This section of the newsletter has continued to be the members' favorite, probably because it's fun to be able to take a look at what happens behind the scenes at a filming of Perfect Strangers.  As is our Bernie tradition, we will take a look at some of the scenes and lines which were ultimately cut from some sixth season episodes.

Family Feud - As we mentioned earlier, Tess was originally designed to be a continuing character.  The only other appearance she made this season was in this episode, and her entire sequence was cut for some reason.  The second scene actually started with Balki and Tess preparing cheese crackers for Zoltan's visit (to serve along with the pig snout puffs).  Tess carefully squirted the cheese from a can onto the cracker with Balki praising her.  When finished, she proudly ran to Larry to show him her work, then said, "Open your mouth and close your eyes . . . "  Reluctantly, Larry complied, and Tess placed the cheese cracker so it stuck on the end of his nose before she ran out, giggling.  Larry walked to the counter and wiped the cheese off his nose, then they started discussing Zoltan's visit.

Black Widow - Some very funny lines were cut from the first scene of this episode.  Balki stated, "Well, shave my head and call me baldy!", then, in a second take, the line was changed to "Well, feed me broccoli and call me head of state!"  They also did a rapid fire crossword puzzle segment that was cut.

When the guys were hanging onto the ledge of the cliff for dear life, one segment was cut down a bit.  When Balki was trying to get back to the other side of Larry after trying to climb up he actually grabbed onto Larry's middle and hung on for a few seconds before moving around.  Moments later, Larry accidentally grabs onto Balki's chest hair.  However, they cut Balki's reaction, which was to reach over and grab Larry's chest hair in exchange.

Hocus Pocus - One thing cut from the magic show sequence had to do with Balki attempting to pull a rabbit out of a bucket.  For a start, Bronson had a terrible time trying to hold the bucket because every time he looked down his hat would almost fall off and when he fixed the hat the bucket lid would fall shut.  This didn't seem to be a planned part of the show, and you can see him struggling with it a little bit in the episode, but this went on for ages!

After pulling the rubber chicken from the bucket, Balki gave it to Larry, who carried it offstage and seemingly places it in a box.  What they didn't show was that in actuality Larry took the chicken offstage then came back onstage and Balki attempted the trick again, this time successfully pulling a small, white rabbit out of the basket.  He handed the rabbit to Larry, who carried it backstage, and the rabbit is what Larry is placing in the box before turning to talk to the security guard.  In fact, if you look closely, you can see the furry white paw of the rabbit as Larry puts it in the box!

Finders Keepers - Gorpley's disguises to get the box of money were a priceless part of this episode!  However, each time Gorpley got kicked out by Larry, he would poke his head back in the door and say something bitter.  These head-poking lines were all cut from the show.

Also cut was Balki's explanation of what kind of cookies he was giving to Father Killian (and believe me, they were more disgusting than spleen chip cookies!).  Father Killian took the bag graciously, but since we never heard they were a Myposian type of cookie, you might have wondered why Father Killian gives the bag such a look of trepidation as he's leaving their apartment!

See How They Run - One joke was cut from the very beginning of this episode when Balki is in the office making the poster for his class president campaign.  While putting the stick-on letters on the poster, he scratches his head and a letter 'B' sticks to his hair.  Unable to figure out where the 'B' went, Balki gets another and sticks it on.  Lydia then enters and comes over to see what he is doing.  She casually points out that there is a 'B' on his head, and Balki starts running around the office screaming and shouting, "Get it off!  Get it off!"

The 'slouching, fidgeting, smiling' segment was done several more times than they showed on the final episode, and they also cut out a small part when Larry and Balki arrive at the auditorium for the debate and Balki had a silly, lengthy walk up the stairs to get to the stage.

Climb Every Billboard - One thing that has happened several times this season is the exclusion of set-ups for later jokes, so when the joke happens it just doesn't make as much sense as it would have with the earlier mention.  That happened in this episode.  When Balki came into the living room wearing the huge backpack, he told Larry about some of the things he had packed, including his World Wrestling Federation action figures.  Later, when they are on the billboard, Balki pulls one out and threatens Larry with it.  Without knowing what the doll was and why Balki had it, the joke seemed more confusing than funny.

Duck Soup - A similar thing happened in this episode involving a Chinese finger trap.  The entire first scene for this episode was dropped.  It started with Balki sitting at his worktable trying to remove the finger-trap, which Gorpley had given him.  Balki hid it from Larry when his cousin came in and tried to make up some excuse as to why he was not going to night school, even though he had a test.  Balki finally showed Larry the trap and Larry showed him how to get out of it.  After Balki left, Mr. Wainwright came in, depressed about how the Chronicle employee that usually goes duck hunting with him can't make it.  Larry lies and says he knows how to hunt, and so Wainwright invites him instead.  At the end of the scene, Larry is going on and on about how great they're going to do and how much he appreciate the chance, and Wainwright states, "Appleton . . . you're babbling!" to which Larry replies enthusiastically, "Like a brook, sir!"

When Balki is going crazy over the ducks, he tears up one pillow.  The second time he goes crazy, Larry takes the other pillow away until Balki grabs the couch cushion and Larry gives him the pillow instead.  Balki actually tore up three pillows during the filming of this segment, and if you'll pay attention to the red pillow behind Balki during the course of the scene you'll see it seems to mysteriously "disappear" between shots.

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