Perfect Strangers Episode Guide

EPISODE 144 -  Get Me to the Dump on Time

First Air Date: April 18, 1992
Filming Date: February 21, 1992
Nielsen Rating: 7.2 HH

Produced by: Alan Plotkin
Created by: Dale McRaven
Written by: Tom Devanney
Directed by: Judy Pioli

Bronson Pinchot: Balki Bartokomous
Mark Linn-Baker: Larry Appleton
Rebeca Arthur: Mary Anne Spencer / Bartokomous
Melanie Wilson: Jennifer Appleton
Belita Moreno: Miss Lydia Markham
Sam Anderson: Mr. Sam Gorpley

Guest Cast:
F.J. OíNeil: Mr. R.T. Wainwright
John Petlock: The Minister

getmetodumpgrab01.jpg (50698 bytes)Dimitri Appearances: Dimitriís photo can be see on the fireplace mantel.

"Listen, Mary Anne and I have decided to join together in holy macaroni!"

Donít be ridiculous: Not said in this episode.

Other catchphrases used in this episode:

Other running jokes used in this episode:
Balki and Mary Anne laugh at their own joke
Balki jumps over the back of the couch
Balki grabs Larry by the shirt
Larry does his schmuck laugh
A joke is made about Larryís height
The Dance of Joy
Mary Anne bends Balki over backwards to kiss him

Notable Moments: Balki and Mary Anne finally get married.  Larry finds out that Jennifer is pregnant.

Songs: "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" - sung by Larry when he feels neglected from having nothing to do for Balkiís wedding

Myposian Rituals: Balki explains about the rituals surrounding the Myposian marriage necklace, the Bitatatoutata Ratatatouille.  When a Myposian boy comes of age he is given the necklace so he is prepared when he proposes. 

Interesting facts:
This episode aired as part of a one-hour season finale with the previous episode, It Had to Be You, airing before it.  There was no theme song aired between the two episodes, so it appeared this was actually an hour-long episode, but in actuality it was two separate episodes shown together.
- While planning the wedding Jennifer mentions the Beekman Hotel, keeping alive the tradition of using the name Beekmen for notable places around town.
- When Balki makes up the piggliwiggliki song, he sang it to the tune of the "Hokey Pokey."  But when this episode was filmed, two versions of the song were performed.  The second time the song was set to the tune of "London Bridge."  This was probably done in case they couldnít get clearances for the "Hokey Pokey."
- Do you have trouble saying Bitatatoutata Ratatatouille?  Well, donít feel bad . . . so did Bronson!  Several times during the filming he stumbled on this complicated Myposian word!
getmetodumpgrab02.jpg (52035 bytes)- This episode marks the last appearances by Belita Moreno, Sam Anderson and F.J. OíNeil, who are sitting in the front row at the wedding.  Only Belita Moreno got a line on screen.  Itís a shame we didnít get to see more of these great character actors in the end or find out what happened between Miss Lydia and Mr. Gorpley (did they ever stay together?)  F.J. OíNeil actually did make an appearance in the eighth season episode Lethal Weapon, but sadly the scene at the office was left on the cutting room floor.
- It should be noted that various crew members from the show were sitting in wedding audience.  The woman sitting to the right of F.J. OíNeil is writer and producer Paula A. Roth.
- What a coincidence that the minister performing Balki and Mary Anneís wedding was the same minister who was conducting Mr. Wilsonís funeral in the episode Finders Keepers!  Both ministers were played by veteran actor John Petlock.
- During the 1992 summer season of repeats the show were moved to 9:30 p.m. on Saturday night.  Much to the fansí dismay, Perfect Strangers was not on the 1992-93 fall season schedule.  Even though the final eight episodes were all filmed in July and August 1992, they would not be aired until one whole year later, in the summer of 1993.

