Perfect Strangers Episode Guide

EPISODE 03 - First Date

First Air Date: April 8, 1986
Nielsen Rating: 20.5 HH

TV Guide Description: Balki asks Larry to teach him how to approach American women, but Balki's techniques prove to be more successful -- and frustrating to Larry.

Co-Producer: James OíKeefe
Created by: Dale McRaven
Written by: Marty Nadler
Directed by: Joel Zwick

Bronson Pinchot: Balki Bartokomous
Mark Linn-Baker: Larry Appleton
Ernie Sabella: Mr. Twinkacetti
Lise Cutter: Susan Campbell

Guest Cast:
Mary Anne Dorward: Diane
Mindy Sterling: Hostess
Allan Graf: Richard
Sarah Partridge: Girl

"After work do you want to have a happy hour with me?"
"So, this is one of your American mating places."
"Itís a jungle out there and I donít know how to swing."
"Put on your boogie sandals."
"You didn't make a spectacle of yourself, not even a private one."
"Well nobody twisted your leg to make you do that Cagney impression."

Donít be ridiculous: Not said in this episode.

Other catchphrases used in this episode:
"Don't you give me that face!" (first time)
"Will you stop it?" (first time)

Other running jokes used in this episode:
The Dance of Joy (not performed completely)
Larry replies flippantly to a statement by Balki to avoid having to explain or argue a point
Balki jumps onto the couch
Larry hanging his coat or jacket on the closet door rack (first time)
Larry drinking antacid from the bottle (first time)

Songs: "Young Girl" - performed by Balki when he comes home from the single's bar.

Notable Moments:
The Dance of Joy is performed for the first time, although not exactly as it would be done in later episodes.

Interesting facts:
When Larry comments about the letter he receives from Ed McMahon it's actually a letter from American Family Publishing sweepstakes which was known for sending out flyers about their sweepstakes contest with Ed McMahon's picture on it, since he was their spokesman (he even filmed television commercials encouraging people to watch for their envelope with his picture on it in their mailbox!)
- Balkiís comment that "Tonight is kind of special" is a line from a then popular commercial for Lowenbrau beer.
- This episode marks the first time the Dance of Joy is actually performed. Itís introduced as a group dance for lots of people.  Larry and Balki perform the first steps of the dance together in the way the Dance of Joy would be performed from this point on.
- Larry makes his first attempt to throw his jacket onto the rack hung on the closet door . . . and misses, of course.
- This is the first time we see Larry get antacid out of the refrigerator and drink it straight out of the bottle.
- Mindy Sterling is listed in the credits of this show as playing the hostess.  Unfortunately her speaking part appears to have been cut.  She is probably best known now as Frau Farbissina in the Austin Powers movies.  You can see her standing at the podium in the background looking at Balki and Larry after Balki first attempts to speak with Diane and Larry drags him back to the bar.  She is also leaning to look out the door as Larry is being dragged outside by Richard.  You can also catch her leaving a menu on the table as she seats them on Balkiís date with Diane and back at the podium for the rest of that scene.
- This episode marks the first time the Dance of Joy is performed.  While the line dance done in this episode is not exactly the same as Larry and Balki would later do, some steps are the same, in particular the sideways leg kicks which everyone does on their own and then Larry does do with the Balki the same way they would later always perform them.  The shouting of "Hey!" was also done in this early version.
- This episode has the first couch scene which actually takes place on the couch.
- Allan Graf, who plays the tough guy in the bar in this episode, would also appear as an irate hockey fan in the episode Get a Job.
- Larry's very poor impersonation of James Cagney includes the often misquoted line used by most people when impersonating the classic film star.  The phrase "You dirty rat, you killed my brother!" was never spoken by the actor.  The line, from the 1931 film Taxi! was actually "You dirty rat, I'm going to get rid of you just like you gave it to my brother."

The episode begins in the Ritz Discount Store.  Larry is at the counter working when Susan enters.  "Hi, Larry!" she says.  "Oh, hi Susan," Larry greets her.  "The mailman put this in my box by mistake," Susan says as she hands Larry an envelope.  "Another letter from Ed McMahon," Larry notes, "I feel bad about not getting back to him."  Balki enters the store, carrying a box.  He stops when he sees Susan and gasps, "Susan!"  "Hi, Balki!" Susan smiles.  Balki throws the box to one side and steps close to Susan, gushing, "Let me bathe in your beauty!"  He sinks down to his knees next to her.  "All right, up!" Larry cries, stepping over to pull him back up, "Bath time is over!"  He then explains to Susan, "You have to forgive Balki.  The only redhead in his homeland was a tree squirrel."  Susan laughs but Balki is still smitten.

