Perfect Strangers Episode Guide

EPISODE 34 - The Horn Blows at Midnight

First Air Date: November 4, 1987
Nielsen Rating: 16.5 HH

TV Guide Description: Balki listens numbly as a famous psychic predicts that Larry will be "eating a golden ring and sitting on a sheep" on the day that a terrible storm ushers in the Grim Reaper.

Co-Producer: James OíKeefe
Created by: Dale McRaven
Written by: William Bickley & Michael Warren
Directed by: Joel Zwick

Bronson Pinchot: Balki Bartokomous
Mark Linn-Baker: Larry Appleton
Rebeca Arthur: Mary Anne
Melanie Wilson: Jennifer Lyons

Guest Cast:
Jo Marie Payton-France: Harriette Winslow
Brandis Kemp: Ms. Claire Hayden
Eugene Roche: Harry Burns

Dimitri Appearances: Dimitri isnít seen through most of this episode but his appearance when it comes is quite pivotal, as he is the sheep that Larry sits on to fulfill part of Claire Haydenís prophesy.  He remains on the couch while Balki and Larry wrestle with one another, getting quite crushed!

"Get back, funky cat!"
"Weíve got to hit the road, Zack!"
"Mr. Death is going to come in here and kick your bucket!"

Donít be ridiculous: Not said in this episode.

Other catchphrases used in this episode:
"Get out of the city!"
Balki and Larryís stereo "Hi!"

Other running jokes used in this episode:
Balki picks up Larry and carries him around.
Larry tells Balki to "think about it" and Balki screws up his face as if he is thinking very hard
Jennifer walks into the guysí apartment to find Balki and Larry in a questionable situation or position

Songs: "The Letter" - sung by Balki as heís sorting mail
"On the Road Again" - Balki sings one line of this song as heís trying to get Larry out the door
"These Boots Are Made for Walking" - Balki also sings this as heís moving Larryís legs to get him to walk out the door

Interesting facts:
- The Horn Blows at Midnight is the name of a Jack Benny film which involved Benny playing an angel named Athaniel with the task of blowing a trumpet to herald the end of Earth at midnight.  The film was a box office bomb and consequently became a long-running joke on Jack Bennyís radio show.
- When Balki says he has an "enquiring mind" itís a reference to commercials for the weekly tabloid paper The Enquirer, which often ran predictions of psychics in their publication.
- The reference to Sean Penn in this episode was a rare bit of topical humor.  Sean Penn went to jail for 32 days in 1987 for hitting an extra, but previous to that he was known for getting physically violent with the paparazzi as well.
- The incidental music playing over Claire Haydenís predictions is the same music used for flashback sequences on other episodes.
- Larry makes reference to his "lucky pen" in this episode.  He would refer to it again in other episodes, as well as having other "lucky" objects.
- Balki was a bit psychic in this episode himself when he uttered the phrase "Read my lips!"  In this instance the joke was that Balki was emphasizing his words with his lips when the person on the other end couldnít see him doing it, and the expression "Read my lips," was certainly being used at that time.  But the phrase would take on greater significance in the coming years with George Bush Sr.ís now notorious "Read my lips . . . no new taxes!" promise at the 1988 Republican Convention.
- Larryís reference to Anson William winning an Oscar in 2025 is an in-joke for the producers of the show who also worked on the hit series Happy Days which starred Anson Williams as Potsie Webber.  References to Happy Days would not be uncommon throughout the series!
- Pioliís Pizza, which can be seen on the street level of their apartment complex, is mentioned again in this episode.
- Balkiís comment "a little dabíll do ya" is a reference to the classic advertising slogan for Brylcreem, a menís hair grooming gel.
- In the scene where the Cousins exit their bedrooms to grab each other in the hallway director Joel Zwick uses an unusual close up in which a fish-eye type lens is utilized for a more dramatic and eerie look.  This kind of effect was highly unusual for this series.
- When Larry suggests they call "the time lady" heís referring to the "Speaking Clock," a phone service in which one can call and get the accurate time.  In Northern California the clock is reached by dialing POPCORN, but the prefix varies in different areas. Since the voice of the speaking clock is a womanís, it makes sense for Larry to refer to her as "the time lady."
- The way Balki says the line "Heís here!" is the same way the little girl in the horror film Poltergeist said "Theyíre here!" while looking at the snowy television set.  This was another reference near to the producersí hearts, since actress Heather OíRourke, who played that girl, had also appeared on the series Happy Days.  Sadly young Heather would pass away only three months later from complications caused by congenital intestinal stenosis (blockage of the intestines).
- Most people are likely familiar with the theme to The Twilight Zone which is heard at the very end of this episode.  Rod Serlingís classic anthology series featured scary and unnerving tales which usually revolved around some kind of supernatural or science fiction theme and often ended with a twist to shock and surprise the viewers.  The unmistakable theme song is therefore associated with anything unusual, bizarre or strangely disturbing.

