Perfect Strangers Episode Guide

EPISODE 105 - The Ring

First Air Date: November 23, 1990
Nielsen Rating: 12.5 HH

Co-Producer: Alan Plotkin
Created by: Dale McRaven
Written by: Harriet Helberg & Sandy Helberg
Directed by: Richard Correll

Bronson Pinchot: Balki Bartokomous
Mark Linn-Baker: Larry Appleton
Melanie Wilson: Jennifer Lyons
Rebeca Arthur: Mary Anne

Dimitri Appearances: Dimitriís photo once again appears on the bookcase.

"Well, Iíll praise it for you right now . . . "

Donít be ridiculous: Not said in this episode.

Other catchphrases used in this episode:
"Balki, Balki, Balki . . . "
"Oh po po!"
"Oh God!"
"I donít know what youíre talking about!" (Balki just mouths this)

Other running jokes used in this episode:
Larry and Balki sigh simultaneously
Balki says he doesnít know what Larry is talking about and recounts what has happened before from his own perspective, although in this case itís just mimed
Larry grabs Balki by the shirt collar and throttles him

Notable Moment: Larry buys Jennifer an engagement ring.

Interesting facts:
This episode features a nifty little transition when the zooming in on the establishing shot of the apartment fades gently into a slow zoom of the  dining table where Balki, Larry, Jennifer and Mary Anne are eating.  Usually the cuts from the establishing shots didnít include fades.
ringgrab02.jpg (40272 bytes)- This would be the first and last time we see Jennifer and Mary Anneís bedroom.  Itís interesting to note that while the girlsí apartment is situated directly above the guysí, and their layout should technically be the same, Jennifer and Mary Anne share a bedroom instead of each having their own.
- We also learn that Mary Anne sleeps with a stuffed hound dog, much the way Balki sleeps with Dimitri (it's kind of surprising she doesn't have a stuffed poodle, though.)
- This script was written by the husband and wife team of Sandy Helberg and Harriet B. Helberg.  Sandy has also worked as an actor, appearing in such shows as Fernwood 2 Night, Trapper John, M.D., M*A*S*H, Solid Gold, Newhart, Remington Steele, Night Court and Days of Our Lives.  Harriet has worked as a casting director for various television shows and movies including Barney Miller, Carrie, Benson and Night Court.  Their son, Simon Helberg, currently stars as Howard Wolowitz on CBS' sitcom, The Big Bang Theory.

Bloopers and Inconsistencies:
When Larry throws the roll at Balkiís head, it bounces of and then hits Mary Anne in the legs and drops at her feet.  You can almost see Rebeca trying not to laugh when this happens.
ringgrab03.gif (163430 bytes)- When Jennifer and Mary Anne move to the bedroom door to get the umbrellas, there is a stuffed raccoon lying on the floor with its face to the camera and itís tail going past the dresser leg.  But when the scene cuts back a moment later it is lying in a slightly different position.
- What happened to Mary Anne's poodle, seen in the third season episode Future Shock?  She's not seen in the apartment in this episode.  But the dog would be mentioned in the seventh season episode, The Bachelor.  Maybe the dog sleeps in another room?

The episode begins with a close-up of a beautiful diamond ring in a velvet ring box.  The camera pulls back and we see Larry and Balki sitting on the couch.  Larry is showing the ring to Balki.  "Balki, look at this . . . Jennifer is gonna love her engagement ring.  And I was smart enough to buy it from a discount jeweler so I got twice the ring at half the price."  "Well, Cousin, Jenniferís gonna need twice the finger to hold it up," Balki comments, "Itís humongous!  I donít know what was so wrong with that little diamond chip."  "Balki, Balki, Balki," Larry laughs, "In America, the size of a manís love for his woman is determined by the size of the diamond he buys her.  Big diamond, lots of love . . . little diamond, hereís your hat, whatís your hurry?"  "On Mypos, the size of a manís love is determined by the size of the goat he gives his beloved," Balki explains, "Big goat, lots of love . . . little goat, thatís all she wrote."

