Perfect Strangers Episode Guide

EPISODE 145 -  The Baby Shower

First Air Date: July 9, 1993
Filming Date: July 15, 1992
Nielsen Rating: 9.0 HH

Produced by: Alan Plotkin
Created by: Dale McRaven
Written by: Thomas R. Nance
Directed by: Judy Askins

Bronson Pinchot: Balki Bartokomous
Mark Linn-Baker: Larry Appleton
Melanie Wilson: Jennifer Appleton
Rebeca Arthur: Mary Anne Bartokomous

babyshowergrab02.jpg (56032 bytes)Dimitri Appearances: Dimitriís photo can be see on the fireplace mantel.

There are no Balki-isms in this episode.

Donít be ridiculous: Not said in this episode.

Other catchphrases used in this episode:
"Can I tempt you?"
"Cut the babasticki!"

Other running jokes used in this episode:
Jennifer complains about her pregnancy woes while Mary Anne has no problems at all
Balki jumps over the back of the couch
A joke is made about Larry not having an upper lip
Larry sniffs something
Balki grabs Larry by the shirt
References are made to Larryís height
The Dance of Joy (in super fast speed)
Larry and Balki talk quickly over each other at the same time, then end by saying the same thing simultaneously

Notable Moments: Balki and Mary Anne return from Mypos.  Mary Anne reveals she is pregnant.

Interesting facts:
After a year and a half off the air, ABC finally decided to run the final six episodes of Perfect Strangers on their TGIF lineup in the late summer of 1993.  Running before the show were Family Matters, Step by Step and Dinosaurs.
- A short introduction before the theme song recaps some scenes from the episode Get Me to the Dump on Time, where the series left off, with Balki and Mary Anne getting married then going to Mypos, plus Jennifer telling Larry the news that sheís six weeks pregnant.
- Director Judy Pioli was now being billed as Judy Askins, having married Perfect Strangersí director of photography Tony Askins.
babyshowergrab03.jpg (55179 bytes)- Thereís an interesting piece of foreshadowing in this episode.  If you look at the decorated living room before the baby shower you can see that on both sides of the fireplace are hot air balloon decorations.  Jennifer would end up giving birth in a hot air balloon in the last episode of the series.
- Whenever Balki and Larry are supposed to talk over one another and then end with a line they say simultaneously (as they did many times in this episode) the talking over each part is designated in the script by the word "Chuffa."
- During the eighth season every episode featured outtakes under the end credits.  These were comprised of either scenes shot for the episode but not used or bloopers.

Bloopers and Inconsistencies:
At the end of the last season Larry pointed out that he and Jennifer would have the house to themselves for three weeks.  Well somehow Balki and Mary Anneís honeymoon was extended because in this episode he says they have been on Mypos for five months!

The episode begins at the house one day.  Larry is in the living room fluffing the cushion on the chair by the couch.  "Jennifer, Honey?  Youíd better hurry!" Larry calls, "Balki and Mary Anne are gonna be here any minute."  Jennifer walks out of the kitchen holding a piece of pizza.  She is very pregnant!  "Larry, Iím seven months pregnant," Jennifer points out, "I donít hurry."  Larry takes her to the chair, encouraging her, "Just . . . just take your time and park your pretty little ankles right over here."  "My pretty little ankles?" Jennifer cries, "Thatís all you think is pretty about me any more?"  Jennifer dumps the piece of pizza on the coffee table in disgust then leans back into the chair, moaning, "Larry, you think Iím a whale!"  "No!  No!  No!" Larry insists, "I . . . I . . . I . . . I donít think youíre a whale.  Now . . . I . . . I think youíre beautiful, radiant and I love you very much.  Hey . . . Iíve got an idea . . . "  Larry sets a saucer with a cup of milk on it on Jenniferís huge stomach and then reaches down to lift her legs onto the coffee table.

