Perfect Strangers Episode Guide

EPISODE 143 -  It Had to Be You

First Air Date: April 18, 1992
Filming Date: February 14, 1992
Nielsen Rating: 7.2 HH

Produced by: Alan Plotkin
Created by: Dale McRaven
Written by: Thomas R. Nance
Directed by: Judy Pioli

Bronson Pinchot: Balki Bartokomous
Mark Linn-Baker: Larry Appleton
Rebeca Arthur: Mary Anne
Melanie Wilson: Jennifer Appleton

Guest Cast:
Justin Pinchot: Nico
Kimmy Robertson: Honey Liebowitz
Robert Gary Lee: The Maitre Dí
Robyn Donny: Heather

ithadtobeyougrab02.jpg (48355 bytes)Dimitri Appearances: Dimitriís photo can be see on the fireplace mantel.

"Well, I would but I donít think any of my nightcaps would fit you."
"I know you told me the American bachelorís dream was to juggle three women at the same time.  I tried it and I almost dislocated my shoulder."
"And I owe it all to this big Cucamonga over here!"
"Oh, sometimes, you know, love just hits you in the stomach and makes you nauseous.  And this girl makes me sick."
"Last one up the stairs is a rotten eggbeater!"
"Before you say anything to these two, I just want you to know the lights are on but they donít own homes."

Donít be ridiculous: Said once in this episode.

Other catchphrases used in this episode:
"Oh god!"
"Now let me get this straight . . . " (spoken by Larry)
"Oh, go on with you!" (said by Nico)
"Youíre embarrassing me!"
"What was the question?" (spoken by Balki and Mary Anne)

Other running jokes used in this episode:
Balki goes on about how happy he is, only to break down and admit heís miserable
Balki hugs someone when meeting them for the first time
Jokes are made about Larry being cheap
Larryís unique way of pronouncing the word "odd"

Notable Moment: Balki and Mary Anne finally become engaged.

Interesting facts:
This episode was shown as part of an hour long season finale, combined with the next episode Get Me to the Dump on Time.  While shown as a one hour program, these episodes were filmed as, and should actually be considered as, two ithadtobeyougrab03.jpg (45005 bytes) separate episodes.  This was the first time that first run episodes of the series were shown back-to-back in a one hour block.
- Robyn Donny, who had a very brief appearance as Balki's date, Heather, also made appearances in Full House, Suddenly Susan and Friends.  She was also a member of the Laughateers Comedy Improv Group.
- The Chicago Chop House seen in this episode is a well-known steak house which was opened by Henry Norton in 1986, the same year Perfect Strangers began its run.  Even thought Henry Norton passed away in 1994 after selling the restaurant in 1990, the Chop House is still going strong.  Of course the interiors were all shot on a sound stage in Culver City, but the use of the establishing shot in this pivotal episode makes it a definite location stop on any Perfect Strangers related tour of the Windy City.  You can visit their official website by clicking here.
- Kimmy Robertson may be familiar to Perfect Strangers fans for her appearance as the grocery store clerk in the third season episode Better Shop Around.  She has made numerous appearances on television in such shows as Growing Pains, Webster, Married with Children, Tales from the Crypt, The Louie Show, Ellen and Becker, as well as the movie Stuart Little.  She also had a recurring role as Lucy Moran in the series Twin Peaks and has done voice over work on shows like The Simpsons, 2 Stupid Dogs, Pepper Ann and The Little Mermaid.
- The resident warm-up comic throughout the run of the series was Robert G. Lee, who makes his final guest appearance on the show as the Maitre Dí in the Chicago Chop House restaurant.
- Bronsonís younger brother Justin Pinchot also makes his final guest appearance on the series, this time notably facing the camera, as Nico, Balkiís double.  Justin had formerly appeared on the series twice, as Balki's Cousin Bartok and as Mama Bartokomous (as well as playing Balki' part, too, in those episodes.)  But in those appearances we only ever saw Justin from behind.  He would play opposite Bronson in each role so over the shoulder shots could be achieved.
- When Larry makes the comment that people kept coming up to the look alike couples in the restaurant and asking if they were the Doublemint Twins, he was referring to a popular series of commercials for Wrigleyís Doublemint Gum which features twins doing various activities as they "double their pleasure and double their fun."