The episode begins with Balki singing the Joe Cocker classic song "The Letter" as heís sorting the mail.  The elevator door opens and Larry and Harriette step out, in the middle of a conversation.  "I canít believe a prestigious paper like the Chicago Chronicle would run the predictions of some two-bit stargazer," Larry complains.  "Claire Hayden happens to be the worldís greatest psychic," Harriette counters.  Balki jumps into the argument, siding with Harriette.  "I read her predictions every day!  I have an Enquiring mind, you know."

Larry tells Balki that if he sticks around he may get to meet her in person.  "Get back, funky cat!" Balki gasps.  Harriette confirms that sheís with Mr. Burns and Larry explains that when theyíre finished he has to drive her to the airport.  "Cousin, you are one lucky dude!" Balki says, "You get to spend rush hour with a famous prophet."  "Balki, sheís as much of a prophet as I am," Larry says sarcastically.  "Get out of the city!  You can tell the future?" Balki asks.  "Balki, I canít tell the future and neither can she!" Larry explains, "She just flies in once a year, makes some guesses about the future and this paper pays her a ton of money for it."

"Well, if theyíre just guesses theyíre pretty good," Harriette comments, "She predicted Sean Penn would do time."  "Well, anybody could have predicted that!" Larry scoffs, then adds, "I canít wait to see the newspaper tomorrow . . . ĎThis year Claire Hayden predicts the Earth will revolve around the suní!"  "No!" Balki cries in horror, "Weíll be burned to a crisp!"  Larry looks to Harriette, who only says, "Heís your cousin!" before going back to her job.  "Balki, the Earth revolves around the sun every year," Larry explains patiently.  "Oh thatís right," Balki realizes, "I always get mixed up on that point.  On Mypos they only teach science up through the Bronze Age."

The elevator door opens again and Mr. Burns exits with psychic Claire Hayden.  Mr. Burns calls to Larry to get a move on or Ms. Hayden will miss her plane.  As Larry heads for the parking garage Mr. Burns takes him aside and adds quietly, "Iíll make this up to you, Appleton.  I couldnít be with that woman another minute!"  "Iíll get her out of your hair, sir," Larry promises, and goes to get his car.  Mr. Burns puts on a cordial act and says, "Claire, if you only knew how much I wanted to drive you to the airport but I have got to put this edition to bed."  "It was nice seeing you again, Harry," Ms. Hayden offers, shaking his hand.  "See you next year, Claire," Mr. Burns offers and tries to walk away but she holds on to his hand and says, "Just a moment," then rolls her eyes into her head and says mystically, "Yes . . . you will."  Mr. Burns beats a hasty retreat.

Balki approaches Claire Hayden with a pad of paper and asks nicely, "Ms. Hayden?  Excuse me, my name is Balki Bartokomous, and I . . . I . . . . "  "Youíd like my autograph," Ms. Hayden surmises.  "Wwowww!" Balki says in awe, "You are good!"  Ms. Hayden laughs, saying, "No, that wasnít a prediction.  A lot of people ask for my autograph."  She takes the pad from him then says, "Iíll need a pen."  Balki takes a pen from Larryís desk and clicks it open before handing it to her.

Balki starts to spell his name for her when she stops, staring straight ahead into space.  Balki leans over to look into her face with concern.  "I see a terrible storm!" she announces.  Balki looks up worriedly, then holds his hand out as if checking to see if thereís any rain heís missing in the basement.  "I see a man . . . " she continues.  Balki looks around for a man until she adds, "A small man . . . " and then he looks around lower.  "Heís eating a golden ring and sitting on a sheep," she proclaims.  "Would you like a glass of water?" Balki asks, "A chair?  An exorcist of some kind?"  "A clock strikes midnight!" she continues, her breath becoming heavy in fright, "Thereís a knock at the door!  Who is it?"  "I donít know," Balki says meekly.  "Itís Death!" she states in horror, "Tonight Death will take this man away forever!"