"Fascinating culture," Larry sighs as he snaps he ring box shut and reaches down to pick up the gift box.  Balki picks up the lid and reads it.  "Cousin, the box says ĎTiffany!í" Balki notes, the he asks, "You got a box from Tiffany and you didnít get me her autograph?"  "No, Balki, this is not a box from Tiffany the singer," Larry explains, "This is a box from Tiffany the jewelry store."  "Well, you didnít buy the ring from Tiffany the jewelry store," Balki points out, "You bought the ring from Harrison Dunne, the Diamond King."  "I know I didnít buy it at Tiffanyís, but I thought this would be more impressive than the raisin box Harrison Dunne put the diamond in," Larry explains, "Balki, when I give this ring to Jennifer itís gonna be one of the great moments of my life . . . and I want everything to be perfect."

There is a knock at the door.  "Oh!  Oh!" Larry says, getting up and putting the box into his jacket pocket, "All right."  He walks to the door with Balki behind him then pauses a moment to take a couple of breaths before opening the door.  "Hi," Jennifer says, "Larry, whatís going on?  You said it was important."  Larry takes Jennifer by the hand and leads her to the couch.  Mary Anne follows Jennifer and sits on the arm of the couch as Balki closes the front door and moves behind the couch to watch.  "Jennifer, uh . . . I have something for you and I wanted our two best friends to share this moment," Larry smiles, then begins, "Jennifer . . . sweetheart . . . "  "Oh, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait . . . " Balki urges, and he runs to the door and turns off the lights, then brings two lighted candles over to the coffee table and sets them down.  "This is romantic . . . itís romantic," Balki whispers to Larry, then he goes to his place behind the couch again.

"Thank you," Larry says to Balki, then he begins again, "Jennifer . . . sweetheart . . . "  "Oh wait, wait, wait, wait . . . " Balki says again, this time going to the stereo to turn on some music.  As he turns up the volume on "String of Pearls," moving his hips to the rhythm, Larry calls back, "Balki?  Balki?"  Getting Balkiís attention, Larry motions for Balki to turn the music down, which Balki does.  "Thank you," Larry says, and Balki comes around to sit on the other arm of the couch as Larry begins again.  "Jennifer, sweetheart . . . "  He pulls the box out of his pocket and hands it to her.  "This is for you."  Jennifer opens the box and removes the velvet ring box, opening it.  She gasps with surprise.  "Oh, Larry, itís gorgeous!" she says, "This is the biggest diamond Iíve ever seen!  Itís too much."  "Nothing is too much for the woman I love," Larry insists.  He takes the ring out of the box and slips it onto Jenniferís finger.  They share a kiss and then hug.

Balki runs around the coffee table to get a hug from Mary Anne.  Then Mary Anne goes to hug Larry and Balki hugs Jennifer.  Then the girls scream with delight and hug each other as Larry and Balki share a good macho embrace and laugh, then sigh simultaneously.  "Oh Larry!" Jennifer says, and Jennifer tries to get back to Larry but has to make her way through the tangle of people between the couch and coffee table.  Larry and Jennifer hold one another as Balki goes to turn on the lights again and turn off the music.  Mary Anne has picked up the box the ring came in and notes, "Ooh, Jennifer, itís from Tiffanyís.  You should have it insured."  "Oh, youíre right," Jennifer says, "First thing Monday morning Iíll get the ring appraised."  "Well, Iíll praise it for you right now," Balki offers, taking her hand with the ring on it, "Itís a beautiful ring.  Itís gorgeous!"  "Balki," Larry tries to interrupt.  "Itís a sparkly ring!"  "No, Balki . . . Balki . . . " Larry continues.  "Itís a . . . itís a . . . " Balki stammers.  "No, no," Larry says, "Not praise the ring.  ĎAppraiseí the ring.  When you appraise something you determine its value."