Bloopers and Inconsistencies:
This episode contains all kinds of inconsistencies revolving around the Myposian wedding ritual that contradict what we learned in the fourth season finale, Wedding Belle Blues.  In this episode they explain that when a Myposian boy comes of age heís given the Myposian wedding necklace, the Bitatatoutata Ratatatouille, which he then carries everywhere with him.  But when Balki came of age in the previous episode and his mother sent him a bride, she did not send him the Bitatatoutata Ratatatouille.  She only sent him a mookoo cookie.
- In Wedding Belle Blues, Larry is Balkiís best man but Balki never calls him a piggliwiggliki.
- Also the sacred tradition of getting married twenty four hours after announcing your engagement was not brought up in the season six finale, See You In September.  In fact in that episode, Balki explains that the Myposian tradition is to set your wedding date after six phases of the moon from getting engaged.
- There are some consistencies as well, however.  Balki is wearing the same wedding outfit he wore in the first episode and he and Larry also perform the same skipping step up the aisle when Larry has to give Balki away.
- Thereís also a slight inconsistency with Larryís story about being forgotten one Christmas morning.  In the second season episode, A Christmas Story, Larry talks only lovingly about Christmas with his family in Madison, Wisconsin.  Thereís no indication that such a traumatic Christmas ever took place.
- After Larry pulls the orange peels from the pot, he explains to Balki how they can get the necklace out of the trash.  When he finishes that line he lowers his hand to hold the pot.  But when the shot cuts to Balki, Larryís hand is up with the finger pointing.

The episode begins where the end of the last episode left off.  We see an establishing shot of the house and hear Balki saying, "Listen, Mary Anne and I have decided to join together in holy macaroni!"  Inside the house, Balki and Mary Anne are on the couch and Larry and Jennifer are standing beside them.  "Congratulations!" Larry offers.  "Yeah, itís . . . itís official," Balki says as he and Mary Anne stand up, "Mary Anne and I are getting married."  Jennifer runs to Balki and they hug.  Jennifer then hugs Mary Anne and Larry hugs Balki.  "Oh, Mary Anne!  Iím so happy for you!" Jennifer offers.  "Iím so happy for me, too!" Mary Anne agrees.  "Well, letís take a load off," Balki suggests, and they sit down on the couch.  Balki puts his arm around Mary Anne and says, "Yeah . . . I gotta tell ya, it . . . it was a humongous mistake breaking up.  Mary Anne is . . . is . . . is everything that . . . that Iíve been looking for my whole life."

"Well, that is great!" Larry says, "Now, weíre gonna have a lot to do, Jen.  Iím thinking . . . July wedding?  Howís that hit everybody?"  "Well, itíll be a lot of pressure but I think we can do it, Larry," Jennifer agrees.  "Weíre getting married tomorrow," Balki informs them.  "Tomorrow??" Larry and Jennifer exclaim.  "You canít get married tomorrow!" Larry protests.  "Cousin, you donít understand," Balki says, then he says to Mary Anne, "Tell them pumpkin."  "Thereís a sacred Myposian tradition that says once a couple announces their engagement they must get married within twenty-four hours," Mary Anne explains.  "And what happens to you if you wait any longer than that?" Balki asks.  "All of your children are born with hooves," Mary Anne answers.  "Thatís right," Balki smiles.  "Nothing is simple with you Mypiots, is it?" Larry asks.

"If youíre getting married tomorrow we have a lot to do!" Jennifer realizes.  "Well, yeah, if weíre gonna have a Myposian wedding, uh . . . donít we . . . donít we need, uh . . . jugglers?  Livestock?  A wedding hat of some kind?" Larry asks.  "Well, Cousin, weíll have all that when we go to Mypos for our . . . honeymoon," Balki explains.  Balki and Mary Anne eye each other lovingly and look like they want the honeymoon right then and there, then snap out of it.  "But, uh . . . for this ceremony all I need is a shine on my shoes and my Bitatatoutata Ratatatouille," Balki says, turning his head to the left and pronouncing the "touille" as if he were spitting.  (From here on out everyone pronounces it with the same motion and inflection.)  "A Bitatatoutata Ratatatouille?" Larry asks.  "Yeah, the Myposian marriage necklace," Balki explains.  "Myposian marriage necklace?" Larry repeats.

