Perfect Strangers Episode Guide

EPISODE 104 - The Men Who Knew Too Much, Part Two

First Air Date: November 16, 1990
Filming Date: October 1990
Nielsen Rating: 13.3 HH

Co-Producer: Alan Plotkin
Created by: Dale McRaven
Written by: Terry Hart
Directed by: Richard Correll

Bronson Pinchot: Balki Bartokomous
Mark Linn-Baker: Larry Appleton
Melanie Wilson: Jennifer Lyons
Rebeca Arthur: Mary Anne

Guest Cast:
F.J. OíNeil: R.T. Wainwright
Scott Marlowe: Marco Madison
Steven Gilborn: Herb
Jessie Jones: Sheila

Amy Hill: Roy
Min Lee: Thug #1
Michael Hungerford: Thug #2
Theresa Bowman: Marcy Eden (a.k.a. Darla Wayne)
Chris Hendrie: The Drug Agent
Michael Stanton: The Mugger
Mic Rodgers: The Video Vendor
Tony Rael: Ice Cream Vendor
Matt Johnston: Thug #3

Dimitri Appearances: Dimitri does not appear in this episode.

"No, Cousin, that donít usually happen unless the pig gets a good running start."
"Well, thatís for you to know and me to find out . . . "

Donít be ridiculous: Not said in this episode.

Other catchphrases used in this episode:
"But noooooo . . . . "
"Get out of the city!"

Other running jokes used in this episode:
Larry sniffs at something
Comments are made about Larryís height
Larry cries and whines
The Dance of Joy
Balki laughs at his own joke
Balki pushes on Larryís face
Balki hugs someone instead of shaking their hand

Interesting facts:
menwhoknewpttwograb02.jpg (69695 bytes)-
This week marked the first time that Melanie and Rebeca joined Mark and Bronson in doing the night of TGIF spots.  They all appeared in the formal gear they were wearing when making the episode "The Sunshine Boys" (if you look closely, Balki and Larry even still look somewhat red!)  You can now view these spots on our YouTube Channel.
- As was the case with all the two-part episodes in this series, the second part begins with a quick montage of scenes from part one shown before the opening credits.
- Amy Hill, who was so notable playing "Roy" in this episode, is still a very prolific actress, having appeared in many television shows and movies including Night Court, All-American Girl, Seinfeld, Boston Common, Pauly, Strip Mall, Curb Your Enthusiasm, Frasier, 50 First Dates, Thatís So Raven, Hot Properties, Greyís Anatomy, Boston Legal and Ghost Whisperer. She has also done extensive voice work on animated projects such as Spiderman, Happily Ever After: Fairy Tales for Every Child, Lilo and Stitch, King of the Hill and Jackie Chan Adventures.  And she even had a pilot for a childrenís series called Use Your Head and you can view a clip of this show by clicking here.  She also participated in the Bay Window documentary Other Colors: Being Multiracial in America and you can read an interview with her by clicking here.
- Michael Stanton, who played the mugger, is another actor who has also done voice work for animation, including The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest, Duckman and The Angry Beavers.  He also appeared on an episode of Babylon 5.
- More scenes were filmed on the Santa Monica Pier in this episode, which was also featured in the last episode.  To find out more about the locations used for this part, go to our Filming Locations page.
- The music that plays while the VCR goes flying through the air was used to much the same affect in Stanley Kubrickís classic science fiction film, 2001: A Space Odyssey, which is obviously the inspiration for its use here.
- It should come as no surprise that Mic Rodgers, who did such a good fall over the video display as the video vendor, has worked extensively as a stunt man, including being Mel Gibsonís personal stuntman for a time.  He has done stunts in the movies 1941, D.C. Cab, Beverly Hills Cop, Legal Eagles, the Lethal Weapon movies, Scrooged, Braveheart, The Negotiator, Payback, Sin City, and Iron Man.  He has also worked as a Second Unit Director, Assistant Director and Stunt Coordinator, as well as acting.  You can read a really interesting interview with him at
- When Marcoís thug puts in the videotape to play in Marcoís office, it turns out to be a Road Runner cartoon instead of the murder.  It makes sense that a Warner Bros. cartoon property would be used since Perfect Strangers was a Warner Bros. show.
- When Balki and Larry use King Ferdinandís favorite party game to take out the two thugs, it is very reminiscent of a similar routine used by Bing Crosby and Bob Hope in their famous "Road" pictures.  In their version, the two would play "patty-cake" to distract their guards and then punch them out at the very end.
- Matt Johnston, who played Thug #3 in both parts but only received credit for speaking in part two, also works extensively as a stunt man, doing stunts in the movies Beverly Hills Cop, Invaders from Mars, Vendetta, Lethal Weapon 2 & 3, Payback, Titanic and
The Fast and the Furious.
- The scene on the merry-go-round is on some ways similar to another classic Hitchcock film, Strangers on a Train.  In that film a fight takes place on an out of control merry-go-round.  While this scene is not as harrowing, the way it was filmed leads one to believe they had that movie in mind when they shot those scenes, taking advantage of one of Santa Monica Pierís most timeless attractions.
- Itís interesting to note that Steven Gilborn and Jessie Jonesí credits are reversed in this episode, meaning both received credit above the other for one part.
- A correction in spelling was made when Teresa Bowmanís credit was changed this time from "Theresa Bowman," as it was listed in the last part.
- Interestingly enough, in the shooting script of this episode Mr. Wainwright actually promotes both Larry and Balki to the level of investigative reporters (later this was changed to where only Balki was promoted and they acknowledged Larry already is an investigative reporter!)  Balki says he would rather stay in the mailroom, and Wainwright explains heís not promoting Balki for Balkiís sake but because he doesnít want to have to admit he sent the mail boy and his cousin to get the biggest story of the year.  Of course, none of this was used in the final episode.  To read this and more changes, go to the Script Variations below.

