Perfect Strangers Filming Locations

Various Locations in and around Santa Monica & San Pedro, California

The exterior shots for this sixth season, two-part episode were all done around Santa Monica and Culver City, not far from the former MGM / Lorimar studios.  Note: all current photos were taken in May 2008 by Linda Kay.

Opening Shot
S. Gaffey Street at W. 40th, San Pedro, California

We can't be 100% positive that this is the exact corner where the cars
first appear at the start of part two, but it's close enough that we feel sure
we're in the right area.

Click here to see the street view of this corner as it is now using Google Maps.

Turning the Corner
S. Carolina Street at W. 38th, San Pedro, California

This short scene was the whole crux of finding out where the car chase was filmed.
As Balki and Larry drive around the corner, we see a street sign.  It took us forever to even
decipher what it said.  We were sure the first three letters were "Car . . . " or "Cor . . . "  Since
we knew this was filmed close to the coast, we started looking for streets with similar
names.  We finally decided it could be Carolina Street, which is located in San Pedro.
And in looking around the neighbor via Google's Street Views we found other likely
location matches.  We also knew the cross street was a number, since you can very
briefly see the corner street sign, which ends in " . . . th"  On a complete fluke, we
happened upon the exact corner we were looking for, verifying we were in the right place.


Click here to see the street view of this corner as it is now using Google Maps.

Palisades Park
Ocean Avenue (from Colorado Avenue to San Vicente Boulevard)

When Balki and Larry pick up Jennifer and Mary Anne on the street they are back at
Palisades Park, where Balki and Larry stole Herb and Sheila's tandem in the previous episode.

But one cut later, they suddenly seem to be on Paseo Del Mar in San Pedro.

Click here to see the street view of Paseo Del Mar as it is now using Google Maps.

The Santa Monica Pier
Santa Monica, California (located at the end of Colorado Avenue)

The Santa Monica Pier, which was also seen in part one, is more prominently featured in the
second half.  At the start of act two, we see Larry and Balki approach the pier from the beach.
This wooden walkway leading to the staircase is located on the beach on the north side of the pier.

        Then                                                                                     Now

At the top of the steps you can see large white buildings and a parking lot in the background.
Then                                                                                   Now

At the bottom of the stairs they have built in between the steps, probably
for safety reasons, but they are still very recognizable.
Then                                                                                                  Now      

On the pier itself, heading west to the ocean, the shops are separated by a kind of "curb" to the left.
This is where the video vendor was located.
   Then                                                                                       Now

The merry-go-round is one of the most memorable staples for long-time visitors
of the pier.  The ride and the building which houses it are both still there.
   Then                                                                                    Now

Then                                                                                    Now

And finally, when Larry and Balki are cornered they are at the very start of the pier.  The barrier
between the pier and the street is still there, although less permanent now.  What's most interesting
is the fact that the area between the arched bridge and the pier has been boarded, as opposed to
the concrete which existed before (one would think this would have been the other way around!)
Then                                                                                    Now

Click here to see the street view of the pier as it is now using Google Maps.

At this time we do not know the locations used for the exterior of Roy's Tattoo Parlor
or the abandoned warehouse.  If you have any idea, let us know!