Perfect Strangers Fan Fiction
Stories by Cousin Aurora Lenore

Larry and Balki's Egg-cellent Adventure - Larry thinks he's already having a bad day when Balki comes home claiming he's seen a lady driving an egg at the supermarket!  Larry is skeptical, of course, until the egg shows up at the apartment and the two are whisked off into the future!  But Larry learns that what he at first considers a disaster may actually be a blessing in disguise when they not only meet Bianca, a brilliant and beautiful scientist, but they learn that their futures would have been very different had the time-traveling mishap not happened!

Time for Trouble! - Bianca nervously faces the prospect of her first date in some time, and time more work for or against her when the suitor, Max, has ulterior motives, setting off a string of incidents which not only bring her back into the lives of Balki and Larry but some other strangely familiar characters as well!

Ghosts in the Machine - Bianca finds that she can no longer avoid dealing with her painful past when Larry literally delves into her childhood to unearth the cause of her strong emotions . . . only his investigations unearth a dastardly plot which he may not be in time to prevent from unfolding!

The Ties That Bind - After Bianca is kidnapped, Balki and Larry go to extreme lengths to find her.  As it turns out, Bianca also has help from some unexpected sources.  But will it be enough to save everyone from a tragic fate?

Sleeping to Forget - Still coping with the emotional aftermath of their recent traumatic experiences, Bianca and Larry are finding it hard to sleep.  But Greg's plan to try to help them with a special sleep medicine may backfire and inadvertently cause permanent damage to their relationships.