"Tell them, pumpkin," Balki says to Mary Anne.  "Itís been a part of the Myposian marriage ceremony for centuries," Mary Anne explains.  "And what happens to your marriage if you donít have it?" Balki asks.  "Youíre marriage is doomed," Mary Anne answers.  "Thatís right," Balki confirms.  "W . . . well, thatís very nice," Larry says, "but there is no way weíre gonna get a Myposian marriage necklace all the way from Mypos by tomorrow."  "Cousin, you donít understand!" Balki sighs, then tells Mary Anne, "Tell them pumpkin."  "When a Myposian boy comes of age heís given the necklace," Mary Anne explains.  "The Bitatatoutata Ratatatouille," Balki elaborates.  "What he said," Mary Anne nods, "Whenever the moment is right he wants to be prepared so he carries the necklace with him wherever he goes."  Balki adds, "Except, of course, when heís . . . "  " . . . in the shower!" Balki and Mary Anne finish together and laugh.

"You know, if . . . if we are going to have a wedding tomorrow, we are all gonna have to help," Larry says as he gets up and runs to grab a some items, "All right, now . . . Iím gonna need pencil . . . paper . . . and a phone book."  Everyone scoots over as Larry returns to the couch to sit next to Jennifer.  "Okay," Larry says.  "Well, I need a dress and some flowers," Mary Anne begins.  "Dress and some flowers, okay," Larry says, and he starts looking through the phone book, "Letís see . . . letís see . . . "  "Oh, I know a great dress shop downtown and my friend Barbara is a florist," Jennifer says, "I can take care of all that."  "Okay," Larry says, "What else?"  "Well, uh, we need someone to marry us," Balki points out.  "Somebody to marry you!  Okay," Larry says, looking through the phone book again, "Letís see . . . letís see . . . "  "Oh, my father knows a minister," Jennifer offers, "Iím sure he could marry you tomorrow!"  "Ooh!" Balki says excitedly as Mary Anne shares his enthusiasm.

"Okay," Larry says, "Jen, you take care of that, too."  "And we need a church, a reception hall and a band," Mary Anne says.  "Okay, letís see!  Letís see!" Larry says, looking through the phone book again.  "We can use Chapel by the Shore, the Beekman Hotel and Barbaraís husband is a rock promoter.  He can get a great band!" Jennifer says, "We have a lot to do.  Come on, Mary Anne.  Letís go upstairs and start making some calls."  "Okay," Mary Anne agrees, and Jennifer gets up as Mary Anne kisses Balki, then stands and kisses Balki again.  Jennifer and Mary Anne hurry upstairs as Balki throws a kiss to Mary Anne, who catches it.  After the girls are gone, Balki sits down next to Larry and throws an arm around his shoulder.  "Well, I . . . I guess Iíd better get off and get my shoes shined," Balki sighs, "Uh, which shoes do you think I should wear?"  "Oh, well . . . " Larry begins, happy to be asked his opinion.  "Well, uh . . . youíre right!" Balki suddenly exclaims as he jumps up, "Iíll just shine them all!"

Balki starts to run to the stairs then turns back to Larry and kneels down beside him asking, "Oh, Cousin . . . Cousin . . . you want to come?  You want to come with me?"  "No, you . . . you just, uh . . . you go along," Larry says sadly, "Iím sure youíre . . . youíre much too busy to drag along somebody whoís got, uh . . . nothing to do."  "Okay," Balki smiles, and he starts to go upstairs.  "Well, you know, hey!" Larry calls after him, "Hey!  Itís . . . itís not the first time, you know."  Balki stops and returns to the couch as Larry continues.  "I . . . I remember that, uh . . . Christmas when I was, uh, seven and, uh . . . nobody in my family remembered to wake me up.  Yeah, you know, but donít worry.  Donít worry.  Iíll just be on the sidelines on the most important day of your life.  Yeah, itís okay.  You know, Iím not the kind of guy whoís easily hurt.  Iím tough."  "Glad to hear it.  See ya later!" Balki smiles as he slaps Larryís shoulder and hurries off to head up the stairs again.

