Perfect Strangers Fan Fiction
Stories by Cousin Crystal Hill

The Truth Will Set You Free - An additional scene which takes place right before the final scene of Get Me to the Dump on Time.  Balki has something he has to say to Larry before he and Mary Anne leave for Mypos.  Illustration included!  Rated G.

He's Not Heavy.  He's My Cousin. - Larry becomes sick after eating Myposian food and Balki is racked with guilt as he spends an anxious night waiting in the hospital emergency room.  Illustrations included!  Rated G.

Wet 'n Nerdy - This short and sweet slice-of-life story gives a glimpse of what life was like for Larry and Balki's sons, Tucker and Robespierre, in school.  Illustration included!  Rated G.

Like Fathers, Like Sons - What happens when Tucker and Robespierre decide to try to help out by fixing the bathroom sink?  Will history repeat itself with the younger generation of Appleton and Bartokomous?  Illustration included!  Rated G.

Color Me Shipwrecked - When Balki wins a cruise for himself and Larry, it seems like a perfect chance for relaxation and fun.  But their pleasure trip becomes a fight for survival when a series of harrowing events brings them to a remote island far from any help!  Rated PG for some scary situations.
Chapter One - Two Tickets to Paradise
                  Chapter Two - Memories
                  Chapter Three - Departing is Such Sweet Sorrow
                  Chapter Four - Pools and Proverbs
                  Chapter Five - Not So Funny
                  Chapter Six - Overboard
                  Chapter Seven - Water, Water Everywhere
                  Chapter Eight - Shipwrecked
                  Chapter Nine - A Stroll on the Beach
                  Chapter Ten - Boochi Tag
                  Chapter Eleven - Rocks and Fish
                  Chapter Twelve - A Simple Misstep
                  Chapter Thirteen - Troubles By the Score
                  Chapter Fourteen - No Place Like Home