"Susan," Balki says, "let me shine your shoes with my heart!"  Balki drops to the ground and starts rubbing Susan's shoes with his chest.  Susan giggles, saying, "He is so cute!"  "Balki, save something for your honeymoon!" Larry urges.  "I'm going," Susan assures Larry as she steps over Balki, "See ya!"  "Bye bye, Susan," Larry offers as she walks out the door.  "Goodbye, love goddess!" Balki adds.  "Balki, you have to stop doing that to Susan!" Larry cries, "You don't do that to other women."  "I don't know any other women!" Balki points out.  "Well, maybe you should go out and meet some," Larry suggests.  "Easy for you, you're a happening guy!" Balki cries.  "Well, true," Larry agrees, "but anybody can do it . . . I mean, you see a woman, you smile, pay her a compliment, ask her her name!  It's easy."  A woman who has entered the store during this conversation asks them, "Ah, can somebody help me, please?"  Balki grabs Larry by the arms and gives him a look of urgency, realizing this is his chance.  Larry motions for Balki to go for it.

Balki starts to walk to the woman, who is looking at some shirts on a table with her back to him.  As he approaches he starts to get down on his knees but Larry grabs the back of his suspenders and pulls him up, motioning for Balki to stay up on his feet.  Balki steps close to the woman and asks, "Can I help you?"  "Uh yeah," she says, "Do you have any sweatshirts?"  "Right over there," Balki points.  "Ah, fantastic!" the woman smiles, walking to the table with the sweatshirts.  "Yes, and speaking of fantastic you have perfect bone structure for having babies!" Balki smiles.  Larry drops the notepad he was writing on as the woman also reacts with shock.  "What your name is?" Balki asks.  The woman looks uncomfortable and walks away from him to another display.  Balki follows, looking at the back of her jeans.  "Oh I see, it's written on the back of your pants!" Balki notes, reading, "Levi Strauss."  He smiles coyly, saying, "Hello, Levi.  My name is Balki."  "Hey, where do you get off, anyway?" the woman asks angrily.  "Well, I got off in New York but then I took the bus to Chicago," Balki explains, then adds, "My kind of town, Chicago is."  The woman smiles nervously and starts to leave but Balki says, "Levi?  Uh, after work do you want to have a happy hour with me?"  At this point Larry steps in, saying, "Excuse me, uh . . . he means no harm.  He's from another country.  And he has a head injury."  The woman beats a hasty retreat.

Larry turns on Balki and gives him an angry look.  "Don't you give me that face!" Balki protests, "I did just what you told me, it didn't work."  "Balki, that's not how you meet women," Larry insists, "That's how muggers meet women!"  Mr. Twinkacetti enters the store from his office.  "Gentlemen, front and center!  I'm going to the track.  If I pick any losers I'll think of you!" he says, pointing to Balki.  He then pushes past Larry, urging, "Move it!  Move it!  Get away from my money!" as he opens the cash register.  "Mr. Twinkacetti," Balki begins, "How do you get dates?"  "Well, uh, that's easy," Mr. Twinkacetti offers, closing the cash drawer, "You see a woman, you offer her fifty bucks and not a penny more."  "I don't think that's the kind of date he's talking about," Larry clarifies.  "Well, bite my tongue," Mr. Twinkacetti smirks, "Does that mean I don't get to play St. Francis in the school play?"  Twinkacetti tilts his hat at them and leaves the store.

"Balki, you've got to go to a place where single women hang out," Larry explains, "Maybe you should just go to a single's bar."  "Oh, a single's bar, I have seen that on TV," Balki says, then recites, "Give me a light . . . go for the gusto . . . here's to good friends.  Will you come with me, Cousin Larry?  Tonight is kind of special."  "No, Balki, a single's bar is not my first choice of places to meet women.  I prefer more formal situations . . . you know, uh . . . weddings . . . tax audit . . . Heimlich maneuver . . . . "  "Oh, please, Cousin," Balki begs.  "No, I just don't like those kinds of places," Larry says.  "Please, you have to go with me!" Balki asks, "You're the love expert!"  "I don't think so," Larry says.  "Oh!  Po Po!" Balki says in a knowing tone, "I see!  You're afraid if I learn the secrets of your power I'll misuse it."  Larry stares at Balki a long moment then nods, saying, "Yes, that's it."