Claire Hayden drops out of her trance and continues as if nothing has happened.  "Thatís B-A-L-K-I?" she asks, then hands Balki the autograph.  "Those things you said . . . " Balki begins in confusion.  "Sometimes when I pick up something I get these premonitions about the owners of the objects," she explains, then hands the pen back to Balki, asking, "Is this your pen?"  Balki takes the pen slowly, in shock.  "No . . . this pen belong to my Cousin Larry," he answers.  "Well, I hope I predicted good things," Ms. Hayden smiles, "It was nice meeting you.  I have to go now my carís ready."  At that moment Larry walks back into the basement to tell her the carís ready but she cuts him off, saying, "Yes, I know."  She walks out but Larry stops, spotting the pen in Balkiís hand. He takes it saying, "Oh . . . thereís my lucky pen!"  He exits, leaving Balki standing there, worried.

At the apartment that night Balki is on the phone, saying, "No thank you, I donít want the super saver!"  He keeps trying to talk but someone on the other end is interrupting, so finally Balki says firmly, "Read my lips!  (He then says the following line moving his lips in an exaggerated manner, even though the person on the phone canít see him)  I want two plane tickets to a place where it doesnít rain and there are no sheep!"  There is a loud click on the other end a dial tone as the airline representative hangs up on him.

Balki hears Larryís key in the front door and he picks up a packed suitcase and his own pack, carrying them to the door to meet his cousin as he enters.  "What a nightmare!" Larry groans, hanging up his coat on the door.  He continues as Balki makes preparations for them to leave without noticing him.  "Bumper to bumper traffic all the way to the airport.  I am stuck in the car with one of the Witches of Eastwick!"  Balki sets their suitcases outside the door and puts Larryís jacket back on him.  "Oh, by the way, she predicted Anson Williams will win an Oscar in the year 2025," Larry adds.

Balki picks Larry up around the middle and tries to run out the front door with him but Larry grabs the doorway and pushes them both back, swinging the door shut as he does so.  "Where am I going?" Larry asks.  "Cousin, great news!  We won a free vacation!  The only thing is in order to collect the prize we got to get out the door by midnight!" Balki explains hurriedly as he opens the door again and tries to carry Larry out once more.  Larry again catches the doorway and pushes them back, closing the door.  "What free vacation?" Larry asks.  "What free vacation?" Balki asks, as he opens the door again, "Cousin, weíve got to hit the road, Zack!  On the road again!"  Balki tries to grab Larry again, then reaches down and grabs Larryís pants legs to make his legs "walk" to the front door as he sings, "These boots were made for walkiní . . . . "

Larry grabs Balki and pulls him upright, saying "Balki!  Iím not going anywhere until you tell me whatís going on."  "Cousin, Iíve said everything there is to say!" Balki tries to evade the issue.  "Sit down!" Larry says sternly.  "I suppose we could take a couple of minutes to just catch up," Balki gives in and they both sit on the couch as Balki says casually, "Itís been a long time.  So . . . how the heck are ya?" Larry is resolute.  "Balki, I want the truth.  Are you in some kind of trouble?  If you are, Iíll help you!"  "I donít know how to tell you," Balki says sadly.  "Just say it!" Larry suggests.  "Well, itís bad news!" Balki explains, echoing Larryís inflection.  "Well, you just say it!" Larry repeats.  "Well, itís very bad news!" Balki insists.

"Balki, how bad can it be?" Larry asks, talking until he relaxes Balki into speaking, "Whatever it is weíll deal with it together.  Just say it . . . just come right out and say it."  "I found out youíre going to die," Balki says.  "My gosh, thatís how you tell somebody?  You just blurt it out?" Larry says emotionally, getting up and moving toward the kitchen.  "Cousin, you told me to tell you!" Balki points out, standing up.  "Well, you could have used a little tact!" Larry says, "Let me tell you, finding out youíre going to die itís . . . itís a bit of a shock.  Iím so young!  Thereís so many things I havenít done . . .  Iíve never had an apartment by myself . . . . "

"How did you find out?" Larry asks Balki, "Was it my physical two weeks ago?  Did my doctor call?"  "No," Balki answers. "Then who?"  "I donít want to tell you."  "What do you mean you donít want to tell me?" Larry asks in frustration, "You told me I was going to die.  This is the easy part."  "If I tell you, will you promise not to laugh at me and not to talk down to me?" Balki asks.  "Of course I promise!  Why would I laugh?  Iím dying!" Larry answers.  Balki walks over to Larry and takes his hand, speaking gravely.  "Cousin . . . Ms. Claire Hayden picked up your lucky pen and she went into a trance and she said, and I quote, there will be a terrible storm . . . and . . . and at the stroke of midnight you will sit on a sheep and eat a golden ring and then . . . Mr. Death . . . Mr. Death will come and take you away . . . forever."

