Boochies for Babies

In 2006 we introduced our concept for a charitable act which Perfect Strangers fans can partake of every year.  No, you don't have to invite your ornery boss to your Christmas party (unless you'd like to, of course!)  What we're asking is that fans purchase stuffed sheep to be donated to your local Toys for Tots or any other charity that collects toys for youngsters during the holidays.  It couldn't be simpler . . . you can spend as little or as much as you like, you can purchase whatever sheep you wish and drop them off any time you like.  If you decide to participate in Boochies for Babies this holiday season, send us a photo of the sheep you're donating and we'll post it on this page!  Every child could use a cuddly, fluffy sheep to keep them company . . . help us bring boochies to those in need!

Our 2013 Boochies were photographed at the checkout stand!

Our 2012 Boochies are bought and ready to go!

We actually bought these two little boochies in 2010 but unfortunately
didn't donate them in time (by the time we went out the week of Christmas,
the Toys for Tots bins had been collected already!)  Rest assured this
year the cuddly sheep made it into the Toys for Tots bin for 2011!

Here is our 2009 bundle of bouncy boochies which were donated to Toys for Tots.
We had to cut back just a little this year but we still wanted to make sure to
donate at least a few boochies to the cause!

Here is our 2008 batch of boochies which were donated to Toys for Tots.
As always, my very own Dimitri (in the Santa hat) keeps them company
until it is time for them to be dropped in the donation box!

And here are the boochies donated by P.S. I Love You! for Christmas 2007.

One tip: A good place to look for boochies are baby supply stores like Babies 'R' Us!

These are the boochies we donated in 2006!