"Tell you what . . . tonight, instead of having dinner at home, again, when Balki and Mary Anne get here why donít we all go out to dinner?" Larry suggests, "I mean, weíve got a lot of catching up to do.  Balki and Mary Anne have been on Mypos for five months."  "I donít want to go out to dinner," Jennifer whines, "I donít have anything to wear."  "Well, well . . . forget dinner," Larry suggests, "Letís all go to a movie."  "I donít blame you, Larry, for wanting to go somewhere dark so no one sees youíre married to the Good Year Blimp," Jennifer broods.  "Well, well, no," Larry sighs, "Honey . . .  Honey, thatís not true.  Look . . . hey . . . "  Larry takes the cup and saucer off her stomach and sets it on the coffee table.  " . . . hey, I tell you what . . . letís just forget about Balki and Mary Anne, and uh, why donít we grab a bottle of non-alcoholic wine, go upstairs and try to rekindle that old passion.  Hmm?"  "Didnít we just do that?" Jennifer asks.  Larry is deflated and hands Jennifer the pizza and milk again, sighing, "Yeah . . . yeah . . . yeah, we just did that.  We just did that about, uh . . . seven weeks, four days and eleven hours ago."  Larry sits on the couch.

The front door suddenly bursts open and Balki rushes inside and exclaims, "Balkiís back and heís better than ever!"  He runs into Larryís arms crying, "Oh Cousin!  Cousin!"  He then bends down to kiss Jennifer, saying, "Jennifer!  Oh Jennifer, Iím so happy to be home!  I missed everything in this house!  I missed running up the stairs!"  Balki runs up the stairs.  "I missed running down the stairs!"  Balki runs down the stairs.  "I missed jumping over this couch!"  He jumps over the couch.  "Cousin!  Cousin, everythingís just the same.  Still no upper lip!  Except you, Jennifer.  You look beautiful!"  Larry takes the pizza and milk from Jennifer so she can hug Balki and say, "Aw, thank you, Balki."  "Cousin, you exaggerated in your letter," Balki notes, "Sheís nowhere near as big as a house."  "What?" Jennifer gasps, sitting up.  "Well, no, no," Larry says, "Enough about us.  Whereís Mary Anne?"  "Sheís right outside," Balki says, "We . . . we have a surprise for you."  Balki runs outside, calling, "Mary Anne?  Mary Anne?"  Larry helps Jennifer to her feet and they walk over to the door.

Mary Anne walks into the house, also very pregnant.  "Hi!" she smiles.  Balki steps beside her and says, "My little spud-muffin is having a tater tot."  "Well, that is great!" Larry exclaims and he hugs Mary Anne as Balki hugs Jennifer.  Larry and Balki then share some macho grunts and do the macho bit and laugh.  Jennifer and Mary Anne go to hug each other and find they have to turn to the side so they can hug around their huge stomachs.  "Congratulations!" Jennifer smiles.  "Ooh, youíre just like Larryís drawing!" Mary Anne notes.  "Ooh, no!" Larry says, "Uh, why donít we, come on . . . weíll all sit down here.  Weíve got a lot of . . . of catching up to do."  Larry helps Jennifer to slowly sit on the couch, encouraging her, "Here . . . here you go, sweetheart.  Take it easy . . . take it easy.  You got it.  Youíre almost there . . . almost there . . . "  "Pillows," Jennifer reminds Larry, and he places a pillow behind her back.

Mary Anne approaches the couch and Larry asks, "Can I help you, Mary Anne?"  Mary Anne plops down on the couch with no problem and asks, "With what?"  "Never mind," Larry says as he sits down.  Balki sits down on the couch next to Mary Anne.  "Well, this is perfect," Jennifer says, "You got here just in time for my baby shower tomorrow so now it can be for both of us."  "Oh, thatís sweet," Mary Anne smiles.  "Why donít we show them the new nursery?" Jennifer suggests to Larry.  "We put up new wallpaper," Larry explains as he, Balki and Mary Anne get up from the couch, "I hope you like giraffes."  "Well, the meatís a little tough but theyíre a heck of a lot of fun to ride," Balki says.  Jennifer struggles to get up off the couch as they others head for the stairs but she canít make it.  "Larry!  Larry!" Jennifer calls, and Larry runs back to help her.