The episode begins at the house one evening.  Larry and Jennifer are sitting on the couch together.  There is a phone on the coffee table in front of them and various notes scattered around the phone.  The telephone rings and Larry picks it up.  "Hello?" he says into the receiver, "Yeah . . . yeah, Tina . . . hi."  Larry picks up a notepad to take the message.  "Yeah, no, Balkiís not here right now.  Can I take your number?  Uh huh.  Oh, well, you know, I really have no idea if he is free on Tuesday.  Oh, your second date!  Well, you are a lucky, lucky girl!  Uh huh.  Okay.  Bye bye."  Larry hangs up the phone.  "Larry, dating all these women at once is . . . is sending Balki down a . . . a terrible and . . . and lonely road. I . . . I think that deep down heís miserable."  "Okay, you lost me," Larry admits, "Balki has had twenty dates in the last two weeks.  You call that misery?"  "Balki is trying to fill the void left by Mary Anne," Jennifer explains, "Heís never gonna be happy until they get back together."

"All right, all right, Jen, I . . . I . . . I know that Mary Anne is your dearest friend, but Balki has moved on.  He is now living every bachelorís dream," Larry points out, "Trust me.  He is very, very happy."  The front door opens and Balki stumbles in with a girl hanging on him.  "Well . . . thank you, thank you very much for driving," Balki says as the girl clings to him and giggles.  "Well, arenít ya gonna invite me in for a nightcap?" the girl asks.  "Well, I would but I donít think any of my nightcaps would fit you," Balki replies.  The girl is all over him and Balki has to almost push her out the door.  Larry watches this with a smile but Jennifer look concerned.  "Good night.  Oh!  Watch your fingers, watch your fingers . . . fingers!" Balki warns the girl as he closes the front door and makes sure to lock the deadbolt.  "Well, hereís the happy bachelor!" Larry states and laughs, then he asks, "So, Balki . . . did you have fun on your date with Heather?"  Balki strides over to the couch and puts one foot up on the arm rest in a macho fashion.

"She owns her own trampoline," Balki says, "Need I say more?"  "See?" Larry says to Jennifer, then continues, "And what about last night?  Did you have fun with Kimberley?"  "Ooh, Kimberley," Balki remembers as he sits on the couch next to them, "Yeah . . . yeah . . . what a woman.  What a wonderful woman and what a special evening we had.  We went to a magic show and, uh, she was picked out of the audience to be a contestant.  They put her in a box . . . and I still donít know where she is."  "Oh yeah, Jen, he is real miserable," Larry says sarcastically.  "Yeah, life donít get much better than this!  No, sir!" Balki laughs, "No way!  Aha!"  Balki continues to laugh as Jennifer scoots closer to him and asks, "So you really are happy?"  Balki bursts into tears and cries, "Oh god, Jennifer!" as he falls into her arms and sobs, "You can see through me like an empty aquarium.  I feel like Iím sitting on the dock at the bay . . . wasting time."  Balki gets up and walks into the kitchen, sobbing loudly the entire way.

Larry turns to Jennifer and admits, "All right, maybe happy isnít exactly the right word . . . "  "Larry, you have to go talk to him," Jennifer insists, "Heís feeling empty and . . . and shallow and heís quoting song lyrics because he misses Mary Anne."  "All right, all right, Iíll talk to him," Larry says, "But this has nothing to do with Mary Anne."  "Yes, it does," Jennifer insists.  "No, he . . . he just needs to slow down his dating habits," Larry says, "Heís confused Ďcause heís dating too many women at a time.  I experienced the same thing when I was in college."  Jennifer gives Larry a look of disbelief.  "Well, I read about the same thing when I was in college but . . . but . . . anyway, I will straighten him out," Larry says, and he gets up and walks into the kitchen.  Balki is leaning across the counter, still crying.  Larry walks over and places his hand on Balkiís back.  "Balki . . . Balki . . . Balki, come on," Larry coaxes, and Balki stands up, "Now . . . now let me get this straight.  Youíre . . . youíre dating all these gorgeous women . . . sometimes two, three a day . . . "

"Yeah," Balki sighs.  "Youíre not happy?" Larry asks incredulously.  "I . . . I know that you told me the American bachelorís dream was to juggle three women at the same time," Balki says, "I tried it and I almost dislocated my shoulder."  Larry places a comforting hand on Balkiís shoulder, causing Balki to cry out in pain.  Larry again pats Balkiís shoulder to comfort him again and again Balki gasps in pain.  "All right, Balki, listen . . . listen," Larry urges, "I . . . I . . . Iím gonna give ya a slight adjustment to some of the advice I gave you earlier."  "Well, Cousin, your exact words were ĎBalki, you got to date until your head caves in and then remember every little detail so you can tell me about it later,í" Balki recounts.  "Balki, I . . . I think you gotta slow down," Larry says, "You know, get to know the women that you date.  You know, find out who they are . . . what theyíre like.  Learn to listen to their inane little stories."  Larry smiles and Balki looks somewhat confused.

