Perfect Strangers Filming Locations

Various Locations in Santa Monica, San Pedro & Culver City, California

The exterior shots for this sixth season, two-part episode were all done around Santa Monica and Culver City, not far from the former MGM / Lorimar studios.  Note: all current photos were taken in May 2008 by Linda Kay.

The Car Chase
San Pedro, California

This was a very difficult area to pinpoint without a lot of clues.  From the beginning
we were sure this wasn't done in Santa Monica . . . just the logistics of shutting down streets
in that neighborhood would pose problems.  It looked more like Long Beach or an area like that.
Using one street sign seen briefly (and not very clearly!) in part two we were finally able to
pinpoint San Pedro (a small town on the south end of the Palos Verdes Peninsula) as the
likely location.  After much searching and a bit of luck, we've pretty much confirmed that
San Pedro is indeed the place where these scenes were filmed.  The area has everything
featured during the chase: an ocean view with a strand, a park, hills, alleys, and residential
housing.  Pinpointing the exact location of various shots has been difficult, but we have
spotted some that we feel are close enough to share, as well as one confirmed location
in part two.

Opening Scene
Bluff Place at W. 40th Street, San Pedro, California?

We're not exactly sure this is the right dead end street, but the elements are there . . .
the dead end sign, the strand in the background.  You can see a large boat entering
the scene from the right, which would indicate it is heading into Long Beach.

Click here to see what might be this dead end street as it is now using Google Maps.


Loew's Santa Monica Beach Hotel
1700 Ocean Avenue, Santa Monica, CA

The exterior scenes (and possible the interiors as well) of the hotel where
the Hollywood wedding reception was taking place were filmed at Loew's
Santa Monica Beach Hotel
.  Over the years the front of the hotel has undergone
some changes.  The extended overhang going from the front door to the center
isle is now gone and the gazebo in the center isle has been changed to a
fountain.  The sign out front has also been changed, but otherwise the hotel
is still very recognizable.

                               Then                                                          Now

    Then                                                                          Now

The scene in the lobby with Jennifer and Mary Anne appears to have been filmed in the
lobby of Loew's as well.  You can see the extended overhang from the inside.

Click here to see the street view of the hotel as it is now using Google Maps.

Palisades Park
Ocean Avenue (from Colorado Avenue to San Vicente Boulevard)

When Balki and Larry steal the tandem bike from Herb and Sheila, they are in Palisades Park
which is located above the Pacific Coast Highway.  The park is a long strip on the west side of
Ocean Avenue and extends many blocks from Colorado (at the pier) north to San Vicente.

Then                                                                                                             Now           

Then                                                                                   Now

Then                                                                                   Now

On the south end of Palisades Park there is a staircase which leads to a walkway spanning the
Palisades Beach Road (which turns into the Pacific Coast Highway) to Santa Monica State Beach.
Just south of this is the Santa Monica Pier.  This staircase was used when Balki and Larry rode the
tandem bike down the steps to get away.

Then                                                                                   Now

Then                                                                                   Now        

                  Then                                                        Now

Click here to see a view of the walkway from the road below using Google Maps.

The Santa Monica Pier
Santa Monica, California (located at the end of Colorado Avenue)

Much of this episode was filmed on the Santa Monica Pier, which is a landmark in Southern California.
The Pier was featured somewhat more prominently in the second part, but was seen for one key scene
in this first part.  First, Balki and Larry ride the bike down onto the pier, coming from Colorado Avenue.

               Then                                                                                Now

There are more buildings and stores on the pier now than there were before.  After they crash the
bike, they run to the side of the pier where they make a desperate jump.  Balki jumps onto the lower
level but Larry mistakenly jumps into the ocean below.  This lower level is still part of the pier.

Then                                                                                Now

Click here to see the street view of the pier as it is now using Google Maps.


The Strip Mall
10826 Jefferson Blvd., Culver City, CA

A little trickier to locate was this strip mall where Balki and Larry are seen walking after Larry has jumped
off the pier.  The key was noting that there was a Subway, a Fantastic Sam's and a Ross for Less in this
particular shopping center, and fortunately they are still there!  This strip mall is actually located just a few
blocks southwest from the Culver City Studios where the show was usually filmed.


Click here to see the street view of the strip mall as it is now using Google Maps.

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