That evening, everyone is in the kitchen.  Jennifer and Mary Anne are sitting at the kitchen table working on favors for the party.  Larry is making Jennifer comfortable.  "There you go," Larry says, "A fan to keep your face cool, a blanket to keep your body warm, a pillow for your aching back and some cozies for your toesies."  Larry has put slippers on Jenniferís feet and she takes them down off a chair to sit up straight.  "Is there anything else I can do for you, Honey?" Larry asks.  "Yes," Jennifer answers, "Shoot me."  Balki walks over to Mary Anne and stoops down, asking, "And, uh . . . how are you, my little pork loin?"  "Iím perfect," Mary Anne smiles.  "And donít you forget it!" Balki says, kissing Mary Anneís neck and making her giggle.  After Balki walks away, Jennifer asks Mary Anne, "You arenít feeling the least bit uncomfortable?"  "No," Mary Anne answers.  "Sore back?" Jennifer asks.  "No."  "Swollen ankles?"  "No."  "Wild uncontrollable, almost murderous, mood swings?" Larry asks.  He sees the expression Jennifer is giving him and quickly says, "No, I . . . I didnít mean you, Honey.  Not you. Not you."

"So you arenít experiencing any symptoms of pregnancy?" Jennifer asks.  "Well, just that pregnant glow," Mary Anne answers.  "I hate you," Jennifer states.  "Donít worry, because I have just the thing to rid you of them pesky problems of pregnancy," Balki says as he reaches into the pantry and pulls out a decorated Myposian bag.  "Whatís that?" Larry asks.  Balki reaches into the bag and pulls out a strange looking potato-like thing, answering, "The Midolcrampabloatolous root.  It helps to get rid of them awful symptoms of pregnancy.  I brought some home from Mypos for Mary Anne but . . . she donít need it."  "The Midolcrampabloatolous root?" Larry asks.  "Yes," Balki confirms, "Itís grown in a special field at the foot of Mount PMSocoulos.  We, uh, tried planting it closer to town but goats feeding in the area kept exploding."  Balki hands the root to Jennifer and asks, "Can I tempt you?"  "Thanks, but no," Jennifer answers.  "Jenniferís right," Larry agrees, taking the root from Balki, "Thereís . . . thereís absolutely no way . . . look, we donít even know if this root is safe.  I mean, thereís . . . thereís probably got some horrible side effects."

"Well, there . . . there is one but I donít . . . this is not the place to discuss it," Balki admits.  "See?" Larry asks, "See?  What happens?  What, does your hair turn green?  What, your teeth get soft?  What?  What?  What?"  "Well, it . . . it releases uncontrollable passionate desires in a woman," Balki explains.  After a moment Larry turns to Jennifer and says, "Well, if itíll help reduce your swollen ankles . . . "  "Larry, goats exploded!" Jennifer reminds him.  "No, no," Balki protests, "Now no conclusive evidence has ever linked the goat explosions to the root."  "You hear that?" Larry asks, "You hear that?  No conclusive evidence.  You know, maybe you should try it."  "No, I . . . I donít want to!" Jennifer insists.  "Okay, I tell you what," Larry says, "All right, Iíll try it first and then prove that itís safe."  "Not only am I not going to try it but youíre not gonna try it either," Jennifer states, "What if you grow an arm out of your neck or something?"  "Itís time to read nursery rhymes to our stomachs!" Mary Anne announces as she gets up from the table, "I feel like Goldilocks.  What do you feel like?"  "Humpty Dumpty," Jennifer answers as he follows Mary Anne.

Larry sniffs at the root and then is about to take a bite of it.  "Excuse me," Balki stops him, taking the root away, "Excuse me . . . what are you doing?"  "Balki, I am doing this for Jenniferís own good," Larry says, taking back the root, "The sooner I take this and show her that there is nothing wrong with it, the sooner my life returns to normal . . . her life.  Her life returns to normal."  Balki reaches over and grabs Larry by the shirt, pulling him closer.  "Cut the babasticki," Balki insists, "You are not doing this for Jennifer.  Youíre doing it for yourself."  "You got me," Larry admits.  "Well . . . " Balki sighs.  Larry quickly takes a bite of the root.  "Oh, give me that!" Balki says, reaching for Larryís mouth to try to make him stop eating it, "Give me that!  Cousin!"  Larry holds Balki away at armís length and chews as they struggle a while.  Larry finishes his mouthful as Balki protests, "You canít . . . you . . . "  Larry swallows the bite.  "You cannot just eat the Midolcrampabloatolous root like that," Balki insists, "What do you think this is?  Some raw American jicama crudité?"