The next scene opens at a restaurant / lounge where a band is playing and some people are up dancing while others are sitting at tables, eating, drinking and talking.  Balki and Larry enter and Balki immediately starts moving to the music.  "So, this is one of your American mating places," Balki notes.  "Meeting, a meeting place," Larry corrects him quickly, "People meet each other here.  They mate somewhere else."  "So many beautiful women!" Balki observes.  "Yes, and you'll notice that none of them have men wrapped around their ankles," Larry points out.  Balki looks around the room with surprise, saying, "You know, you're right!  You really know your stuff, Cousin Larry!  Well, I think I pick out my woman now."  Balki starts to step over a chair in his haste to get started but Larry pulls him back.  "This is not a cafeteria.  Go slow, take it easy.  Be cool."  They head for the bar as Balki assures Larry, "I know how to be cool!"  Balki walks with a loose gait as he veers away from Larry and approaches two women at a table, remarking to one of them, "Hey Mamo, you be gettin' down wid you bad self!"  Larry rushes over and grabs Balki, pulling him over to the bar quickly.

Everyone in the lounge stares at them in confusion.  "Everyone is looking at us," Larry notes, "I don't like that!  All right, let's get this over with so I can go home.  Now the first thing is what we call eye contact."  "Eye contact," Balki repeats, "Like the Three Stooges?"  Balki motions a classic Stooges eye poke bit at an non-amused Larry.  "All right, I'm gone, I'm outta here," Larry states, turning to leave.  "No no, Cousin, Cousin!" Balki stops him, pulling him back.  "Okay, okay," Larry agrees, sitting back down, "Look, for safety's sake we had better define eye contact.  You look . . . you look . . . into a woman's eyes from across the room, and if she looks back, you know, you kind of hold the look . . . that's eye contact."  "Like that woman is looking at you?" Balki asks, spotting a woman on the other side of the bar.  "What woman?" Larry asks.  Balki raises his left hand to point across the bar and Larry grabs it, pushing it down.  Balki then points with his right hand and Larry grabs that and pushes it down as well.  "Don't point!" Larry insists.  Balki then points her out with his nose.  Larry ventures a look and sees the woman is indeed looking and smiling at him.  "She must be looking at someone else," he says, acting embarrassed and shy, "After you've made eye contact you work your way over to the woman and you use your opening line.  Something like, uh . . . do you come here often? . . . can I buy you a drink? . . . didn't we meet in the Oval office?  Things like that."

"Can I try it?" Balki asks excitedly.  "Oh . . . oh . . . okay," Larry agrees nervously.  Balki prepares himself them starts scanning the room with his eyes.  He makes eye contact with a shy-looking blonde at the end of the bar.  She smiles back at him.  "I have made eye contact," Balki informs Larry.  "Oh boy!" Larry says, still worried.  "Can I try my opening line?" Balki asks.  "All right, go ahead," Larry says, "Just, uh . . . don't tell her you know me."  Balki walks around to the woman, leaning over her shoulder to say, "Hello.  Do you come here often?"  The woman sighs, "No."  "Would you smother me with your beautiful American body?" Balki asks, slumping down slowly as if to drop to his knees.  Larry leaps from his barstool and runs to Balki, grabbing him to hold him up.  "Excuse us!" Larry offers, pushing Balki back to his barstool, then turning on Balki to say, "You were one step away from throwing yourself at that woman's feet, weren't you?"  "Old habits die hard," Balki admits, "Why don't you show me, Cousin Larry, you're the expert!"  "Look . . . look, I . . . I just don't like these places," Larry stammers, "and besides, I'm . . . I'm more of a kind of a uh, talking expert than a, uh . . . uh . . . I really don't want to meet anyone!"

