Perfect Strangers Filming Locations

Information provided by John Corbett
Photos taken by John Corbett on December 15, 2007

Apartment Building - Seasons 1 and 2
Located at 1100 S. Main Street, Los Angeles, California

As John reports: "I took a hike into downtown L.A. today and decided to see what the apartment building shown on the first two seasons of Perfect Strangers looks like today.   As you can see from the pictures I've attached, the rumors that the building was demolished are only half true.  The first story of the building still exists, and fragments of the superstructure above that floor give a hint as to what was once there."

Note that much more of the white building in the background is exposed now that the upper floors are gone!

 As you can see from the close ups below, the old Seoul Corp. sign's lettering (or rather where the lettering used to be) can still clearly be seen.  Even more interesting, the Brothers Trade Inc. is now just called The Brothers, but still exists!

John also provided us with this Google Earth Street View links:
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And here's something else to ponder . . . if you look at a nighttime view of the apartment from the show it's easier to see that there is a hotel sign hanging on the side of the building.  The entrance to the hotel was between the Seoul Corp. and Constant Imports.  Were they supposed to be living in a hotel?  Obviously that's what the upper floors of the building were being used as!  But notice the name of it is the Caldwell Hotel.  In later episodes of the series the Cousin's address was on . . . Caldwell Avenue!  Coincidence??

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