Balki takes the root from Larry.  "You . . . this has to be prepared!" Balki explains, "You have to take some shavings of this, put them in the sauce pan with some bone meal, goatís milk and a packet of grape Kool Aid for color."  "Nothing is going to happen," Larry insists, taking back the root.  After a moment he sighs, "Yeah, I knew it . . . another bogus Myposian . . . oh boy, I feel great!"  Larry starts ranting like a mad man.  "I feel alive!  I feel . . . tall!  I feel a myriad of things!  Thatís a wonderful word, isnít it?  Myriad?  I wonder what it means.  I have an Aunt Myriad.  No, thatís Aunt Miriam.  Oh, Iíve got to give her a call.  You know Aunt Miriam?  Lovely woman.  She has a mole on her back the shape of Florida.  Balki, have you ever noticed how many talk shows there are now?!"  "You had to bite the root, didnít you?" Balki scolds.  "So?" Larry asks.  "So, your eyes are bulging, your hair is vibrating and youíre speaking very quickly," Balki points out.

"Quickly?  I didnít notice that I was talking quickly.  But why would I notice that Iím talking quickly?  Itís not like Iím timing it with a stopwatch.  My gym bag!  Thatís where I left my watch!" Larry rants all together, then he advances on Balki and says, "Balki, you have got to try this!"  Balki is backed up against the counter and cries, "No!  No!  No, I donít want to!"  Larry grabs Balki by the ear, causing Balki to cry, "No!  Ow!  Ow!"  Larry shoves the root in Balkiís mouth, forcing him to take a bite.  Larry then grabs Balkiís nose and strokes Balkiís throat to make him swallow it as Balki continues to protest.  Finally Balki resigns himself and finishes chewing the root, swallowing it.  Larry steps back and waits for some result.  "Nothing," Balki says, shaking his head, "Absolutely nothing.  You know what I think?  Oooh woo!  Ooh wah hah!"  Balki starts to laugh and move erratically, shouting, "Wow!  Wow!  Wow!  Wow!  This stuff is good!"  Balki and Larry grab each other and perform a super fast version of the Dance of Joy before he scene fades to black.

Act two begins with an establishing shot of the house and the caption "The Next Day."  The living room is decorated for the baby shower.  Jennifer and Mary Anne are sitting on the couch preparing cheese and crackers for the baby shower.  Mary Anne is squirting canned cheese onto crackers and handing them to Jennifer.  Jennifer eats the cheese off the crackers and puts the crackers onto a tray.  "I hope I get through this shower," Jennifer sighs, "I am exhausted.  I donít know what Larry and Balki were doing last night but they were making so much noise it kept me up all night."  We hear Larry and Balki laughing offstage and then they come running down the stairs together quickly.  Both are wearing overalls.  They stop at the couch and Larry fiddles anxiously with his hair while Balki fidgets restlessly with his leg.  They look at the girls with wide eyes.  "What have you two been up to all night and half the morning?" Jennifer asks.

Larry and Balki laugh, and Balki urges Larry, "Tell her, tell her, tell her, tell her, tell her, tell her . . . "  "Stop," Larry says.  "Okay," Balki giggles.  "We just thought weíd spruce up the nursery for the shower," Larry explains, "You know . . . "  "Vacuuming, waxing, dusting . . . dusting," Balki chimes in, demonstrating these activities, "And then we rewired the house."  "Giving us thirty percent more wattage!" Larry adds.  Larry turns and clutches Balkiís stomach and Balki pulls up his hair as if he were being electrified.  They both laugh maniacally and turn back to the girls.  "Larry, you donít know how to rewire a house!" Jennifer points out.  "Thatís what I thought!" Larry agrees, "But it was a snap!  First you reset the . . . "  " . . . panels," Balki chimes in, "then you run feed from the main switch into the circuit . . . "  " . . . breaker panels and into the junction . . . "  " . . . boxes.  The tricky part . . . "  " . . . was the . . . " " . . . three way switches!" they both agree.  "Do you remember those?" Larry asks.  "Oh!" Balki exclaims.  "Do you remember those?" Larry asks again.  "Oh!  Oh!  Oh!  Oh!  Oh!  Three way . . . three way . . . three way!" Balki repeats.

