Perfect Strangers Episode Guide

EPISODE 124 - Weekend at Ferdinand's

First Air Date: October 18, 1991
Filming Date: August 23, 1991
Nielsen Rating: 11.00 HH

TV Guide Description: Larry unwillingly becomes the monarch of Mypos after the visiting King Ferdinand falls dead in his arms.

Produced by: Alan Plotkin
Created by: Dale McRaven
Teleplay by: Thomas R. Nance
Story by: John Collins & Thomas R. Nance
Directed by: Judy Pioli

Bronson Pinchot: Balki Bartokomous
Mark Linn-Baker: Larry Appleton
Belita Moreno: Miss Lydia Markham
Sam Anderson: Mr. Sam Gorpley

Guest Cast:
Don Amendolia: King Ferdinand
Paul Eiding: The Speaker of the Hut
Lynn Alexander: Cookie

weekendgrab02.jpg (45908 bytes)Dimitri Appearances: Dimitriís photo can now be seen on the fireplace mantel.

"I rest my face."
"Try me for treason and call me eggs benedict . . . "

Donít be ridiculous: Not said in this episode.

Other catchphrases used in this episode:
"Oh po po!"
"Where does he come up with them?" (a slight variation on the usual phrase)
"Stop it!"

Other running jokes used in this episode:
Jokes are made about Larryís height
Larry has a plan
Balki makes a statement which goes, "Well, something something and call me something," in this case, "Try me for treason and call me eggs benedict . . . "

Notable Moment: King Ferdinand visits from Mypos; King Ferdinand dies

Myposian Rituals:
The knock-knock official greeting of royalty King Ferdinand
- The king greeting dance
- The bowing ritual

Interesting facts:
The title was derived from the popular comedy movie Weekend at Bernieís, which this entire episode is based upon.  In that film, two ambitious employees find a discrepancy in their bossí books.  Not realizing he is a dirty businessman with ties weekendgrab03.jpg (50246 bytes) to the mafia, he plans to have them killed but is murdered himself, leaving the two to try to keep him "alive" over the weekend so they wonít be implicated in his murder.
- The tapestry which Balki made for Larry for their first Christmas can be seen hanging on the wall behind the staircase for the first time in this episode and it would remain there for the rest of the series.
- King Ferdinand had been mentioned numerous times throughout the course of the series, usually referred to as being quite fat.  This is the first time we actually get to see the fabled King of Mypos.
- Don Amendolia had the difficult task of bringing King Ferdinand to life . . . and then to death!  He has made many television appearances, including a recurring roles on the soap opera Ryanís Hope, on Itís Garry Shandlingís Show and on Twin Peaks.  He also made appearances on Cheers, Family Ties, Newhart, Cop Rock, Valerie, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Life Goes On, Night Court, L.A. Law, Frasier, Seinfeld, Ellen and Law and Order, as well as appearing in films and theater productions.
- The American travel bureau must have a difficult time convincing people from Mypos to visit the states considering the people that tend to come here from there end up dying (first Yaya Biki and now King Ferdinand!)
- During the reception for King Ferdinand, Balki and Larry both drink from plastic cups filled with some kind of blue liquid that looks like mouthwash.  This same odd-looking blue drink shows up several episodes later when Mama Bartokomous comes to visit and they are all having dinner and begin to toast with the same stuff.  Since we do not have the script for this episode and no mention of it is made in the script for Citizenship, we are left to wonder whether or not this is supposed to be some kind of unique Myposian beverage (since it shows up the two times someone from Mypos is visiting).
- Paul Eiding, who played Walki Talki, the Speaker of the Hut, has a list of credits to his name which is a mile long and then some!  Among his many, many credits are appearances on the shows Riptide, Hunter, Hill Street Blues, Fame, Cheers, Whoís the Boss?, thirtysomething, Dallas, The Golden Girls, Doogie Howser, M.D., Star Trek: The Next Generation, ER, The Practice, The Drew Carey Show, Chicago Hope, Providence and CSI: Miami, as well as a recurring role in the series The Charmings and Picket Fences.  He has also been a voice actor from the beginning of his career, lending his talents to such animated programs as The Jetsons, Smurfs, The Littles, Transformers, A Pup Named Scooby Doo, Batman, The Pirates of Dark Water, Animaniacs, Capitol Critters and Ben 10 as well as the films A Bugís Life, The Iron Giant and Tarzan.
- When Balki says that King Ferdinand and the Speaker of the Hut had an argument about whether Certs is really two, two, two mints, itís a reference to a series of classic commercials for the mints in which itís touted as a candy mint and a breath mint.  You can view a vintage version of this commercial by clicking here.
- The music playing over some of the reception scene had been used previously on the series, most notably as the Greek music which Balki and Larry are dancing to in the end credits of the sixth season episode, Grandpa.
weekendgrab06.jpg (46455 bytes)- Balki tells the Speaker of the Hut that he was moved by his and Cookieís Captain and Tennille medley and mentions the song Muskrat Love.  The Captain and Tennille was a very popular singing duo in the 70's and Muskrat Love was one of their biggest hits.  Their other notable hit was the song Love Will Keep Us Together.  You can visit their official website by clicking here.
- If you look closely, youíll see that the woman who has appeared as a co-worker in the basement of the Chicago Chronicle behind Balki and Larry throughout most of the series is one of the party guests.