Bloopers and Inconsistencies:
When Larry is driving with Balki, Jennifer and Mary Anne in the car, they are on an open stretch of road (most likely Pacific Coast Highway) with the ocean to their right.  Balki then points out a place where he sees the TV and suddenly they are driving past an area to their right where the ocean is nowhere in sight.
- In this episode, Balki doesn't know what a tattoo is.  But he had a "loaner" tattoo in the fourth season episode, That Old Gang of Mine!
- When Balki and Larry see the thugs coming, they run up the steps and back onto the Santa Monica Pier.  But in the next shot they are coming from behind a row of arcades which are located on the opposite side of the pier.
- When Balki and Larry are ushered out of Marcoís office in the abandoned warehouse, they pass a door which has "Marco Madison" written on it.  Now really . . . would such a noted crime figure running an undercover operation in an abandoned warehouse really have his name printed on the door of his office?
- King Ferdinandís favorite party game, in which he points to someoneís chest and asks, "Whatís that?" and then when menwhoknewpttwograb07.jpg (57612 bytes) they look down he brushes the end of their nose with his finger, is the same game Balki didnít seem to know at the end of Seven Card Studs, even though he had played it on Larry during boochi tag in Tenspeed and Soft Touch.  We can only hope that King Ferdinandís version of the game ends there and he doesnít actually punch out his subjects as well!
- When we see the front page of the newspaper, the line beneath the headline reads, "Darla Wayne, soap opera star, linked to drug operation."  But of course the actressí name is Marcy Eden . . . her characterís name is Darla Wayne.

Part two picks up where part one left off.  Larry and Balki are in a car being chased by another car through the rural streets of Santa Monica, California.  The passenger in the car behind them is shooting at them.  Larry looks back and says, "I think theyíre getting closer!"  Balki is looking at the road ahead and sees a truck backing up across the street, blocking their way.  They are headed toward the truck at full speed.  "Oh!  Oh!  Oh!" Balki cries, "Uh, Cousin, donít worry about them . . . worry about that!"  Balki points at the truck as the man directing it back leaps out of the way.  Balki and Larry scream, then try to duck, but they bump into each other.  On the second attempt they manage to avoid hitting each other and duck down, just as the car speeds under the truck bed, shearing off the top of the car.  They pop back up on the other side of the truck and look around with surprise.  The bad guysí car is stopped by the truck.  "I . . . I . . . I . . . I hope you know where weíre going because the street map was in the sun visor," Balki notes.

They turn right at a corner and start down another street.  "Balki, thereís Jennifer and Mary Anne," Larry points out as they drive up to the girls, who are standing by the side of the road.  "Hey, Jennifer and Mary Anne!" Balki calls, standing up in the car as they drive up.  "Jennifer!  Jennifer, Mary Anne," Larry says as he pulls Balki back down into his seat, "Quick, get in the car."  "Why has the top of this car been torn off?" Jennifer asks.  "Please . . . get in the car first and then Iíll explain," Larry promises.  The girls run to get into the back seat.  The scene wipes to a few moments later, as they are driving down the street.  "Now whatís going on?" Jennifer asks.  "Well, thereís a very simple explanation for all of this," Larry says, "It could have happened to anybody.  We were at the wedding and I didnít have an angle for my story . . . "  "Cousin, eyes on the road," Balki reminds him.

"W . . . well, suddenly I saw Marco Madison, big time gangster," Larry continues, "and . . . and . . . and Balki and I followed him and his pals to the garage where Marco Madison killed this guy and we videotaped it."  "Excuse me, Cousin . . . we?" Balki asks.  "Anyway, the dead guy turned out to be an undercover drug agent," Larry continues.  "So youíre wanted for murder because Marco Madison killed this guy?" Jennifer asks with confusion.  "No," Larry corrects, "Weíre wanted for murder because the guy died in my arms while I was holding the murder weapon.  It was the weirdest thing, Jennifer.  He looked up at me and said, ĎRosebud.í"  "But Larry, if Balki videotaped the murder why donít you just take the tape to the police?" Jennifer asks.  "Because we have no idea whatís on the tape," Larry answers, "Weíve got to get to a TV before Marcoís men get to us."  "Cousin, thereís a TV!" Balki points out.  Their car passes by a place called Royís Tattoo Parlor which has a small television in the window.

Larry backs the car to the front of the tattoo parlor and stops.  He sees the TV in the window which is being used to show different tattoo patterns.  "Come on," Larry says, reaching down and grabbing the VCR, "Letís go take a look at this tape."  He jumps out of the car and Balki follows right behind.  Before they can enter, two tough-looking motorcyclists, a man and a woman, step outside, stopping Larry in his tracks.  Larry returns to the car.  "Wait here where itís safe," Larry urges.  "Right," Jennifer replies, sharing a nervous look with Mary Anne.  Larry nods at Balki and they turn to go inside, only Balki gets distracted by the television screen and runs to the window to look at it.  Larry has to run over and grab Balki and pull him back to the entrance.  They enter the tattoo parlor through some curtains over the door.

After Larry herds Balki inside, right into a table, a tough woman with tattoos greets them with, "Welcome to Royís Tattoo Parlor!"  She hooks an arm around Balkiís shoulders and looks him up and down, then adds, "Iím Roy."  "Iím Balki," Balki smiles.  "You wanna tattoo or did ya just come in to enjoy the . . . ambience?" Roy asks.  Balki looks to Larry, who answers, "He wants a tattoo.  Uh, can I use your TV for just a moment?"  "Okay," Roy answers, and Larry hurries to attach the VCR to the TV.  Roy asks Balki, "So, which tattoo would you like?"  She hurls him into a large biker.  Balki bounces off the biker and back into Royís arms.  "Well, I donít know," Balki says, "Whatís a tattoo?"  Roy steps back so the burly biker guy can step towards Balki.  "Those are tattoos," Roy explains, pointing to the manís arms.  Balki looks at the man as Larry stares at the television with frustration, as we hear the sound of static.

Balki leads the biker over to Larry, saying, "Hey, Cousin, look at these.  These are beautiful!  Look, Cousin . . . heís got a . . . a snake slithering through the eye sockets of a human skull.  And uh . . . and . . . oh, thereís Regis and Kathie Lee."  Larry looks at the tattoo with surprise and then up at the biker.  The biker walks away.  "Hey, Cousin, which tattoo you think I should get?" Balki asks.  "One you can enjoy in prison for the rest of your life," Larry answers, "ĎCause we got nothiní but static."  Roy returns to Balki with a tattoo needle and asks, "So, which tattoo do you want, pal?"  "Whatís that?" Balki asks nervously.  "Thatís a tattoo needle," Roy explains, "Which tattoo díya want?"  "Uh . . . well, uh . . . I donít know," Balki asks, "W . . . what have you got?"  "Iíll show you what I got," Roy smiles, and she turns him around and pushes him roughly onto a padded table in the back.  Balki sprawls across the table then gets off and faces Roy.