They both continue to laugh and make noises until they get back on track.  Larry begins, "If you donít remember the black . . . "  " . . . is positive and the white . . . "  " . . . is negative, then . . . "  "Wwowww!" they exclaim simultaneously.  "Larry, why arenít you blinking?" Jennifer asks.  "Time waster!" Larry answers.  Larry and Balki laugh again.  "Look, I donít know what you guys are up to but I donít have time to deal with this right now," Jennifer says angrily, "The guests are almost here.  Why . . . why donít you go and change?"  "And weíd better hurry and put out the food," Mary Anne suggests.  As Mary Anne and Jennifer get up from the couch, Mary Anne asks, "Jennifer, do you ever get a stabbing pain in your lower back that shoots down through your legs?"  "Yes!" Jennifer confirms happily, "Yes!  Do you get that, too?"  "No," Mary Anne answers, and the girls walk into the kitchen.

Larry and Balki pull off the overalls to reveal that they are fully dressed in their party clothes underneath.  Larry then turns around and lifts the couch up off the ground.  Balki throws their overalls underneath the couch and Larry sets it down again.  They both stand, looking fidgety.  Their toes start tapping and then they start moving back and forth, their feet moving in and out, and they dance.  They continue to dance, kicking their legs.  Balki picks up Larry and then swings him to his other side and they spastically dance around each other then stop at the same moment.  "Got any more of that root?" Larry asks.  Balki pulls the much smaller root out of his pants pocket and says, "This is all I have left."  "Thatís it?" Larry cries, "Thatís all youíve got?  We need more root!  Donít you have a root man we could call?"  "Unfortunately not," Balki says, and they both look sad.  "But I have a better idea," Balki says and they both look hopeful.  "After the baby shower we can fly to Mypos and get more root!" Balki suggests.  "Yes!  Weíll fly to Mypos . . . " Larry agrees.  They both leap into the air as if they are flying, shouting, "Woooo!"  " . . . bring back more root and plant it in the back yard!" Larry finishes.

"Better yet, weíll put a giant grow light on the roof!" Balki says.  Balki gets up on the arm of the couch and mimics a grow light as Larry stands beneath him, raising his arm to mimic a plant growing.  Holding Larryís hand, Balki leaps off the couch and Larry pulls him close in a kind of dance step.  "Forget the roof!" Larry says, "Weíll tear down the house and plant root everywhere!  I donít know what weíll do with our clothes . . . but weíll worry about that later."  Balki circles Larry, shaking his finger at him, as he says, "You know, itís taken you six years, Cousin, but you have finally come up with a plan that makes sense!"  "Thank you!" Larry says.  "No, thank you!" Balki counters.  "No, thank you!"  "No, thank you!"  "Thank you!"  "Thank you!"  They continue to thank each other until they pinch each othersí cheeks and then toss them aside and draw their hands in to their chests.  "Now give me the root!" Larry says.  Balki hands Larry the root and Larry takes a bite, then Balki also takes a bite and they stand chewing for a moment.  After they swallow, Larry shouts, "Oh boy!" as Balki shouts, "Oh wow!"

"Cousin, I have the most brilliant idea," Balki says, "What if our knees bent both ways?"  "Come here!" Larry says, and he pulls Balki over to the couch, "Come here . . . come here."  Larry lifts Balkiís left leg up onto the couch and says, "All right . . . here, hold this."  He hands Balki the root and as Balki nibbles at the root, Larry tried to twist Balkiís leg around.  Failing that, Larry runs around to climb up on the arm of the couch and step on Balkiís leg to try to make it bend backwards.  Balki continues to nibble happily on the root.  Larry jumps down off the couch and runs to the first landing of the staircase, preparing himself to make a run at Balki.  Jennifer walks into the living room just as Larry runs from the landing and leaps toward Balkiís leg.  "Larry, what are you doing?" Jennifer asks.  Larry stops himself from landing on Balkiís leg and stares at Jennifer.  "Weíre trying to see if we can make my knees bend both ways," Balki explains.  "But thanks for asking," Larry smiles.