weekendgrab07.jpg (41113 bytes)Bloopers and Inconsistencies:
When Larry gets up to explain his plan to Balki, if you look in the lower left corner of the screen you can just see the top of King Ferdinandís head.  Since he was supposed off-camera, Don Amendolia takes the opportunity to blink his eyes, which can be clearly seen.

The episode begins in the living room of the house.  Balki is wearing his decorative Myposian suit and is cleaning some decorations hanging on the closet door at the foot of the stairs.  The entire place is festooned with Myposian decorations and vegetables.  "Come on, Cousin!" Balki calls, "We have a lot to do before King Ferdinand gets here!"  Larry comes down the stairs dressed in a nice suit.  Balki stares at him with hurt surprise and asks, "Cousin, I . . . I . . . didnít you see your outfit?  I laid it out on your bed for you.  Come on, go upstairs and change.  Come on!  Bushi bushi bushi bushi . . . "  Balki tries to herd Larry upstairs but Larry sidesteps him and complains, "No, no, no . . . no, Balki.  Balki, I agreed to let you decorate the house with a salad bar and I agreed to let you have a reception here for King Ferdinand but I am not dressing up like a snout merchant."  "How Ďbout just the loin cloth?" Balki asks.  "No," Larry insists.

"Cousin, this is a special occasion," Balki points out, "King Ferdinand is going to be the Grand Marshall of a parade."  "Parade?" Larry asks, "Balki, heís walking down State Street with a bunch of cows."  "Cousin, King Ferdinand is leading the Livestock Liberation Parade," Balki insists, then he leads Larry to the couch, saying, "All right, uh . . . uh . . . letís just, uh . . . go over the official greeting for royalty.  Okay?  Now Cousin, this is very important.  Um . . . when meeting royalty protocol must be followed.  All right?  So, the King will come to the door and he will say in his most regal voice, ĎKnock knock.í  And then you, as head of the household, will say, ĎWhoís there?í  And then the King will say, ĎThe King.í  And then you will say, ĎThe King who?í  And then the King will say, ĎGesundheit,í and then we laugh.  Okay, so . . . laugh.  Let . . . let me hear it."  Larry makes a half-hearted attempt at laughing.  "Not exactly the big yuk I was hoping for but then again I donít have the Kingís delivery," Balki sighs, "What can I tell you?"

