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Issue #14, December 1991

Dimitri, our favorite character sheep, has taken a great leap forward in his quest for fame in a recent episode which brought new careers for several key characters: Balki has become the new Sunday children's magazine editor, Larry has become an editorial writer, and Dimitri has become the subject of the Chronicle's new comic strip, Dimitri's World!

Balki began drawing Dimitri's World in the Chronicle's in-house newsletter, The Chronicle Chatter, in the fifth season episode, The Newsletter.  Wainwright's decision to move Dimitri's World to the Chronicle's Sunday Children's magazine was based on the fact that Dimitri is a sweet, cuuudly little sheep full of innocence.

Of course, Larry wasn't content enough to leave well enough alone, and tried to change Dimitri into a rebellious, mischievous sheep; namely "a four legged Bart Simpson."  But Balki explained the history of Dimitri, which is a touching story indeed.  Dimitri was a real sheep that saved Balki from being hit by an ox-cart, costing him his own life.  The toy Dimitri is made from the wool of the real Dimitri in a loving tribute to Balki's lost friend.

Now that Dimitri will be featured in his own comic strip in the series, will those tie-in products Larry dreamed of be far behind?  Perhaps we will see stuffed Dimitris in the toy stores . . . maybe Dimitri t-shirts, Dimitri mugs, Dimitri calendars . . . maybe Dimitri will even have his own cartoon series . . . movie . . . Dimitri could be the biggest thing since . . . Urkel!

But will success spoil our favorite sheep?  Well, of course not, don't be ridiculous!

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