"Well, uh . . . do you . . . do you have the Muppet Babies?" Balki asks.  "Ooh, thatís our second most requested number," Roy says, lifting Balki back onto the table and pulling his jacket down past his shoulders.  "Most people want a cobra on their face," Roy continues, grabbing Balkiís neck and legs to throw him back onto the table.  Larry is still looking at the television when and we hear people talking.  "Wait a minute . . . wait a minute, thereís something on the tape!" Larry says hopefully.  Balki sits up to watch as the scene in the parking garage between Marco Madison and the drug agent plays out, including the part where Marco pulls out the knife and throws it into the manís back.  "Yes!  Thatís it!  You got it!" Larry exclaims, "Itís all there.  Now we have proof that we are innocent!"  Larry starts to unhook the VCR from the TV.  Balki is now lying on his stomach on the table as Roy prepares to start.  "This isnít going to hurt, is it?" Balki asks.  "Oh, of course not," Roy assures him as she sits down and starts the needle.  She has barely pressed it to Balkiís arm when Balki yelps and sits up.  "Letís get this to the police!" Larry calls.  Balki and Larry run out of the tattoo parlor, Larry carrying the VCR, and stop at the car where the girls are still waiting.

"Weíre home free," Larry tells Jennifer and Mary Anne, "Balki got the whole thing on tape.  Itís perfect!"  Suddenly a manís voice yells, "Hold it!"  They see one of the thugs running toward them.  "Call the police," Larry tells the girls, then says, "Come on, Balki!"  "Hey!  Hey stop!" the thug yells.  Larry and Balki run behind the building.  The thug runs by the car and stops to look at the girls for a moment, then continues after Larry and Balki, who have run into an alley.  The thug turns into the alley moments later, his gun drawn.  He looks around for them but canít see them.  He runs past a couple of garbage dumpsters, pausing to look in them briefly before hurrying on.  The camera moves to focus on a large cardboard box inside one of the dumpsters.  Slowly the box begins to rise and we soon see Larry peeking out from underneath it.  Larry lifts it up further and we see Balki is with him.  "I donít think they saw us," Larry says, letting go of the box.  The box falls back over Balki, who struggles to get it off while Larry climbs out of the dumpster.

"Balki, I think weíre safe," Larry says, reaching back to help Balki out of the dumpster, then continuing, "You know, thereís something about this whole thing that smells rotten."  "Itís us, Cousin, we were just sitting in garbage," Balki reminds him.  "No, I mean . . . " Larry begins, then he pauses to sniff at Balki and reacts with disgust.  "No, I mean . . . why would a respectable politician invite a gangster to his wedding?" Larry asks as he and Balki walk back up the alley, "If I can just figure out the connection between Marco Madison and Commissioner Albrecht, I think Iíve got a front page story."  Larry stops and looks back at Balki, not noticing the man with the gun who steps out from around the corner behind him.  "Balki, I think things might be looking up," Larry smiles.  "Well, think again," Balki contradicts.  "Give me all your money or Iíll blow you away!" the man with the gun demands.

Larry eyes the gun in shock.  "Okay, okay," Balki says, reaching into his jacket pocket and pulling out some money which he hands to the man, "Hereís my money."  The mugger grabs the money and stuffs it into his pants pocket, then asks, "Is that all of it?"  "Well, uh . . . to be perfectly honest, no . . . no . . . th . . . that isnít all of it . . . and . . . you . . . you did ask for . . . for all my money . . . " Balki admits.  Larry stares in disbelief as Balki takes off his shoe to retrieve some hidden cash.  "So . . . so, uh, fair is fair," Balki says, handing the mugger the money, "Here you go."  The mugger pockets the money.  "I didnít mean to lie. Iím . . . Iím sorry about that," Balki offers, reaching under his shirt collar to pull off a locket on a chain, "So, you want to take this?  This is a locket that . . . this is an heirloom in my family.  My . . . my . . . my mother gave me this and she wept as she gave it to me."  Balki steps over to the mugger to show him the locket.  "If you look inside . . . " "Balki!" Larry yells.  Balki steps back and the mugger lifts the gun again.

"How Ďbout you, Shorty?" the mugger barks.  "Oh . . . uh . . . uh, all right," Larry says, reaching into his pocket to pull out some money, "Here . . . here . . . uh . . . there you go."  The mugger pockets the money and says, "Now, give me the VCR."  "No!  No, no, no," Larry argues, "Not the . . . the VCR.  We just . . . uh, no, no . . . here, here . . . take my watch.  Or, uh, take my cufflinks.  Or . . . or give us your address, weíll send you a big check."  "Yeah, Iíll take that, but I still want the VCR," the mugger insists.  "No, no, no, no," Larry begs, "D . . . donít take the . . . the VCR.  D . . . donít . . . donít . . . Balki, give him something!"  Balki reaches down to take off his other shoe and says to the mugger, "Uh, can I . . . can I offer you my shoes?  Now these are hand-made of the finest goat bladder.  Look at the detail work on that.  I donít know what . . . what size shoe are you?"  Balki starts to hold the shoes against the manís feet, but he motions to Larry with the gun and yells, "The VCR!"  Balki runs back to Larry.

"No!" Larry cries, "Donít take the VCR!  Take something else.  Take . . . take . . . take him."  Balki steps over to the mugger, whoís had enough.  The mugger pushes Balki back and hands him his gun, saying, "Hold this."  Balki holds the gun as the robber steps over to Larry and yanks the VCR out of his hands, saying, "Give me that!"  After getting the VCR he takes the gun back from Balki, saying, "Thanks."  "Well, youíre most welcome," Balki replies.  The mugger runs away, yelling back at them, "Nice doing business with you boys!"  "You forgot your shoes!" Balki calls after him, but the man is gone.  Larry turns away and starts to cry, whining, "He took the VCR!  He took the evidence!  Weíre goiní to jail."  Larry slumps down onto a step and Balki sits beside him, offering, "Oh no, Cousin.  Weíre . . . weíre not going to jail."  "Weíre not?" Larry asks hopefully.  "Well, no, no, no," Balki insists cheerfully, "Marcoís men will kill us first, you silly."  Larry starts to cry again as Balki puts an arm around his shoulder and the scene fades to black.