Jennifer walks around to place the trays of food she is carrying on the coffee table.  Larry carries Balkiís leg as they walk forward to watch her set the cherry dish and the chocolate dish down.  Both of them stare and huff strangely.  "Why are you acting like this?" Jennifer demands to know.  "Well, we came downstairs and we had the best feeling in the world . . . I donít know . . . I just had my feelings going up and down my body," Balki says as Larry speaks just as quickly and at the same time.  They both end by saying, "We ate the root."  "And we didnít explode or anything!" Larry adds, "Jennifer, you really gotta try it!"  Balki hands the tiny bit of root out to Jennifer.  "Give it to me, give me the root," Larry says, not noticing Balki has it out until he sees it, "Oh here!  Thereís only a little bit left.  But we wanna give it to you."  "Weíll have a whole lot more when we tear down the house," Balki smiles, then he and Larry laugh.  "What the hell are you talking about?" Jennifer exclaims.

Balki and Larry again talk over each other, both rambling until they finish together, "The root!"  "I donít want any and I told you not to eat any!" Jennifer scolds, "Itís making you weird, although you do seem taller."  Balki stoops down and Larry stands up straighter, looking proud and winking at Jennifer.  "Iíll tell you what," Jennifer says, "Why donít you two go outside and walk off some of this energy, okay?"  Jennifer eyes them strangely then walks into the kitchen.  Once sheís gone, Larry and Balki each take another bite of the root and chew it.  Once they swallow, Larry shouts, "Oh boy!" as Balki shouts, "Oh wow!"  "You know, sheís right," Larry says, "Letís take a walk."  "Okay," Balki agrees.  They start to walk around the living room in sync with each other, circling the couch and getting into a bizarre stomping walk rhythm as they head for the front door.

Larry stops at the front door and says, "Balki, why walk when we can eat?"  They eye the plates on the coffee table and exclaim, "Food!"  They do the same strange stomping walk in unison over to the couch and sit down, pulling the table closer to them as they prepare to begin.  "Wait, wait, wait!" Balki says, "This food is for the party!"  "Well, a nibble wonít hurt!" Larry insists, "No one will notice.  Weíll just have an eensy weensy insy binsy little bite of each dish."  "Okay," Balki agrees, mimicking the way Larry said the line in a high voice, "Weíll have an eensy teensy weensy little bite of each dish."  Larry picks up the cherry dish and Balki picks up the chocolate dish and they both laugh before sticking their faces into the respective dishes.  They pull their faces out and both start rambling about the food at the same time, talking over each other until they end with the line, "Very, very good!"

We see an establishing shot of the house and the caption "The Next Morning."  Mary Anne and Jennifer are at the kitchen table writing out cards.  Larry and Balki enter, wearing their pajamas and bathrobes and looking like they have hangovers.  They slowly approach the table.  "Hi, Jennifer," Larry says timidly.  Jennifer and Mary Anne keep writing.  "Hi, Mary Anne," Balki tries.  The girls continue to write.  "Are you still mad at us?" Larry and Balki ask together.  "Because of you two, instead of thank you cards we have to send out apology cards!" Jennifer says.  "Well, if it makes you feel any better Balki and I are paying for our behavior," Larry assures her.  "I know I am," Balki says, "I feel like the Myposian army just marched across my face."  Balki walks around to the other side of the table to squat down next to Mary Anne, saying, "Mary Anne . . . Mary Anne, Iím so sorry.  I . . . I never should have eaten the Midolcrampabloatolous root.  Forgive me?"  "Okay!" Mary Anne smiles, and they hug.  Larry squats down next to Jennifer and says, "Jennifer . . . I am so sorry.  I never should have eaten the Midolcrampabloatolous root.  Do you forgive me?"

