Perfect Strangers Filming Locations

Information provided by John Corbett

Apartment Building - Seasons 3 and on
Located at 326-34 W. Dickens / 2100-10 N. Clark, Chicago, Illinois

John began his detective work to locate this building by studying a still frame
of the Cousin's second apartment building from the series:

 The two tall nearby apartment buildings seen in the upper left of the photo were an important clue.  John knew if he could locate those two buildings he would have a good idea where this apartment complex was.

The tall tower in the corner of the frame turned out to be the key clue!  As John wrote: "The tower is an apartment complex in Chicago known as 2020 North Lincoln Park West.  That meant the apartment building had to be within a few blocks from it."

  "Thanks to Google Earth, the second apartment has now been located!  It is at the northwest corner of North Clark Street and West Dickens Avenue in Chicago, and the complex even has its own web page!"  (Note, the site is no longer available.)


 The website used to state, according to John, "Starting at $1075 a month, you too can live in Larry and Balki's old apartment complex!  The website even includes some photos of the apartments' interiors."  (Don't be discouraged if they don't look much like the soundstages at the old MGM Studios! - Ed.)

"Unlike the original apartment located in Los Angeles, thankfully this one has aged quite well.  The color scheme is different, and the fire escapes have been removed, but otherwise little has changed.  This is likely due to the fact that this Chicago neighborhood is much more upscale than the grimy location of the original apartment near downtown Los Angeles."

John also provided us with this Google Earth Street View links:
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Photos of the building are also available at the Perfect Strangers Photo Tour
by Sam O’Rama (better known to us as Bibibabka on the Forums)

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