Suddenly a booming voice calls from outside the front door, "Knock knock!"  "The Kingís early," Larry says calmly.  "Oh!  Oh God!" Balki gasps, getting nervous, "Oh God, heís early.  I havenít even had the chance to spray the room with welcoming goat fragrance."  "All right, all right, calm down," Larry urges as he leads Balki to the door, "Calm down, itís okay.  Everythingís under control.  Come on. Come on, we can do this."  "Oh God," Balki gasps again as they walk to the front door.  "Here we go . . . here we go . . . " Larry says calmly, "Okay?"  They stand at the door and once again the voice outside calls, "Knock knock!"  "Whoís there?" Larry calls back.  "The King!" the voice says.  "The King who?" Larry asks.  "Gesundheit!" the voice replies, then starts laughing.  Balki laughs as well and Larry kind of laughs then motions if he should open the door, which Balki motions is correct.  Larry opens the door and King Ferdinand enters.  He is a heavy-set man wearing an elaborate Myposian outfit with a flowing robe.  He looks around at the house and removes the robe, dropping it to one side.

Balki approaches the king, who waits with a smile.  Balki then throws himself flat on the floor at the manís feet.  "You may speak!" the King states.  Balki gets up onto his knees and holds his hands in prayer before the King as he recites in a somewhat trembling voice, "Welcome to our humble home, Your Gratuitousness."  The King allows Balki to kiss his hand and then slaps Balki across the face lightly twice before lifting his foot for Balki to kiss.  He then takes Balkiís hand and pulls him up to a standing position and they begin an elaborate ritual involving dancing and snippets of familiar songs such as "Chattanooga Choo Choo" and "The Banana Boat Song."  They dance and sing around each other and Balki kisses King Ferdinandís hand and foot then is slapped again as they come together and leap into the air shouting, "Oh po po!"  The King laughs and pats Balkiís arm happily.  He then turns to Larry and says, "And you must be Cousin Larry."  Larry looks befuddled, sighing, "Oh boy," and he slowly gets down onto the floor, making sure he straightens his tie before lying on it.

Once Larry is on the floor, the King says, "You may speak!"  Larry gets to his knees and holds his hands in prayer as he says, "Uh . . . w . . . welcome, uh . . . uh . . . to America, Your . . . Your . . . "  Larry looks to Balki for help.  "Superfluousness," Balki offers.  " . . . Superfluousness," Larry finishes, then he cringes as he waits to be slapped.  King Ferdinand simply pats Larry on the shoulder and says, "Thanks," before turning to Balki and slapping him again and letting him kiss his hand.  "You may rise," King Ferdinand tells Larry.  Larry gets to his feet and says, "Thank you."  Balki steps forward and asks, "Uh, Your Majesty, wh . . . where would you like to go first?"  "To see a dentist," King Ferdinand states.  "See a dentist?" Balki asks with confusion.  "I have to get my crown replaced," King Ferdinand says.  Balki and Larry are confused.  "Itís a king joke," King Ferdinand explains.  Balki and King Ferdinand start laughing and Larry joins in.  Both Balki and the King slap their knees and throw their hands upwards as Balki says, "Where does he come up with them?"

After the King throws his hands in the air he turns to Larry and falls with his arms across Larryís shoulders then doesnít move.  Larry continues to laugh and Balki notes, "I think he likes you.  Scratch him behind the ears."  Larry stops laughing and says, "Uh, Balki, I . . . I think somethingís wrong."  "Oh Cousin, itís probably just a serious case of jetlag," Balki says, and he steps forward and starts scratching the King behind the ear, cooing, "Isnít it?  Isnít it?"  "No, Balki, I . . . I . . . I donít think that itís jetlag," Larry says, and he lifts the Kingís head to look at his face.  The Kingís eyes are staring straight ahead with a blank expression.  Larry lowers the head again and reports, "Heís dead."  "Are you sure?" Balki asks.  The Kingís arm falls limply to his side.  Larry lifts it and lets go and it drops down again, lifeless.  "Positive," a wide-eyed Larry confirms.  "King Ferdinand is dead," Balki states emotionally, "All hail Cousin Larry, the new King of Mypos."  Balki gets down on the ground in front of Larry, who looks shocked.

