Perfect Strangers Episode Guide

EPISODE 125 - Fright Night

First Air Date: October 25, 1991
Filming Date: August 30, 1991
Nielsen Rating: 12.5 HH

TV Guide Description: When a ghostly apparition materializes upstairs at Larry and Jennifer's house, it's up to the cousins to play ghostbusters to drive out the intruder.

Produced by: Alan Plotkin
Created by: Dale McRaven
Written by: Barry OíBrien & Cheryl Alu
Directed by: Judy Pioli

Bronson Pinchot: Balki Bartokomous
Mark Linn-Baker: Larry Appleton
Rebeca Arthur: Mary Anne Spencer
Melanie Wilson: Jennifer Appleton

Guest Cast:
Peter Jason: The Ghost (Chester Bainbridge)

frightnightgrab01.jpg (41037 bytes)Dimitri Appearances: Dimitri can be seen lying on his own little bed in Balkiís bedroom!

"I didnít even know they had hogs."
"Cousin, this book is written by a college professor, Michael Williams Fudd."
"Thatís where youíre wrong, Mr. Pouting Thomas."

Donít be ridiculous: Said once in this episode.

Other catchphrases used in this episode:
"Oh, right!"
"Oh my Lord!"
"Stop it!"

Other running jokes used in this episode:
Balki jumps over the couch to sit on it
Mary Anne says something really intelligent then explains it in a weird way
Balki hugs someone to greet them
Larry and Balki argue over each other
Larry and Balki throttle each other

Interesting facts:
This was the second episode the series which was basically a Halloween episode, since it aired during the last week of October in 1991, although in the previous episode, season fourís Aliens, actually referred to Halloween while this episode does not.
- This is the first time the new neighbors, The Finleys, are mentioned.  The Finleys, though never seen, would come up again in upcoming episodes.
- When Balki tells Mary Anne not to yell, "Who you gonna call?" when meeting the ghost, he is of course referring to the theme song from the hit film Ghostbusters and its sequel Ghostbusters II, as well as the very popular animated series.
- Balkiís way of saying, "Weíre heeeere!" was a reference to the popular line spoken by child actress Heather OíRourke in the 1982 movie Poltergeist, although in that film she said, "Theyíre heeeere!" when referring to the ghost infiltrating the familyís home.
- Once again Wayne Newton is mentioned when Balki has a poster of the Las Vegas singing legend in his bedroom.
- When Larry says, "Do do that voodoo that you do so well," itís a nod to the line from the song You Do Something to Me by the great Cole Porter.
- Itís in this episode that we learn Balkiís room is the one with the turret above it.  This would be the only time we would see Balkiís bedroom in the new house, however.
- Peter Jason, who appears in this episode as Chester the Ghost, has an incredibly impressive resume of acting credits to his name.  Along his many, many, many credits are appearances on the series Here Come the Brides, Land of the Giants, Hawaii Five-0, Gunsmoke, One Day at a Time, The Incredible Hulk, Hart to Hart, Silver Spoons, Cagney & Lacey, Riptide, Remington Steele, The Golden Girls, Scarecrow and Mrs. King, Webster, Knotís Landing, Quantum Leap, A Different World, Roseanne, Married with Children, Murder, She Wrote, JAG, Desperate Housewives and Mad Men, as well as recurring roles in the series Mike Hammer, Private Eye, Nash Bridges and Deadwood.  He also appeared in the films Mommie Dearest, Some Kind of Hero, The Karate Kid, Dreamscape, Brewsterís Millions, Arachnophobia, Mortal Kombat, The Glimmer Man, Danteís Peak, Adaptation and Seabiscuit.  You can visit his official website by clicking here!

Bloopers and Inconsistencies:
When everyone is upstairs in Balkiís bedroom waiting for Chester, Larry comments that Chester Bainbridge was just some guy who was dumb enough to hide from the mob in his own room.  Larry wasnít in the kitchen when Balki told Jennifer and Mary Anne the story about Chester.  So how did Larry know how and where Chester had died?