Larry starts to slowly sing in a sad, trembling voice, "Youíd better watch out . . . youíd better not cry . . . youíd better not pout Iím tell . . . "  Larry voice fades away as he starts to cry.  Balki comes back down the stairs and eyes Larry worriedly.  Balki jumps over the back of the couch to sit next to him.  "Youíre really dying for something to do, arenít you?" Balki asks.  Larry starts to whine to Balki, "Please, give me something to do.  Please, please, donít open the presents without me."  "Cousin, I had something for you to do all along," Balki assures him, "I . . . I just should have asked you earlier.  Cousin . . . will you be my piggliwiggliki?"  "What is a piggliwiggliki?" Larry asks.  "Well, itís similar to what Americans call a best man," Balki explains.  "Ah, Balki, I would be honored to be your piggliwiggliki!" Larry smiles.  "Good," Balki smiles.  "Okay, now . . . gotta line up tuxedos, gotta write a speech . . . " Larry begins.  "Cousin . . . " Balki tries to interrupt.  " . . . gotta, uh, the rings . . . "  "Cousin . . . "  " . . . the wedding presents for all the, uh, guests and . . . "  "Cousin . . . "  "Anything else I should be doing?" Larry asks hopefully.

"Uh, no Cousin," Balki explains, "All the piggliwiggliki does is . . . is walk the groom up the aisle."  "Well, what else does the piggliwiggliki do?" Larry asks.  "Diddly squatiki," Balki answers.  "You better watch out . . . you better not . . . " Larry starts to sing sadly again.  "Wait a minute!" Balki says, thinking quickly, "Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.  No . . . thatís . . . thatís all he does at the ceremony.  But before the ceremony he has a very important role to play."  "Which is?" Larry asks excitedly.  Balki thinks a moment, then answers, "Guardian of the Myposian marriage necklace, the Bitatatoutata Ratatatouille.  Yeah, why donít we go . . . why donít we go with that?"  "Guardian of the marriage necklace?" Larry asks, "I can do that!"  "All right, goody," Balki says as he gets up and walks to a side cabinet, "Goody, weíll go with that."  Balki lifts the lid of the cabinet, which is covered with knick knacks, but none of the knick knacks fall off.

Balki pulls out a small wooden box then notes about the knick knacks, "Opening that was a lot messier before I glued them down."  Balki opens the box and pulls out a long chain with a pendant and tassel on it.  "Cousin, this is the Bitatatoutata Ratatatouille."  Balki sets the box on the couch and continues, "It is placed around both the bride and the groom at the ceremony before they exchange their vows.  It symbolizes their . . . their unity . . . their oneness . . . the merging of their souls."  "So . . . so . . . so the marriage necklace is . . . is . . . is important," Larry realizes.  "Very, very important!" Balki emphasizes, "And that is why from the moment his marriage is announced no Mypiot boy ever lets it out of his sight!"  "What?" Larry asks.  "Except to give to the guardian of the marriage necklace," Balki continues to cover, "So, uh . . . so Iíll be giving this to you now.  Iíll . . . Iíll just . . . Iíll just . . . "

Balki hesitates, then finally hands the necklace to Larry, looking concerned but fighting it back.  "Is . . . isnít there some ritual we should be performing?" Larry asks.  "No," Balki says.  "No?" Larry asks.  Balki realizes this seems strange and says, "No, I mean yes!  Yes, of course!  Thereís . . . thereís the . . . the ritual of the Bitatatoutata Ratatatouille.  And, uh . . . "  Balki starts to lead Larry in an unenthusiastic and impromptu dance as he makes up Myposian words to go with the Hokey Pokey (the dance is the same as the Hokey Pokey as well.)  "Mish mikki muck muck much, mi mishni hah hah hah, mi mukni muff muff muff and a minki minki minki.  Da hoonti lass dibu da binki lass dubu to minka, hoy hoy vermink nicht muff.  Ha!"  Balki holds his arms out to finish the fake dance and Larry does the same, looking confused.

The next day we see an establishing shot of the house.  Larry is standing by the front door wearing a tuxedo and calls, "Come on, Balki!  Iíve gotta get you to the church on time!"  Balki comes down the stairs wearing his white wedding suit with gold trim.  A sword is hanging from a white and gold sash which goes up and around Balkiís shoulder.  "Cousin, have you got the rings?" Balki asks.  "Have I got the rings?  Of course Iíve got the rings," Larry assures Balki, pulling them out of his pocket to show him, "Here they are."  "Okay," Balki says, "And what about the Bitatatoutata Ratatatouille?"  "Of course I have the Bitatatoutata Ratatatouille," Larry insists as he walks over to the fireplace mantel to retrieve the wooden box, "How could you doubt that I would fulfill my responsibility as the piggliwiggliki?  When Larry Appleton is given a job to do, that job gets done.  I thought that went without saying . . . but I guess I was wrong."