A bit later, Balki and Larry are entering the kitchen.  "You okay?" Larry asks Balki with concern.  "Yeah," Balki replies uncertainly, "We all knew the King had a weak heart. Everybody always said ĎLong live the Kingí but nobody really believed it."  "Well, we should call someone to . . . move him, " Larry suggests.  "Oh no, no, no, Cousin," Balki counters, "We cannot do that.  The Kingly carcass must not be moved until the Speaker of the Hut arrives."  "The who?" Larry asks.  "The Speaker of the Hut of Representatives," Balki explains, then seeing Larry isnít getting it he continues, "Heís the man who oversees the day-to-day governing of Mypos and in his spare time he manages a four-day tire store.  Heís really a very nice guy.  Too bad he wasnít here to catch the King.  Everybody always said heíd make a great King.  Anyway, youíll like him Your Diminuitiveness."  "Donít call me Your Diminuitiveness," Larry insists.  "As you wish," Balki says, and he throws himself down on the floor at Larryís feet.

"No!  No!  No, no!  No!" Larry protests, "Get up!  Get up!  Get up, get up!  Get up!"  When Balki doesnít respond Larry finally says, "You may rise."  Balki kneels in front of Larry and Larry slaps him twice and lets Balki kiss his hand then pulls him to his feet.  "Donít call me Your Diminuitiveness," Larry repeats.  "As you wish, Your Compactness," Balki agrees, then he places a hand to his face and steps back in a kind of simple genuflect.  "Balki, just because the King died in my arms doesnít mean that I am the King of Mypos!" Larry argues.  "Cousin, Iím telling you this . . . whoever is the first person to touch the King after he dies becomes the new King.  Itís a tradition," Balki explains.  "W . . . well . . . well what if he had fallen into someone elseís arms?" Larry asks.  "Someone else would be the new King," Balki says.  "Really?" Larry asks.  "Yes, really," Balki confirms, "Now if youíll excuse me I have to call Mypos to tell the authorities that youíre going to be the new King."  Balki heads for the phone on the counter as Larry hurries to stop him.

"Oh no, no, no, no, no," Larry says, "H . . . hold off on that call."  "I need to give them time to put your face on the money," Balki explains, reaching for the phone again.  "No, no, Balki . . . Balki, we have got to . . . "  Larry stops and thinks about what Balki has said for a moment, looking intrigued.  "Theyíre going to put my face on the money?" Larry asks.  "Well, just the five digda note and the pingis," Balki explains.  "Theyíre going to put my face on the money?" Larry asks again, "W . . . no, all right, no, no, no!  Look, Balki, th . . . th . . . this is crazy!  Just hold off on that call.  All right . . . you know . . . if Iím going to be King I need to immerse myself in the food of my people."  "I just happen to have a vat of yak fat," Balki says, and he starts to move away but Larry stops him.  "No, you know what, Balki . . . Iím not in a yak fat mood," Larry says, "Go out and get me some chocolate-covered goat parts."  "Which goat parts would you like?" Balki asks.  "Get me the sampler," Larry says, "Go now."  "As you wish, Your Petiteness," Balki genuflects again and hurries out the door.

Some time later, Larry is sitting on the couch with King Ferdinand sitting beside him.  The Kingís eyes are open.  Balki runs in the door carrying a paper bag and hurries toward the kitchen, stopping to tell Larry, "I . . . I couldnít find any chocolate-covered goat parts, Your Liplessness . . . "  He genuflects again.  " . . . so I just heat up some chocolate and dip them myself!" Balki runs into the kitchen.  "Thank you, Balki," Larry calls, and then he talks to the King in a casual voice, "You know, Your Majesty, you couldnít ask for a more loyal subject than Balki Bartokomous."  Balki re-enters from the kitchen, walking in front of the couch and staring in disbelief.  "Oh!" Larry says, "Hi, Balki."  Larry lifts his hand in greeting and at the same moment the Kingís hand also rises in a wave.  Balki gasps with shock, "Heís alive!  Heís alive!  All hail King Ferdinand of Mypos!"  Balki throws himself at the Kingís feet as the scene fades to black.

