Perfect Strangers Episode Guide

EPISODE 103 - The Men Who Knew Too Much, Part One

First Air Date: November 9, 1990
Filming Date: October 1990
Nielsen Rating: 14.3 HH

Co-Producer: Alan Plotkin
Created by: Dale McRaven
Written by: Terry Hart
Directed by: Richard Correll

Bronson Pinchot: Balki Bartokomous
Mark Linn-Baker: Larry Appleton
Melanie Wilson: Jennifer Lyons
Rebeca Arthur: Mary Anne

Guest Cast:
Scott Marlowe: Marco Madison
Jessie Jones: Sheila
Steven Gilborn: Herb
Min Lee: Thug #1
Michael Hungerford: Thug #2
Teresa Bowman: Marcy Eden (a.k.a. Darla Wayne)
Chris Hendrie: The Drug Agent (Richard Tracy)
Donald Willis: The Salesman
Dale Harimoto: The Newscaster

Elaine Bartolone: The Customer
Michael Caldwell: The Waiter
Renee Wedel: Guest #1
Timothy Noyes: Guest #2

Dimitri Appearances: Dimitri does not appear in this episode.

"You better step in it!"
"Our luck is bound and gagged to change."
" . . . to make a short story long . . . "
"I read the manuel back to front . . . "
"Well, I had a perk once.  Right on the back of my neck.  I had to have it surgically removed by the village barber."
"We can go to Disneyland and then we can go watch the sunset from the Sunset Strip and we can play polo at the Polo Lounge and we can go bowling at the Hollywood Bowl!"
"There are no short stories, only short reporters."
"Boxers or briefs?"

Donít be ridiculous: Not said in this episode.

Other catchphrases used in this episode:
"Yes . . . yes, it is."
"Oh my Lord!"
"Oh God!"

Other running jokes used in this episode:
Larry replies flippantly to Balki just to move on
Balki cries to get what he wants
Larry grabs Balki by the shirt
Larry and Balki argue in a rapid-fire style, talking over each other
Balki picks Larry up, trying to move him

Notable Moment: Larry gets his first out-of-state assignment.

Songs: "I Love L.A." - sung by Balki when he is finally invited to got to Los Angeles by Larry

Interesting facts:
The title of this episode is derived from an Alfred Hitchcock film.  Actually Hitchcock made The Man Who Knew Too Much twice, once in 1934 and again in 1956.  This two-part episode is very Hitchcockian in nature, with Balki and Larry as men who are swept up in murder and intrigue against their will.
- This is one of only a handful of two-part episodes for the series.  There was at least one two-part episode in each season, with the exceptions of Seasons One and Three.
- This was the only episode which was filmed primarily outdoors.  It was common for Miller / Boyett shows to have an exciting, thrill-packed location episode in which the characters traveled to some exciting place.  The irony is that while other shows went to Paris or Disney World or other such locales, the cast of Perfect Strangers got to travel less than ten miles from their sound stage in Culver City to Santa Monica to do their location shooting.  For the characters from Chicago a trip to L.A. was a big deal, but for the actors it probably wasnít very exciting. Although Melanie was probably just as happy not to have to travel overseas since she was terrified of flying.  For complete details on some of the filming locations used in this two-part episode, click here!
- When trying to guess what kind of story Larry is being sent to L.A. to cover, he says, "Not Zsa Zsa again."  This was only one of several jokes made in reference to Zsa Zsa Gabor slapping a policeman during a traffic stop in 1989.
- Michael Caldwell, who is listed as playing a waiter in this episode, would go on to appear as a waiter in Family Matters.  He also played a cop in A Different World, a caterer in Sabrina, The Teenage Witch and even had a recurring role in the soap opera, Passions.
- The title of the daytime soap opera, El Segundo, is quite funny if you know that El Segundo is a industrial, oil refining town located just south of the Los Angeles airport and that there is nothing glamorous about the place at all!
- Scott Marlowe, who played the menacing Marco Madison in this episode, was a noted character actor who appeared in many movies and television series throughout his career. He had made guest appearances on Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Route 66, Have Gun, Will Travel, Ben Casey, Bonanza, Rawhide, Gunsmoke, The Mod Squad, Ironside, The F.B.I., Hawaii Five-0, Wonder Woman, Barnaby Jones, T.J. Hooker, Beauty and the Beast, thirtysomething and Star Trek: The Next Generation.  He also had a recurring role in the series Valley of the Dolls.  Sadly he passed away in 2001.
- Randy Newman's song, "I Love L.A." is featured prominently throughout the episode.  It was originally released in 1983 and was used by Nike in an ad for the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics, as well as in a series of promotional ads for ABC in the 1985-86 season. 
- Chris Hendrie, who played the drug agent, has appeared in numerous movies and television series including Little House on the Prairie, The Dukes of Hazzard, Dallas, Highway to Heaven.  More recently he has appeared on The West Wing, Greyís Anatomy and Heroes.  He also appeared in the TV movie The Langoliers which co-starred Bronson Pinchot.  And having appeared in Psycho II, he is now forever associated with that film series. You can view his YouTube Channel by clicking here.
- When the agent dying in Larryís arms whispers, "Rosebud," itís a tribute to the classic film, Citizen Kane.  Directed by Orson Welles, the movie begins with the death of the lead character, newspaper magnate Charles Foster Kane, whose last utterance is the single word "Rosebud."  The movie then traces the manís life in an attempt to explain the meaning behind those mysterious last words.
- Michael Hungerford, who played Thug #2, also appeared in an episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation, as well as guest appearances on other shows such as ER and The X-Files.  He passed away in 2007.
- Theresa Bowman's name was misspelled at the end of this episode.  It was changed to the correct spelling, Teresa Bowman, at the end of part two. 
- Itís interesting to note that the undercover narcotic agentís name is Richard Tracy . . . a tribute to the famous comic strip detective, Dick Tracy perhaps?
- Dale Harimoto seemed to have made a career out of playing newscasters and television correspondents.  She played such roles on Cagney & Lacey, Sledge Hammer!, Falcon Crest, Sisters and Seinfeld.
- Steven Gilborn, who played Herb, had a few credits before doing Perfect Strangers but many more since.  He first became familiar to TV fans as Mr. Collins on The Wonder Years and has since had recurring roles on L.A. Law, Picket Fences, Living Single, Ellen and The Practice.  Sadly we have learned that he lost his battle with cancer at the beginning of 2009.
- Herb seems disappointed that the only celebrity he has seen is Jerry Mathers.  Jerry Mathers of course starred in the iconic 50's sitcom Leave it to BeaverThe New Leave it to Beaver (also called Still the Beaver) had originally aired in 1985 and was in syndication through 1989.  The news series, which starred Jerry Mathers as the Beaver and Tony Dow as his brother Wally all grown up with families of their own, was often ridiculed in the media and was probably one of the reasons for this particular joke.