Balki looks across the bar and notes, "That woman is still looking at you."  "She is?" Larry asks, looking away.  Balki follows her eyes and confirms, "Yes, she is."  Larry slowly looks up at her and sees she is smiling at him.  "Oh my God, she is!" Larry says, looking down again.  "Go ahead and get her, you love devil!" Balki encourages.  Larry looks at her hopefully, then says, "All right.  This is a little faster than I usually like to operate.  I'm only doing this for you!"  Balki nods his thank you and Larry gets off his stool and casually starts to make his way around the bar.  As he suavely makes his way to the other end of the bar we can see that the woman Balki had talked to has walked down to his end of the bar and is seated in Larry's place, talking to Balki.  Larry sidles into the barstool next to the woman who has been eyeing him and begins, "So . . . . "  He is immediately grabbed by the throat by a huge man who was sitting at a nearby table.  "Hey, pal . . . that's my girlfriend!" he says, dragging Larry out of the bar.  Larry tries to call to Balki for help but can't yell out with his throat constricted.  Balki is too busy talking to the blonde to see Larry being pulled out the front door.

Back at the apartment Larry is sitting on the couch dressed in his pajamas and robes and with an ice pack against his head.  Balki enters, singing the song "Young Girl" at the top of his lungs.  He jumps onto the table behind the couch and says, "Cousin Larry, I'm so happy!  I met one fox-like American woman!"  He hugs Larry tightly, shaking him as Larry cries in pain.  "Sounds like you had fun, too!" Balki comments, "Hey, you disappeared pretty fast!  Did you . . . " Balki winks, " . . . get lucky?"  "Yeah, I got lucky!" Larry nods, "I'm lucky I wasn't killed!"  "That's nice," Balki sighs, then adds, "Big news!  I'm going on my first American date tomorrow night!  Aren't you happy for me?"  "Why not?" Larry smiles painfully, "While you were inside meeting your fox-like American chick I was out in the parking lot learning that the human body can bounce off of concrete!"  "I have so much to learn," Balki notes.  "Reams!" Larry assures him.  "Well, you can show me tomorrow night because you coming with me on my date!" Balki announces, "We'll double the pleasure, double the fun!"  Larry gets up slowly and in pain, laughing sarcastically as he walks around to the back of the couch.  "Let me try to make something absolutely crystal clear to you," Larry begins, "I would rather spend the evening with Jabba the Hut."  "Well, call him up!  We'll all party!" Balki says happily, picking Larry up and setting him back down.  Balki walks into the bathroom, singing "Young Girl" again as Larry collapses with his icepack on the couch.

Act two opens in the apartment with Larry helping Balki, who is dressed for his date with Diane, tie his necktie.  Balki reaches up to help but Larry pushes his hand away.  Balki tries with his left hand and Larry slaps it.  Balki slaps Larry's hand back and Larry slaps Balki's face so Balki pushes Larry's face and Larry pushes Balki's until Larry cries, "Will you stop it?"  Larry finishes tying Balki's tie as Balki says, "I'm sorry.  I'm just nervous about my date."  "She'll love you," Larry assures Balki, "I guarantee it!"  "Well, maybe you're right," Balki says hopefully, "My underarms are safe, my scalp is not flaky and my breath is lemon fresh."  "Well, other than gargling with Pledge I think you're off to a good start," Larry agrees.  There is a knock at the door and Susan enters, saying, "Hi guys!"  "Oh, hi Susan!" Larry says.  "So, Balki, ready for your big date?" she asks.  "Well, let me see," Balki thinks, "I open the door for her, I pull out the chair, I don't speak with my mouth full and I don't touch her body unless I am asked."  "Larry . . . wha . . . ?" Susan asks.  "Well, these are questions that came up," Larry explains.

Susan sits on a chair as Balki begs, "Please, Cousin Larry . . . please come with me!"  "No!" Larry answers firmly.  "Please!  It's a jungle out there and I don't know how to swing!" Balki pleads.  "Now don't worry!" Larry assures him, "I believe in you!"  He slaps Balki's arm and heads him to the bathroom, saying, "She is going to love you!  You have got the right stuff!"  After Balki closes the bathroom door Larry turns to Susan and says, "He is doomed!"  "Larry, why don't you go with him?" Susan asks.  "Oh no, no no no no no no," Larry refuses, "You're thinking Balki's my friend, my roommate, a strange from another country, he looks up to me.  How can I cast him aside?  Like this!"  Larry motions casting something aside.  "Larry . . . . " Susan begins.  "Nice try . . . nice try, Susan, but it won't work!  I don't like to be embarrassed.  I've spent my whole life avoiding embarrassing situations.  Who knows when it started?  Maybe when I was born nude in front of all those strangers."  "Larry, I don't see how going on a date with a friend can be embarrassing," Susan wonders.