Act two begins exactly where act one left off, with Balki prone at the feet of the King.  "Balki, donít get your hopes up," Larry says, "King Ferdinand is still dead."  Balki gets to his feet and says urgently, "But Cousin . . . Cousin . . . he . . . he waved at me.  You must have seen it.  You were sitting right there."  "Balki, I made him wave," Larry explains, and he pulls on a fishing line concealed beneath his arm that runs over his shoulder and is attached to the Kingís wrist, "See?  Fishing line.  Huh?  Pretty good, huh?"  Balki looks shocked and backs away.  "Youíre playing puppets with a dead monarch," Balki states in disbelief.  "Balki . . . Balki, look, hereís my plan," Larry says as he sets the fishing line aside and stands up, "Weíll just keep King Ferdinand Ďaliveí for just a few more hours then dump him into the arms of the Speaker of the Hut when he arrives at the reception.  The Speaker will be King and everybodyíll be happy."  "Youíre Obsessiveness," Balki genuflects, "You caught the King so you are the King.  I rest my face."  Balki backs out of the room, keeping his face to Larry as one would do when parting from a royal person.

Larry chases Balki into the kitchen, finally catching him as he says, "No, Balki . . . Balki . . . Balki . . . Balki, listen to me.  Listen to me . . . listen to me . . . will you just stop?  Stop!  Stop!"  "No, no, no!" Balki cries.  "Balki, you said it yourself," Larry points out, "The Speaker of the Hut would make a terrific King for Mypos!"  "Well, he has been trying to catch a dead king for years," Balki notes.  "And I would make a lousy King," Larry continues, "You know me.  I . . . Iím selfish, pushy, greedy . . . "  "Shallow," Balki continues for him, "hypocritical and a bald-faced liar."  Larry looks hurt.  "But that wonít impair your ability to lead a country," Balki points out, "Face it . . . youíre the King."  Balki gets down on the ground at Larryís feet.  "Oh, no . . . no, no . . . " Larry moans, "Oh . . . oh . . . all right . . . all right . . . Iíll be the King.  You may rise."  Balki gets to his knees and Larry slaps his face, then lets him kiss his hand before pulling him back to his feet.  "Balki, you know the first thing Iím going to do as King of Mypos?" Larry asks.  "Put a booster chair on the throne?" Balki asks.

"No," Larry corrects, "I am going to turn the island of Mypos into a radioactive toxic waste dump.  What do you think of that?"  "I donít think you should do that," Balki says nervously.  "Oh, you donít think I should do that?" Larry responds in a condescending voice.  "No, no, no, I donít think you should do that," Balki repeats.  "But I am the King!" Larry exaggerates, "And I think as the King I would know whatís best for the island.  And nobody, not you, not the Speaker of the Hut, can stop me!  Get down there!  Get down there!"  Larry points to the floor and Balki sprawls at his feet as Larry rests a foot on Balkiís back.  "Yes!  Yes!" Larry says thoughtfully, "Mmm hmmm . . . yes, a radioactive toxic waste dump it will be!"  "No!" Balki gasps.  "You may rise," Larry orders, and Balki gets to his knees as Larry slaps his face and lets Balki kiss his hand before pulling him to his feet.  "Of course all the Mypiots will glow in the dark," Larry muses.  "No," Balki cries.  "But think of all the money weíll save on florescent vests for the road crews!" Larry smiles.

"Try me for treason and call me eggs benedict but . . . I donít think you should be the King," Balki cries, then he slaps his hand over his mouth.  "Oh, you donít think I should be the King?" Larry asks.  "No, I donít think you should be the King," Balki cries.  "Oh, you donít think I should be the King?" Larry asks again as Balki puts his hands in prayer and sobs, "Oh, but I am the King!  I am the King!  Get down there!  Get down there!"  Larry points to the ground and Balki throws himself at Larryís feet again as Larry again places a foot on Balkiís back.  "I am the King!" Larry states proudly.  "But I donít think you should be the King," Balki sobs.  "Oh, you donít think I should be the King?" Larry asks as he squats down closer to Balki.  "No, I donít!" Balki cries.  "Oh, you donít think I should be the King?  But I am the King!  And itís too late now!"  "Itís too late now!" Balki cries.  "Yes, itís too late now," Larry repeats, then he gasps and adds, "Unless . . . !"  "Itís too late now," Balki sobs, not picking up on Larryís cue.  "Yes!  Yes," Larry agrees, then he grabs Balkiís head and lifts it, repeating, "Unless!"