"Well, Cousin, I can determine its value," Balki says, "I was . . . I was right there when you bought it.  What six . . . . "  Balki starts to say how much Larry paid for the ring but Larry jumps across to Balki and clasps a hand over his mouth, laughing to cover himself.  Larry turns to the girls and says, "Yeah, uh, Jennifer . . . having the ring insured is a good idea.  When it comes to diamonds you canít be too careful."  "Iíll say," Mary Anne says, "We just heard on the news tonight about some guy named Harrison Dunne getting arrested for selling phony diamonds."  After a moment, Larry reacts to this news and asks, "Phony diamonds?"  "Yeah," Jennifer confirms, "Itís hard to believe someone would be foolish enough to buy diamonds out of the trunk of a Buick."  Jennifer and Mary Anne laugh and Balki joins in but Larry is not laughing.  Larry turns to look at Balki and seeing the expression on Larryís face Balki stops laughing and says, "Oh po po!"  "Harrison Dunne?" Larry asks, "His name was Harrison Dunne?"  Mary Anne nods.

"Well, Cousin, isnít that a small world?" Balki asks.  "Yes," Larry tries to cut Balki off, "Yes . . . yes it is . . . "  "Because . . . because when we went . . . "  "Yes, it is," Larry keeps saying, waving to Balki to be quiet. Balki waves back in a friendly way, not understanding that Larry doesnít want him to say anything.  Jennifer walks over and interrupts, saying, "Oh Larry, I love this ring!"  She kisses him and says, "Now, I have to go call my mother and every girl I ever went to high school with.  Come on, Mary Anne."  As they head to the door, Mary Anne says, "Well, you didnít have to call me.  I live with you."  "I wasnít going to call you," Jennifer says.  "Why not?  Iím your best friend!" Mary Anne says in a hurt tone as they leave, closing the door behind them.  Once theyíre gone, Larry turns to Balki and cries, "Balki, this is terrible!  Monday morning after Jennifer has the ring appraised sheís gonna know the ringís a fake and her fianceeís a fool."  "What a rotten way to start the week," Balki sighs with sympathy, and he goes to blow out the candles.  "W . . . what am I gonna do?" Larry asks.  "Well, Cousin, you just tell her the truth," Balki suggests, "You tried to impress her, you tried to get something for nothing, you . . . you . . . you went overboard . . . itís classic Larry Appleton . . . Iíve seen it again and again and again."

"Youíre right," Larry sighs, "I do this all the time."  "Well . . . " Balki sighs.  "I canít let her know Iíve done it again!" Larry cries, "All right, hereís what weíre gonna do!"  "Oh God!" Balki moans.  "Iíll sell my car," Larry says, "Weíll buy a real diamond and weíll switch rings without Jennifer knowing and everything will be fine!"  "Cousin, selling your car is wrong," Balki insists, "Okay?  Switching the rings is wrong.  And while weíre on the subject, making a dog wear pants is wrong."  "Balki, before . . . when I tried to get something for nothing . . . that was wrong," Larry explains, "And you were right!  And it would be wrong if I didnít try to right that wrong, right?"  Balki tries to take this all in.  "So . . . so . . . so what youíre saying is the right way to right the wrong is to give Jennifer back the right ring and take back the wrong ring?"  "Right," Larry confirms.  "Well, in that case Iíll help you," Balki smiles.  "You will?" Larry asks with surprise.  "Yes, I will," Balki says, "Because if I donít youíre gonna keep talking in circles until I get dizzy, so Iím gonna save you the time and me the headache.  Come on, letís go deal your wheels."  Balki starts to push Larry to the front door.

Sunday night, Larry and Balki are sitting at the dining table having dinner with Jennifer and Mary Anne.  "Balki, that was delicious," Mary Anne says.  "Oh, thank you, Mary Anne," Balki smiles, "I donít often make Moolinki loaf.  Itís nearly impossible to find fresh ox tonsils in Chicago."  Jennifer and Larry both react with disgust upon hearing this ingredient.  "Seconds?" Balki asks.  Jennifer and Larry just stare at him.  "Mary Anne, why donít you help me clear away these dishes?" Jennifer suggests.  The girls get up from the table and take the dishes to the kitchen sink.  Larry slides over to Balki.  "All right, Balki, remember what weíre going to do.  Iíll get Jennifer to take off her ring then Iíll distract the girls.  When I do, you switch the real ring for the fake ring and give me the okay sign."  "Okay," Balki nods.  Larry stands up and speaks in a scripted manner, saying, "Balki . . . why donít you help Mary Anne finish clearing off the table and Iíll help Jennifer wash the dishes."  "Why Cousin, thatís a very good idea," Balki replies in an even more stilted manner, causing Jennifer and Mary Anne to share a look of confusion.