The episode begins one evening at the house.  Larry and Jennifer are sitting on the couch in the living room together.  Jennifer is reading a magazine and Larry is doing the crossword puzzle in the newspaper.  "Well, according to this article the first year of marriage is the toughest," Jennifer explains, "and the key to survival is keeping the lines of communication open.  We communicate, donít we, Larry?"  Larry continues to write and doesnít respond.  After a moment, Jennifer asks, "Larry?"  Larry looks up from his work and asks, "Iím sorry . . . did you say something?"  "Larry!" Jennifer cries.  "Kidding!  Kidding!  Just kidding!" Larry assures her and they kiss playfully.  Balki suddenly runs in the front door all excited.  "Everyone!  Big news!" Balki exclaims as he jumps over and onto the couch, "Listen, I was just over at the Finleyís looking at the city that Mr. Finley made out of popsicle sticks . . . itís Pittsburgh!  Even though my first guess was St. Louis but then I saw that it didnít have a big arch.  Where was I?  Oh yeah!  Mr. Finley told me the most amazing news!"

Balki jumps over the couch, still rambling, "Weíve all got to go over there . . . youíve got to come and see this!" as he runs up the stairs and calls, "Mary Anne!"  He disappears at the top of the stairs for a moment and then we hear Mary Anne let out a scream.  "Oh, put on some clothes and come on over to the Finleyís," Balki says as he runs back down the stairs and runs out the front door, motioning for everyone to follow him, "Come on!  Well, come on . . . "  After Balki runs out the door, Larry and Jennifer continue to read their magazine and do the crossword puzzle quietly.  Mary Anne runs down the stairs wearing a robe and asks, "Whatís going on?"  "Uh, something about the Finleyís popsicle stick city," Larry explains.  "Oh, Iíve seen it.  Itís Pittsburgh," Mary Anne says, and she comes around to sit on the couch, picking up a magazine to read.  Balki walks back into the house and stands in front of them with his arms out.  "Am I speaking a foreign language?" he asks.

"Balki, we are not going to the Finleyís," Larry explains, "If we go to the Finleyís heíll talk about fishing and sheíll show us the sweater she knitted for her dog."  Balki kneels down next to the couch and explains, "Cousin, Mr. Finley told me the most amazing thing.  Weíre not the only ones living in this house!  We have a ghost!"  Balki gasps excitedly and waits for a similar reaction from the others, which doesnít come.  "Hereís the topper!" Balki continues, "They tell me that the ghost living in the room at the top of the stairs.  You know whoís room that is?  Thatís my room!"  Balki gasps excitedly again.  "A ghost!" Mary Anne exclaims, "That would explain so many things!  Like why the garage door opens and closes by itself!"  "Mary Anne, we have a remote control," Jennifer points out.  "So whatís your point?" Mary Anne asks.  "Iím telling you, do you realize how lucky we are?" Balki asks as he runs behind the couch and jumps over the back to sit down, "I mean, on Mypos itís a huge honor to live in a haunted hut.  I mean, it . . . it . . . it brings good luck to the occupants and it wards off evil and then of course thereís someone to pick up the mail when youíre on vacation."

"Balki, there is no ghost," Larry states, "The Finleyís sold you a bunch of hog-wash."  "I didnít even know they had hogs," Balki replies.  "I mean there are no such things as ghosts," Larry explains.  Balki snickers, "There . . . there are no such things as ghosts?  What do they teach you people in school?"  "Balki, the whole idea of a ghost is a little silly," Jennifer agrees with Larry.  "No, no, it is not silly," Balki insists, "It is an honor!  You know, ghosts are very particular about who they move in with.  We should be grateful that Chester decided to live with us."  "Who is Chester?" Larry asks.  "Chester Bainbridge?" Balki replies, "Heís our ghost!  Havenít you been listening?"  Larry and Jennifer gets up from the couch and head upstairs.  "You know, Iím gonna call Mama and . . . and share my good news with her," Balki tells Mary Anne, "Sheís gonna be so jealous.  Sheís been on a ghost waiting list for over five years."

The next evening, Mary Anne and Jennifer are in the kitchen setting the table for dinner.  "All right, Jennifer, if there is no ghost how do you explain the sound of water running in the middle of the night?" Mary Anne asks.  "Easy," Jennifer answers, "Larry gets thirsty right after we . . . . believe me, itís not a ghost."  Balki and Larry enter through the outside kitchen door.  Balki is holding a book up in front of Larryís face and urging, "Cousin, just take look at the book.  Take a look at any part of the book."  "Balki, please, Balki," Larry moans.  "Just a sentence . . . just one sentence . . . just look at one word!"  Larry pushes the book away and urges, "Get the book out of my face."  Larry walks to Jennifer to give her a kiss, but Balki holds the book between their faces, continuing, "Say, Cousin, if I could just direct your attention to this one little page."  Larry takes the book and complains, "Balki, for the last time, I donít care what the book says.  We do not have a ghost!"  "Oh, and I suppose the oven just cleans itself!" Mary Anne counters.