"Iím sorry, Cousin," Balki offers, "You are . . . you are the best piggliwiggliki in the whole world."  "I knew how much the marriage necklace meant to you so I found the perfect place to keep it," Larry says, and he opens the lid of the box, which is empty, then shuts the lid quickly.  Balki grabs Larry by the jacket and pulls him close as Larry clutches the box to his chest.  "Give me the box!" Balki insists.  "No!" Larry counters, "No!  I am the piggliwiggliki and it is my responsibility.  I will hold on to the box.  Wild horses couldnít take this box from me!"  "Youíve lost it, havenít you?" Balki asks.  "Yes, I swear it was here," Larry sobs, opening the box to show Balki, "I swear it was here.  Can I still be the piggliwiggliki?"  Balki slams the lid of the box shut on Larryís fingers, causing Larry to shout, "Ow!"  The scene fades to black.

Act two begins where act one left off.  "Well, this is just great!" Balki complains, "Youíve lost the Bitatatoutata Ratatatouille!"  "I said it was gone!" Larry corrects, "I didnít say it was lost!  Itís in the house somewhere."  "Where is it?  Where is it?" Balki shouts.  "I just donít know where that somewhere is at the moment," Larry explains, then he leads Balki toward the couch, saying, "Look . . . look . . . look, come on . . . come on . . . come on . . . weíll find it.  Weíll find it but we have to calm down."  Larry slaps Balkiís face and then shakes it.  "Huh?  Can you do that for me?" Larry asks, "Huh?  Can you promise . . . just promise me youíll calm down."  "If you can promise me that we will find the Bitatatoutata Ratatatouille," Balki says.  "I promise," Larry smiles.  "Then I . . . I promise Iíll try to calm down," Balki offers.  Larry and Balki both take a deep breath and release it simultaneously.

Together they start pulling the cushions from the couch, throwing them aside and feeling in the crack at the bottom of the couch.  They pull the couch down to land on its back on the floor and it lands on Balkiís foot.  Balki cries out and hops around in pain, then hops toward Larry, who throws one of the end tables aside and right onto Balkiís other foot.  Balki starts hopping around even more as Larry runs to the wicker furniture by the window.  Balki goes after Larry again but Larry picks up the phone book and throws it down on Balkiís foot, then tosses a stack of newspapers aside.  Larry then starts pulling away the pillows on the window seat and throwing them towards Balki.  Balki grabs one of the pillows and starts clobbering Larry with it, yelling, "You big babasticki!  You little creep!  Iím gonna kill you!"  "Find the necklace!" Larry urges.  They run to the closet at the foot of the stairs and Balki starts pulling out all the clothes and tossing them out as Larry stands by casually and watches.

Balki walks away from the closet and starts to cry.  Larry follows him, trying to comfort him.  "Hey, hey, hey, hey!  Come on now!  Come on!"  Balki screams and cries more as Larry pats his back.  "You know whatís great about this?" Larry laughs, "Youíre gonna have a story to tell your kids about how you and I frantically searched for the Bitatatoutata Ratatatouille on your wedding day."  Larry does his schmuck laugh until Balki grabs him by the throat and carries him across the room, across the overturned couch and to the chair where he throws Larry down and sits down himself on the coffee table.  After a moment, Balki lunges at Larry and stands over him, stating, "That Bitatatoutata Ratatatouille has been in the Bartokomous family for centuries!  You are in charge of it for one day and what happens?"  "Itís gone," Larry admits with a whine.  "Now what do you propose we do?" Balki asks.  "Weíll find the Bitatatoutata Ratatatouille!" Larry insists.  They take a moment to wipe Larryís spit from the back of the chair.  "Iíve got it!" Larry suddenly exclaims as he jumps up and runs over to the fireplace with Balki following.