Larry gives Balki a look that could kill, then walks into the kitchen as Mary Anne returns to the dining room.  "Ooh, uh, Jennifer . . . donít you think you should, uh, take off your ring?" Larry asks, "Uh, you . . . you donít want it, uh, slipping off your soapy finger and falling down the drain."  "Oh, youíre right," Jennifer realizes, taking off the ring and giving it to Larry.  "Iím not used to wearing a diamond."  Jennifer kisses Larry and Larry walks over to the counter to set the ring down, saying aloud to get Balkiís attention, "Iíll just put the ring over here."  Balki and Mary Anne are flirting at the dining table so Balki is not paying any attention to Larry at all.  "Iíll just put the ring over here," Larry repeats louder, still not catching Balkiís attention.  "Iíll just put the ring on the counter over here," Larry growls angrily and even louder.  "All right, fine, Larry!" Jennifer says in a frustrated tone.  Larry realizes Jenniferís heard every word and looks startled, then smiles at her and nods.

As Balki continues to ignore him, Larry grabs a roll from a small bread basket and throws it at Balki, hitting him in the back of the head.  Balki turns to look at Larry, who places the ring on the counter and emphatically mouths, "The ring is here!"  Balki motions to Larry with frustration, indicating that okay, he understands.  As Balki walks to the other side of the counter, Larry crosses to Jennifer, who is washing a plate.  "Oh, careful Jennifer," Larry says to distract her, "Uh, thatís uh . . . that plate is a family heirloom."  "It is?" Jennifer asks.  "Oh yes, thatís been in my family since the 1700's," Larry lies, drying it with a towel, "Thereís a date on the back.  Uh well, here . . . come down here into the dining room where the light is better and Iíll show you."  Larry carries the plate to the dining room and he, Jennifer and Mary Anne all stare at the back of it.  Unbeknownst to Larry, Balki is intrigued by the talk of the plate and moves over to look at it with them instead of switching the rings.

"Larry . . . I . . . I donít see any date," Jennifer says.  Balki leans over and suggests, "You know, uh . . . Cousin, maybe if you tilt it a little to the light you might be able to see it a little bit better."  Balki reaches over and tilts the plate as they all look at it.  Larry eyes Balki in disbelief.  "Good idea, Balki," Larry says, motioning slightly with his head to try to get Balki to remember to switch the rings.  "You know, maybe itís written in invisible ink," Balki suggests, reaching down to pick up a slice of lemon from the table, "Maybe if we just squeeze a little bit of lem . . . "  Larry shoves Balki away in mid-squeeze and again motions with his head toward the counter.  Balki remembers what he is supposed to be doing and goes to the counter.  "Larry, I donít see anything," Jennifer insists.  "Oh, w . . . well, maybe itís, uh . . . maybe itís on the edge here," Larry suggests, "Uh, it . . . it could be, uh . . . just . . . right there . . . "  Balki makes the switch with the rings, tossing the fake one in the air and then putting it into his pants pocket.

"Well, why donít you just keep looking and Iíll finish washing the dishes, okay?" Jennifer asks.  Mary Anne gives Larry a condescending smile and picks up a couple of glasses, which she takes into the kitchen as well.  Larry walks to the counter and looks at Balki, who is standing on the other side of the living room and waving his arms back and forth with his palms down as if he were calling a ball player safe.  Larry eyes the movement, not knowing what it means, then mimics it in a smaller fashion but questioningly.  Balki repeats the movement even more wildly.  Larry mouths, "Give me the ring," and motions for Balki to hand it to him.  Balki looks confused. Larry repeats mouthing, "Give me the ring," more intensely and again motions for Balki to hand it to him.  Balki motions to his pants pocket with surprise, mouthing, "You want this ring?"  Larry emphatically mouths, "Give me the ring RIGHT NOW!" and motions in an even more demanding fashion.  Balki mouths, "I donít know what youíre talking about!" and starts to mime how he was over at the dining table flirting with Mary Anne and Larry hit him on the back of the head with the roll.