Bloopers and Inconsistencies:
At the beginning of the post-wedding scene, we overhear one of the guests say to another, "Doesnít Darla look wonderful?"  But the actressí name is Marcy Eden . . . Darla Wayne is her characterís name.  Later, someone else even addresses her by saying, "Congratulations, Darla!"  Why would a wedding guest, who is most likely a family member or friend, call her Darla?
menwhoknewptonegrab05.gif (65394 bytes)- There is some inconsistency with the knife Marco uses to kill the drug agent.  When we see the knife in Marcoís hand, it is a switchblade with a red button and the handle extends out on both sides of the blade.  When the knife is in the manís back, however, the handle only extends on one side of the blade (I guess we have to assume the large red button is always on the opposite side of the blade, since it is only seen from one side when in the man's back.)
- When Larry and Balki run out of the hotel and to the street they are headed south.  The hotel is located about five to eight minutes southeast of the park where the next scene takes place, so technically they are running in the wrong direction.  Also when they cross the walkway over Pacific Coast Highway, they are on the ocean side where the Santa Monica Pier is located just to the south.  But when we see them ride out onto the pier they are coming from across the street, so they would have had to cross back over the PCH and get up on that street leading to the pier to have come that way.  And we won't even mention the fact that the strip mall is actually located in Culver City!
- When Balki and Larry jump off the pier (or rather their stunt doubles do), Balki lands on his feet and then falls forward slightly.  But when the camera angle changes to the side and we see Larry fall into the water, Balki is sitting on the lower level on his bottom with his legs out in front of him!
menwhoknewptonegrab06.jpg (45298 bytes)- When Balki points out that the camera's play button has been replaced by a bullet hole, he lifts the camera to show Larry.  But the bullet hole appears to be in the area where the cassette is located, while all the buttons are to the left of that and don't seem to be damaged.
- While he's driving, Larry is constantly jerking the steering wheel back and forth, but the car doesn't swerve back and forth accordingly.

The episode begins with a view of a quiet suburban street.  Suddenly a car appears from a side road, swerving wildly onto the road and losing a hubcap in the process.  It speeds up down the street as a second car appears right behind it, in hot pursuit.  A man is leaning out of the window of the second car and firing at the first car with a handgun.  The two cars speed over a hill and then through an intersection, past other cars coming the opposite way.  The man continues to fire out the window as the chasing car swerves to try to get him a better angle.  Inside the first car, Larry is driving and Balki is sitting in the passenger seat.  They are both dressed in suits, Balkiís with a Myposian flavor.  They are in a panic as they look back at the car thatís chasing them.

"Cousin, uh . . . uh . . . uh . . . theyíre gaining on us!" Balki cries, "You better step in it!"  Larry gives him a strange look.  Balki directs Larry to, "Look at the road . . . watch the road."  The chase continues, as Larry turns down an alleyway.  He veers to the left as a car starts to pull out in front of him.  Larry swings behind the car, hitting a series of garbage cans and boxes.  The car chasing them stays right on their tail. Larry swerves back onto a street, barely missing on oncoming car.  As they continue to drive, Balki asks, "Cousin, are you aware you just ran a stop sign?"  "Yes, Iím aware of that!" Larry snaps in reply.  "Well . . . " Balki sighs.  "Iím also aware there are people trying to kill us," Larry adds, "but I happen to prefer traffic school to death!"

The cars speed over a very hilly road, causing them to jump and bounce wildly.  Larry turns right onto another street and cries, "This is the worst day of my life!"  "Oh, Cousin, come on," Balki says, "Our luck is bound and gagged to change."  "Oh, youíre right," Larry replies somewhat sarcastically, "Theyíve stopped shooting at us."  "Maybe theyíre out of bullets," Balki smiles.  The man leans out the window and fires again, shooting out the back window of Larry and Balkiís car, causing them both to scream.  "And maybe not!" Balki adds.  "How did we ever get into this mess?" Larry cries, meaning it rhetorically.  But Balki starts to answer.  "Well . . . well . . . to make a short story long, it was a crisp day in the windy city . . . "  The scene oil dissolves into a flashback as Balkiís voice continues, " . . . and Balki had a new toy, and . . . . "

We see Balkiís worktable in the basement of the Chicago Chronicle.  Balki has a video camera and is struggling to push the videotape into it so that it will stay.  After several tries, Balki finally manages to shut the tape into the camera properly.  Larry enters through the door and stops, calling down, "Balki, I have great news!"  "Oh, Cousin, so do I!" Balki says, picking up the video camera and running to meet Larry on the first landing, "I got a new video camera and I can videotape you telling me your great news and we can relive it forever."  Balki holds the camera up to look through the viewfinder.  "Balki," Larry sighs, as he starts down the rest of the stairs.  Balki backs up in front of him, saying, "Cousin, this is gonna be great.  I read the manuel back to front, I set the aperture at 1.3 and I set the white balance at 42.8, and itís just . . . "  "Balki . . . " Larry tries to interrupt.  "I adjusted the . . . "  "Balki . . . "  " . . . the, uh . . . thing . . . "  Larry reaches over and takes the lens cap off.  Balki jumps, startled that he can suddenly see through the viewfinder.  "Oh, thatís much better!" Balki says.

"I have incredible news!" Larry exclaims, holding up an airline ticket, "I just got an out of town assignment!"  "Ooh, Cousin, thatís wonderful!" Balki says, following Larry to his desk.  "All my hard work is finally paying off," Larry says, "Iím getting a perk!"  "Well, I had a perk once," Balki notes, "Right on the back of my neck.  I had to have it surgically removed by the village barber."  Balki cringes at the memory.  "Well, Iíll have mine looked at when I get back," Larry answers flippantly.  Balki leans around to look at the back of Larryís neck as Larry continues, "Mr. Wainwright is sending me to Los Angeles to cover a story."  "Los Angeles?" Balk gasps excitedly, "Oh, Cousin, whatís the assignment?  Political scandal?"  "No."  "Oil spill?"  "No."  "Not Zsa Zsa again?"  "No, no, no," Larry says, "No, itís a wedding.  But not just any wedding.  Itís a big Hollywood wedding.  Ed Albrecht, the Chicago Civic Affairs Commissioner, is marrying the actress who plays Darla Wayne on that TV soap opera, El Segundo."