We next see an establishing shot of the house in the daytime and the caption, "One Week Later."  We can hear Larry saying, "I talked to Balki.  Heís happy.  End of conversation."  Jennifer and Larry are sitting on the couch again.  "Larry, heís not happy!" Jennifer insists, "Iím sure he still loves Mary Anne and Mary Anne still loves him."  "Well, I think heís over Mary Anne," Larry sighs.  Balki enters from the kitchen and approaches them, looking excited.  "Iím glad youíre both here," he says, "I have some wonderful news to share with you."  Balki sits between them on the couch.  "Iíve met her!" Balki exclaims, "The girl of my dreams!  And I owe it all to this big Cucamonga over here!  Cousin Larry!  Hey, weíre all gonna go out to dinner tonight to celebrate!"  "Really?" Jennifer asks.  "Well, Balki, congratulations!" Larry smiles, patting Balkiís knee, "Whereíd you meet her?"

"On the carousel in the park about an hour ago," Balki explains, "I . . . I think she was swayed by the fact that, uh, my shirt wasnít tucked into my underwear."  "Balki, before you decide sheís the girl for you donít you think you should spend a little more time with her?" Jennifer asks.  "Oh, sometimes, you know, love just hits you in the stomach and makes you nauseous," Balki says, "And this girl makes me sick.  Sheís in the kitchen right now.  Iíd like to bring her out and introduce you to her."  Balki clutches their hands emotionally and then runs into the kitchen.  Larry and Jennifer stand up.  "Well!  There goes one happy man!" Larry observes, "Heís met a girl, heís moving on with his life and he owes it all to me."  "I donít buy it, Larry," Jennifer says, "He still loves Mary Anne."  "Jennifer, I know how you feel but Mary Anne is in his deep past," Larry insists, "He is over Mary Anne for good."

Balki peeks in from the kitchen and asks, "Cousin Larry?"  He walks out with his new girlfriend, who looks exactly like Mary Anne.  Everything from her hair to her dress is exactly like Mary Anne!  "Honey, this is Cousin Larry and his wife, Jennifer," Balki introduces her.  "Pleased to meet you," Honey says in the same squeaky voice as Mary Anne, "Cousin Larry, are you a friend of Balkiís or are you related?"  Larry stares at her in disbelief.  "Is she one of a kind or what?" Balki smiles.  "Balki, you said that before dinner we could race our jackets down the laundry chute," Honey reminds him.  "Last one up the stairs is a rotten eggbeater!" Balki says, and they both run up the stairs.  Larry and Jennifer look at each other.  "And we owe this all to you!" Jennifer notes.  On Larryís expression the scene fades to black.

Act two begins with an establishing shot of a restaurant called the Chicago Chop House.  Inside the restaurant, Balki enters with Honey.  "Honey, I think youíre really gonna like this restaurant," Balki says, "The food is excellent, the service is great and the bread sticks are just small enough to stick up your nose."  Honey smiles at this.  The Maitre dí approaches them and says, "Good evening."  Balki walks over to the man and gives him a hug.  "May I help you?" the Maitre dí asks.  "Yes, uh . . . Bartokomous, party of four," Balki explains.  The Maitre dí looks confused about the number.  "The other two are in the parking lot," Balki explains, "My Cousin is negotiating with the parking attendant."  The Maitre dí shows Balki and Honey to their table, which is a U-shaped booth.  Larry and Jennifer enter.  "Jennifer, for the last time I admit I was wrong about Balki," Larry is saying.  "Larry, it doesnít matter whoís right or wrong," Jennifer sighs, "Whatís important is what we do about it.  Got any ideas?"  "Not a one," Larry admits, "But I did just save us a buck on parking!"