Balki walks to Mary Anne and says, "Mary Anne, itís nice to know thereís one person who . . . who believes what Iím talking about."  "Oh Balki, I always believe what youíre talking about, even when I have no idea what youíre talking about!" Mary Anne smiles.  "All right, how about a movie after dinner?" Larry asks Jennifer.  "Sounds good," Jennifer smiles and she and Larry move closer to kiss.  But Balki again forces the book between their faces and insists, "Cousin, Cousin, Cousin, if . . . if you just . . . if you just take a look . . . take a look right there.  Cousin, this book is written by a college professor, Michael Williams Fudd."  "Michael Williams Fudd?" Larry asks.  "Michael Williams Fudd," Balki nods.  Larry looks at the book and corrects, "Michael Williams, PhD."  Larry hands the book back to Balki and says, "And I still say thereís no ghost and Iím gonna go get the movie section."  Larry quickly turns and kisses Jennifer before Balki can block him again, then turns back to Balki and laughs, then kisses Jennifer again before he goes to the living room.

"But . . . but thereís . . . thereís a whole chapter on . . . on Chester Bainbridge," Balki tells the girls as he holds the book open, "Thereís even a picture of my room.  Look. You see that fuzzy spot?  Thatís Chester.  Michael Williams photographed Chester himself."  "Michael Williams . . . I saw him on ĎNightline,í" Jennifer remembers, "What does he say about Chester?"  "He said that Chester was a really devoted Chicago Cubs fan and a . . . a compulsive gambler," Balki explains, "And he bet a fortune that the Chicago Cubs would win the 1929 World Series."  "The Ď29 Series," Mary Anne interjects, "The Cubs lost in five games to Philadelphia.  Jimmie Foxx hit .350 during that series."  Jennifer and Balki stare at Mary Anne in shock.  "Some things just stick in my head for no reason," Mary Anne explains, "Other things go right through it."  "Anyway, uh . . . um, Chester couldnít pay off his bet and so they found him stuffed into a trunk in the closet in my room," Balki finishes.  "Balki, show me the . . . the picture of Chester in this book," Jennifer asks.  Balki shows the girls the book and points out, "Now look . . . see?  Right there.  Thatís him."  Jennifer and Mary Anne look at the picture for a moment then look at Balki, shaking their heads because they donít see it.

"You . . . you . . . you . . . if you squint . . . just right . . . it looks like heís got a Chicago Cubs hat," Balki directs.  Jennifer and Mary Anne squint and look at the picture but they still canít see it.  "You got to . . . youíve got to tilt your head to . . . to the left," Balki explains, and they keep their eyes squinted and tilt their heads to the left and look again.  "Oh yeah," Jennifer says.  "Yeah, right in there, huh?" Balki nods as Mary Anne also says, "Yeah."  Larry returns from the living room.  "Oh!  Larry . . . Larry, thereís an actual photograph of our ghost in Balkiís room," Jennifer informs him.  "I left the room for two minutes, suddenly youíre seeing ghosts?" Larry asks.  "Well, Larry, Michael Williams is a leading parapsychologist," Jennifer says, "If he says Chester is upstairs . . . maybe he is."  "Cousin, look at the picture," Balki urges.  "Squint," Jennifer adds, as she squints.  "Tilt your head to the left and close one eye," Mary Anne adds, and she, Jennifer and Balki all do this as Larry looks at them in disbelief.  "All right, all right, there will be no more talk of ghosts in this house," Larry orders, "Is that clear?  All right, there is no ghost and there is no way you can prove there is."

"Thatís where youíre wrong, Mr. Pouting Thomas," Balki contradicts, "According to Professor Williams, Chester Bainbridge appears at sundown every year on the anniversary of his death, which happens to be tonight.  So if you would be so kind as to come up to my room, Iíll be happy to introduce you."  "Well, I tell you what weíre gonna do," Larry offers, "Itís almost sundown now.  Weíre all gonna go up to Balkiís room and wait for the ghost.  When he doesnít appear, youíll see I was right and then Jennifer and I are going to the movies.  Okay?"  "Cousin, that sounds like a great idea," Balki agrees.  Larry turns to leave but Balki stops him, saying, "Now before we go up there, weíve got to go over some ghost etiquette."  Larry sighs and he and Jennifer start to leave with Mary Anne behind them.  "Cousin, n . . . " Balki then talks to Mary Anne, who is the only one whoíll listen.  "Listen, when the ghost appears, whatever you do donít say, ĎWho you gonna call?í  They really hate that!" Balki and Mary Anne exit the kitchen as well.

