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December 7, 2010

Bronson Pinchot Online Announces a
Special Christmas Contest!

Cousin Lucy of Bronson Pinchot Online recently announced that the site is holding a special Christmas contest which calls on all of Bronson's fans to be creative this holiday season!  All you need to do is e-mail Cousin Lucy and explain why you like Bronson any way you choose, be it with a poem, a picture, a video or whatever else you can come up with!  The most creative answer will be chosen by Cousin Lucy and Cousin Linda Kay and the winner will receive a copy of Bronson's audiobook "Chapters From My Biography" by Mark Twain in the MP3 format!  Both Twain and Bronson were / are amazingly creative and expressively brilliant, so try to match their wit and style by coming up with something really original!  The deadline for entries is December 20th and the winner will be announced on Bronson Pinchot Online on December 24th, the site's one year anniversary!  Not only that, but ALL the entries will be compiled as a video and posted on December 25th as well!  We look forward to seeing all of your entries, Cousins!

Visit Bronson Pinchot Online for more details!


November 23, 2010

A Gift of Christmas Love from Warner Bros.

Warner Bros. is giving fans of Perfect Strangers (and of Christmas in general) a real treat this year with their release of a DVD collection of classic Christmas television episodes!  Included in this set is the never-before-released Perfect Strangers season four episode The Gift of the Mypiot, which was the second Christmas episode made for the series (the first, the second season classic A Christmas Story, has already been released as part of the Season One and Two DVD set.)  Also included in this set are Christmas episodes of Dr. Kildare ("An Exchange of Gifts,") The Courtship of Eddie's Father ("Gifts Are For Giving,") CHiPs ("Christmas Watch,") Eight is Enough ("Yes Nicholas, There Is a Santa Claus,") Welcome Back, Kotter ("Sweathog Christmas Special,") Alice ("A Semi-Merry Christmas,") and Mama's Family ("Mama Gets Goosed.")

Important update!  SitcomsOnline.com has informed us that the Perfect Strangers episode on this collection is currently NOT the unedited broadcast version but the two-minute truncated syndicated version.  Warners as assured SitcomsOnline that they will be working to correct this and will keep them informed of updates (since the DVDs are made to order there shouldn't be the issue of faulty copies for sale from the site once they have it fixed.)  We will keep you posted about this development!

Click Here to Order the Classic TV Christmas Collection from Warner Bros.!


November 2, 2010

Cousin, We're Going to Hawai'i!!

We have just learned that Bronson Pinchot will be appearing on an upcoming episode of the popular new CBS series Hawaii Five-0.  In the upcoming November 8th episode, Mana-o, Danny's ex-partner turns up dead, which leads the team into dealing with a dangerous drug cartel.  Bronson is listed as playing a character named Bastille, and we hope that his appearance will amount to more than just a silent walk-on a la his disappointing omission from the series Chuck just over a month ago!  Press photos from the episode show Bronson in several scenes with the other cast members and it's clear his character is on the opposite side of the law, which should lead to some good drama!

View Press Photos of Bronson's Appearance By Clicking Here!

Visit CBS.com for more information about Hawaii Five-0!


October 12, 2010

An Upcoming Conversation with Sam Anderson
in His Native State of North Dakota!

If you're going to be anywhere near Grand Forks, North Dakota, on October 21st, you may want to plan to stop at the University of North Dakota's Chester Fritz Auditorium at 7:30 p.m. and there you'll find a familiar face.  As part of the University's Great Conversation series, local news anchor, reporter and speaker Terry Dullum will be the moderator overseeing the conversation with actor Sam Anderson, and we're sure it will be a very interesting evening!  Sam Anderson, a native of North Dakota and a graduate from UND, will be the special guest speaker as the school celebrates its Theatre Arts 100th Anniversary this year!  Sam Anderson is very active in the theater arts himself, acting as a producer and artistic director of The Road Theatre Company (which is entering it's 20th year!) as well as coordinating a theatre for elderly actors and doing fundraising for the theatre arts in Los Angeles.

Visit the University of North Dakota's Theater Arts Webpage

Visit The Dullum File Website for Information About This Event 


Local news station WDAZ reported on Sam's appearance at the University of North Dakota and filed this video report (note there is a fee to access the now-archived article):

Click here to watch the WDAZ Report!


October 5, 2010

Mel Pomeranz Writes about Traveling with His Son

This just in!  We have learned from David Pomeranz' Official Website that a new book has been released written by David's father, Mel Pomeranz.  The tome is entitled 9,000 Miles to Manila - A Journey With My Son, David Pomeranz.  The book promises an entertaining inside look into the life of this wonderful performer through the eyes of one who certainly knows him best.  It all culminates with the story of an unforgettable tour to the Philippines.  As David is quoted in the press materials: "The night before our return to the states, I had done an outdoor concert in the pouring rain.  Most of the people had decided to stay.  Holding hands, they all walked to the front of the stage and started singing along.  It was as though the sun were shining.  They were my family and I would remember them always."  You can now order the book online using the link below!

Order 9,000 Miles to Manila from the David Pomeranz Online Store!