Larry stares at Balki angrily and mouths, "Iím going to kill you."  Balki looks shocked and immediately reaches into his pocket to pull out the fake ring, which he tosses to Larry.  This causes a slight noise which makes Jennifer and Mary Anne turn around to look at Larry.  "Oh, uh, gosh," Larry says, then he drops the "heirloom" plate heís still holding on the floor where it breaks into pieces.  Jennifer bends down to start picking up the pieces, putting them into a dish towel, and Larry says, "Oh God, tell me itís not broken."  Balki runs over to help and Mary Anne is bending over the broken plate as well, so Larry switches the real ring with the fake ring and puts the real ring into his pocket.  Jennifer picks up the towel full of broken pieces and hands it to Larry, saying, "Larry, you must be heartbroken!"  "Well, hey, weíll get new family heirlooms when weíre married."  Larry tosses the towel into the garbage can nonchalantly before picking up the ring from the counter and saying, "Oh here, Jennifer.  Better put your ring back on."  "But Larry, I havenít finished washing the dishes yet," Jennifer points out.  "Oh forget the dishes," Larry says, "No wife of mine is going to be doing dishes."  He kisses her sweetly then leads her to the door.  "Now, why donít you just go upstairs and, uh, plan our wedding.  Bye bye."

"Wait a minute!  Wait a minute, girls," Balki calls, chasing after them with a paper bag, "I made you a bowser bag of Moolinki loaf."  Larry kisses Jennifer again and the girls leave.  "Bye bye.  Bye bye," Larry says as they exit, then he turns to Balki and exclaims, "Yes!  Balki, we pulled it off.  Now Jenniferís wearing a genuine diamond and we can throw this hunk of glass in the garbage."  "Cousin, you know, I canít tell the difference between Jenniferís real diamond and this fake diamond," Balki notes.  "Well, Balki, I can understand your confusion," Larry says, "Of course, to my trained eye itís obvious this is not a real diamond.  But to the average person like yourself, Balki, there is only one way to tell."  Larry leads Balki over to the window.  "A diamond is the hardest substance in nature," Larry explains, "It can cut glass.  Larry takes the ring and runs it in a circle over the closed window pane.  "See?  Nothing," Larry says, "Now if this were a real diamond there would be a hole right here."  Larry taps on the glass and a circular piece falls out and breaks on the other side.  On Larryís shocked reaction the scene fades to black.

Act two begins with a close up of the hole in the glass.  The camera pulls back to show Balki and Larry where we left them at the end of act one.  Larry turns to Balki with accusing eyes and asks, "What did you do?"  "What do you mean, what I did do?" Balki asks, "I was just standing here.  You were the one who cut the glass."  "No, not the window," Larry says as he grabs Balki by the shirt collar, "The ring?  What did you do with the ring?"  "I switched it like you told me to," Balki answers in a choked voice.  "You switched it?" Larry asks.  "Like you told me to," Balki repeats in the choked voice.  Larry releases and Balki and asks, "Well, then why did you go like this?"  Larry makes the motion with his hands as Balki did earlier.

"Because this means everythingís okay," Balki explains, doing the motion again himself.  "No, this means everything is okay!" Larry corrects, doing a thumbs up.  "No, Cousin," Balki argues, holding his thumb up as well, "This means the lead sheep has been neutered."  Larryís eyes grow wide with shock as he realizes what has happened.  "Oh my Lord!" Larry cries, walking to the living room, "Oh . . . oh no.  Oh no.  That means that Jennifer still has the fake ring and sheís gonna get it appraised first thing in the morning.  All right, Balki, we are going to go upstairs to the girlsí apartment tonight while theyíre sleeping and get that ring back!"  Larry pulls Balki toward the front door.  "Where are we going?" Balki asks.  "We gotta get some flashlights," Larry explains and he pushes Balki out the door.