Larry looks and sees Balki and Honey already seated and says, "Oh, here we are."  Larry and Jennifer join Balki and Honey at the table.  "Excuse us," Larry taps Balkiís shoulder.  "Oh," Balki says as he motions for Honey to scoot around the booth to the other side to allow Larry and Jennifer to sit down.  Honey and Balki get into a rhythm of bouncing and continue to do so all the way around the booth, then they get up and run around the table to start again, pushing Larry and Jennifer around to the other side.  Once they are halfway through Larry stops them, saying, "Okay, okay, fine."  They settle into their places.  At that moment Mary Anne walks into the restaurant and approaches the Maitre dí, saying, "Hi.  We have reservations . . . "  Jennifer sees her and says to Larry, "Look who just walked in!"  Larry sees Mary Anne and says, "Oh . . . oh, all right . . . all right, donít panic.  I . . . Iíll . . . Iíll take care of it.  Uh, Balki, uh . . . I think you should know an old friend of yours is here."  Larry motions to Mary Anne with his eyes.

Balki turns around and sees her.  "Mary Anne," he says quietly. Larry and Jennifer wait for Balkiís reaction.  Balki motions for Honey to follow him and he turns and calls, "Mary Anne.  Mary Anne."  Mary Anne turns and sees Balki.  "Hi, Balki," she says as she walks over.  "Hi, Mary Anne," Balki says as he stands up to greet her with Honey standing up behind him.  Mary Anne and Balki timidly embrace.  "Um . . . how are you?" Balki asks.  "Fine," Mary Anne smiles, "You look great."  "Thank you, you look great, too!" Balki offers, "You look just great."  "Are you happy?" Mary Anne asks.  "Yeah, Iím happy!" Balki assures her, "Are you happy?"  "Oh, couldnít be happier!" Mary Anne assures him.  "Well, Iím happy to hear youíre happy," Balki says, then he turns to introduce Honey and says, "Honey, this is Happy.  I mean, this is, uh . . . this is . . . this is Mary Anne.  And Mary Anne, this is Honey."  "Itís nice to meet you, Honey," Mary Anne says.  "Itís very nice to meet you, too," Honey smiles.  "I love your hair," Mary Anne says, "I could never get mine to do that."  "Mary Anne, would you like to join us?" Balki asks.  "Okay," Mary Anne agrees, "But . . . but Iím here with my date."

"Oh, you . . . you are?" Balki asks, "Well, thatís great."  "Yeah, I think youíd really like him," Mary Anne nods.  "Well, sure," Balki says, "Well, he can join us, too.  Where is he?"  Mary Anne turns around to look and we see a man enter who looks exactly like Balki.  He is even wearing the same style of clothing and vest as Balki!  The Maitre dí walks up to him and the man hugs the Maitre dí.  "Oh, there he is," Mary Anne says, then she gets him, saying, "Yoo hoo, over here!  Everyone, this is Nico.  Heís pretty special."  "Oh, go on with you," Nico says to Mary Anne, pushing her face slightly.  Larry and Jennifer look shocked.  "Iím happy to make your acquaintance," Nico says with the same kind of accent as Balki.  "What did he just say?" Balki asks Mary Anne.  "He said heís happy to make your acquaintance," Mary Anne explains.  "Oh, pleased to meet you," Balki says, offering his hand to shake.  Nico hugs Balki instead, which takes Balki aback.  "Larry, what are we going to do?" Jennifer asks.  "I donít know," Larry admits, "But maybe two people who look exactly like us will come in and explain it to us."

Later on, a waiter brings Mary Anne her plate of food.  She and Nico and Balki and Honey are sitting at the table with their meals.  Larry and Jennifer are standing over by the dessert cart observing them.  "Mary Anne and Balki are dating mirror images of each other and they donít even see it," Jennifer observes, "I . . . I canít believe it!"  "Well, I canít believe thereís no cheesecake," Larry complains.  "Larry!" Jennifer scolds.  "All right, all right, all right, look," Larry sighs, "Weíll . . . weíll just go back to the table, sit down, drop a few subtle hints and get them to see whatís going on."  They return to the table and sit down.  "So anyway," Balki is continuing, "to this day the moose doesnít know what happened to his shower cap."  Balki and Mary Anne both laugh.  Nico and Honey just looked confused.  Mary Anne and Balki sigh simultaneously at the end of their laughter.  "I donít get it," Nico admits.  "Neither do I," Honey agrees, "Oh, but I love your accent, Nico.  Are you from Mypos, too?"

