Perfect Strangers Fan Fiction
Stories by Cousin Whitney

A Mypiot's Gain is a Mypiot's Return - Balki and Larry have no reason to believe the evil Sceptic Eriki will cause them any harm after he's been imprisoned, but when a warning comes from King Ferdinand saying Eriki's twin brother, Edriki, is heading for America seeking revenge, Balki has to do what he can to help his new friend, Kelsey from becoming the vengeance-filled Sceptic's unwilling bride!  Rated PG for some scary situations.
                    Part One
                    Part Two

The Untitled Project of Mypos - Balki is excited when Kelsey gets an assignment to film a documentary about Mypos and asks the cousins to accompany her there, but Larry is less then enthusiastic about returning to Balki's homeland.

Spellbound - Balki and Kelsey begin to watch a scary movie together but Kelsey insists they stop because it might have a bad effect on them.  Strangely enough when the next day's events begin to mirror those in that same movie, Balki and Larry find themselves dealing with a different, and dangerous, Kelsey!

A Sickle Situation - Balki and Larry are excited about their vacation to Los Angeles to visit Kelsey, but things don't go exactly as planned when Kelsey suddenly becomes ill and needs to be rushed to the hospital.  It's there that the Cousins learn what a tough person Kelsey really is!