Later that night, Jennifer and Mary Anne are sleeping upstairs in their bedroom.  Mary Anne is wearing a sleep mask over her eyes.  Larry and Balki appear at the window on the fire escape.  They see the girls sleeping in their beds.  Larry and Balki are inadvertently shining their flashlights toward each others faces, so that when they look at each other they are startled and let out a scream.  They then shush each other.  The girls stir but donít awaken.  "Just open the window," Larry says.  Balki slides the window open and then crawls inside, climbing over a dresser covered with stuffed animals.  Larry climbs in after him but as heís crawling over the dresser Balki shines his flashlight right into Larryís face.  "Balki . . . my eyes!" Larry cries out, and he falls over the dresser and onto the floor.  When Larry gets to his feet, Balki is using his flashlight to look at a stuffed animal.  Larry takes the flashlight from Balki and then shines both flashlights directly into Balkiís eyes, blinding him temporarily.

Larry motions for Balki to follow him to Jenniferís bed.  Larry stops at the edge of the bed but Balki, who is still blinded, bumps into the back of Larry and almost knocks him across Jennifer.  Larry pauses for a moment and comments, "Iíve dreamed of being in Jenniferís bedroom.  I just never thought Iíd have to break in."  Larry hands the real ring to Balki and says, "Here . . . hold the ring for me."  Balki takes it and puts it on his pinky finger for safe keeping.  Larry kneels down next to the bed and reaches over gently, trying to remove the ring from Jenniferís finger, but Jennifer rolls over in her sleep away from him.  Balki motions to go around the other side.  They make their way around the bed.  As Larry approaches Jennifer again, Balki stops and looks down at Mary Anne as she sleeps.  He leans down and kisses her nose.  Balki then looks at Larry, shrugs, and starts to bend down to kiss her again but Larry slaps a hand on Balkiís shoulder to stop him.

Larry and Balki kneel down next to Jenniferís bed again and Larry tries to get the ring once more, but Jennifer moves her hand underneath her pillow.  Larry motions to Balki that he doesn't know what to do.  Balki gets up and walks around the bed to the night stand on the other side where he gets a sheet of tissue.  Balki uses the tissue to tickle Jenniferís nose, which makes her pull her hand out to rub it.  As Larry works on getting the ring off, Balki twists the tissue into a point and is just about to stick it up Jenniferís nose when Larry snatches it away and gives Balki a scathing look.  Larry tries several times to pull the ring off Jenniferís finger but it wonít budge.  He motions to Balki with frustration.  Balki looks around for an idea and then motions to Larry to wait a moment.  He reaches over and picks up a jar of cold cream.  Larry nods and motions for Balki to open it.  Balki tries to unscrew the lid but itís stuck.  He struggles with it more and more, leaning further over Jennifer.  Larry has to throw out his hands to prevent Balki from falling across the bed.

Balki finally manages to open the jar right in front of Larryís face.  He holds it out to show Larry, who looks down and dips his nose in the cold cream.  Balki laughs at this until Larry takes the jaw and pushes it on Balkiís chin, leaving Balki with a chin covered with cold cream.  Larry then pushes Balki back to a standing position.  They then work to dip Jenniferís finger in the cold cream.  Larry works to remove the ring while Balki cleans his chin off with a tissue.  He gets another tissue and wipes off Larryís nose as well.  Larry finally manages to get the ring off Jenniferís finger, holding it up triumphantly.  Balki motions, "All right!" the Myposian way.  Balki then takes some tissue and starts to clean the cold cream from Jenniferís hand, but she stirs and rolls over toward him.  As Larry ducks down, Jennifer pulls Balki into her bosom and holds him tight.  Larry pops back up and sees Balki waving frantically with the tissue.  Larry takes the tissue and tickles Jenniferís nose with it, causing her to roll back over and release Balki.