September 21, 2010

New Fall TV Season Begins with Bronson Versus Chuck
and Sam Anderson with Class on NCIS

The new Fall TV Season is upon us and already we have two . . . count 'em two . . . former Perfect Strangers cast appearances to look forward to!

Not only did Bronson appear on the premiere episode of Celebrity Nightmares Decoded (full story below) but he is scheduled to appear on the second episode of NBC's popular comedy-spy action show Chuck, airing September 27th at 8:00 p.m.  The episode is entitled "Chuck Versus The Suitcase" and takes place at Milan's Fashion Week!  For those of you who have never seen the show (or just want a refresher on where the series left off last season) you can view the Season Four Trailer linked below!

And then the next day, September 28th, turn over to CBS to catch Sam Anderson as he makes a guest appearance on the military crime drama series NCIS.  The episode, which is entitled "Worst Nightmare," features Sam as a schoolteacher whose classroom turns into a crime scene when one of his students is kidnapped.

We're very excited about these upcoming guest appearances and hope there will be many more to come this season!

Get a Quick Look at Bronson on Chuck in the Season Four Trailer!

Read TVGuide.com's article about Sam on NCIS!

Additional information added September 28, 2010:

Bronson's guest appearance on Chuck was a disappointment to many since it amounted to only a five second, non-speaking cameo instead of a full-fledge guest spot, although Bronson's name did appear in the opening credits and his tiny segment was quite funny.  Note to casting directors: Seeing Bronson for five seconds is certainly better than not seeing him at all, but of course in future roles we would like to see a lot MORE of him, please!  At the very least it would have been funny had his character showed up again before the end of the program, maybe to round out the joke!


September 21, 2010

Bronson Recounts Recurring Nightmare for Bio TV

We all know that Bronson Pinchot has always been very open and honest when it comes to giving interviews and participating in various television projects, but this was never proven so dramatically as his recent appearance on the debut episode of the new Biography cable channel's show Celebrity Nightmares Decoded.  The series is along the same lines as the network's popular Celebrity Ghost Stories, only in this program the famous personalities share vivid and sometimes recurring dreams which are re-enacted on video to illustrate the images.  Also appearing on the first episode was actress Jodie Sweetin, actor Barry Williams and comedianne Rachel Dratch.  On hand to offer interpretations of the nightmares is noted dream analyst and author Lauren Lawrence.

 Bronson went into great detail about a nightmare which plagued him repeatedly between the ages of 5 and 12.  The scary dream involved members of his family and concluded with the violent death of his mother, to whom Bronson has always been close.  Because of the disturbing imagery in the nightmare, Bronson never shared it with any of his family for 40 years.  After Bronson finished recounting the terrifying dream, Lauren Lawrence offered him her opinion of the meaning behind its intense imagery.  Bronson seemed very satisfied with her analysis and commented that if someone had interpreted the dream for him when he was younger it would have been of great help.

Visit the Official Celebrity Nightmares Decoded page on Biography.com


September 14, 2010

Bronson to Revisit the Bard on October 3rd!

Bronson Pinchot is no perfect stranger to Shakespeare.  In fact, you may recall that earlier this year he took part in the Los Angeles Shakespeare Center's reading of Much Ado About Nothing (see News Article below).  And now on October 3rd he will be in Washington D.C. to participate in a special evening presented by The Shakespeare Theatre Company featuring excerpts from Shakespeare's Italian-based plays, i.e.: The Merchant of Venice, Much Ado About Nothing, etc.  This is all part of the Harman Center for the Arts Annual Gala which will honor actress Annette Bening with The William Shakespeare Award (or Will Award, as it's affectionately known) as well as the Sidney Harman Award for Philanthropy.  Also scheduled to appear that evening are Rene Auberjonois, Paloma Herrera, Cory Stearns and Frederica Von Stade, as well as the Julliard Jazz Artists Diploma Ensemble.  The event is touted as one of the most buzz-worthy galas to be held in our nation's capital each year, and we're thrilled that Bronson is scheduled to be part of the event!

Visit The Shakespeare Theatre Company's website for more information!


August 10, 2010

Bronson to Appear on NBC's Chuck!

According to TVFanatic.com, Bronson will be making a guest appearance on the September 27th episode of Chuck, which airs on NBC.  Bronson will be playing a wannabe-matchmaker named Victor who Chuck meets at Milan's Fashion Week.  Should be an interesting guest turn, so we will be sure to give you a reminder closer to the date so you can set your DVR's to record the show that night!

Click here to read the original article on TVFanatic.com!


August 3, 2010

Mark's Latest Turn on Law & Order
Available to View via Amazon.com!

Don't know how we missed this one, Cousins, but apparently Mark Linn-Baker made a guest appearance on the May 10th episode of Law & Order entitled "The Taxman Cometh."  The good news is this episode is available to view (with purchase) at Amazon.com!  And you can also watch a clip of the episode which includes Mark at NBC.com!

Order episode "The Taxman Cometh" at Amazon.com!


May 25, 2010

BP Online Posts Video for Bronson's B.D.!