Act two begins with Balki and Larry walking back toward the Santa Monica Pier.  "We were so close," Larry says, "Another few minutes and . . . and the police would have had the tape, our names would have been cleared.  But nooooo . . . we had to get mugged.  We could have stayed in Chicago and gotten mugged."  "You know . . . you know, Cousin, Iíve been thinking," Balki begins as they start up some steps, "Maybe that mugger will play the tape, see that weíre innocent and bring it to the police."  "Right," Larry says sarcastically, "And maybe pigs will fly."  "No, Cousin, that donít usually happen unless the pig gets a good running start," Balki explains, then he makes noises like a pig and flaps his hands to mimic flying.  Larry looks up at the pier and grabs Balkiís arm as we hear voices negotiating offscreen.  "Thatís him," Larry notes.  We see the robber standing on the pier showing the VCR to none other than Herb and Sheila.

"Iíll tell you what . . . this has an eighteen day timer," the crook explains, "You can get yourself like thirty-two tapes . . . "  "Thatís our VCR!" Larry says hopefully.  He and Balki run up the stairs and reach the top as the robber finishes his deal with Herb and leaves.  Herb is now holding the VCR.  "Excuse me!  Excuse me!" Larry says as he and Balki run in front of the couple to stop them, "Excuse me.  Uh, th . . . th . . . thatís our VCR and we need it back."  Herb and Sheila start to back away.  "Sheila, itís the crazy men again.  All right!  You give us back our car and our bike and weíll talk about it."  "W . . . w . . . we canít do that," Larry says apologetically, "B . . . b . . . but thatís our VCR.  It was stolen from us."  "Who cares?" Herb asks.  "Herb, I told you this thing was stolen!" Sheila scolds, "We never should have bought it.  But did you ever listen to me?  No."  "Put a sock in it, Sheila," Herb growls, "This is the worst vacation we ever had.  Gettiní this machine for fifty dollars is the only good thing thatís happened since we left the corn belt!"

"Okay . . . we donít need the machine," Larry explains, "Just give us the video cassette."  "That seems fair, Herb," Sheila nods.  "Oh, that is so very kind," Balki says, walking to Sheila, "Where are you from?"  "Danville, Illinois," Sheila answers.  "Get out of the city!" Balki exclaims, "Weíre from Chicago!"  "No!" Sheila responds with happy surprise.  "No, Iím not kidding you!" Balki assures her, "Is that a coinc . . . we should exchange addresses so that we can write!"  "Absolutely," Sheila agrees, reaching into her purse for something to write on.  Balki and Sheila continue to talk until Larry yells, "Balki!" and Herb yells, "Sheila!" at the same time.  Sheila and Balki are startled into silence as Larry and Herb square off with Larry grabbing the VCR and Herb holding onto it tightly as well.  "You give us that video cassette!" Larry asks in a threatening manner.  "Youíre not getting this machine!" Herb insists.  They start to struggle over the VCR, which ends up flying out of their hands and tumbling down the stairs, breaking into a million pieces.  Larry and Herb look at the destroys machine on the steps and Herb finally says, "Iíll sell it to you for ten dollars."  Larry and Balki run down the steps and rummage through the pieces until they find the video cassette.

"Yes!" Larry exclaims, picking up the tape and moving off the stairs, "All right, Balki, now we go straight to the police, give them this tape, and tonight weíre at Disneyland in time for the Main Street Electrical Parade."  "Cousin, now we are so happy, we do the Dance of Joy!" Balki announces.  They start to do the Dance of Joy and are almost to the end when a voice yells, "Freeze!"  They see the two thugs running toward them from across the beach.  Instead of singing, "Hey!" Balki and Larry yell, "Hey!" in frightened voices and run back up the stairs onto the pier.  The run around the corner of an arcade.  "Come on, Balki!" Larry calls.  "Coming, Cousin!" Balki says, looking back.  They run past a vendor marked "Beanyís Video" and Balki accidentally runs into the man, knocking him over onto one of the display stands which falls over and spills videotapes all over.  Balki stops to help the man up.  "Iím so sorry," Balki offers.  The thugs reach the top of the pier and start after them.  Larry runs back to Balki and says, "Will you come on?"  Balki is holding the videotape and tries to explain, "Well, I was . . . he . . . he was . . . "  Larry grabs Balki and pulls him away.  They continue down the pier when the third thug steps out of a phone booth right in front of them, holding a gun.  "Sorry, boys, itís out of order," the thug smiles.  Larry and Balki start to back away but the other two thugs come up behind them, and grab them.  They are captured.

They are taken to an old, abandoned warehouse.  The thugs lead them into a room that is set up as an office and push them down onto a small couch.  "Mr. Madison will be with you in a moment," one thug says.  "Oh thatís okay," Balki says, "Iím sure Mr. Madison is quite a busy man.  After all, we canít be the only people heís trying to kill."  Balki bursts out laughing but it is forced, and he turns to Larry and admits, "Iím so scared!"  The men leave, closing the door behind them.  "There must be some kind of way out of here," Larry says, and he and Balki get up and try to get past each other to start to look around, but they get in each othersí way several times before finally running to opposite ends of the room.  Balki runs to the window and turns the latch, then tries to push it open.  "Cousin, Cousin, Cousin," Balki calls, "If we can get out here we can jump out the window."  Larry runs over and looks out the window.  "Balki, weíre twenty-five feet off the ground," Larry points out.  "No, Cousin, we can jump onto that truck," Balki suggests, "See?  Right there.  The one that says ĎRosebud Trucking Company.í"

"Rosebud?" Larry asks, and he looks out the window, "Balki, just before the federal drug agent died he said, ĎRosebud.í  He must have been talking about Rosebud Trucking Company.  And that must mean Marco is using Rosebud Trucking Company to transfer drugs illegally."  "Very good," a voice behind them says.  They turn to see Marco Madison has entered the room with his thugs.  "You put everything together," Marco confirms as he approaches them, "Now as soon as you give me the videotape, you two will be pushing up daisies."  "I love daisies," Balki says, walking to Marco, "Especially the little white ones or the little pink ones.  For some reason Iím not that fond of the yellow ones."  "I mean youíll be sleeping with the fishes!" Marco clarifies impatiently.  "I love fishes, but I . . . Iíve never slept with one," Balki says.  Larry steps next to Balki and explains, "Balki, he means heís going to kill us."  Balki looks at Marco and asks, "And Iím supposed to figure this out from fish and daisies?"