"No, Iím from Greece," Nico insists, "Why does everyone think Iím from Mypos?"  "With that nose?" Balki asks.  "Uh, Nico, your . . . your vest is very beautiful," Jennifer notes, "I . . . I know Iíve seen one very similar to it before.  Mary Anne, does this vest look familiar to you?"  "You know youíre right!" Mary Anne exclaims, "I donít believe I didnít see this sooner!  We used to have a couch made out of that same material."  Honey is shaking a lot of pepper on her plate and asks, "Balki, would you like some pepper?"  "Pepper!" Mary Anne exclaims, taking the shaker from Honey, "Oh, Balki never uses pepper.  It makes his feet itch."  "You remember," Balki realizes. Nico takes the pepper from Mary Anne and starts sprinkling it liberally on his food.  "Is it just me . . . or is there an amazing similarity between the four of you?" Larry asks.  "Well, of course there is.  Donít be ridiculous!" Balki scoffs.  "Finally!" Larry sighs with relief.  "We all ordered rice," Balki points out.

"Okay, Balki," Larry says, "Come with me to the dessert cart."  Jennifer gets up so Larry can get out.  "No, Cousin, Iíve got a knife full of peas here and theyíre all just nice and peppered at room temperature . . . very nice . . . " Balki protests.  "Balki, come on," Larry insists, then he walks in front of the table and reaches underneath to grab Balki by the ankles.  "This is a lovely meal, you know, and . . . oh, my goodness," Balki comments as Larry pulls him underneath the table and out.  Larry drags Balki away from the table to the dessert cart.  "Cousin, Cousin!" Balki complains, "Youíre embarrassing me!"  Larry pulls Balki to his feet and asks, "Donít you see whatís going on here?"  "You mean about Mary Anne?" Balki asks.  "Yes!" Larry confirms.  "I canít believe you brought that up," Balki sighs, "I thought I was the only one that saw it.  Nico is all wrong for her.  I mean, the . . . the . . . heís just . . . heís got a silly accent . . . he smells of goat cheese and those clothes!  Those clothes!  Stop it!  Take him shopping!"

Larry looks shocked.  "Plus heís got the attention span of a child," Balki continues, then he sees Mary Anne, Nico and Honey attempting to balance spoons on their noses and says, "Oh, theyíre balancing spoons on their noses.  I want in on this!"  Balki returns to the table and Mary Anne and Nico scoot in so he can sit down.  Once Balki is seated he realizes heís sitting next to Mary Anne.  "Wrong seat!  Wrong seat!" Balki exclaims, and he gets up to run around the other side, "Can I . . . would it be all right if I . . . if I . . . ?  Iím sorry."  Larry and Jennifer get up to let Balki in, as does Honey.  Mary Anne and Nico also scoot out and Balki and Mary Anne each enter the booth from opposite sides and scoot in with everyone sitting down behind them.  Balki and Mary Anne end up sitting next to each other again and look uncomfortable.

The next day, Larry and Jennifer enter the living room of the house.  Jennifer is carrying a plate of crackers and bowl of popcorn which she sets on the coffee table where there are already some snacks laid out.  "Balki, would you come down here, please?" Larry calls up the stairs, "We have to talk!"  Larry walks to Jennifer and comments, "You know, I was sure they would catch on last night w . . . when people in the restaurant kept on coming up and asking them if they were the Doublemint twins."  "Well, they . . . they didnít catch on, Larry, and thatís why itís up to you and me to just point them in the right direction," Jennifer says.  Balki runs down the stairs and asks, "Is this gonna take long?  Because I have plans.  Uh, Honey and I are going to the museum today.  This is the day they wax the floors.  Itís perfect for skating in your socks."  "Balki, have a seat," Larry says, and they all sit on the couch, "Uh, Jennifer and I wanted to ask you about something.  How do you feel about Honey?"

"I adore honey on a muffin," Balki answers, "In tea, I have to go with granulated sugar."  "I mean Honey, the girl," Larry clarifies.  "Honey Liebowitz!" Balki understands, "Oh, sheís terrific.  Sheís, you know, so . . . so sweet.  Innocent.  Naive yet with an occasional spark of genius."  "So, you like her?" Jennifer deduces.  "Oh, no one compares to Mary Anne," Balki comments.  "Ah ha!" Larry exclaims, "What did you just say?"  "She . . . she . . . she just said, ĎSo, you like her,í and I said ĎNo one compares to Honey,í" Balki explains.  "No, you said ĎMary Anne,í" Larry corrects, "Not Honey.  You said, "No one compares to Mary Anne.í"  "No, I didnít," Balki insists.  "I heard it, too," Jennifer agrees.  "What?  What is it with you two?" Balki asks, "I know my own voice.  Hello?"  There is a knock at the door and Jennifer gets up to answer it.  Larry stands as Jennifer opens the door to reveal Mary Anne.  "Hi, Mary Anne," Jennifer says as Mary Anne steps inside, "Look, everyone!  Itís Mary Anne!"  "Hi, Mary Anne," Balki stands to greet her.  "Hi, Balki," Mary Anne says.  "How are you?" Balki asks as he throws a light punch to Mary Anneís cheek.  They all sit on the couch.