"Darla Wayne!" Balki cries, jumping up and down, "I . . . I . . . sheís my favorite!  I never miss that show!  Oh, Cousin, well . . . finally sheís marrying a decent man."  "Balki, Darla Wayne is not real," Larry explains.  "Cousin, I know a lot of people think Darlaís a phony but deep down sheís a good girl," Balki argues.  "Darla Wayne is a character on TV," Larry tries again, "Sheís played by an actress named Marcy Eden."  Balki shakes his head in disbelief.  "A new husband . . . a new . . . a new job . . . a new name.  What a year this is going to be for Darla."  "Yes . . . yes, it is," Larry gives up.  Jennifer and Mary Anne enter from the parking garage.  "Hi!" Mary Anne greets them.  "Well, hi!" Larry replies.  Mary Anne and Balki hug while Jennifer and Larry kiss.  "Are you guys ready to go to lunch?" Mary Anne asks.  "Yeah," Balki replies.  "Yes, and we have something to celebrate," Larry reports, "The paper is sending me to Los Angeles for the weekend . . . in first class."

"But the best part is Cousin Larry is going to do a story on Darla Wayneís wedding!" Balki adds.  "Darla Wayne?" Mary Anne exclaims.  "Yeah!" Balki confirms.  "I love Darla Wayne!" Mary Anne says, "Although she hasnít quite been the same since that quicksand incident."  "Mary Anne, Darla Wayne is not real," Jennifer starts to explains.  "Jennifer, Jennifer," Larry tries to interrupt.  "You see, sheís played by . . . " Jennifer continues, then listens to Larry.  "Let it go," Larry suggests.  "Well, Larry, if youíre going to be in Los Angeles this weekend, Mary Anne and I could switch to the L.A. flight and meet you there," Jennifer offers.  "Well, that would be terrific," Larry replies, "After the wedding we could get together and see the sights of L.A."  "Oh boy!" Balki bounces, "Oh, Cousin, thatís a terrific idea!  We can . . . we can . . . we can go to Disneyland and then we can go watch the sunset from the Sunset Strip and we can play polo at the Polo Lounge and we can go bowling at the Hollywood Bowl!"  Balki suddenly stops and says, "I mean . . . I mean, all of you . . . three could . . . could do those things.  I, of course . . . wonít be there."  Balki turns and leans against the stair railings, crying.

"You know, Larry, you could always cash in your first class ticket for two coach seats and then Balki could come," Jennifer points out.  Balki joins Jennifer and Mary Anne and they all look at Larry in expectation.  "Balki, you wouldnít want to go to L.A., would you?" Larry asks, "I mean, itís hot, itís smoggy, the traffic is horrible."  "Oh, no, no, Cousin, I . . . youíre right," Balki agrees sarcastically, slowly breaking down into tears, "I . . . I wouldnít want to go to Los Angeles . . . California . . . USA . . . with my closest friends on earth . . . or meet Darla Wayne in person or . . . have my picture taken with Mickey and . . . Mmmm . . . Min . . . Minnie."  Balki turns to cry on Mary Anneís shoulder.  "Okay, then itís just the three of us," Larry smiles.  "Larry!" Jennifer cries.  "You heard him!  He doesnít wanna go!" Larry insists.  Balki wails and Jennifer and Mary Anne give Larry a biting look.  "Okay," Larry sighs.  Balki moans.  "Okay," Larry repeats, but Balki continues to cry.  "Okay!" Larry says loudly.  "Oh Cousin!" Balki pops up smiling.  "Oh God," Larry sighs.  Balki runs to Larry and says, "Oh Cousin, this means a lot to me because . . . "  He starts to sing the Randy Newman song, "I love L.A.!  From the South Bay to the Valley . . . . "

The song continues, sung by Randy Newman.  We see a montage which begins with the wheels of an airplane touching down on a runway.  Then we see the Hollywood sign, followed by shots of the beach, a sailboat, then a Hollywood Blvd. sign. followed by signs of Vine Street and Sunset Blvd.  We see an aerial shot of the freeway, then Griffith Observatory in Griffith Park.  A quick shot of The Comedy Store is followed by an aerial view of downtown Los Angeles, then freeway gridlock, a shot of the Matterhorn ride at Disneyland (which is technically in Orange County and not Los Angeles), the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, the Capitol Records building in Hollywood, a beach shot and then the Disneyland sign and Mannís Chinese Theater.  We then see people roller skating in Venice Beach, a man surfing, an aerial shot of the piano-shaped swimming pool, a sign marking Beverly Hills, the Hollywood Bowl, another ocean shot and more of Venice Beach and finally one last ocean shot of a wave rolling in, ridden by surfers.

We then see the exterior of a hotel where the wedding reception is taking place.  "What a lovely wedding," we hear a woman say, then we join the scene in the hotelís private outdoor area where guests are talking amongst themselves, seated at various decorated tables.  "Doesnít Darla look beautiful?" one woman asks.  We see the actress Marcy hug and kiss her new husband, Ed Albrecht.  To one side stand Larry and Balki. Balki is recording with his video camera while Larry holds a notepad and pen.  A woman walks by them and Balki is filming her, then drops the camera and exclaims, "Oh!  Oh!  Youíre that jealous dress designer that . . . that deliberately put Darla in horizontal stripes.  Shame on you, Miss Longiene!"  The woman walks away.  "Balki, stop it," Larry scolds, "Stop taping . . . "  Balki has turned and pointed the camera in Larryís face, so Larry reaches up and grabs the lens, pushing the camera down.  "Stop shoving that thing in peopleís faces."

"Cousin, I got to get close, I canít see a thing," Balki says.  "Well, here . . . use the zoom lens," Larry suggests, and he shows Balki how it works by zooming in on a clock for him.  "Oh, Cousin, look at the time," Balki says, seeing it is almost noon, "Weíre supposed to meet Jennifer and Mary Anne in the lobby."  "Well, I canít leave," Larry says, "I donít have a story yet." Larry places the notepad and pen in his inside pocket.  "Itís been a typical California wedding," Larry continues, "Champagne and sushi."  "Cousin, how you can say you donít have a story?" Balki asks, "You interviewed Darla Wayne."  "Well, Iíd hardly call it an interview," Larry sighs, "We talked for ten minutes about her new perfume, Suddenly Darla.  I got nothiní."  "Cousin, remember what you told me?" Balki reminds him, "There are no short stories, only short reporters."