"You see, you two can link me to the drug shipments," Marco explains, moving to his desk where one of his thugs hands him a nutcracker with a walnut in it, "And you saw the murder.  Well, I gotta kill ya.  Nothiní personal."  Marco cracks the walnut, clearly making a threat.  "Y . . . y . . . you know, w . . . weíre very good at keeping secrets," Larry says, "I . . . I . . . I heard a good one in the sixth grade a . . . about Mr. Potter, the shop teacher.  To this day I havenít told anyone."  "Cousin, is that the same Mr. Potter that was also Mrs. Olsen the substitute home ec teacher?" Balki asks.  Larry looks at him in disbelief.  Suddenly the actress, Marcy Eden, walks into the room and looks surprised.  "Whatís going on here?" she asks.  Balkiís mouth drops open and he exclaims, "Darla!  Cousin, this . . . this is one special woman . . . taking time off from her honeymoon to come and save us.  But no, Darla, this is a dangerous place.  Save yourself."

Marcy looks annoyed and asks, "Are you finished?"  "Yes, but I was wondering why I never got that autographed picture that I sent for?" Balki asks, "Although you have been busy with the, uh . . . the wedding and all."  Darla steps toward Marco and motions to Balki with her head, saying, "Kill him first."  "No, Darla, you . . . you donít want to kill us," Balki argues, "Itís your housekeeperís illegitimate son-in-law whoís been putting the poison in your diet shake."  Balki places a hand on Marcyís stomach.  Larry steps over to Balki and explains, "Balki, you donít get it.  She and her crooked commissioner husband are obviously in on this.  Itís the last piece of the puzzle."  "Get the tape and then get rid of them," Marcy says to Marco with disdain and she leaves the room.  Marco moves toward Balki and says in a threatening manner, "Give me the tape."  "Why should I?" Balki asks defiantly.  "Because if you donít, Iíll fix it so your knees bend both ways," Marco answers viciously.  "Okay, happy viewing," Balki says, pulling a video cassette out of his jacket and handing it to Marco.

Marco hands the tape to one of the thugs and they move over to a television with a VCR set up on top of it.  The thug puts the tape in the machine and hits play.  A Road Runner cartoon starts to play, showing him being chased by Wile E. Coyote.  "Whatís this?" the thug asks.  Marco turns to Larry and Balki and says, "That displeases me."  "Well, it gets better," Balki promises, walking over to Marco, "You see, in just a little bit the Road Runner gets away and the Coyote bashes into a brick wall."  Balki points to the television, trying to get Marco interested in the cartoon.  Larry approaches and asks, "Balki, what did you do with the tape?"  "Yeah, what did you do with the tape?" Marco demands to know.  "Well, thatís for you to know and me to find out, Bucko" Balki insists, "I may be a simple Mypiot boy but Iím smart enough to have switched the tapes."  Marco orders one of the thugs to, "Get the needlenose pliers and some barbed wire!"  "Oh!" Balki exclaims a bit nervously, "Are we going to make a goat pen?"

"No . . . heís gonna hurt us," Larry says.  "Oh ha," Balki laughs, trying to hide his fear, "I was really hoping we were going to make a goat pen."  Balki laughs too loud and then again admits to Larry, "Iím so scared."  "Well, just leave him to me.  Iíll make him talk," Larry says, and he pinches Balkiís arm, making Balki cry out, "Ow!"  "Show him where you put the tape!" Larry insists, then he pinches Balkiís arm again.  "Ow!" Balki cries.  "Show him where you put the tape!" Larry repeats.  Balki reaches over and pinches Larryís arm in return, making him cry, "Ow!"  Balki turns to Marco and says, "Weíll take you to the tape if you promise not to kill us."  "Okay," Marco nods, "That sounds fair to me.  But if you mess around with me . . . Iím gonna rip your heart out right through your ear!"  Larry claps a hand over his ear and Balki claps a hand over his heart in response.  Marco walks out of the room and the thugs grab Balki and Larry and follow him.  "Balki, as soon as we give him the tape, theyíre gonna kill us," Larry says.  "Well, Cousin, donít worry.  I have a plan," Balki promises as they exit the room.

A while later, a limousine pulls up at the Santa Monica Pier.  Two thugs climb out of the driver and passenger seats and open the back doors.  Marco exits as does the other thug.  Balki steps out behind the last thug, still holding the carís phone which heís trying to talk into for fun.  The thug pulls the phone away from Balki and pushes him toward the others.  Larry has been brought out on the other side and they are led back to the video stand on the pier.  "Whatís the plan?" Larry asks Balki.  "Cousin, remember I told you about King Ferdinandís favorite party game?" Balki asks.  Larry thinks then replies, "Got it."  A thug shoves Larry from behind and says, "Move it."  They reach the video vendor, who is just putting the last of the videotapes back in place.  He sees them and says, "Oh hey, back off, man.  I just got my dis . . . "  One of the thugs shoves the man.  "Get the tape," Marco orders.  A thug turns Balki to the video stand where Balki picks up a box and asks, "Anyone for a musical?"  The other thug grabs the tape from Balkiís hand.  "Get it!" Marco orders again.  "Itís Doris Day!" Balki offers, but the thug pushes him back toward the display.

Balki grabs the videotape and then says, "Just . . . just . . . just one moment.  Cousin, here we go . . . compliments of Ferdinand the Obese."  Balki and Larry nod to one another and then turn to face the two thugs behind them.  "Whatís that?" the both ask, pointing to the menís ties.  When the men look down, Balki and Larry lift their fingers to swipe their noses, then punch them in the face, knocking them backwards over the display stand.  They run over the display and the thugs and start to run.  "Get them!" Marco orders.  The third thug starts to help up the two other thugs and Marco yells, "Not them!  Get them!"  Balki and Larry run to a bicycle ice cream cart.  The vendor is talking to two women as Balki and Larry jump on his cart and ride it away.  "Hey, whatíre ya doiní?" the ice cream salesman calls after them, "Whatíre ya doiní?"  The thugs come running down the pier after them.  Larry is sitting on top of the square cooler while Balki pedals. Larry calls out, "Ooh, watch it!  Watch it, Balki!"  Ahead of them a juggler is entertaining a line of people gathered to watch.

The thugs chase after the cart, which disappears on the other side of the long crowd.  The thugs are unable to see the cart through the crowd but continue to run at the same pace.  When they reach the end of the line of people, the bike is still rolling but Larry and Balki are no longer on it!  The thugs grab the bike and look around for Larry and Balki, who have doubled back and run past a line of people into a building where there is a merry-go-round.  Larry and Balki jump over the barrier around the ride and Balki climbs aboard.  Larry chases the ride for a few moments before getting on himself.  The two thugs appear, also jumping the barrier.  They jump aboard and start looking for Balki and Larry, who are making their way between the horses.  One girl drops a teddy bear while they are passing and Balki pauses to reach down and pick it up, handing it back to her.  "Will you come on?" Larry snarls at Balki, and Balki pushes at Larryís face.  They continue to circle the ride until they see one of the thugs in front of them.  They turn around and then get down on their hands and knees and start to crawl in the opposite direction the ride is turning.