"Is this gonna take long?" Mary Anne asks, "They wax the floors at the museum today."  Balki taps Mary Anneís arm and warns her, "Before you say anything to these two, I just want you to know the lights are on but they donít own homes.  If you get what I mean.  Okay?"  Mary Anne nods in understanding.  "Mary Anne, Iím . . . Iím glad youíre here," Larry begins, "Jennifer and I thought that, uh, we should all get together and, uh, chat.  You know, about, uh . . . current events . . . the weather . . . displacement of true feelings for one person onto another having similar, almost identical, characteristics.  You know . . . stuff."  Balki nudges Mary Anneís arm and asks, "Need I say more?"  Mary Anne whistles her disbelief.  "Mary Anne, have you noticed that you and Balki are dating people who look exactly like you?" Jennifer asks.  "Well, I donít think I look anything like Nico!" Mary Anne protests.  Balki nudges her again and they share a confused shrug.

"Our mistake," Larry sighs, "Our mistake.  No, I . . . I . . . I think what . . . what Jennifer means is . . . is . . . itís just that, you know, after meeting Nico and Honey it seems that both of you are attracted to people who . . . who seem to resemble one another.  And donít you find that odd?"  "When you say Ďodd,í do you mean Ďoddí funny or Ďoddí weird?"  "Weird," Larry answers.  "When you say Ďattracted,í do you mean Ďattractedí allured or Ďattractedí a force acting between particles of matter tending to draw them together and resisting their separation?" Mary Anne asks.  "Allured," Larry answers.  "What was the question?" Mary Anne and Balki ask together.  "Oh god," Larry sighs, holding his head in pain.  "Conference," Jennifer tells Larry.  "Okay," Larry sighs, "All right . . . okay . . . all right, uh, you know something?  Weíll be right back.  Wh . . . why donít you just, uh, chat amongst yourselves?"  Jennifer and Larry walks into the kitchen.  Balki motions toward them to Mary Anne and shrugs.

Balki and Mary Anne sit for an awkward moment on the couch together.  "Well, Iím sure glad you met someone that you like," Balki comments.  "I did?  Who?" Mary Anne asks.  "Nico," Balki reminds her.  "Oh!  Nico, right!" Mary Anne nods.  "Yeah," Balki agrees.  "And you and Honey make a lovely couple," Mary Anne offers.  "Oh thank you . . . thank you very much," Balki smiles.  After another awkward moment of silence, Balki says, "Hey, hey, hey, hey . . . you want a laugh?  Can you believe that at one time you and I were thinking of getting married?"  Mary Anne joins Balki in laughing and says, "Oh boy, that seems like a thousand years ago!"  "Does it ever!" Balki agrees.  They sigh simultaneously after laughing.  Suddenly they both reach for the popcorn bowl at the exact same moment, their hands meeting.  They look at each other, startled.

In the kitchen, Jennifer and Larry are discussing their next course of action.  "Well, weíve gone with the subtle approach and the not-so-subtle approach," Jennifer notes, "Do you have any other ideas?"  "We could wrap them together with duct tape until they come to their senses," Larry suggests.  "Larry, Iím serious," Jennifer sighs, "We have to go back in there, tell them theyíre perfect for each other and force them to get back together again.  If that doesnít work, weíll go with the duct tape."  Jennifer and Larry enter the living room, with Larry saying, "Okay, you two . . . listen up!"  They are surprised to find Balki and Mary Anne kissing passionately on the couch.  "You . . . oh!" Larry stops.  "Well, I guess they did get it on their own," Jennifer realizes.  "Well, now this I like!" Larry says, "Now this is a good first step.  All right, now you two kids get reacquainted.  You know, take it slow.  Spend some time together.  Who knows?  You might even have a future together."  Balki and Mary Anne part just long enough for Balki to say, "Mary Anne and I are getting married."  On Larry and Jenniferís reaction the episode ends.

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