"Small," Larry corrects, "I said there were no small stories and I was wrong.  This is a small story.  I mean, thereís nobody important here.  Look . . . over there is Commissioner Albrechtís secretary stuffing hors díoeuvres into her purse."  We see her doing this through the viewfinder on Balkiís camera.  "And over there is a guy who keeps trying to sell me life insurance," Larry points out.  Balki looks at the sleazy man through his viewfinder.  "And look . . . over there talking to the bride is Marco Madison."  Larry suddenly reacts with shock and steps forward, crying out, "Oh my Lord!"  Balki joins him and asks, "What is it, Cousin?"  "Thatís Marco Madison," Larry explains, "Heís very big in the underworld."  "Really?" Balki asks.  "Yes," Larry confirms.  "Boxers or briefs?" Balki asks.  "Not underwear," Larry corrects, "Underworld.  Heís big in the underworld."

Larry moves around Balki to get a better view and then steps aside as Marco and his men pass by.  We hear Marco say, "There he is . . . letís go," right before they pass.  "Right behind you, boss," one of his thugs replies.  Larry and Balki watch as they approach a man sitting at a remote table with a woman.  No one else is at the table.  He sees Marco and his men coming and looks nervous as they circle behind the table, surrounding him.  "Hey, pal," Marco says, "Wanna have a little talk?"  "Well, I . . . " the man hesitates.  "Now!" Marco insists.  One of the thugs removes the glass of champagne from the manís hand and they lead him to stand up from the table and go with them through a nearby door.  "Balki, there may be a story here yet," Larry says hopefully.  They hurry to the door to follow the men, Balki pausing long enough to take video of the woman left sitting at the table.

Moments later, Larry and Balki sneak through a covered parking garage where Marco and his men have taken the man for their "talk."  Larry and Balki move behind a row of cars to get closer to the discussion as the man says, "I donít understand."  "Now you donít understand?" Marco asks.  "I really donít know what youíre talking about," the man insists.  "I think you know exactly what Iím talking about," Marco says firmly.  "You got it all wrong," the man insists.  "Get down, get down," Larry urges Balki, and they squat down behind a car across from the group of men.  "I wouldnít double-cross you.  I thought we were in this together," the man explains, "You know my people."  "Yeah, but I know my people better," Marco counters.  "They seem to be arguing about something," Larry observes, "Balki, tape this for me."  "No, no, Cousin," Balki argues, "You . . . you said to stop taping."  "Tape it," Larry orders.  "No, you . . . you distinctly said ĎBalki, stop it,í and then you took my . . . you pulled it down . . . Ow!"  Larry has grabbed Balki by the shirt and pulled him closer, growling, "Tape it."  "Okay," Balki gives in, and he begins to record the encounter.

"You delivered the stuff and I want the money," Marco says, "And donít lie."  "Iím not lying," the man insists.  "What díya mean youíre not lying?" Marco asks, shoving the man hard.  The man suddenly throws a punch at one of the thugs, hitting him in the gut.  He shoves another thug away and makes a run for it.  Another thug reaches into his jacket for a gun, but Marco stops him and calmly pulls a switchblade from his own pocket.  As Balki and Larry watch, with Balki still recording, they see Marco throw the knife which lands in the fleeing manís back.  Balki gasps with horror.  "Oh my Lord!" Larry gasps.  The man stumbles between two cars, trying to reach the knife in his back, then falls across the hood of the car behind which Balki and Larry are hiding and is still.  "I knew it," Balki says, "Every time Darla gets married, somebody gets killed."  "Boss, over there," one of the thugs points to Balki and Larry.  Marco and the others spot Balki and Larry and start walking toward them.  Larry and Balki look startled as the scene fades to black.

Act two begins where act one left off, with Marco and his men spotting Balki and Larry behind the car which the man is lying across with a knife in his back.  "Letís get Ďem," Marco says menacingly.  "Boss, heís got a camera," one thug points out.  Balki and Larry get to their feet, looking startled.  Larry feels in his pockets, then says to Balki, "Uh . . . no, no.  Uh . . . uh . . . itís not this one.  Itís a blue Mercedes and thereís, uh, no one on the hood."  Larry throws his car keys to Balki as if he were a valet.  Balki catches the keys and replies, "Uh . . . right away."  He hurries off.  "Iíll go with you," Larry says, and he runs after Balki.  "Get those guys!" Marco orders.  "Run, Cousin, run!" Balki cries as the thugs start after them.  "Get that camera!" Marco calls after his men.  "This way, Balki," Larry says, as the men make their way around the parked cars to follow them.

Balki and Larry enter a hallway leading to the kitchen and private work and storage rooms of the hotel.  Moments later, two of the thugs appear, looking to see which way Balki and Larry and then running after them.  The third thug appears behind them, dragging the limp body of the man who was stabbed with him and stopping beside a rolling table which holds a wedding cake.  The other two thugs are close to the end of the hallway and look around, then they start rummaging through laundry carts full of linen.  A waiter passes by them and grabs a large food cart, pulling it away from the wall and wheels it away, revealing that Balki and Larry were standing behind it.  They are now in clear view of the thugs, who are still busy going through the laundry.  "They must be here somewhere," one thug says.  Balki motions to a door across the hall with his head and he and Larry very quietly and in unison walk across the hall and sneak in through the door.

Moments later, Balki and Larry are running back down the earlier hallway, going the other direction.  They stop and turn back, then spot the cart with the cake on it.  The cart also has a cover, so they climb underneath where they will be hidden.  As they make their way under the cart, they find the man with the knife still in his back is already lying there.  "Cousin, Cousin, Cousin," Balki says, "Maybe this isnít the best of all possible hiding places."  Two waiters appear and start to roll the cart away.  It rolls outside to the wedding party where everyone applauds.  They stop right in front of Marcy Eden and her husband.  Marcy holds up her hands to silence the applause and says, "I just . . . I just want to tell everyone how very happy I am to be . . . "  "Where are we?" Balki whispers to Larry.  "I donít know," Larry replies, "We better get outta here."

Marcy Eden is holding up her glass in a toast and someone offers, "Congratulations, Darla," when Balki and Larry climb out from under the cart, much to everyoneís surprise and confusion.  The crowd reacts with comments like, "Whoís that?" and "What are they doing here?"  Marcy looks startled.  Seconds later the man with the knife in his back also crawls out from underneath the cart, much to everyoneís horror.  The man falls over into Larryís arms and Larry grabs the knife, which comes out of the manís back.  The wedding photographer snaps pictures of Larry holding the manís limp body with a knife in his hand.  The man looks up at Larry and gasps, "Rosebud," before dying.  "Oh, he said something!" one guests says, "What did he say?"  Camera are flashing and Larry looks shocked.  The guests suddenly realize whatís happening and someone screams, "Oh, heís dead!  That man is dead!"  "Call the police!" someone else cries.