Eventually Balki ends up at the feet of the other thug.  Carefully, Balki starts to untie the manís shoes without his knowing it.  The thugs are not far apart, and the other one calls, "Seen Ďem?  "No, but I know they came in here!  I saw Ďem come in!" the thug calls.  "Keep lookiní around," the other thug says.  Balki and Larry suddenly jump off the merry-go-round and run away.  "There they are, right there!" the other thug points.  The first thug turns and tries to run after them, but finds his shoelaces have been tied together.  He flies off the merry-go-round, tumbling over onto the floor.  Balki and Larry run from the building and Larry stops, Balki running into the back of him.  They hurry away.  Moments later the two thugs appear and look for them.  "There, there!  Go on!" the second thug urges, and they take chase.  Balki and Larry run back up the pier toward the street with the two thugs not too far behind.  When they reach the barrier at the end, the third thug appears, holding a gun at them.  They turn back, only to see the other two thugs stopping and Marco appearing behind them.

Balki and Larry sink down against the barrier, realizing there is no escape.  "All right," Marco says, holding out his hand, "Give me the tape."  The thugs reach into their jackets and pull out their guns, cocking them and aiming them at Balki and Larry.  "So long, Balki," Larry offers, "Itís been fun."  Suddenly there is the sound of sirens.  Marco and his men look up nervously and start to back away.  The third thug jumps over the barrier and starts to run as a policeman shouts, "Hold it right there!"  Balki and Larry stand up and see a bunch of police cars arriving.  Marco and his men are soon surrounded by policeman ordering them to freeze.  Mary Anne and Jennifer appear from one of the patrol cars and run to them.  "Larry!  Larry!" Jennifer calls.  "Balki!" Mary Anne exclaims.  "Are you okay?" Jennifer asks as the girls run into the guysí arms and they hug each other in relief.

Back at the Chicago Chronicle, Mr. Wainwright is holding a copy of the newspaper which has a large photo of Marcy Eden on the front, as well as a photo of Marco and his men being arrested, and the headline, "Record L.A. Drug Bust."  "We were really lucky," Larry explains, "When Jennifer and Mary Anne went to the police they found out the police already had Marco under surveillance.  So all they had to do was close in and arrest him.  We were minutes away from certain death."  "But the exciting part is after that we bought maps to the stars homes and I got to shake hands with Pat Sajakís gardener!" Balki says excitedly.  "Well, what excites me is that the story went national and we beat every paper in the country including the Washington Post," Mr Wainwright smiles, then he shakes Larryís hand, and adds, "Nice work, boys."  "Thank you, sir," Larry smiles.  Mr. Wainwright goes to shake Balkiís hand but Balki hugs him instead.  "You know, Appleton," Mr. Wainwright says, "When I made you an investigative reporter everyone on the paper said I was an idiot.  But you proved them wrong!"  "Well, thank you, sir," Larry replies, "Iím glad I could prove youíre not an idiot."  Mr. Wainwright looks confused and then exits to the loading dock.

"Boy, Cousin, that was one scary weekend," Balki says, walking toward his work table, "I hope we never have to go through anything like that again!"  "Well, you know, Balki," Larry says, walking in front of the table as Balki starts to look through a large archive book, "As an investigative reporter Iím gonna have to get used to living on the edge."  Larry laughs bravely and Balki gives him a look.  "I have to confess I . . . I kind of enjoyed mixing it up with men who were trying to kill us," Larry continues in a macho way, "They thought they had us on the run.  Huh!  They were lucky those police closed in when they did.  Yeah, theyíre gonna have to learn if theyíre gonna mess with Larry ĎLock-em-upí Appleton theyíre gonna do hard time."  Balki picks up the book and throws it down on the floor, causing a loud bang.  "Hit the deck!" Larry cries out, diving beneath Balkiís table.  Balki ducks down to join him, saying, "You can come out now, Cousin.  The book wasnít loaded."  Balki laughs at his own joke and on Larryís reaction the episode ends.

Script Variations:
The shooting script for both halves of his episode is dated October 5, 1990.  It contains many revisions of different scenes, all in separate color-coded segments.  Here we will cover the variations for part two:
Because this was compiled as one big script, the beginning of part two actually begins with Act Three.  Act Four began after the commercial break.
In this version, when Larry and Balki pull up to Jennifer and Mary Anne on the street and Larry tells them to get in the car, Mary Anne comments, "Ooooh, wow, a convertible.  How California."  Jennifer then says, "Larry, what's going on?  Why are men shooting at you?  Why are you wanted for murder?  And why has the top of this car been ripped off?"  "Could you get in first and then I'll explain," Larry begs.  The girls start to climb into the car.  "Oooh, Larry look at all this glass," Mary Anne says, "I hope you didn't break a mirror.  That would be bad luck."
When Larry is explaining to the girls what has happened and mentions that "we" videotaped it, Balki asks, "'We,' Cousin?"  "Well, actually Balki," Larry admits.  "I think it's some of my best work," Balki notes, "The lighting wasn't perfect, but I think I captured the docudrama feel I was going for."  Later, after Larry explains how the drug agent looked up at him and said, "Rosebud," Mary Anne asks, "I just have one question.  How did Darla Wayne look?"  "She was stunning," Balki answers.  "What was she wearing?" Mary Anne asks.  "Remember the suit she wore to her second husband's execution?" Balki asks, "Picture that without the fringe."
After stopping at the tattoo parlor and Larry urging the girls to stay in the car, noting, "It's safer," the hood of the car was to pop up and smoke was to come out of the engine.  "We'll just wait here, thanks," Jennifer was to say sarcastically.
After entering the tattoo parlor, Roy was supposed to approach them and say, "Congratulations.  You're Roy's Tattoo Parlor's one thousandth customer.  Roy's Tattoo Parlor, serving the tattoo needs of the beach community since 1968.  I'm Roy."  Roy puts her arm around Balki and a picture is taken by a tattooed customer.  "Cousin, I'm the thousandth customer," Balki says, "I'm so excited."  Larry grabs the VCR from Balki and asks, "You mind if I use your TV set for a minute?"  When Roy look at Larry, he adds, "I'm a friend of the winner."  "Okay," Roy agrees, "But don't be long."  Roy addresses Balki, saying, "As our one thousandth customer, we are pleased to give you, free of charge, the tattoo of you choice."  "A tattoo?" Balki asks, "I get a free tattoo?  This is the happiest day of my life.  What's a tattoo?"  "These are tattoos," Roy explains, pointing out a male customer who is covered with tattoos.  "Wow," Balki responds, "On Mypos there's a man who does something like this.  He decorates himself by glueing dead leaves to his body.  Most of the time he look ridiculous.  But in the fall, he's magnificent."
- In the pink revisions dated October 12th, after Balki asks, "What's a tattoo?" Roy replies, "You don't know what a tattoo is?  What, do you live on a glacier?"  "No, I live in an apartment," Balki explains, "What's a glacier?"
- In the orange revisions dated October 17th, Roy no longer talks about Balki being the thousandth customer, she just says by rote, "Welcome to Roy's Tattoo Parlor, serving the tattoo needs of the beach community since 1989.  I'm Roy."  Later, when Balki tries to move the large biker guy over to Larry to show him the tattoos, the man doesn't move and Balki is jerked back.  "These tattoos are heavier than I thought," Balki says, then he asks the man, "Would you mind?"  The man then crosses to Larry with Balki.