Upstairs, we see Balkiís room, which is lavishly decorated with Myposian artifacts and decorations.  The door slowly cracks open and Balki pokes his head inside, calling tentatively, "Chester?  Hello?  Weíre heeere!"  When nothing happens Balki sighs, "Well, I guess we are a little early.  Come on in.  Come on."  Everyone walks into Balkiís bedroom and looks around.  "Balki, when did you find time to do all this decorating?" Larry asks.  "What decorating?" Balki asks, "I just unpacked.  I wish I had done more now that I know Iím not in here alone."  "Youíre not?" Mary Anne turns on him angrily, "Well, just whoís in here with you, Mister?"  "Chester the ghost," Balki answers.  "Oh, right!" Mary Anne remembers.  Jennifer suddenly lets out a scream.  "W . . . w . . . what is it, Jen?" Larry asks.  "Itís Wayne Newton!" Jennifer cries as she looks at a poster of the singer on the other side of the room, "His eyes are following me!"  Larry and Jennifer move forward together as they look at the poster.  "Oh my Lord!" Larry exclaims, as they move back and forth, "W . . . well, youíre right.  They . . . they do seem to be moving."

"Well, of course they are!  Donít be ridiculous!" Balki scoffs as he steps next to the Myposian-framed poster, "I paid extra for the poster with the movable eyes and the scratch ní sniff cologne.  Itís Wayneís own fragrance.  Itís called Waynedrops.  I havenít decided yet where to put the poster.  Now hereís my dilemma."  Balki picks up the poster and carries it to the other side of the room.  "I would love it to be the first thing you see when you walk into the room."  Balki sets the poster down then returns to the other side of the room as he continues, "But on the other hand, Wayne looks his best over here in the morning sun.  What to do . . . what to do . . . "  Larry walks over to Balki and says, "There is nothing to be afraid of.  There is no ghost.  Chester Bainbridge was just some guy who was dumb enough to hide from the mob in his own room."  Larry suddenly goes flying into the wall, slamming into it with his face and falling to the floor in a heap.  Larry quickly gets up and looks at Balki with an accusing glare.

"What did you do that for?" Larry asks.  "Do what?" Balki asks.  "You shoved me," Larry says.  "No, I didnít shove you," Balki insists.  "Well, somebody shoved me!" Larry insists.  Balki gasps excitedly and grabs Larryís shoulders, exclaiming, "Itís Chester!  Hey, Chester!  Chester, hi!  How are you?"  "Balki, you are talking to the air," Larry says, "Now . . . now . . . now there is no ghost!  But . . . just . . . take that."  Larry pushes at the air in return for being shoved.  Balki motions for Larry to stop, warning him, "Cousin, donít ever be rude to a ghost.  You see, theyíre a lot like alligators.  Theyíre fun to have around the house just as long as theyíre in a good mood."  "Okay, okay . . . all right," Larry sighs, stepping forward with the others also stepping forward, "Chester, if youíre here . . . show me!  Come on!  Do do that voodoo that you do so well."  After a moment nothing has happened.  "There you see?  Nothing!" Larry states, "I was right.  There is no ghost.  Now come on, Jennifer.  Letís go to the movies."  Suddenly all four of them rise up into the air and hover above the ground.  "Oh my Lord!" Larry gasps, and the scene fades to black.