Guests begin running away in panic.  The manís body slumps to the ground and Larry throws the knife onto the table before he and Balki turn and run.  The two thugs appear and start after them again.  Meanwhile, Jennifer and Mary Anne arrive in the lobby of the hotel.  "I hope we havenít missed them," Jennifer says as they stop by a table.  "Oh relax, Jennifer," Mary Anne says as she stops to powder her nose, "Weíre only a few minutes late."  "Well, we wouldnít have been late at all if you hadnít spent so much time talking to that guy," Jennifer says.  "He was a movie producer," Mary Anne replies.  "He was driving an ice cream truck," Jennifer points out.  Balki and Larry appear, running through the lobby quickly.  As they pass Jennifer and Mary Anne, Larry calls out, "Oh hi!  Something came up!  Call you later!"  "You look lovely, Mary Anne!" Balki calls behind him.  After a moment, Mary Anne replies, "Thank you, Balki."  The girls start to walk in the direction the guys were running.

Larry and Balki run out the front door and grab a luggage cart, using it like a skateboard with one of them on either side until they reach the gazebo in the middle of the circular drive.  They run through the gazebo and then barely avoid being hit by a car as they cross the drive and head away from the hotel.  Jennifer and Mary Anne run out the doors and stand, watching Balki and Larry running away.  "What was that all about?" Jennifer asks.  The two thugs suddenly appear, stopping next to the girls.  The first thug pulls out his gun and spots Balki and Larry, taking a shot at them before chasing after them again.  "Oh my God!" Jennifer cries.  "Those lucky stiffs!" Mary Anne exclaims, "Larry and Balki got parts in a movie!"  The two thugs run across the driveway, knocking over a man in their haste.

We next see two people jogging in a park overlooking the Pacific Ocean.  A man and a woman are standing beside a tandem (two seat) bicycle.  "Oh dammit, Sheila, why did we have to rent this stupid bicycle?" the man named Herb asks.  "Because weíre on vacation," Sheila answers, "and riding bicycles is what people do in California.  Itís something I want to do in California."  Balki and Larry appear, jumping over a low fence as they run across the grass past the couple.  Larry sees the bicycle and stops, shouting, "Look!" as they double back.  They run over and Balki drops the camera into the basket on the bikeís handlebars and then he and Larry lift Sheila from her seat and set her down.  "What are you doing?  Whatíre you doiní there?" Herb demands, "Now donít do that!  What are you doing?"  Balki and Larry lift Herb from his seat as well and move him aside.  "I . . . Iím sorry," Balki offers, "I know what you must think . . . but you see . . . we . . . we . . . we were at Darla Wayneís wedding . . . "  Balki and Larry mount the bike with Balki sitting in the front.  " . . . and . . . and there was . . . there was a murder . . . there was a murder . . . it was right after the ceremony and before they cut the cake."

Larry slaps the back of Balkiís head and cries, "Balki!"  "But . . . I just want to explain, Cousin," Balki says.  A shot rings out behind them and they look back to see the two thugs running toward them.  Larry and Balki scream and then pedal away on the bike, taking a moment to get enough momentum to really get going.  The song "I Love L.A." begins again.  "They stole our bike!" Herb points out to Sheila, then asks, "Is that something else people do in California?"  "Out of my way!" the first thug yells and he runs right between the couple.  Larry and Balki pedal the bike across the grassy park, narrowly missing palm trees and pedestrians.  "Ooh, sorry!  Sorry!" Balki says to the people.  The thugs continue to chase after them with the first thug taking another shot at them.  Park goers hit the ground at the sound of the shot.  Balki steers to the ocean side of the park as the thug fires yet another shot.

Balki and Larry turn right and start down a staircase that winds down the side of the cliff upon which the park is located.  They bounce roughly down the steps until they reach a pedestrian walkway which stretches across the Pacific Coast Highway with the Santa Monica pier on the other side to the south.  The thugs reach the top of the stairs just as Balki and Larry reach the walkway and start pedaling across.  The thugs run down the stairs after them.  Balki and Larry then race down the street and onto the Santa Monica Pier.  The two thugs are not far behind them.  Balki and Larry swerve to avoid hitting the many people walking on the pier and end up falling over.  They sit up and see the two thugs still coming for them.  "Balki, come on," Larry urges, and they get to their feet and Balki starts to reach for the camera but Larry pulls him away, yelling, "Come on!  Come on!"  "But . . . but Cousin, I got . . . I gotta get the camera!" Balki tries to argue.  The thugs are still running down the pier toward them.  Balki returns and grabs the camera, then he and Larry duck down behind a bench along the side of the pier where two fisherman are sitting with a pile of fish between them.

Balki and Larry look out through the slats on the back of the bench.  "Balki, weíre trapped," Larry notes as the thugs reach the bike and look around for them.  Balki looks behind them and says, "No, Cousin, no . . . weíre not."  He gets up and pulls Larry after him, backing toward the railing.  Balki looks over the railing.  "Weíre dead men!" Larry cries.  "Cousin, we . . . we can jump," Balki points out.  Larry looks down at the water below and exclaims, "Weíre still dead men!"  Balki climbs over the railing, saying, "We . . . we have to jump."  "No," Larry whines.  "We have to jump," Balki repeats, "Itís our only chance."  "No.  No . . . "  "Now come on," Balki says, and he reaches up and pulls Larry over the railing head first.  "Whoa!  Oh no!" Larry cries.  The two thugs run toward them.  Larry hangs on and they both are standing on the outside of the railing.  "Cousin, on the count of three," Balki says, "Okay, ready?  One . . . two . . . three!"  They both jump from the railing, but Balki jumps down onto a lower level of the pier while Larry jumps past that level and lands in the ocean below.

Later, we see Balki and Larry walking through a strip mall parking lot.  Larry is still sopping wet and leaving wet footprints in his wake.  "Sorry, Cousin," Balki offers, "It . . . it was a natural mistake."  "You said, ĎJump,í" Larry reminds him.  "Well, Cousin, I . . . I didnít mean jump into the water," Balki explains.  "Well, if you didnít mean Ďjump into the waterí you should have said ĎJump, but not into the water.í  Learn to be specific."  "Well, Cousin, I didnít know you were going to jump into the water," Balki says, "You could have hurt yourself."  "Oh, I certainly wouldnít want to hurt myself when people are trying to kill me!" Larry replies sarcastically.  "Cousin, we got to get to the police," Balki says, "Theyíll protect us."  "We canít go to the police!" Larry cries as they sit down on the curb below one store, "Two hundred people saw a dead man in my arms while I was holding the murder weapon over his lifeless body."  "Cousin, I videotaped the murder," Balki reminds him, "The . . . the tape will prove us innocent."  "Well, has it occurred to you that there might not be anything on that tape?" Larry asks, "You are not the worldís greatest cameraman, you know."  Balki looks offended.