Just before she starts to tattoo Balki she warns him, "Okay, don't move."  Then Balki asks if it will hurt and she says, "Of course not."  After Balki jumps off the table and he and Larry run out of the place, Roy sighs, "I hate it when they come in sober."  In front of the tattoo parlor, Larry tells Jennifer and Mary Anne that they indeed caught the murder on tape.  Balki is looking at his tattoo dot and says, "This doesn't look at all like the Muppet Babies."
The directions say that Larry and Balki jump into a dumpster in the alley to hide from the thug.  Nothing about a cardboard box is mentioned.
After Balki apologizes for lying to the mugger, he says, "I didn't mean to lie.  And here's some change, two stamps and a bus token."  The mugger then asks Larry, "How about you, Shorty?"  Larry hands him the money from his pocket and says, "There.  That's all I have."  "Cousin . . . " Balki starts to speak.  "Balki," Larry warns.  "He's got more money, right?" the mugger asks Balki.  "Well, not in that pocket," Balki answers.  "Balki.  Tell him I don't have any more money," Larry insists, then to the mugger he says quickly, "Really, I'm tapped out, not a penny, flat busted."  "Cousin, I'd really rather not get involved in this," Balki says, "After all, it's your decision.  But lying is as bad as stealing."  The mugger tells Larry, "Okay, let's have it," and Larry takes money from another pocket and gives it to him.  After the mugger also demands the VCR, Larry says, "How about my watch?  My cuff links?  My lucky Liberty quarter?  Give me address and I'll send you a big check."
After Balki offers the mugger his shoes and the man still demands the VCR, Larry says, "Please, not the VCR.  It's a lousy VCR.  It's not cable ready.  It doesn't have a remote."
After Larry and Herb struggle over the VCR and it flies down the stairs, busting into a million pieces, Herb offers to sell it to Larry for ten bucks.  When Larry and Balki run down the stairs to get the tape, Herb says to Sheila, "That's it, Sheila.  Next year, separate vacations."
After retrieving the tape from the broken machine, Balki says, "Now we are so happy, we do the Dance of Joy."  It's then that Larry says, "No.  Now we are so happy, we go straight to the police and give them the cassette.  And tonight we're at Disneyland in time for the Main Street Electrical Parade."
As Larry and Balki run back up the stairs onto the pier to escape the thugs, we see a phone booth at the far end of the pier.  Larry is just a few steps in front of Balki.  "Hurry, Balki, there's a phone booth," Larry urges.  They pass the carousel and the bumper cars.  The camera cuts to an angle on the bumper cars as Larry and Balki run through the bumper car ride, which is in progress.  Their way is blocked by a tangle of cars.  They jump into two empty cars themselves, in an effort to get to the other side and exit.  As Larry and Balki "bump" their way to the exit, the thugs arrive and try to cross the car area on foot, only to have to dodge several bumper cars.  Larry and Balki manage to get to the other side, then jump out of their cars and run out of the exit.  The thugs, meanwhile, are still dodging cars.
After Balki runs into the video cassette display (it doesn't say he knocks the vendor over the display) the vendor says, "Hey, buddy, you break then, you buy them."  "Actually, I don't think I broke them," Balki points out, "I just messed them up.  What would be the charge for that?"  Larry then comes back and tells Balki, "Will you come on?"
- When the thugs lead Balki and Larry into Marco Madison's office, Thug #2 tells them, "Mr. Madison will be with you in a moment."  "Could you ask him to hurry?" Balki asks, "We have to be at Disneyland by nine."  Balki does not laugh and then say "I'm so scared" in this script version.
- In the pink revisions dated October 12, Balki's reply is, "No problem.  We didn't actually have an appointment.  I'm sure Mr. Madison is very busy.  I mean we can't be the only people he's trying to kill."  Again Balki doesn't laugh or say he's scared in this version.
- It is in the orange revision dated October 17 that Balki first laughs and then says, "I'm so scared."  Later, after Marco says that killing them is "nothing personal," Balki says, "Don't feel bad.  You're just doing your job."  After Balki lets slip the secret about Mr. Potter the shop teacher which Larry has supposedly kept all these years, Larry growls at Balki, "Will you shut up?"
After Balki says they could jump out the window onto the truck that says, "Rosebud Trucking Company," Larry says, "That would be great, but we can't get the window open.  Let's just keep looking for another way . . . Rosebud?"  Larry crosses to the window.  Interestingly enough, the next line of dialogue has a bizarre typo in it with Larry trying to recall the name and saying, "Rosebud . . . Roadbug . . . Rosebud."
- In the pink revisions dated October 12, after Marco praises Larry for putting everything together, Larry says, "Except for one thing.  You own Rosebud Trucking."  Marco tells Larry he is right and then says that after they give him the videotape they'll be pushing up daisies.
After Marco compliments Larry on putting everything together he adds, "Too bad you'll never get to use that information."  He then tells them they'll soon be pushing up daisies.  After Marco also mentions sleeping with the fishes and Balki doesn't understand, Larry explains.  Balki then says, "Oh.  I thought we were talking about gardening and sleeping fish."  Marco then says about Larry's explanation, "Your friend is right.  You see, you two are the only ones who can link me to the drug shipments.  And you saw the murder.  You're oh for two."  The script doesn't say he cracks any nuts open in this version.  Larry then mentions about how he heard a good secret in the sixth grade about Mr. Potter, the shop teacher, but there is no follow-up line where Balki says what the secret is.
- In the pink revisions dated October 12th, after Larry explains to Balki that the reference to daisies and fishes means Marco is going to kill them, Balki's only reply is, "Ooooh."  In this version, Balki reveals the secret Larry obviously told him about Mr. Potter the shop teacher.