Larry puckers his lips for a kiss.  "I donít think so, Larry," Jennifer answers.  "But . . . but, Jen, I . . . I only ate it so . . . so you could take it and . . . and get some relief from your bloating and aching and swelling and whining . . . "  Jennifer gives Larry a look of shock and Larry quickly realizes, " . . . and . . . and . . . and I . . . Iím not helping myself, am I?"  "Cousin, youíre going down in flames but donít worry Ďcause I have just the thing to get your relationship back on track," Balki says.  "Please, Balki, not another bizarre Myposian remedy," Larry begs.  "Well, thereís nothing bizarre about it," Balki says, reaching into his robe to pull out a twenty dollar bill and handing it to Larry, "Hereís twenty dollars . . . go to the movies . . . sit in the balcony . . . donít watch the movie."  "What do you think, Jen?" Larry asks.  "Sounds wonderful," Jennifer smiles, and she and Larry kiss.  "Thanks, Balki," Larry says, "Thatís very kind of you."  "And thatís just the beginning," Balki continues, "When you get home, Iím going to whip you up a giant pig spleen float, with or without brine . . . your choice."  Mary Anne looks excited for them but Jennifer and Larry look less than enthusiastic as the episode ends.

Under the end credits is a continuation of the second to last scene not used in the episode.  After sticking their faces in the food, Balki takes a napkin and wipes away a small spot on Larryís chin.  "There, thatís better!" Balki smiles.  "Thank you," Larry says.  "No, thank you!" Balki insists.  "No, thank you!"  "No, thank you!"  They continue to thank each other until they pinch each otherís cheeks and throw them aside then pull their hands up to their chests.  The doorbell rings and Larry and Balki exclaim, "Weíll get it!"  They get up and do the stomping walk thing to the front door.  Jennifer and Mary Anne come out of the kitchen and Jennifer keeps calling, "Larry!  Larry!  Larry!"  Larry and Balki open the front door to reveal the guests standing outside holding presents.  "Theyíre here!" Larry and Balki exclaim.  "Oh my god!" Jennifer cries.  Larry and Balki start doing the little foot tapping dance again and the credits come to an end.