Act two picks up exactly where act one left off, with Jennifer, Mary Anne, Balki and Larry still hovering in mid-air.  "Larry, you wanted proof of a ghost," Jennifer says nervously, "I think we have it."  "All right, come on now," Larry says, "Letís . . . letís not jump to conclusions.  There . . . thereís gotta be a . . . a logical explanation for this."  "Cousin, give it up.  Weíre in mid-air," Balki points out.  "Okay . . . okay, how Ďbout this?" Larry tries, "The furnace malfunctioned creating a backdraft w . . . which came up through the vents which created a . . . a thermal vacuum causing things to rise.  Kind of like what keeps airplanes up."  "Really?" Mary Anne asks, "Well, what keeps interest rates up?"  Jennifer, Mary Anne and Balki are all gently lowered back to the floor.  Larry is still left suspended.  "Thanks for the ride, Chester," Balki smiles, "What about Cousin Larry?"  Larry is suddenly lowered, but not as gently.  He lands hard on the floor but is able to remain standing.  "Okay, weíre all safely back on the ground," Larry states, "No harm done.  I admit . . . something strange just happened.  I have no idea what but it has nothing to do with a ghost."

"Larry, I donít know what kind of sign youíre looking for but this house is obviously haunted," Jennifer counters, "Iím going to a hotel.  Are you coming?"  "No!" Larry insists, "No, I refuse to be driven from my home by something that doesnít exist."  "Well, if you want to stay here, fine," Jennifer says, "but Iíll be at the Kingsley Court.  Come on, Mary Anne."  "You know, having a ghost would explain why every time we open the refrigerator the light goes on!" Mary Anne deduces, then she heads for the door with Jennifer following her.  "No, Mary Anne," Jennifer says, "The light goes on because . . . "  Mary Anne stops before opening the door and looks back at Jennifer.  Jennifer finally sighs in defeat and says, "Yes, having a ghost would explain it."  The girls exit the room and leave the door open behind them.  "Nice work, Balki," Larry sighs, "Iím sleeping alone tonight thanks to you and your idiot ghost."  "Cousin!" Balki cries, placing a hand over Larryís mouth, "Cousin!  Cousin, donít call Chester an idiot.  Ghosts resent having their intelligence belittled.  They think because theyíve seen the whole universe they know everything."

"Okay, heís not an idiot," Larry offers, "Heís a jerk!"  "Cousin!" Balki urges, covering Larryís mouth again.  Larry pushes Balkiís hand away and heads for the door, saying, "Now, do you think Chester would be upset if I went down to the basement and checked the furnace?"  The door to Balkiís room suddenly slams shut right in front of Larry.  "He might be," Balki surmises.  "Just a breeze," a startled Larry rationalizes.  The window suddenly slams down closed.  "The foundationís settling," Larry explains.  Suddenly one of Balkiís Moogli carvings rises into the air and hovers in front of Larry.  "Okay, this is a little bit harder," Larry admits.  The animal hovers for a while and then returns to the place where it was sitting.  There then arises a bone-chilling, other-worldly scream which leaves Larry and Balki with their mouths hanging open.  "What the hell was that?" Larry asks.  "That was my terrifying ghost moan imitation," a male voice explains from nowhere, "Iíve been working on it.  How do you like it?"  "Like it?" Balki asks, "We love it!  Can you do Elvis?"  "Do him?" the voice asks, "I played cards with Elvis last night."  "So he is dead," Balki sighs sadly.

All at once Chester materializes next to Balki and Larry.  He is translucent and gray, wearing an old-fashioned suit and tie.  "What is it with you people and Elvis?" Chester asks.  "Cousin . . . Cousin, look.  Itís . . . itís Chester!" Balki gasps, then he moves forward to hug the ghost, smiling, "Hi, Chester!"  But before Balki can close his arms around him, Chester dissipates into light and flies around Balkiís head before vanishing.  "Balki . . . we have a ghost!" Larry realizes.  "No!" Balki says sarcastically.  Chester materializes on the other side of them and comments, "The little guy catches on quick."  "Chester, I . . . I didnít mean to call you an idiot . . . or . . . or a jerk," Larry laughs nervously, then asks, "Are we square?  Uh . . . uh, shake?"  Larry steps forward to shake hands but Chester again disappears then pops up behind Balki.  "Ah, youíre too late," Chester says, "You blew it!  You think youíre so smart just because youíre alive.  Well, I can fix that.  No more Mr. Nice Ghost!"  Chester dissipates again, breaking into a lot of pieces of light and flying around Larry and Balki before disappearing.  "Nice going, Cousin," Balki sighs, "Now we have an angry ghost on our hands.  Weíre going to have to figure out a way to get rid of him."