Larry then mouths, "Give me the ring," and holds his hand out.  Balki holds up his pinky finger and mouths, "This?"  He then tries to pull the ring from his pinky but itís stuck.  Balki braces himself and tries again, but it wonít budge.  Larry motions for Balki to give him his hand.  Balki reaches across the bed and Larry takes hold of the ring and starts to pull hard, causing Balki to grimace in pain.  But the ring wonít come off.  Larry then grabs Balkiís pinky and pulls hard, causing Balki to shout, "Ow!"  The noise makes the girls both sit upright in their beds and Larry and Balki quickly duck down and crawl under the beds to hide.  Jennifer turns on the light and asks, "Mary Anne, what was that?"  Mary Anne still has the sleep mask on and cries out, "I canít see!  Oh God, Iím blind!"  "Take off the mask," Jennifer reminds her, "We go through this every morning!"  Mary Anne takes off the sleep mask.  Jennifer looks at her hand and cries, "My God, my ring is gone!  The windowís open.  Weíve been robbed!"  Mary Anne lets out a loud scream.  Jennifer jumps out of bed to clasp a hand over Mary Anneís mouth, saying, "Would you be quiet?  They may still be here!  Now come on, letís check."

Mary Anne gets out of bed and follows Jennifer to the bedroom door where an umbrella stand holds two umbrellas.  Jennifer grabs the blue one and motions how they can attack someone with it, then hands it to Mary Anne.  "I want the pink one," Mary Anne says.  Jennifer looks at her in disbelief, then grabs the pink umbrella and hands it to her.  "Letís check," Jennifer says, and they leave the bedroom.  As soon as theyíre gone, Larry whispers, "Come on!" and he crawls out from beneath Mary Anneís bed.  Balki is crawling out from underneath Jenniferís bed and Larry stops to help him up.  They fall back upon the bed for a moment then get up and run to the window.  Larry starts out the window but Balki stops and picks up a doll, saying, "Hello!"  "Put down the doll and letís get outta here!" Larry growls, grabbing the flashlights and shoving Balki through the window.  Larry starts to crawl out himself over top of Balki when the girls run back into the bedroom and see them both wedged in an awkward position halfway out.  "Larry!  Balki!  What are you doing?" Jennifer asks.  "We heard Mary Anne scream and we came right up," Larry explains, "Is everything okay?"  Larry and Balki shine their flashlights around but Jennifer and Mary Anne look skeptical.

Several days later, Jennifer and Larry are sitting on the couch with Balki and Mary Anne sitting on the arms.  Larry is slipping a new ring on Jenniferís finger.  "Itís taken me a few tries but this is the engagement ring you can keep," Larry says, "Itís smaller than the others . . . "  "Oh Larry, I love this ring," Jennifer assures him, "The other diamond was too big.  It wasnít my style."  "Well, Iím glad you like it," Larry smiles.  "And Iím glad you could buy your car back," Jennifer says.  "Cousin Larry got a really great deal," Balki explains, "He was able to buy it back for only two hundred dollars more than he sold it for."  "Boy, Larry, doing things the hard way sure comes easy to you," Mary Anne notes.  "Well, I meant well," Larry explains, "I . . . I just wanted you to have the best."  "I have the best," Jennifer assures him, "I have you."  Larry and Jennifer kiss and then hug and the episode ends.