Balki puts his head down on Larryís hand and starts to cry.  Slowly Larry begins to laugh, trying to keep quiet at first, but heís letting some sound out and is shaking.  Balki, with his head still down, thinks Larry is crying and encourages him to let it out.  As Larry laughs harder Balki realizes it and looks up, making Larry laugh even louder until heís bursting out laughing in Balkiís face.  On Balkiís serious look Larry attempts to stifle himself.  "You promised not to laugh," Balki says quietly.  "Iím sorry, I know, I know," Larry says, composing himself momentarily, "I know you believe in this stuff, but really . . . Mr. Death?  Whoís he look like, Jack Nicholson?"

Larry bursts out laughing again in Balkiís face and Balki finally reaches over and shuts Larryís mouth.  "You promised not to laugh and not to talk down to me and now you are doing both," Balki points out.  "All right, Balki, think about it."  Balki scrunches up his face into an expression of pained thought.  "She said there would be a terrible storm, right?" Larry asks, leading Balki to the window and opening it, "Well, there is not a cloud in the sky!  And the weather report says nothing but sunshine for the next week.  This ladyís predictions are absurd!"  There is a simultaneous flash of lightning and crash of thunder and it begins to rain as a strong wind blows Balki and Larry so they are leaning slightly backwards.

Act two begins with a driving rainstorm shown over the apartmentís exterior.  Balki and Larry are still in the same position they were before the commercial break. "There?  You see?  A storm!" Balki says worriedly.  Larry reaches over to shut the window and they slowly stand back straight again.  "Now do you believe the predictions?" Balki asks.  "Balki, a little lightning, a little thunder, a little rain . . . it means nothing."  Larry looks back out the window and comments quietly, "Boy, that really came out of nowhere, didnít it?"

Balki grabs Larry by the shoulders to talk to him face to face.  "Cousin, now do you believe Mr. Death is coming to get you?"  "I do," Larry answers seriously, "I do.  But if heís coming . . . Iíd better change!"  Larry walks away, joking, "Oh, what do you think?  Basic black?  Iíll bet thatís his favorite color!  Oh, I wonder if heís bringing Mrs. Death!"  "Cousin, I wouldnít joke if I were you," Balki warns, "Mr. Death donít have such a great sense of humor!"  "Balki, youíre right," Larry says, walking back toward his bedroom, "We wouldnít want the Angel of Death to show up in a bad mood, now would we?"

As Larry passes by the front door there is a knock.  "Heís early!" Balki says with a look of terror.  "Early . . . I like that in a Grim Reaper!" Larry says, going to open the door.  Balki yells "No, Cousin, no!  No, no, no, no, no!" as he lunges toward the door, which Larry pulls open.  Balki runs right through the door, past Jennifer and Mary Anne, who are standing outside, and into the door opposite their apartment.  The girls enter in a hurry.  "We just got Balkiís message on our answering machine!" Mary Anne cries.  Jennifer hugs Larry and cries, "Oh, Larry I canít believe it!"  "I didnít even know you were sick!" Mary Anne adds.  "Thereís so much we should have talked about," Jennifer says sadly, and adds, "So much we should have done."  Seeing the expression on Jenniferís face, Larry says, "Well, we still have a little time."

Finally Larry admits, "Oh well, uh . . . no look . . . Iím not sick at all.  And Iím definitely not dying."  "Then what is this all about?" Jennifer asks.  Balki comes back in the apartment, still shaking off his collision with the opposite door.  "Jennifer . . . Mary Anne . . . would you please try to talk some sense into him?  At the stroke of midnight Mr. Death is going to come for Cousin Larry right after he sits on a sheep and eats a golden ring."  "What is this really all about?" Jennifer asks.  "Balki met Claire Hayden at the paper and she made these crazy predictions about me," Larry explains.  "Oh, is that all it is?" Jennifer asks.