"Itís okay," Larry assures Balki in an unsure voice, "Everything will be fine.  Iíll . . . Iíll just apologize."  "No, no, Cousin, itís too late for that," Balki says, "Apologizing wonít work."  "Sure itíll work," Larry argues, "It always works.  I do something to you, you get mad, I apologize, you forgive me.  Same thing happens with Jennifer.  Itís a beautiful system."  "Cousin, I donít think that . . . " Balki argues.  "Donít think," Larry counters, "Donít think.  Just donít think."  "Cousin, just let me finish . . . did you grow up in a hut?"  "Let me do this," Larry insists.  They continue to argue, talking over one another.  "I did . . . just listen to me . . . no, no, no . . . I know about . . . "  " . . . is it so hard for you to just let me do this? . . . let me try it . . . "  "All right, fine . . . fine," Balki finally gives in.  "Thank you," Larry nods.  "Have it your way," Balki sighs, and he takes a step away from Larry and crosses his arms.  "Chester, I am really, really sorry," Larry offers, "I . . . you know, I . . . I donít know what came over me.  Just, you know, sometimes I . . . I get in these moods.  Ah, well . . . you know, Iíve been going through a lot of changes lately.  Uh, new wife . . . new home . . . and, uh, a lot of things . . . "

The unearthly moan starts again and a wooden candlestick flies across the room and barely misses Larry, slamming into the door.  Larry grabs Balki and cries, "Did ya see that?  If that had hit me it would have killed me!  Now he is trying to hurt me!  Just, just please . . . do something."  Larry hides somewhat behind Balki.  "Cousin, you canít just make a ghost go away," Balki explains, "You have to drive him away."  "All right, drive him away!" Larry urges, "Drive him away!  Go ahead!  How do we do that?"  "Well, the only way to drive a ghost away is youíve got to . . . to make him angry," Balki explains, "And then . . . and then if you make him angry enough heíll use up all his energy by having a ghostly tantrum and . . . you know, Cousin, why donít you try it?  Youíre good at making people angry."  Larry looks at Balki with a hurt expression, then gives it a try.  "Chester, when you died . . . you were so ugly they buried you face down."  They wait but nothing happens.  "Didnít work," Larry sighs, "Nothingís happening."  Balkiís right arm suddenly starts moving in a bizarre, spastic fashion.  "Cousin, you know, I . . . I . . . I think that something . . . something is . . . kind of happening."  "Whatís going on there?" Larry asks.

"Iím . . . Iím not quite sure," Balki admits as his right arm goes straight up in the air and then starts spinning in a windmill fashion, "I think something big is happening and I have a feeling that Chester has control of my hand."  Balki suddenly swings his arm back and Larry gasps, "Ooh!" as he realizes it is swinging back right at him.  Balkiís arm hits Larry full force, knocking Larry back across the bed.  Larry bounces back up as Balkiís arm jerks up and down again.  "What did you do that for?" Larry asks.  "I donít know, Cousin!" Balki cries, unable to control his arm as it winds up again, "I canít control it!"  "What?  What?" Larry cries.  "I still think Chester has control of my hand!" Balki cries as his arm knocks Larry back across the bed again.  Larry jumps back up and yells, "Stop it!"  "Oh, Cousin!" Balki cries as his left hand is taken over and grabs Larry by the hair and starts jerking his head around.  "Iím sorry!  Iím sorry!  Iím sorry!" Balki keep apologizing.  Balkiís right arm suddenly shoots out straight as Balki cries, "Ooh!"  His right arm grabs Larryís neck and starts throttling him.  Larry finally manages to grab Balkiís arms and with Balkiís help they are able to throw Balkiís hands off his neck.

"Okay, okay, I think weíve got him on the run because . . . because he let go of me," Balki pants for breath, "Maybe . . . maybe I should have a go at it."  "All right, go for it!  Go for it!" Larry encourages, "Get him!  Get him!"  "Okay," Balki begins, "Okay, um . . . uh, Chester . . . you have the spleen of a cowardly goat!"  Balki and Larry cringe, but nothing happens.  "Oh, youíre getting him!" Larry smiles, "Youíre getting him!  Go!  Go!  Go!  Go!  Finish him off!  Finish him off!"  "Okay, okay," Balki continues, "Uh . . . uh, may . . . may you fall on your face with your hands in your pockets."  Balki laughs.  Still nothing happens.  "Balki?" Larry says.  "Yeah?" Balki replies.  "I think you did it," Larry smiles.  "I do, too!" Balki smiles nervously.  As Larry speaks, we can see his right hand coming up slowly and menacingly over Balkiís shoulder.  "I think heís gone!  I think you drove that ghost from this house!"  Larryís hand taps Balkiís shoulder.  "So do I," Balki agrees, turning to see Larryís hand, "I think heís . . . "  Larryís hand grabs Balki by the neck and starts throttling him without Larry noticing.  "I think heís gone from the premises," Larry smiles, oblivious to the fact his hand is choking Balki.