Script Variations:
The shooting script dated October 23, 1990 contains a few slight differences from the episode which aired:
According to this script, there was a scene at the beginning of the show which had already been omitted.  It would be interesting to know if this scene showed Larry actually buying the ring or talking about it beforehand.
Originally, Larry's line was reversed and he was to say, "I got twice the ring at half the price because I was smart enough to buy it from a discount jeweler."  Balki then says, "It's very nice, Cousin, but I thought the smaller one was more Jennifer."
Balki does not refer to Harrison Dunne as "The Diamond King" in this version.
After Larry says he wants everything to be perfect, Balki assures him, "Well don't you worry about that, Cousin."  Then when Balki interrupts Larry he says, "Wait, wait, Cousin.  It's not perfect yet."  As Balki gets the candles, Larry asks, "Balki, what are you doing?"  "Cousin, this is going to be so romantic."  When Larry tries to start again, Balki says, "Just a minute.  Still not perfect."  Balki then turns on the music.
As Larry is showing Jennifer and Mary Anne the "date" on the plate, Jennifer says, "I don't see any date."  Then Mary Anne says, "But there's a piece of dried tonsil you missed."
After Larry drops the plate he says, "Oh, God.  I'm afraid to look.  Tell me it isn't broken."
After Balki gives them the bowser bag of Moolinki loaf, he adds, "Remember, you never outgrow your need for tonsils."
After Larry says, "You see, nothing.  If this were a real diamond, there would be a hole right there," and taps the glass, making the circular piece fall out, Balki says, "You mean like that?"
At the start of act two, Larry was supposed to grab Balki by the neck immediately and start shaking him when he asks, "What did you do?"
After Larry says that they need to break into the girls' bedroom to get the ring back, the scene originally went on much longer.  Balki protests, saying, "No way, rose.  Cousin, first, you bought a ring from a man who is now in jail for selling fake diamonds.  Then, you tried to trick Jennifer again by switching the ring instead of just telling her the truth.  And now you're suggesting we become cat burglars.  Cousin, enough is too much."  "You're right, Balki," Larry agrees.  "What?" Balki asks, surprised.  "You're absolutely right," Larry repeats.  "I am?" Balki asks.  "Yes.  We don't need to get the ring back."  "We don't?" Balki asks.  "No," Larry insists, "Of course that means Jennifer will find out what a jerk I am and she'll never want to see me again."  "You're right there," Balki agrees.  "All my dreams of growing old with the most wonderful woman in the world will be, well, just that, dreams.  Unfulfilled dreams.  I'll just be a sad, pathetic, lonely, old man living by myself in a sad, pathetic, lonely, old room.  But, statistics show that single people die sooner than married people, so I won't have long to suffer."  Balki is moved, crying, "Oh, Cousin.  I want your dreams to come true."  "Great," Larry says, snapping out of it quickly, "Then we'll do it.  Come on.  We've got to get some flashlights."
There is also another scene which was omitted here.  We have no idea what it might have been, unless it was to show Balki and Larry climbing out onto the fire escape from their apartment.
After Balki and Larry shush each other, Larry asks, "Ssshhhh.  Do you want to wake up the girls?"  "We can if you want to, Cousin," Balki replies, "But I think it would be easier to switch the rings if they were still sleeping."  This is when Larry says, "Just open the window."
A huge portion of the action is summed up in a very simple set of directions.  It reads, "Larry gently lifts Jennifer's left hand and tries to slip the ring off.  It won't budge.  She stirs.  He drops her hand.  She turns over.  Larry and Balki run to the other side of the bed.  Balki kisses Mary Anne on the nose.  Balki starts to kiss her again.  Larry pulls him back.  Jennifer puts her hand under her pillow.  Balki tickles her nose with a Kleenex.  Balki lifts the edge of the pillow but Larry has trouble getting the ring off her finger.  Balki notices a jar of hand cream on her night table.  Balki almost falls across the bed trying to open the jar, then opens it.  Larry and Balki both get cream on their faces.  Larry plunges Jennifer's finger into the jar.  He takes her hand out and begins to carefully slide the ring off her finger.  Suddenly, Jennifer turns over again and pins Balki in a clinch.  Larry tickles Jennifer's nose with a Kleenex and she turns back over releasing Balki.  This time Larry succeeds in getting the ring off her finger.  Balki takes a tissue from her nightstand and wipes off her finger.
In this version, Larry and Balki don't mime talking to each other.  Larry says, "Balki, give me the real ring."  "I'm trying to, Cousin, but it's stuck," Balki explains.  Larry whispers hysterically, "Stuck?  Stuck?  It can't be stuck . . . give me your finger."
After Jennifer tells Mary Anne to, "Take off your mask.  We go through this every morning," Mary Anne says, "Well, that doesn't make it any less frightening."
The script says that Balki was to pick up a particularly adorable stuffed animal on their way out and say, "Hello . . . what's your name?"  "Balki!" Larry whispers urgently.  "No, that's my name, Cousin," Balki says, and then asks the animal again, "What's your name?"  "Cousin Larry," Larry answers, "Forget the teddy bear and let's get out of here."
The rest of the script is the same.

The scripts for the TGIF promos which aired November 2, 1990 were included at the end of this script and shot after the filming of this episode.  You can view the script pages for these promos below and you can also view these spots on our YouTube Channel.

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