"Unless what?" Balki asks.  "Unless . . . oh no, it would never work.  Itís too perfect," Larry sighs, and he releases Balkiís head and stands up.  Balki gets to his feet and says, "Cousin, we may have to settle for perfect.  Weíre desperate!"  Larry slaps Balkiís face and lets Balki kiss his hand although he is already on his feet.  "Well, you know I was thinking," Larry begins, "If we pretend King Ferdinand is alive and then drop him into the arms of . . . of someone who would make a terrific King!  Someone who would know how to run the country . . . someone who has been waiting to catch a king for years!  But no one comes to mind."  "Wait a minute!" Balki suddenly gasps, "I know someone!  The Speaker of the Hut!"  Larry feigns surprise and gasps, "Balki!  Youíre a genius!"  "Well, I did . . . " Balki begins humbly.  "Weíll just drop the King into the arms of the Speaker of the Hut and weíll save Mypos!"  "Oh Cousin!" Balki cries happily, "Cousin, we have to go make King Ferdinand ready for the party!"  They both hurry from the kitchen.

Later that evening the reception is in full swing.  Larry is sitting on the couch with King Ferdinandís body sitting beside him.  They have placed sunglasses on the Kingís eyes so people wonít notice he isnít blinking.  Larry pushes King Ferdinandís to make it appear he is looking at someone across the room and then pulls on the fishing line to make him wave as Larry waves himself.  Larry then tugs on the Kingís sleeve to make his head tilt back towards him.  Balki approaches carrying two small plastic cups with drinks.  "Here you go, Cousin," Balki says, "I thought you might want that."  Balki sits on the couch on the other side of the King, whose body leans into Balkiís when he sits down.  Balki pushes the head away, which then leans over towards Larry.  Finally Balki pulls the Kingís head back up straight, turns it toward himself and then pulls the Kingís arm around his shoulder so it looks like they are being chummy as Balki pretends to make conversation.  A moment later the front door opens and a man and woman, both dressed in elaborate Myposian attire, enter the house.

"Balki, there he is," Larry points out.  "Well, thatís our Speaker all right," Balki confirms, "Old Walki Talki and his lovely wife Chatti Kathi . . . although she . . . she prefers to be called ĎCookie.í"  "Balki, go get him," Larry urges.  "Okay," Balki says, and he gets up.  When Larry isnít looking, Balki pauses and puts the drink he is holding into King Ferdinandís left hand.  Balki heads for the Speaker and moments later a woman walks past the couch.  She stops and turns to greet the King and Larry smiles and waves at her, then pulls the fishing line to make King Ferdinand wave.  But Larry doesnít know Balki has put the drink in that hand and Larry ends up throwing the drink all over himself.  Larry covers by rubbing the liquid into his chin and commenting, "Well, youíre absolutely right, Your Majesty, it makes a marvelous after-shave."  Larry looks angrily at Balki and removes the empty cup from the Kingís hand.  "Oki doki, howís it hangi?" Balki asks the Speaker.  "Oki doki, Balki," the Speaker replies, then turns to his wife and asks, "Reminiski Cookie?"  "You bet your bibbibabka!" Balki smiles, "Howís it hangi, Cookie?"  "Super!" Cookie smiles as she gives Balki a thumbs up.