"Yes . . . I donít hear him," Larry continues as Balki continues to be throttled, "I donít hear him anywhere.  Amazing!  We did it!  We did it!  We drove the ghost from the house!"  Larry looks down and finally sees what his hand is doing and lets out a scream.  Larryís left hand shoots straight out as Larry cries, "Oh no!"  His left hand also grabs Balki by the throat.  "Oh no!  Balki!  Balki!" Larry cries as Balki gets to his feet.  Together they manage to throw off Larryís hands.  Theyíve barely caught their breath when Balkiís right hand shoots out again.  Balki screams and Larry cries, "Oh no!"  They grab Balkiís hand to keep it under control.  Suddenly Larryís left arm is pulled behind his back.  Then Balkiís left arm is pulled behind his back as well.  Balkiís right arm is pulled behind his back, leaving Larryís right arm flailing in front of them.  "Just . . . just hang on, Cousin," Balki urges, "I think . . . I think Chester is on the run."  Larryís flailing hand slaps Balkiís face.  "I think heís . . . I think heís . . . heís slowing down," Balki observes.  Larryís hand slaps his own face as Larry cries, "No!"

"Heís . . . heís slowing down, Cousin," Balki says as Larryís hand slaps his face again.  Larryís right hand is pulled behind his back.  Suddenly, both their right arms come in front and pose menacingly, then the two fingers extend and Balki and Larryís hands poke them in the eyes, a la the Three Stooges.  "Ow!" they cry.  Their hands then grab them by the noses and pull them forward so they are bending over, then grab the hair on the top of their heads and pull them up straight again.  The hands then reach down, then push Balki and Larry back across the bed by their faces.  Balki and Larry jump back up and look around, gasping for breath.  "All right, all right, Balki!" Larry says, "I think Iíve reassessed my previous stand.  Chester, you can have the house.  Just please . . . please donít kill us.  Please donít kill us.  We were . . . we were just joking!"  "I hate jokes!" Chester barks.  "He hates jokes," Balki sighs to Larry as they exchange a resigned look of fear.  Suddenly both of them are pulled back and then thrown forward so that they both slam into the wall, falling unconscious on the floor.

We see an establishing shot of the house in daylight and a caption reads "The Next Morning."  Jennifer and Mary Anne enter Balkiís bedroom to find Balki and Larry still out cold on the floor.  "Larry, Balki, are you all right?" Jennifer asks.  The guys stir and Larry says, "Oh, Jennifer!  Jennifer, youíre back!  Sweetheart!  Oh!  Oh!  Oh, I missed you!" Larry kisses her.  "Oh Balki, Iím so glad youíre safe," Mary Anne sighs.  "Larry, what happened?" Jennifer asks, "Did you get rid of Chester?"  "Did we get rid of Chester?" Larry scoffs, "Did we get rid of Chester?"  Larry looks to Balki and asks, "Balki, did we get rid of Chester?"  "Yes, Cousin, we did," Balki nods.  "Yeah, we got rid of Chester," Larry confirms with false bravado, "Oh yeah, he was no match for the two of us.  Oh, he tried his wily ghost tricks but nothing I couldnít handle."

"Chester bounced us off the walls like two rag dolls until he got bored and then he left," Balki explains.  "Larry, it was very brave of you to stay here," Jennifer notes.  "Well, itís a manís job to protect his home," Larry smiles.  "Besides, Chester locked the door," Balki adds.  Larry gives Balki a look, then says to Jennifer, "Come on.  Letís get some breakfast."  Jennifer suddenly screams and cries, "The ghost is here!  I feel something cold and clammy on my back!"  "Thatís my hand," Larry points out, placing his hand on her back so she can feel it.  "Oh," Jennifer sighs.  "That ghost is gone for good," Larry insists, and he and Jennifer leave the room and close the door behind them.  Balki holds Mary Anne and says seriously, "Mary Anne . . . bad news.  Elvis is dead."  Mary Anne looks shocked and the episode ends.

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