"Is that all it is?" Balki cries from the couch, "Mr. Death is coming for Cousin Larry and thatís what you say?  Is that all it is?  Is that all it is??  Oh God, do I have a headache!"  Balki clutches his head, sighing, "What does it take to impress you people?"  He sits back down as Mary Anne goes to him, saying "Iím impressed!"  "Finally, a rational person," Balki sighs with relief.  "Look, thereís an easy way to prove that all of this is just nonsense," Larry offers, closing the front door, "Iíll call Pioliís, weíll order some pizza and weíll wait Ďtil midnight.  If Mr. Death shows up, Iíll admit Iím wrong!"

Later that evening the storm is still raging as Larry and Jennifer are sitting at the dining room table playing cards.  Balki and Mary Anne are standing in the kitchen and Balki is stirring something in a bowl with some greens.  He asks Mary Anne what time it is. "Five minutes Ďtil midnight," Mary Anne reports, looking at her watch.  Balki starts to stir the contents of the bowl even faster.  "Whatís the name of the game?" Larry asks, setting down his cards, "Gin!  I am unbeatable!  I should be doomed every night!"  Balki takes the greens out of the bowl and flicks them at Larry, spraying him with the liquid in the bowl.  "What is that?" Larry asks.  "Myposian death repellent," Balki explains, flicking more onto Larry, then adding, "A little dabíll do ya!"  Larry gets up from the table, complaining, "It smells terrible!"  "Well, Cousin, thatís how we think it works," Balki explains, walking over to him, "It makes you smell so bad . . . "  He stops, reacting to the smell himself, " . . . that Mr. Death donít want to get near you."  "Itís working on me!" Jennifer states, getting up and moving away from Larry.

"Death repellent?" Larry asks, "I canít believe grown people buy into such hocus pocus!"  "Cousin, weíre running out of time!" Balki points out, "If we donít do something soon Mr. Death is going to come in here and kick your bucket!"  Larry defiantly walks to  the window and yells out, "Hey, here I am Mr. Death!  Come and get me!"  A crash of lightning and thunder scare Larry away from the window again.  Balki starts to place the soaked greens with death repellent on Larryís head but Larry swipes them away, telling Balki to get away from him with that stuff.

"Look, itís almost midnight," Larry sighs, "I think I can get through the next . . . "  "Four minutes," Mary Anne reports.  " . . . four minutes without sitting on a sheep and eating a golden ring."  "Maybe Larryís right," Jennifer adds, "Now why donít we have some coffee and something to eat and try to relax."  Another crash of thunder and lightning makes Jennifer scream.  "Sorry, Larry," she offers, "Letís have something to eat, weíll have coffee . . . . "  "Why donít we just try to remain calm?" Larry suggests coolly.

Jennifer walks into the kitchen as Larry continues.  "All right, now itís just . . . "  "Three minutes," Mary Anne reports.  " . . . three minutes Ďtil midnight.  Letís just sit down and not get crazy!  I mean, come on people!  You look like youíre going to somebodyís funeral!  Oops!  I said the ĎFí word!"  Balki and Mary Anne sit on the couch and Larry follows, sitting down on the end nearest the kitchen.  As he sits down he makes an uncomfortable face and reaches behind him to pull Dimitri out from behind a throw pillow.

Balki screams when he eyes the stuffed sheep, crying, "You sat on a sheep!  Mr. Death is probably on the stairs by now!"  "Itís not a sheep, itís a toy!" Larry argues, turning to Jennifer who has come out of the kitchen, "This doesnít count, does it?"  "I donít know," Jennifer says, "Balki, did she say it had to be a real sheep?"  Balki grabs Larry and starts shaking him in frustration.  "Why did you have to sit on Dimitri?  Why didnít you get out of town while you had the chance??"  "All right, Balki, Balki!" Larry cries, "Youíre going to kill me before Mr. Death gets here!"

Balki stops shaking Larry and composes himself.  "So I sat on a sheep," Larry says, "One of Claire Haydenís predictions came true."  A lightning flash and thunder crash makes Larry amend this by saying, "All right, two."  Larry absent-mindedly takes a plain donut from the box Jennifer has brought out and takes a bite.  Balki sees this and lets out another scream.  "You ate a golden ring!"  Larry eyes the donut and then immediately spits out whatís in his mouth.  Larry starts choking and they pat him on the back until he insists heís all right, at which time Balki starts shaking him again.  "Why did you eat a golden ring?  Now three of the predictions have come true!"  "Ten seconds Ďtil midnight!" Mary Anne announces.  "Itís not a golden ring, itís a donut!" Larry insists.  "What color donut?" Balki asks.  "Five seconds!" Mary Anne cries.  "A golden donut!" Larry cries, throwing it away from himself.

