Perfect Strangers Fan Fiction
Stories by Cousin Andrew Shaver

Payback is Customary - Balki's dedication to a Myposian custom causes grief to him and relief to someone else.  Rated G.

Presents of Mind - It's a special day for Larry and Jennifer, but last-minute complications have the couple enlisting Balki and Mary Anne to help them out of their separate jams.  Rated G.  (Dedicated to the memory of Cousin Paula Wilshe, and to those whose lives have been affected by cancer)

In the Dark - Balki, Larry, Jennifer and Mary Anne are not having the best of days on a hot, sticky August evening in Chicago.  But a blackout might unexpectedly change things.  Rated G.

LIFE IS LIKE THAT SOMETIMES: Six Short Pieces - all Rated G.
1) Double Header - The topic of a newspaper article leaves Larry and Balki on different pages.
2) Last in Translation - Balki begins teaching his friends how to speak Myposian.
3) After Life - Larry tells Jennifer and Mary Anne about Balki's acceptance of Ya Ya Biki's death.
4) Sam, I Scam - Harriet comes up with a plan to put Mr. Gorpley in his place.
5) Learning Experience - It's the boys vs. the girls in an impromptu game about each other's lives.
6) When Love and Fate Collide - It's a question of 'Should I or Shouldn't I?' for Larry.

One Step Back, Two Steps Up - Larry is presented with a chance to overcome one of the greatest obstacles from his past.  Rated G.
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