"Now why donít we just play that tape back?" Larry suggests.  "Well, Cousin, thatís gonna be a little tough," Balki states.  "Well, no, itís not going to be a little tough," Larry says in a mocking voice, "You just put your finger on the play button and push."  "Well . . . the play button has been replaced . . . by a bullet hole!" Balki explains, holding up the video camera to show Larry where the play button used to be.  "Okay, okay, all right," Larry says, "Itís not the end of the world."  Larry stands up and Balki stands up with him.  "All we need is to find someplace where we can play back the tape," Larry says.  As Larry continues to talk, Balki happens to look behind them to see they are standing in front of a store called Audio Video City.  "A . . . a video store," Larry continues, "Uh . . . oh, okay, all we need is the yellow pages.  Of course, uh, weíre not familiar with the city . . . so . . . so, weíll . . . weíll have to get a map.  All we need is the yellow pages and a map.  Of course, we have no transportation, so . . . so, uh . . . we . . . weíll get a bus schedule.  So all we need is the yellow pages, a map and a bus schedule."  "Or we could go in there," Balki says, pointing to the store.  Larry looks at the store and says, "Thatís another way to go."  They hurry into the store.

Larry and Balki run into the video store.  Balki stops just inside and picks up a little toy, saying, "Cousin, look at this!"  "Stop it!" Larry scolds, grabbing Balki and pulling him away.  A salesman walks up to them and smiles, "Hi.  May I show you a TV . . . VCR . . . ?"  He looks at Larryís wrinkled clothes and adds, "Steam iron?"  "No thanks," Larry says, "Weíre just looking."  "Well, you came at the right time," the salesman says, "Weíre in the middle of our midday madness sale."  "Cousin, look at this!" Balki gasps, picking up one of the nearby price tags, "We can get twenty-five percent off any floor item with our good credit!"  "Thatís right," the salesman nods, "During our sale all our floor models are twenty-five percent off."  Balki gasps excitedly and reaches into his jacket, saying, "Let me get my money . . . "  "Uh, no, no, no thanks," Larry interrupts, then he snarls at Balki, "Weíre just looking!" before turning to the salesman and snarling, "Weíre just looking!" to him as well.  The salesman walks away.

Larry grabs the video camera from Balki and says, "I hope you got this!"  Larry starts to work to take the tape out of the camera and play it on one of the VCRs.  Balki turns and walks toward a bank of televisions which are playing the local news.  A female reporter is speaking.  " . . . an additional clean up crew is expected to arrive on the scene.  This just in: earlier today violence rocked the wedding of soap opera star Marcy Eden who plays Darla Wayne on the popular daytime drama, ĎEl Segundo.í  The celebration was cut short when two men posing as reporters brutally murdered one of the wedding guests."  Balki turns back to Larry and says, "Cousin, Cousin, Cousin . . . youíve got to see this . . . Cousin, youíve got to pay attention . . . youíve got to see this!"  "Balki, leave me alone!" Larry insists, "Leave me alone, we have got to see this."  "Okay, okay," Balki agrees as Larry repeats, "Leave me alone!"  "Okay, okay!" Balki turns back to the televisions in time to see a photograph of himself and Larry at the wedding with Larry holding the knife.  "Police are searching for the two assailants, tentatively identified as Larry Appleton and Balki . . . Bar . . . Bart . . . . "  "Bartokomous!" Balki shouts at the screen, then he runs back to Larry.

"Cousin, youíve got to . . . " Balki insists, grabbing Larry around the middle and trying to pick him up to take him to the televisions.  Larry hangs onto the table and they struggle and argue while a customer in the store studies the photo on the television and keeps looking at them.  "Youíve got to come!  Please!"  "Balki, I am trying to work on this VCR," Larry insists, "I am trying to work on it."  They continue to argue, talking over each other until Balki finally grabs Larryís head and turns his head to the bank of televisions, insisting that he, "Listen!" Larry sees the photo of themselves on the screen.  "The victim was an undercover narcotics agent, Richard Tracy," the newscaster explains, "The two suspects are considered armed and dangerous."  The woman who has been studying the screen points to them and cries, "There they are!  Those are the killers!"  Someone else gasps and cries, "The killers?"  "Hurry!" the woman says.  Everyone in the store is looking at them but too afraid to approach.

Larry tries to eject the videotape from the machine, then says, "Balki, the tape is jammed."  "Oh God," Balki gasps.  When Balki steps toward the group of onlookers they all back away nervously.  Larry finally disconnects all the wires from the back of the machine and unplugs the machine while Balki grabs a bunch of wires.  "Oh my God!" one female customer gasps, then a male adds, "Theyíre the murderers!"  Larry picks up the machine and says, "All right . . . here we go," as he and Balki walk calmly out of the store.  The salesman yells after them, "Hey, hey!  Wait!  Stop!  Theyíre taking my machine!"  Balki and Larry step outside the store and Balki cries, "Cousin!"  "What is it?" Larry turns and asks.  "We didnít pay for that," Balki says, pointing to the VCR.  "Well, Iíll send Ďem a check!" Larry says, "Now come on!"  They look down the row of stores and see one of the thugs, who has just spotted them.  Larry and Balki turn and run and the thug, wielding his gun, starts after them.

Elsewhere in the parking lot, we see Herb and Sheila as Sheila closes a car trunk to reveal a rather grumpy-looking Herb.  "I hate Los Angeles," Herb says, "Itís smoggy, the only celebrity Iíve seen is Jerry Mathers, and two madmen stole our rent-a-bike."  "Herb, please," Sheila pleads, "Weíve just had a bad morning, thatís all.  Now itís all over.  Now letís just get in the car and go to Disneyland."  "Give me the keys," Herb says, just as Balki and Larry appear.  "Cousin!" Balki says. "Itís them again!"  Herb notes as Larry snatches the keys from Sheilaís hand.  "Itís that nice couple that lent us their bike!" Balki says nicely, stopping to talk as Larry jumps into the car and starts it, "Yeah, is this a small world or what?  Youíre never gonna guess what happened to us."  Larry backs the car out of the parking space as Herb chases him, asking what heís doing.  Balki continues to talk, saying, "We were on the pier and there was this horrible miscommunication.  Now if I had said 'Jump' . . . "  Larry yells, "Balki!  Balki, get in the car!"  "Iím explaining to them . . . " Balki says.  "Get in the car!  Get in the car!" Larry screams.  "Oh!  Oh God!  God!  God!" Balki cries, and he dives in through the driverís side window, crawling over Larry to get into the passenger seat.  "Whatíre ya?  Thatís my car youíre doing that . . !  Thatís my car!" Herb cries as Larry tears away.