Script Variations:
There are some differences between the shooting script dated July 14, 1992 and the episode which aired:
In the opening scene after Larry suggests they go out to eat and Jennifer complains she has nothing to wear, Larry suggests, "Well, we don't have to go anywhere fancy.  We'll go to Luigi's."  "I can't fit in the booth at Luigi's," Jennifer points out.
- After Larry suggests they get romantic and Jennifer asks, "Didn't we just do that?" Larry outlines the exact length of time it's been since they "just did that."  Jennifer then adds, "Don't take this personally, Larry, but the thought of it makes me nauseous."  "I see your point," Larry sighs.
- After Balki rushes in and runs up and down the stairs and jumps over the couch he asks Larry, "Do I have dirt in my teeth?  I kissed the ground."
- After Balki says that Larry exaggerated in his letter and that Jennifer is not nearly as big as a house, Jennifer cries, "What?"  "Balki, you misunderstood," Larry insists, "You know, he's not good with English."  "Cousin, I didn't have to be," Balki says, "You drew a picture."
- After Balki tells that Mary Anne is right outside and that they have a surprise, Jennifer says, "I hope it's chocolate."
- After they all sit on the couch, Larry says, "So, Balki, you're going to be a daddy.  Tell us all about it."  "There's not much to tell," Balki answers, "Let me just say -- one sleeping bag, okay?  Enough said."
- After Jennifer tells Mary Anne that she can share in the baby shower, Jennifer adds, "I'm sure there'll be room for another crib in the new nursery."  "That's nice," Mary Anne replies, "but our little baby, little Robespierre or Marge, will be sleeping in a sack nailed to the wall."  "But, eventually, he'll move on to a youth hammock," Balki explains.  "Okay," Jennifer responds.
- At the start of the second scene the script indicates that Balki is at the counter mashing potatoes.
- After Larry asks if there's anything else he can do for Jennifer and Jennifer sighs, "Yes.  Shoot me," Larry replies, "Humor, that's good."
- After Jennifer asks Mary Anne, "So you aren't experiencing any symptoms of pregnancy?" Mary Anne responds, "Just that pregnant glow and, you know, that euphoric feeling of creating life.  And my hair's a lot more manageable."
- After Balki says he has something that will help Jennifer, Jennifer sighs, "Oh, nothing can help."
- After Balki tells Larry that the one side effect of the Midolcrampabloatolous Root is that it releases uncontrollable passion in a woman, he adds, "She'll become a quivering mass of insatiable desire.  You'd have your work cut out for you, Cousin."
- After Jennifer supposes that Larry might grow an arm out of his neck after eating the root, Balki counters, "Now, come on, Jennifer.  I think you're being a little unfair.  That only happened once in the entire history of Mypos and it had nothing to do with the root.  Sure the guy wasn't happy about it, but, boy could he play the harp."
- After Larry first tries to eat the root, Balki says, "Excuse me, excuse me . . .  Unless I'm mistaken, and I don't believe I am, Jennifer told you not to take the root."
- The line about the root not being some kind of raw American jicama creux de ta is not in this script.  After explaining how the root should be prepared, Balki adds, "There's no telling what will happen when you use the root without diluting the root."  "Nothing's going to happen," Larry insists.  "You're probably right," Balki sighs, "If you were going to explode, you'd be splattered all over the kitchen by now."  Larry then says, "I don't feel anything.  Then again, I'm not pregnant, so why would I feel anything?"  It's then he starts to disparage another Myposian myth when the root kicks in.
- After Larry first rambles, Balki says, "That's it, I'm taking you off caffeine," instead of, "You had to eat the root, didn't you?"
- Balki doesn't say "No, no, I don't want to!" when Larry forces the root on him.  After taking a bite, Balki says, "Hmm, nothing.  It tastes like yak jerky."  After the root takes effect and Balki yells, "Wow!" he starts talking fast, saying, "Bob Barker!  When did his hair turn white?  I mean when did it happen?  You ever notice how everyone on this block drives a station wagon?  You know when I was a boy I was much, much shorter.  Actually, I'm still short, I'm just tall for my height.  This stuff is good."  Balki and Larry do the Dance of Joy and then Balki says, "Now we are so happy we do The Dance of Joy."  "We just did it," Larry reminds him.  "Let's do it again -- faster," Balki suggests, and they do the Dance of  Joy again in the accelerated way.
- After Jennifer complains about Larry and Balki keeping her awake all night, Mary Anne says, "Really?  I didn't hear a thing.  Ever since I've been pregnant, the minute my head hits the pillow, I'm out."  "Mary Anne, if you don't have anything bad to say about being pregnant, don't say anything at all," Jennifer suggests.
- When Larry and Balki coming running down the stairs, Larry says, "Race you to the couch!" to Balki.
- Before they remove their overalls, Larry says, "Work clothes off.  Party clothes on."
- After they try to fly, Larry says, "Brilliant," and Balki answers with, "Thank you."
- The bits of business Bronson and Mark do during their "root influenced" scenes are called "an electric bit," "plant bit," etc.
- After Balki suggests that maybe their knees can bend both ways, they do "the thank you run" again, then Larry says, "Maybe our knees do bend both ways.  We just never tried it."
- After Larry and Balki confess to Jennifer that they ate the root, Larry says, "And you know, it's really very good."  They "Chuffa" (speak on top of each other) and finish with, "Very tasty."  When Larry then suggests Jennifer try it he adds, "You'll feel better than you have in your whole life."
- After they stick their faces in the food and before the end of that scene, which is shown under the end credits, Balki says, "Uh-oh, somebody made a mess.  I'll fix it," before he wipes at Larry's face with the napkin.
- At the beginning of the last scene, the script have Larry and Balki entering the kitchen, then stop before approaching the girls and re-think it.  They leave the kitchen then re-enter, approaching again.
- After Balki and Larry ask if the girls are still mad at them, Mary Anne says, "Jennifer told me that we're not supposed to talk to you guys."  Then off Jennifer's look she adds, "Oh, that was talking, wasn't it?"
- After Balki says that he feels like the Myposian army marched across his face, he adds, "That actually happened to me when I fell asleep in a training field, so I know."
- After Larry begs Balki not to give them another bizarre Myposian remedy, Jennifer adds, "Larry's right.  That's what got him into trouble in the first place."
- The rest of the script is the same.

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