The three of them put their heads together and squeal, "Ingi wingi wingi" then step back and point at each other, saying in a cool voice, "Wwowww!"  Balki motions for the two of them to step further inside and they pass behind Lydia and Mr. Gorpley, who are standing behind the couch and talking.  Lydia sits on the back of the couch where King Ferdinandís right hand is now resting, and she inadvertently sits on his hand and leaps up, squealing with delight, "Whoa!  Oh, King Ferdinand, you little scamp!"  Mr. Gorpley rolls his eyes and walks away as Lydia walks around the couch and laughs in a shy manner.  Larry pulls on the King and his hand falls to the couch cushion and Lydia again manages to sit on it as she sits next to him.  She jumps up and laughs, slapping his hand and setting it on his lap as she scolds, "Oh, you little devil!"  Lydia sits next to the King and he leans into her.  She takes this as a sign and holds his hand, noting, "Oh . . . cold hands, warm heart?"  She nudges the King knowingly.  "Suplitaki, Walki Talki!" Balki begs of the Speaker.  "Balki!" the Speaker scolds, motioning with his hand over his mouth, "No can do!"  The Speaker and his wife walk away.

Balki returns to the couch and says quietly, "Cousin, Cousin, Cousin, we . . . we have a big problem.  The Speaker and King Ferdinand arenít speaking to each other.  They had a big fight before they left Mypos.  Something about whether Certs is really two, two, two mints in one."  "All right, Balki, new plan," Larry says, "If the Speaker wonít come to the King, the King will have to go to the speaker."  Larry hands Balki the end of the fishing line and says, "Hold this.  Hold this.  Just hold this."  Larry turns to the King and says, "Uh . . . excuse me, uh . . . Your Majesty.  Uh, Lydia, I know the King has taken a great liking to you . . . "  Lydia giggles and pulls the King closer to her again.  " . . . but it really is time for him to mingle with the other guests," Larry finishes, pulling the King back again.  "Well, all right," Lydia sighs, taking the King by the chin and turning his face toward her, "As long as you promise to save me a dance later tonight.  Do you promise?"  "Well, I donít think heíll have time for that," Larry says.  Balki pulls on the string and makes King Ferdinand slap Larry on the side of the face.

Lydia gets up and leaves, satisfied, as Larry adds, "Maybe he will."  Larry turns and hits Balki on the knee.  Balki pulls the line again and makes King Ferdinand smack Larry again.  Larry turns to the King and slaps his face.  Balki makes the King slap Larry back.  Larry turns to Balki and says with frustration, "Balki, will you give me a hand?"  Balki smiles mischievously and pulls the line again to make the King slap Larry once more.  "Stop it!  Just stop it!  Stop it!  Stop it!" Larry scolds and he pulls the fishing line away from Balki, "A dead man is not a toy!"  Larry removes the fishing line from the Kingís wrist and says quietly, "Balki, we have got to get the King to the Speaker of the Hut.  Now we canít just drag him around the room.  Weíve got to make him look alive."  "No problem, Cousin," Balki says, and he moves to sit down on the other side of the King.  Balki and Larry then stand, each taking one of the Kingís hands as they lean forward precariously, trying to pull the body up off the couch.  They finally managed to pull the King to his unsteady feet and hold on to him, pulling his arms around their shoulders.

Balki and Larry then reach down and each take a hold of the Kingís pants legs, moving forward and lifting his legs in turn so it appears as if he is walking.  They head for the Speaker and his wife, who are standing at the front door, where Cookie is trying to talk some sense into the Speaker.  She follows the Speaker as he makes a complete walk around the living room, not noticing that Balki and Larry are following right behind them making the King Ďwalk.í  They all come to a stop behind the couch and Larry says, "Balki, just get the Speaker of the Hut to turn around and Iíll drop King Ferdinand into his arms."  "Got it," Balki agrees, and he leaves Larry holding the King as he approaches the Speakerís wife.  "Uh Cookie . . . Cookie did you see over there?" Balki points, "We have, eh . . . chips and sheep dip."  Cookie looks excited and goes to help herself to the snacks.  Balki steps to the Speaker and says, "Your Speakership, thereís something Iíve never told you. The night that you and Cookie did the Captain and Tennille medley?  I was really moved."