"Here!  All right!  Now I remember!" Larry continues, "I had the necklace when I was here and then I went into the kitchen. I  grabbed an orange.  I came back in here, I peeled the orange and I was on my way back into the kitchen to throw away the orange peels when I saw that pot!"  Larry points to a pot and Balki grabs him up by the throat again and maneuvers him over to the pot.  "So I threw the orange peels away," Larry continues, "and I put the necklace in here!"  Larry reaches into the pot and pulls out a handful of orange peels which fly everywhere.  Balki is about to grab Larry by the throat again when Larry says, "But donít worry!  Because we can get the necklace out of the trash!"  "Would that be the same trash they picked up today?" Balki asks, grabbing for Larryís throat again.  "Yes, that would be the same trash, but . . . donít . . . no no!" Larry cries, "Because thereís a silver lining because the dump is on the way to the church!  Isnít that great?"  Balki takes the pot from Larry and breaks it over Larryís head.  Larry falls forward and Balki just catches him by the chin to keep him from falling to the floor.

We next see an establishing shot of a huge garbage dump.  Larry and Balki are literally standing in a huge mound of garbage.  Both of them are dirty and their suits are horribly stained.  Larry sorts through one bag then throws it down in despair as Balki pokes at the garbage with his sword.  "Weíre never gonna find it," Larry sighs, "Iím sorry I ruined everything."  Larry sits down in the garbage and Balki sits beside him.  "Cousin, donít . . . donít feel bad," Balki says, "Itís not your fault.  Itís my fault.  I never should have made you the guardian of the Bitatatoutata Ratatatouille."  "Well, you had to," Larry points out, "Itís the piggliwigglikiís job."  "No, it isnít," Balki admits.  "What do you mean, ĎNo, it isnít?í" Larry asks, "You . . . you said it was the piggliwigglikiís job to . . . to be the guardian of the Myposian marriage necklace.  We even did a . . . a little ritual, remember?  You hoingi boingi in, you hoingi boingi out . . . "

"Cousin, Cousin, Cousin, Cousin, Cousin . . . " Balki sighs, "That was no . . . that was no ritual.  That was just the ĎHokey Pokeyí with some pseudo-Myposian gibberish.  I . . . I . . . I felt so bad for you.  You wanted so badly to have something to do so I invented the fact that the piggliwiggliki gets to be the guardian of the necklace.  He donít do that.  The . . . the translation of piggliwiggliki is just Ďhe who walks the groom up the aisle and then does absolutely nothing.í"  "Well, I . . . I just wanted to play a big part in your wedding," Larry explains.  "Cousin, you are playing a big part in my wedding," Balki assures him, "Just by standing next to me.  Youíre my best friend."  "Yeah?" Larry asks.  "I mean . . . I mean, who else would be sitting next to me in garbage dressed in a tuxedo?" Balki asks.  Larry pats Balkiís arm and they smile at each other.  "Of course, itís your fault weíre sitting in garbage," Balki points out.

Balki looks down and sees something.  He picks up a catalogue and asks, "Cousin?  Cousin, do you still get catalogues from the Step Up Here, Little Man clothing store?"  "Yeah," Larry admits, "But Iím their tallest customer."  Balki shows Larry the catalogue and says, "This is your catalogue and that must mean that this is our garbage!"  Larry and Balki get up and start rummaging through the garbage again.  "Cousin, look!  Look!" Balki says, holding up a bag of something, "Look, Cousin!  Here is last nightís dinner.  Goat spleen surprise!  Itís covered with egg shells.  Why didnít I think of that?"  "Never mind that," Larry says, and then he turns and picks up a sweater from the garbage and exclaims, "Balki!  Hereís the sweater I gave Jennifer for her birthday!"  Larry realizes what this means and looks confused.  "She said she lost it on a flight to Costa Rica."  Larry looks down again and says, "Balki!  I think I see it!"  Larry reaches down and picks up the necklace which is entangled with a bunch of spaghetti noodles.  "Cousin!" Balki exclaims, "Cousin, you . . . you found the Bitatatoutata Ratatatouille!  And now as soon as we hose this off I can get married and live happily ever after!  Oh Cousin, now we are so happy we do the Dance of Joy!"  Balki and Larry perform the Dance of Joy, finishing by jumping down into the garbage.

