Perfect Strangers Episode Guide
Season Two Credits
(1986 - 1987)

Broadcast Information:
22 episodes aired from September 17, 1986 through May 6, 1987 on Wednesdays at 8:00 p.m. on ABC

Opening Credits:

Bronson Pinchot
Mark Linn-Baker
Ernie Sabella
Lise Cutter
(Life Savers, The Rent Strike)
Belita Moreno (Ladies and Germs, A Christmas Story, Since I Lost My Baby, Get a Job)

Mark Fink
Producer: Paula A. Roth
Supervising Producers: William Bickley & Michael Warren

End Credits:

Executive Producers: Thomas L. Miller, Robert L. Boyett, Dale McRaven
Story Editors: Bob Keyes, John B. Collins, Robert Griffard, Howard Adler
Unit Production Manager:
Harriette Ames-Regan
First Assistant Director: Miles Kristman
Second Assistant Director: Connie Garcia-Singer
Director of Photography: Sherman Kunkel, A.S.C.
Art Director: Lynn Griffin
Edited by: Kelly Sandefur, Robert Bramwell (Beautiful Dreamer)
Executive in Charge of Casting: Barbara Miller
Casting by: Cami Hursey Patton, C.S.A.
Music by: Jesse Frederick & Bennett Salvay
Theme Song "Nothingís Gonna Stop Me Now" by Jesse Frederick & Bennett Salvay
Theme Song Performed by: David Pomeranz
Set Director: Jim Mees
Menís Wardrobe: Bob Squire
Womenís Wardrobe: Gina Trikonis
Make-Up: Robert Ryan
Hair Stylists: Gail Rowell, Irene Stamisky
Property Master: Dominic Belmonte, Michael Wilson
Technical Coordinator: Erik Emi
Sound Mixer: Jim Ford
Music Director: Richard Berres
Post Production Services by: Laser Edit, Inc.
Re-Recording Mixers: David E. Fluhr, Rick Himot
Sound Editor: Deni King, Ross Davis, Miguel Rivera
Re-Recorded by: Compact Video

This motion picture is protected under the laws of the United States and other countries, and its unauthorized duplication, distribution, or exhibition may result in civil liability and criminal prosecution.

The events, characters and films (spelled tilmes in the credits for Hello, Baby!) depicted in this photoplay are fictitious.  Any similarity to actual persons, living or dead, or to actual entities is purely coincidental.




Executive Production Supervisor: Edward O. Denault
MILLER * BOYETT Productions in association with Lorimar Television



Season Two brought a new video version of the show's theme song which incorporates segments of the first season opener with added clips from various episodes.  The show's logo has changed notably from the first season's and is a step closer to the more polished and recognizable logo which would be used from season three and on.  We see abbreviated segments of Larry and Balki leaving their homes to go to Chicago (see Season One credits for an overview of these scenes).


As we pass under the Welcome to Chicago sign a bottom to top wipe starts the montage of clips from upcoming and past episodes of the series.  First is Balki entering the apartment for the first time and hugging a shocked Larry from Knock Knock . . . Who's There?  Then the Dance of Joy as performed in the upcoming episode Babes in Babylon.  We next see Balki signaling right and knocking Larry off the coffee table from last season's Baby, You Can Drive My Car.  And then the necktie hand-slapping sequence from First Date.


Next is a clip from Picture This in which Larry and Balki are doing their talking about women bit.  The next shot of Larry trying to throw his jacket onto the closet door rack is actually an outtake from the episode Babes in Babylon which never appeared in the final episode!  Then we have Balki doing the feather duster dance from Knock, Knock . . . Who's There?  Last is a clip from Falling in Love Is . . . in which Balki picks up a running Larry with his legs still spinning as he's lifted off the ground.  NOTE: For at least the very first episode of season two (Hello, Baby) the final clip is of Balki and Larry sliding down the front doorway to the ground from the end of Hunks Like Us.

Watch the Season Two Theme Song on YouTube
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