After Larry informs Balki that Marcy Eden is in on the plot and points out, "That's why Marco was at the wedding," (Larry doesn't implicate her husband, though!), Balki asks, "Darla, why would you do this?"  "You think I can afford this wardrobe on what I make on daytime television?" Darla asks, then she says, "Get the tape and get rid of them."
- In the pink revisions version dated October 12th, Larry does implicate Marcy's commissioner husband as being in on the drug ring as well, but Marcy (whose even listed as Darla in the script!) says, "You're wrong.  My husband doesn't know anything about this.  He's cute but stupid."  She then tells Marco to get the tape and then get rid of them.  After she leaves, Balki comments, "Boy, Cousin, you spend half an hour a day with someone for three years, and you think you know them."
When Marco demands the tape and Balki asks, "Why should I?" Marco responds, "Because if you don't I'll torture you 'til you're in so much pain, you'll beg me to take the tape from you."  Balki then gives him the tape.
After Marco sees the Road Runner cartoon he comments, "That displeases me.  This isn't what I wanted to see."  "It's a little slow now, but we could fast forward to see the part where the Road Runner gets away and the coyote crashes through a brick wall," Balki suggests.
After Marco tells the thug to get the needlenose pliers and some barbed wire and Balki asks if they're going to make a goat pen, Larry explains, "No, he's going to hurt you."  "I was afraid it was going to be the goat pen," Balki remarks.  Larry tells Balki, "Tell him where the tape is."  In this version, Larry doesn't pinch Balki's arm to try to make him talk.
In the orange revision dated October 17, Larry shakes Balki to get him to tell them where the tape is instead of pinching him.
As they are being herded out of the office, Larry tells Balki, "As soon as you give them the tape, they're going to kill us."  "Well, of course they are.  Don't be ridiculous," Balki replies, "But I have a plan."
When they return to the video vendor, who tells them to back off because he just got his display set up again, one of the thugs not only pushes him back but he's the one who pushes him and the display over.  Balki doesn't ask if anyone cares for a musical or that it's Doris Day in this script.
When Marco reaches for the tape, Balki pulls it back and then points in one direction, asking, "What's that?"  Larry points in the opposite direction and asks, "What's that?"  With two thugs looking in different directions, Larry and Balki punch them out and take off.
The carousel was originally supposed to stop before Larry and Balki jumped off and then the thug with the shoelaces tied together falls off.
From the carousel, they were supposed to go to the shooting gallery.  Larry picks up a rifle and point it at the thugs.  "One more step and I shoot," Larry threatens.  "Cousin, I don't think they're going to buy this," Balki says.  "You got another party game?" Larry asks.  "Let 'em have it, Cousin," Balki says.  The thugs advance.  Larry opens fire.  The thugs are hit with a stream of water.  Larry drops the gun and they run away with the thugs in pursuit.
This is when the ice cream cart scene was to happen, but it plays out quite differently.  After Larry and Balki get on the cart, they careen down the pier with Balki driving and Larry sitting on the freezer box.  People scatter as they thugs remain in pursuit.  Herb and Sheila are on the pier.  Shiela is holding a giant teddy bear.  "Now admit it, Herb," she says, "You're having a nice time, aren't you?  We won a teddy bear."  "Yeah, you spent thirty-seven dollars to win a four dollar bear," Herb complains, "I'm having the time of my life."  "You know something, Herb?  You suck the fun out of everything," Sheila sighs.  Suddenly, Balki and Larry are coming straight at Herb on their ice cream cart.  Herb jumps out of the way, over the railing and into the ocean.  Sheila looks down and says, very quietly, "Help . . . help . . . man overboard."  Sheila smiles and walks away.
In the final scene, Mr. Wainwright begins by saying, "Nice work, boys.  Appleton, your story resulted in one of the biggest drug busts in American history."  "Thank you, sir," Larry smiles.  "And Bartokomous, your pictures of the actual murder will undoubtedly win a few awards for the paper," Wainwright adds, "I'm promoting both of you to the level of investigative reporters."  "Thank you, Mr. Wainwright," Larry beams.  "Actually, Mr. Wainwright, I'd prefer to stay here in the basement and deliver the mail," Balki says.  "Bartokomous, I'm not going it for you" Mr. Wainwright explains, "I'm not about to tell the owner of the paper that I sent the mail boy and his cousin to get one of the biggest stories in the history of the Chronicle."  Mr. Wainwright exits.  "What a weekend," Larry sighs, "We jumped off a pier.  We were mugged.  We were shot at.  We were wanted for murder.  And we were promoted to investigative reporters."  "And best of all, I got Darla Wayne's autograph, which is going to be pretty hard to come by in the next fifteen to twenty years," Balki adds, "Well, Cousin, I guess there's only one thing left to do."  "The Dance of Joy?" Larry asks.  "No," Balki says, "Go to lunch.  I'm starved . . .  Just kidding.  Cousins should joke more."  They do the Dance of Joy.
- In the pink revisions dated October 12, the final scene starts the way it does in the episode.  Except after Larry says he's glad he could help prove Mr. Wainwright isn't an idiot, Mr. Wainwright then tells Balki he wants to promote him to the level of investigative reporter and Balki replies, "Actually, Mr. Wainwright, I'd rather still deliver the mail.  I'd miss seeing all my friends on the mail route.  I'd miss all the colorful stamps.  Most of all, I'd miss the constant challenge of sorting mail by zipcode." 
Then Mr. Wainwright explains that he doesn't want the owner of the paper to know about sending the mail boy and his cousin to get the biggest story in the Chronicle's history.  The rest of the final scene is now the same as in the final episode, except when Balki throws down he book and looks under the table at Larry he says, "Excuse me, Mr. 'Lock-em-up,' that was just a book."
- It isn't until the orange revision dated October 17 that any mention of Balki being promoted to investigative reporter is dropped.  It is also in this revision that Balki's last line is changed to, "You can come out now, Mr. 'Lock-em-up.'  The book wasn't loaded."

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