Larry drives right past the thug with the gun and out the parking lot as the second thug pulls up in a car of his own.  The first thug jumps into the car and shouts, "Letís go!" as the thugs take off after Balki and Larry.  The scene oil dissolved back to Balki recounting this whole story in the midst of the wild car chase through the streets of Santa Monica.  "So anyway, uh . . . then we run into that nice couple again," Balki continues, "and they were nice enough to lend us their car, which was really quite generous of them, and basically thatís how we got into this mess."  "Thanks, Balki," Larry says sarcastically.  "Youíre most welcome," Balki smiles, as gunfire erupts behind them again.  Larry looks at the car behind and says, "Balki, I think theyíre getting closer!"  Balki is looking at the road ahead where a large truck is pulling out from a driveway, blocking the street ahead of them.  "Oh!  Oh!  Oh!" Balki cries, "Uh, Cousin, donít worry about them . . . worry about that!"  Balki points to the truck as a man directing the truck back leaps out of the way.  Theyíre racing toward the back of the truck at full speed with no room to pull around.  Larry and Balki both scream as the screen freezes and the words "To Be Continued . . . " appear on the screen.

Script Variations:
The shooting script for both halves of his episode is dated October 4, 1990.  It contains many revisions of different scenes, all in separate color-coded segments.  Here we will cover the variations for part one only:
- In the shooting script dated October 4, 1990, this is the description of the opening scene: "Ext. Los Angeles - Day - Establishing"  "Ext. Street - Day" (Second Unit)  We see a quiet street  Birds are chirping.  An old man is crossing the street.  Life is good.  Suddenly a car turns the corner and careens down the street.  The first car is pursued by a second car.  The two men in the second car are shooting at the men in the first car.  The old man has to hurry to cross the street before the cars speed through the intersection.  He barely makes it, as the first car goes by.  Then as the second car goes by, he falls into a pile of leaves.
- In the scene at the Chronicle, Balki is described as trying to fit the videotape into the camcorder a countless number of ways before finally managing to fit it in.  When Larry comes in, Balki explains that he set the apeture at 1.63 instead of 1.3.  Instead of taking the lens cap off, Larry turns the camcorder 180 degrees because Balki is looking in the wrong end.  "Ooh, that's much better," Balki says, "You'd think they'd give you this tip in the manual."
- When Larry tells Balki that he has a perk and Balki says he'd had one on the back of his neck and had to have it removed by the village barber, Larry explains, "Balki, a perk is a pat on the back."  "Oh, that's a lucky break," Balki says, "That way the scar won't show."  "That's good to know," Larry sighs, giving up.
- When Balki tries to guess what story Larry will cover in Los Angeles his last guess is, "Sushi cookoff?"
- In this version, Ed Albrecht is not mentioned by name, and here he is the Chicago Building Commissioner.  The soap opera is also not called "El Segundo" yet.
- After Larry explains about going to the wedding of Marcy Eden who plays Darla Wayne, Balki says, "I love Darla Wayne.  She's my favorite.  I never miss that show.  Finally, she's marrying a decent man.   You wouldn't believe the horrible things that have happened to her.  Prison, amnesia, going blind, then miraculously regaining her sight only to learn that she'd married Siamese twins."
- After Larry tells the girls he will be flying first class he adds, "I've never flown first class.  Once I got sick in coach, and they carried me out through first class, but that's the closest I've ever come."
- In this version, Mary Anne says she loves Darla Wayne and adds the quicksand line.  In subsequent revisions, they would change Mary Anne's line several times, but in the end this is the line that made it to air.  Only in this version Balki adds, "It was awful.  She was under there for two days.  And she missed a dental appointment."  "And what it did to her hair," Mary Anne adds.  Jennifer tries to explain Darla isn't real and Larry tells her to let it go.  This bit would be dropped in some of the revisions but also ended up in the final show.
- After Larry lists the reasons why Balki wouldn't want to go to L.A., he adds, "They put pineapple on their pizza.  And everybody calls you 'dude.'"  When Balki counters sarcastically, naming all the things he "doesn't" want to do in L.A. with his closest friends, he adds, "No, I'd rather stay here and ride the bus."
In the pink revisions dated October 12, 1990, when Balki is talking about Darla Wayne's difficulties, he finishes with, " . . . going blind, then miraculously regaining her sight only to learn that she'd married an Elvis impersonator."  After Larry tells the girls that he's flying first class, he adds, "I've always wanted to fly first class.  You get free headsets, unlimited beverage service, and I'll get to use both arm rests."  When Balki tells Mary Anne that Larry is going to cover the wedding of Darla Wayne, she says, "I'm glad she finally divorced the Elvis impersonator.  I think the Swedish accent hurt the act."  Jennifer does not try to explain to Mary Anne that Darla isn't a real person in this version.  While trying to convince Balki that he doesn't want to go to L.A., Larry adds to his list of things, "And the people are shallow."  These revisions stay much the same in the green pages dated October 16, 1990.
In the gold revisions dated October 17, 1990, Larry now takes the lens cap off the camera.  In this revision Larry goes back to talk about how he got sick in coach and was carried out through first class again.  When Balki tells Mary Anne that Larry will be covering the wedding of Darla Wayne, Mary Anne says, "I love Darla Wayne.  I was sick when she lost her nose in that freak gardening accident."  This time Jennifer does try to explain to Mary Anne that Darla Wayne isn't real and Larry stops her.  Larry no longer says, "The people are shallow," when describing Los Angeles.  These are all the revisions that were made for part one.
- In the October 4th shooting script, when we first see the wedding reception, Balki is wiping away tears and says, "Wasn't that a beautiful wedding, Cousin?"  "Yeah it was great," Larry answers.  "That Darla Wayne is one special lady," Balki continues, "So forgiving.  She even invited people who've been cruel to her."  A woman crosses in front of Larry and Balki.  "Look, Cousin, there's the evil nurse who stole Darla's baby."  Balki videotapes the evil nurse, putting the camera inches from her face.  "Shame on you!" Balki scolds the woman.  Larry is embarrassed and pulls Balki away.  "Balki, don't do that," Larry scolds, then he says to the woman, "You'll have to excuse him.  He's recovering from a fever."  A man crosses in front of them.  "Oh, Cousin, look.  There's the postal worker who locked Darla in a closet for three years," Balki says, and he shoves his camera into the face of the postal worker.  Larry pulls him away.  "Balki!" Larry scolds, then he tells the man, "Sorry.  He's been in the sun too long."  This is when Balki sees the "jealous dress designer," although he doesn't call her by name, and Larry tells him to stop sticking his camera into people's faces.