The Speaker waves Balki off humbly.  "Oh yes I was, oh yes," Balki insists as he backs the Speaker toward the King, "Um, I finally understood the meaning of ĎMuskrat Love.í  Oh look!  The King!"  Balki turns the Speaker to face the King and then ducks aside.  "Iíve got nothing to say to you!" the Speaker tells the King emphatically, and just as Larry pushes the King forward the Speaker turns and walks away, leaving the King to fall face first on the floor.  Everyone turns and looks at the King in shock.  "Oh!" Larry cries as he and Balki help pull the King back to his feet, "Uh well . . . sorry about that loose floorboard, Your Majesty!  Weíll just have that fixed immediately."  The sunglasses have fallen askew off the Kingís face so Balki straightens them, then pulls a handkerchief out of his pants and proceeds to brush the King off and then polish his bald head. Balki then dabs at the corners of the Kingís mouth and finally pushes the corners of the manís mouth up into a smile.  "All right, letís go," Larry urges, and Balki prepares to "walk" King Ferdinand around again.  "Oh, no time," Larry says, "Look, letís just get him over there.  Come on."  They drag King Ferdinand toward the Speaker, not even trying to make him look like heís walking.

The Speaker sees them coming and moves around to the front of the couch again.  Larry and Balki drag the King around the couch as Larry comments, "Oh!  No more punch for you, big guy!"  They stop and pull the King back up onto his feet.  "Hold him," Larry urges Balki, and Larry walks around to the Speaker and says, "Excuse me, uh, Mr. Hut?"  Larry motions for the Speaker to follow him, which he does until they are in front of the King.  "The King would like to apologize to you for arguing with you earlier," Larry explains.  "Huh, is that so?" the Speaker asks skeptically, then he turns to the King and says, "Well, this I would like to hear!"  Balki gently pushes the King forward and then he runs around to hide behind Larry.  The King teeters toward the Speaker for a moment, then suddenly falls backwards and lands on top of Cookie, both of them landing on the couch.  Cookie looks shocked as the dead King is lying on top of her.  "The King is dead!" Larry and Balki announce loudly, "Long live Queen Cookie!"  Balki, Larry and the Speaker all get down on the floor around Cookieís feet.

The next scene begins with an establishing shot of the house and the caption "Two Weeks Later."  Larry is sitting on the couch reading when Balki walks in the front door and says, "Mail call, Cousin."  "Ah, anything for me?" Larry asks as Balki crosses and sits on the couch to look through the mail.  "Just this winter catalogue from Digbyís Fine Apparel," Balki answers, then he reads from the cover, "ĎClothing the little man since 1954.í"  Larry takes the catalogue from Balki.  "You know, I think youíd look adorable in that little sailor suit on the cover," Balki notes, "Itís just . . . oh, Cousin, look.  I got a letter from Mama."  Balki holds up an envelope with tassels on it.  "Oh well, what does she have to say?" Larry asks.  "Well, letís see here," Balki says as he opens the envelope and looks at the letter inside, "She says that ever since Queen Cookie has been ruling Mypos itís just nothing but party, party, party."

"And the, uh . . . the fun began with the Queenís Coronation, Tractor Pull and Demolition Derby," Balki continues.  "Well, that sounds very entertaining," Larry comments.  Balki looks into the envelope and pulls out some photographs saying, "Oh Cousin, look . . . she sent pictures of . . . of King Ferdinandís send off."  "You mean his, uh, funeral," Larry corrects.  "No, no, I . . . I mean his send off," Balki confirms, "See?  Thereís a picture of them strapping him to the catapult."  Larry eyes the photo in disbelief and asks, "Well . . . well, donít . . . donít they bury him in the ground or . . . or at sea?"  "Well, that all depends on where he lands," Balki explains, "See?  Thereís a . . . thereís a picture of the launch.  Excellent hang time."  "He had really quite good form for . . . for a dead man," Larry notes.  "Oh yeah," Balki agrees, and the episode ends.

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