Mary Anne counts down the seconds to midnight as they huddle together in fear.  As she gets to "one" the lights go out and they all scream.  Seconds later the lights come back on and they are all still standing, huddled together and screaming.  "Wait!" Balki finally yells, halting their screaming, "Itís after midnight."  He looks at Larry and asks, "Are . . . are you dead?"  Larry thinks a moment then answers, "No.  No, Iím alive!  Iím alive!"  They all laugh and smile in relief, then try to act casual.  "Boy, nothing like a little terror to get your heart started," Mary Anne comments.

"Iím really glad youíre all right, Larry," Jennifer offers.  He moves to hug her but she stops him, sniffing the death repellent in disgust and says, "Iíll see you tomorrow."  "Good night, Balki," Mary Anne smiles, "I had a wonderful evening.  Except for the screaming part."  The girls leave and Larry and Balki sit down on the couch again.  "Boy," Balki begins, "I just canít believe youíre not dead."  "You know, Balki, itís coincidences like those that happened here tonight that cause primitive cultures to believe superstitions," Larry states.

"Well, what do you say we get some sleep?" Larry asks as they get up and head to their bedrooms, "We gotta get up early tomorrow and . . . "  He checks his watch.  " . . . itís almost midnight."  They walk into their bedrooms but seconds later both rush back out, grabbing each other.  "Did you say almost midnight?" Balki asks.  "Mary Anneís watch must have been fast," Larry notes, then suggests, "Letís call the time lady!"  There is a knock at the door and they freeze.  "Heís here!" Balki says nervously.

"Wait, wait, wait!" Larry stammers, "Why didnít I think of this before?  We just wonít answer the door!  Mr. Death will think thereís no one home and heíll go away!"  "Cousin, itís Mr. Death, not the Avon lady," Balki points out.  The knocking at the door continues and Larry stands, cowering in fear.  "All right," Balki announces, "I know what I must do.  Iíll go to the door myself.  Mr. Death will take me.  Iíll tell him Iím Larry Appleton."  As Balki moves to the door Larry lunges at him, grabbing him around the middle to stop him.  "No!  No!  Thereís no Larry Appleton here!" he yells through the door, "Youíve got the wrong address!"

Larry pulls Balki away from the door as Balki struggles, trying to get back.  They wrestle, finally falling over onto the couch where they struggle with one another, ending up in a twisted knot.  The door opens and Jennifer steps inside, finding Larry and Balki intertwined on the couch.  "Hi!" they offer in embarrassment.  Jennifer stand over them, smiling awkwardly.  "I forgot my purse," she explains, picking it up from the coffee table.  She looks down at them in their bizarre position and asks, "Are you sure you guys are all right?"  Larry assures her theyíve never been better and she says goodbye and leaves.

"It wasnít Mr. Death," Larry comments.  "No, no," Balki agress, "It was Jennifer." "Yes, yes it was," Larry sighs, then after a moment adds, "Mr. Death would have been less humiliating."  "Far, far less humiliating," Balki agrees.  They manage to untangle themselves and sit quietly for a moment.  "You were really serious about taking my place," Larry notes.  "Well, it was only Jennifer, it didnít matter," Balki observes.  "But you didnít know that," Larry comments, "You thought it was Mr. Death.  You wouldíve really taken my place, even though I made fun of you."  "Yes, you did do that," Balki agrees.  "Even though I talked down to you."  "Well, you always do that."  "Even though I laughed in your face."  "Now that hurt," Balki admits.

"I guess I donít say this often enough, but Iím glad youíre my cousin," Larry offers.  Balki smiles, saying, "Well, Cousin . . . Iím glad youíre my cousin, too."  "Well, I donít think Iím going to be able to sleep tonight," Larry realizes.  "Me, neither," Balki agrees.  "Well, letís watch some TV and maybe weíll get sleep," Larry suggests.  He switches on the television with the remote and immediately they hear the theme to The Twilight Zone.  Larry almost immediately turns off the television, announcing, "Well, thatís enough for me!"

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