Article from France
Date Unknown

Mark Linn-Baker "Larry" Made His Fortune

(Many thanks to Cousin Nightime59 who provided us with
a translation of this article which you will find below!)

This is "Larry" from the series that has been running on American television for the past five years.

This enthusiast of the theatre, Mark Linn-Baker, (forgot) put aside his classical training and yielded to the call of television.

"In his audition he spoke only three words," said Bronson Pinchot.  "And before he finished speaking the third word, I said to him: You are a genius."

Pinchot said that he had auditioned with a whole bunch of other applicants for the role of Larry in, "Larry and Balki" and none of them had felt right.  "With Mark it worked immediately because he is a veteran of the profession."

His parents were both actors, and by the age of seven, he was familiar with the whole acting scene, even opening and closing the curtains for shows, when he lived in St. Louis (where he was born on June 17, 1953.)

"The year after that, my father took us to live in a small town in Connecticut called Wetherfield."  That is where Mark went to school.

A few miles away lies the city of Hartford.  Each year they held a Shakespeare festival.  It was to leave an impression on the young Mark.

"I have a deeply rooted passion for the theatre." he says.

Although, in truth he thought at first that he would study psychology at University, but he quickly changed his mind and enrolled in drama classes.

"I was very lucky.  I had work continually after I finished my (schooling) University education."

Mark lived in a small, cheap apartment in one of the bad neighborhoods in New York.  That lasted (a long time) until he examined his disastrous finances, at which time he told himself it was time to descend from his ivory tower and go (do) make movies.

This was fortunate because he was offered a role in, "My favorite Year" with Peter O'Toole (which also remains his only film) and Mark suddenly had to "grab the devil by the tail."

And suddenly there was a month in his life he will never forget.

"The first week I did an advertisement for a brand of cereal (which after six years is still being shown occasionally on television.)  The second week, I made another for a brand of candy (sweets).  The third week I got (won) the role on a soap opera.  And the fourth week I did a T.V. spot for Coca-Cola.  I must say that these four weeks changed the course of my life completely."

Mark left his small apartment and moved to a beautiful apartment in Uptown New York.

For a long time he did not think about moving to Los Angeles.  He lived at the hotel and whenever he had a few days off, he would fly back to the East Coast.

New York is the (only) city I love."  (He says,) "This is where I live."

But the sky blue sea and palm trees finally seduced him.  He now owns a beautiful home in Malibu.

"And if the series continues," (it's in it's fifth year,) "I will buy myself another home in Louisiana, and I will go to New York whenever I can."