Larry checks to make sure Balki can't hear him and answers, "We are talking about Balki!  The man who doesn't believe the refrigerator light goes off.  The man who knows 1001 unfunny jokes about sheep.  The man who thinks Bo Derek is a fine little actress.  And you are telling me that he's not going to embarrass me?  Take a reality pill!"  "If you're gonna be embarrassed, don't go!" Susan states.  "Oh, great!  Lay a guilt trip on me!" Larry sighs, "You don't have to tell me that tonight is going to be a disaster.  And you don't have to tell me how terrible I'm going to feel if I'm not there to pick up the pieces.  All right, I'll go!  There!  I hope you're happy!"  "If it'll be easier for you, I'll go with you," Susan offers.  "Oh sure, come along!" Larry says, "Wouldn't be a car wreck without innocent bystanders."  "I'm gonna go put on my face," Susan says, heading for the door.  "Sure, easy for you!  You get to wear a disguise!" Larry calls after her.  After Susan leaves Larry remarks, "She is so manipulative!" 

The two couples arrive at the same lounge were Balki met his date.  They're shown to a table and Balki motions for his date to take the end seat.  He pulls the chair out for her and she sits, then Balki sits down himself without pushing her to the table.  Seeing her sitting so far away, Balki encourages her, "Don't be shy!  Come, come!"  She pulls the chair and herself to the table.  "So, uh, Diane, what do you do?" Larry asks.  "Good opening line, Cousin Larry, but she's my date!" Balki points out.  "I teach high school geography," Diane answers, "That's why I'm so fascinated by Balki's homeland."  "It is a fascinating place," Balki agrees, "We have no sewers and in the rainy season it . . . . "  "I uh . . . "  Larry interrupts, "I come from Wisconsin."  "That's nice," Diane comments.

"Oh!" Balki suddenly exclaims, "Did I tell you my joke about the three sheepherders?"  "Oh, you don't want to do that," Larry warns.   "This is the funniest joke in all of Mypos!" Balki laughs.  "It's a small country," Larry adds.  "These three sheepherders want to find out who has the most beautiful sheep in all of Mypos.  So they decide to bring each the prized animal to be judged by the others."  "Uh, waiter?  Waiter?" Larry calls.  "And so, then the first one presents his sheep and the others said 'This a very beautiful animal . . . so big, so white, so fluffy, good gums."  "Waiter!  Yo!" Larry calls even more desperately.  "You know this one!" Balki says to Larry, who nods.  "You're so funny," Balki smiles, and continues.  "So, the next one brings his sheep, even more beautiful.  And then the next one presents his sheep . . . but it's just a horrible looking animal!  Skinny, dirty, wrinkled face.  And they say this has got to be the most ugly animal in the world!  And then the sheep looks up right into their faces and the sheep says, "You think I'm ugly?  Well, I'm not!"  Balki dissolves into laughter and Susan and Diane laugh with confusion and wait for the rest.  "And?" Diane finally asks.  "That's the punchline," Larry announces, "Anybody for the salad bar?"  "There is no salad bar," Susan notes.  "There's no punchline either," Larry remarks, "But that didn't stop him!"

The band begins to play a song and Balki listens, noting, "Hey . . . you know, this sounds like a song from my country."  "Oh no, it doesn't!" Larry contradicts.  "Really?" Diane asks.  "Yes," Balki answers, "It's called the Dance of Joy.  It's a lovely dance with lots of people."  "Oh look, they have takeout!" Larry notes.  "Well, can you show us the dance?" Diane asks.  "Oh no, no, no," Larry says.  "Aw, come on!" Diane urges, "Show us!"  Balki stands up and motions for the others to do so as well, saying, "It takes a lot of people!"  Larry tries to encourage Susan to stay seated, saying, "We'll stay here," but she and Diane get up and join Balki on the dance floor.  "Waiter, check please!" Larry calls.  Balki demonstrates the steps of the Dance of Joy to Susan and Diane and then encourages the patrons, calling, "Come on, everybody, feel the beat!  Put on your boogie sandals!"  Other people get up and join them as they dance in a line around the restaurant.  Larry jumps up, saying, "Balki, some of these people went to college!"  He gets up and goes to the band, motioning for them to stop playing, saying, "That's enough!"  He runs to Balki, calling, "Balki!  Balki, that's it!  They Dance of Joy is over!"  A hand slaps down hard on Larry's shoulder and he turns to see the man who beat him up the previous evening.  "Hey!" the man snarls, "We're having a good time!  Dance!"  "Five, six, seven, eight . . . " Larry counts down and the band begins again and Larry joins the people in the Dance of Joy.

