . . . the next time you watch Perfect Strangers, pay attention!  You never know who may be acting his little heart out in the background!

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