At the church the pews are filled with waiting guests.  The minister addresses everyone, saying, "Thereís going to be a slight delay.  We have that pesky little problem of no groom."  One of the doors in the back of the church suddenly opens and Larry and Balki rush in.  There is the sound of dogs barking outside and they quickly grab the door and pull it shut.  The church organist begins to play a wedding march.  "Letís go," Larry says, and he and Balki start doing the unique Myposian wedding skip step up the aisle together.  As they proceed to the front of the church, people react to the bad smell on them.  After they reach the alter, the back door opens and the audience stands up as Jennifer enters in her blue matron of honor dress and takes her place at the altar.  A moment later Mary Anne enters in her beautiful white wedding dress.  "Cousin, donít Mary Anne look beautiful?" Balki asks.  "She sure does, Balki," Larry nods with a smile.  Mary Anne steps up to the altar and then looks at Balkiís soiled suit with surprise.

"Balki Bartokomous, you went to the dump without me!" Mary Anne cries with disappointment.  Jennifer leans over to ask Larry, "What happened to you?"  "Good news, Jen," Larry smiles, "I found the sweater you thought you lost in Costa Rica!"  The minister begins the ceremony.  "Friends, relatives, we are gathered here today to join these two in holy matrimony.  The bride and groom would like to exchange vows theyíve written themselves."  Balki turns to Larry and says, "Cousin, may I have the Bitatatoutata Ratatatouille?"  Larry removes the necklace from around his neck and he and Jennifer place it around both Balki and Mary Anneís shoulders.  Balki and Mary Anne then turn to face each other, getting tangled up in the necklace for a moment.  "This is the Bitatatoutata Ratatatouille, the Myposian marriage necklace," Balki explains to everyone, "It . . . it represents our unity.  We are now joined together like sand in an hourglass.  Mary Anne, these are the days of our lives."

Balki asks Larry, "The ring, please."  Jennifer hands Mary Anne Balkiís ring and Larry hands something to Balki.  "This is a pop top," Balki says, looking down at what Larry placed in his hand.  Larry quickly fishes in his pocket for the actual ring and says, "Hereís the ring," as he places it in Balkiís hand and takes away the pop top.  Mary Anne looks at Balki and says, "Balki, from the moment I met you I knew you were the man I wanted to spend the rest of my life with.  This ring is a symbol of my promise to always love you.  I hope youíll wear it forever, but Iíll understand if you take it off if you go someplace with high humidity and your fingers swell up like mine do.  Anyway, here . . . "  She places the ring on Balkiís finger.  "Wow, she made that up all by herself?" Lydia cries.  Mr. Gorpley and Mr. Wainwright look at her strangely.

Balki begins, "Mary Anne, the day that I come to America was the happiest day of my life.  But now that I know that Iíll be spending the rest of my life with you, this is the new happiest day of my life.  For . . . for my vows I would like to quote the lyrics from the song that was playing the night that Mary Anne and I fell in love.  ĎThere she was just a-walkiní down the street, singiní doo wah diddy diddy dum diddy do.  She looked good, she looked fine and . . . and I nearly lost my mind."  Balki places the ring on Mary Anneís finger.  "That was beautiful, Balki," Mary Anne says, moved.  "I now pronounce you husband and wife," the minister states.  Balki removes the wedding necklace and hands it to Larry.  "You may kiss the bride," the minister says.  Balki kisses Mary Anne sweetly on the lips.  Mary Anne then grabs Balki and bends him over backwards to kiss him.  "Wwowww!" Balki exclaims.  They all head for the back of the church and open the door only to hear the dogs barking.  They quickly close the door and look confused.

We see an establishing shot of the house and find Larry and Jennifer sitting on the couch in the living room drinking from mugs.  "Well, right about now Balki and Mary Anneís plane should be landing in Athens," Larry speculates, "Two hours on a small plane, six more hours on a fishing boat, an eleven mile hike and theyíll be at Balkiís house."  "Itís hard to believe theyíre finally married," Jennifer sighs.  "Itís hard to believe theyíre finally married . . . itís hard to believe that . . . that we have the house to ourselves," Larry points out, "At least for three weeks."  Larry and Jennifer kiss.  "You know what else is hard to believe?" Jennifer asks.  "Whatís that?" Larry asks.  "That in seven and a half months youíre going to be a daddy," Jennifer says.  "Thatís nice," Larry smiles, and he takes a sip of his drink.  A second later he spits it out, having just realized what Jennifer has said.  "A . . . a daddy?" Larry asks.  "Yes, a daddy," Jennifer nods, smiling.  "Oh!  Really?  Oh!  Oh!" Larry gasps and as he and Jennifer kiss the episode ends.

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