Back at the apartment Susan drops Larry and Balki at their apartment, the three of them still laughing.  "Good night, Susan," Larry laughs.  "Good night, I had a great time!" Susan laughs as she walks away.  As soon as the door closes, however, Larryís face drops.  "I can't believe it!  My first American date!" Balki exclaims happily, leaping over the back of the couch to sit down, "Diane says she'll even see me again!  Isn't life great?"  Larry sadly walks closer to the closet, tossing his jacket toward the rack on the door.  The jacket lands on the floor.  Larry then tries to throw his keys onto the desk but they, too, fall to the floor.  "No!" Larry finally answers Balki's question, "I made a fool out of myself!  I am so embarrassed!"  "What?" Balki says with surprise, getting to his feet, "Why?  We were having fun!"  "Fun?" Larry cries, "I made a public spectacle out of myself.  One threat of death and I was out there tapping my little feet off!"  "You did not make a spectacle of yourself, not even a private one!" Balki insists.  "Of course I did!" Larry says, "Look, some people can sing and dance and get away with it.  I am not one of them.  I donít like to sing!  I donít like to dance!  People . . . LOOK at you!"

Larry goes to the refrigerator to get some antacid as Balki follows, saying "But if everyone is singing and dancing they don't point to one man and say 'Look at that fellow singing and dancing.'  They look at the fellow who's not singing and dancing.  Don't they?"  Larry walks to the couch to sulk.  "You know what I think?" Balki asks, "I think you won't admit it but you really did have fun tonight."  "Oh, no I didn't!" Larry insists.  "Oh, yes you did!" Balki disagrees.  "Did not!"  "You did, too!"  "Didn't!"  "You danced!" Balki points out.  "I was threatened!" Larry points out.  "You sang!" Balki says.  "I didn't enjoy it," Larry insists.  "You laughed," Balki adds.  "A hollow laugh," Larry says dramatically, drinking some antacid.  "Well, nobody twisted your leg to make you do that Cagney impression!" Balki counters.  "Well, I got sucked into the mob mentality!" Larry defends himself, "Look, Balki, you and I are different."  "We are?" Balki asks with surprise.  "Yes!" Larry says, surprised he even has to point it out, "You like to just jump into the swimming pool of life without even checking to see if there is water.  I, on the other hand, like to make sure there's water, a life guard . . . test for algae . . . then I dip a toe in and call it a day.  I . . . I shouldn't be teaching you anything.  I don't know how to have fun."

"That is not true," Balki argues, sitting next to Larry on the couch, "You are a fun person."  "Really?" Larry asks.  "Yes," Balki confirms.  "Oh, no I'm not," Larry sighs.  "Yes, you are," Balki says, "Do Cagney for me again."  "Oh no," Larry refuses.  "Oh, come on," Balki pleads.  "Noooo," Larry sighs.  "Oh come . . . please!  Or I look at you and point!" Balki threatens.  "Okay," Larry agrees, standing up.  He prepares himself then begins, in a terrible James Cagney impersonation, "Oh, you dirty rat.  You killed my brother, you dirty rat."  Balki laughs hysterically, saying, "Perfect!"  Larry is tickled with Balki's enthusiastic response.  "Now you see, don't you feel better?" Balki asks.  "Well, yeah, I do!" Larry admits, sitting down again, "You know, I'm gonna try to loosen up more often.  Thanks, Balki."  "Oh, I should thank you," Balki says, "If it wasn't for you I'd still be throwing myself at woman's feet.  You know, you taught me if I just relax and be myself people will like me.  And you learned something . . . actually, you learned the same thing!"  Larry nods, realizing this is true, and says, "I guess so!  So, you really think I sound like Cagney?"  "Perfect!" Balki smiles, "Just like Cagney!"  After a moment Balki asks, "Can you do Lacey?"  Discouraged again, Larry reaches for the antacid and takes another swig.

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