- When Larry is showing Balki how to use the zoom lens, he zooms in close on a man quickly, causing Balki to scream.
- In this version, Marco and his men simply leave through a door . . . they do not confront the drug agent and take him with them.  Larry and Balki follow.  There is an additional scene where they follow Marco and his men down the hallway before they reach the parking garage.
- When Larry insists that Balki start taping the confrontation in the parking garage, Balki points out that Larry told him to stop taping.  Larry orders Balki to "Tape it!" and Balki adjusts his camera, saying, "The light's a bit low.  I'd better switch from center-weighted average light metering to spot metering.  Do you want close ups or a wild angle?"  "Just take the pictures," Larry growls.
- In this version of the script, the drug agent with the knife in his back does not fall across the hood of the car in front of Larry and Balki.  Also, Marco orders, "Get those guys.  And get that camera," before the commercial break.
- Larry does not pretend that Balki is a parking valet in this version, instead he just says, "Come on, Balki," and they run down out of the parking garage and down the hall.
- The scene in which the thugs look for Balki and Larry in the hallway is not in this version.  And the script doesn't explain that the third thug drags the dying drug agent into the hall.  It just says Balki and Larry run into the hall and hide under the wedding cake cart, only to find the body there.  The additional material was probably added so there would be a realistic amount of time and explanation as to how the body got under the cart with them.
- After the agent dies in Larry's arms, Balki says to the wedding guests, "Now, I know what you're all thinking: 'Is this a dead friend of the bride, or a dead friend of the groom?'"
- After Larry and Balki run through the front lobby and past Jennifer and Mary Anne, Jennifer asks, "What was that all about?"  As the girls step outside and the thugs shoot at Larry and Balki, Jennifer says, "My god.  They're being shot at."  Then Mary Anne calls them lucky stiffs and thinks they got parts in a movie.
- After Sheila says that bike riding is something she wants to do in California, she says, "Just get on the bike, Herb."  "If the boys at the lodge ever saw this, I'd be laughed out of town," Herb sighs.  When Larry and Balki reach Herb and Sheila, Larry says, "Balki, they're catching up with us."
- Instead of crashing on the pier, this script says Balki and Larry ride to the end of the pier and get off, then realize they have no place to go.  'Balki, we're trapped," Larry says.  They start to get back on the bike when they see the thugs coming, looking right at them.  After Balki and Larry jump off the pier, the thugs don't see them and turn back, still searching.
- When Larry is noting all the things they will need to find a place to view the videotape, he adds after the bus schedule, "And exact change.  So all we need is the yellow pages, a map, a bus schedule and exact change."
- In this version of the script, the newsreader does not have a problem pronouncing "Bartokomous."  During her report, she says, "Police suspect the motive for the murder was drug related."  Then she explains the victim was an undercover narcotics agent.
- The scene in which Balki and Larry exit the store and are spotted by the first thug is not in this script.
- After Herb complains about all the things that have happened to them, Sheila says they've had a bad morning but it's over.  "Let's just get in the car and go to Disneyland.  Nothing bad ever happens at Disneyland.  It's the happiest place on earth."  "No, Sheila," Herb argues, "The happiest place on earth is in the front seat of our car with Los Angeles in the rearview mirror."  After Larry and Balki drive away, Herb whines, "I just filled that car with gas."
- A large amount of text was written for the newscaster to be reading in the background of the video store.  Here is that text in total: "Venus has bared its soul in new radar images received from the Firestar spacecraft.  Photographs released Tuesday by the Jet Propulsion Laboratory show a planet that is pockmarked with giant impact craters large enough to swallow Los Angeles.  Scientists hope that Firestar will help them understand why Venus -- the planet that is most like Earth is size, mass, and distance from the sun -- turned out to be so different.  (BEAT)  A fourteen car pile-up on the southbound 405 freeway has traffic at a virtual standstill.  No injuries were reported.  Two lanes of the 405 have been closed just south of Crescent to the Santa Monica 10 interchange.  Cal Trans estimates an additional four hour delay for southbound commuters.  (BEAT)  Off the Northern California coast, the clean up continues.  Of the nearly two million gallons of oil spilled, the Coast Guard reports that over seventy-five percent of the crude has been successfully mopped up.  An additional clean up crew is expected to arrive on the scene at the end of this month.  (BEAT)  The San Diego Zoo reports the birth of still another baby panda.  The newborn cub named "Pang" is daughter to San Diego's Australian born panda, 'Chang' and L.A. Zoo's New Zealand born panda, 'Seymour.'  Both Chang and Seymour will stay in San Diego with Pang for a four week incubation period, after which time, Seymour will return to his home in Los Angeles.  Pang's birth in the California zoo marks the eighth occasion that a panda has been successfully born in captivity.  (BEAT)  In Washington today, the U.S. economy came to a virtual standstill, growing at . . .
- Text for the report of the murder at the wedding was also provided: "This just in . . . Earlier today, violence rocked the wedding of soap opera star Marcy Eden, who plays Darla Wayne on the popular daytime drama "El Segundo."  The celebration was cut short when two men posing as reporters brutally murdered one of the wedding guests."  "The murder occurred less than an hour ago during the stars' beachside reception in Santa Monica.  This picture was taken by the wedding photographer at the scene of the crime."  "Police are searching for the two assailants, tentatively identified as Larry Appleton and Balki Bartokomous."  "Local authorities speculate that the two assailants are still within the greater Los Angeles area.  Police checkpoints have been established at Los Angeles International Airport and at Burbank airport, as well as numerous bus depots and train stations thoughout the city."  "Police suspect the motive for the murder was drug related.  The victim has been identified as undercover narcotics agent, Richard Tracy.  The two suspects are considered armed and dangerous."  "Back in Washington the emerging consensus is that the economy is heading into a recession.  The revision of the Commerce Department's final report indicated that economic growth during the April - June period was significantly lower than the 1.2% annual rate estimated earlier."  "Southland weather remains constant with a high in the mid-eighties and an overnight low in the mid-sixties.  Temperatures are expected to rise within the next few days reaching a weekend high in the upper nineties."

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