If you haven't had the opportunity yet to check out the all-new Bronson Pinchot Online website then here's your perfect excuse!  Cousin Lucy came up with a very creative way to help Bronson celebrate his birthday on May 20th, and that was to ask his fans to contribute to a special birthday video, which is now posted!  Be sure to head on over and have a look!  This may very well become an annual project, so start thinking what you might want to contribute to next year's video!

View Bronson's 2010 Birthday Video at Bronson Pinchot Online!


April 20, 2010

Bronson Pinchot supporting Shakespeare is
Much Ado About Nothing

Every year the Los Angeles Shakespeare Center holds a unique all-star annual reading of a Shakespeare comedy to help raise money for the organization.  Years ago when Perfect Strangers was still on the air both Bronson and Mark appeared for a reading of Twelfth Night.  This year the production was Much Ado About Nothing and Bronson Pinchot was on hand to read for the character Borachio.  Also included in the incredible all-star cast were husband and wife Tom Hank and Rita Wilson (who led the production and played Dogberry and Margaret respectively), Keanu Reeves (reprising the role of Don John which he played in Kenneth Branagh's film version of the play), Jackson Browne (who performed live music and read for Balthasar), Dana Carvey (as Verges), Helen Hunt (as Beatrice), Ewan McGregor (as Benedick), Michael McKean (as Conrade), Julia Roberts (as Ursula), Martin Sheen (as Leonato) and Brent Spiner (as Don Pedro.)   Truly an incredible cast for a one-time only performance!

Visit the Los Angeles Shakespeare Center's official website

View great photos of the event on BroadwayWorld.com!


April 13, 2010

Powerhouse Powers Up for Another Season!

The 26th season of the Powerhouse Theatre, a collaborative effort between Vassar College and the New York Stage & Film Company, is coming this summer, and we have learned that NYS&F co-founder, Mark Linn-Baker, plans to work with the Powerhouse Apprentice Company on a presentation based upon “The 1940s Radio Hour” by Walter Jones.  This production is unique in that it will include members from both the apprentice and professional companies.  But if you can't wait until summer to see Mark, then you can watch him on YouTube chatting with Norman Steinberg, the co-author of My Favorite Year, for a Brooklyn Independent Television segment entitled Caught in the Act (and many thanks to Cousin Skystar on the Forums for alerting us to this video!)

Visit the official Powerhouse Theater website

 View Norman Steinberg vs. Mark Linn-Baker: Caught in the Act on YouTube


February 23, 2010

Everyone Has a Story . . . even David Pomeranz

We're very excited to let you know that David Pomeranz, the voice you hear every time you listen to the iconic theme song of Perfect Strangers (no matter which version you watch; real, parody or otherwise!) will be making an appearance on The Today Show on April 1st to perform during a segment entitled "Everyone Has a Story" which is scheduled to air sometime during the fourth hour of the show between 10 a.m. and 11 a.m. New York time.   You can also now order David's new CD entitled "A Personal Touch" from his official website!  Just click on the link below and go to the Online Store to purchase!

Visit the Official David Pomeranz Website!


February 23, 2010

The Perfect Strangers Theme
Moves to Boston!

We thought that The Baggy Pants' hilarious version of the Perfect Strangers theme song filmed in Seattle was brilliant, but who knew it could be the start of a craze?  Well, now we have Perfect Strangers Boston, ingeniously compiled by The Super Secret Project.  Yep, Beantown's gone Balki!   Oh my Lord!  And now The Baggy Pants have put out the call!  They're encouraging fans to put together PS theme song tributes in their own city!  And do you think fans across the country are going to heed the call?  Well, of course they will!  Don't be ridiculous!!

NEW 3/2/10!!! - Read our exclusive interview with the Super Secret Project!

Watch The Baggy Pants Perfect Strangers Remake Mosaic!


February 16, 2010

Mark Linn-Baker Gets a Session with the Life Coach!

AMC's online series, Life Coach, stars Cheri Oteri as Liza, a life coach who holds sessions with a wide variety of characters with a wide variety of problems.  The "sessions" (or shows) run online and also during certain movies on AMC.  As it turns out, Mark's segments aired February 15th during the movie Dave, so the segments should soon be added to the AMC and Life Coach websites very soon!  Mark played a man named Joe who goes to the Life Coach to talk about unexpected problems which arise when he plays the lottery.  Sounds kind of like an episode of Perfect Strangers, doesn't it?

Visit AMC's Life Coach website and watch episodes online!


January 26, 2010

Haven't I Seen the Back of Your Head on TV?

You know him as the back of Bronson's head, and as Nico, the Balki look-alike that Mary Anne was dating when she and Balki broke up at the end of season seven.  But do you know the real Justin Pinchot?  It's easy to tell from interviews that his brother Bronson is an open book . . . very candid and willing to share details of his life in interviews.  As it turns out, Justin is also very open and honest, and also extremely interesting, and we were thrilled when he was willing to answer some of our questions about appearing on Perfect Strangers and working with his brother, as well as his own life, interests and passion for collecting!  Trust us, Cousins, this is one interview you don't want to miss!

Click here to read our exclusive interview with Justin Pinchot!


January 19, 2010

It Seems I've Seen This Theme Song Before!

We know you've seen them . . . those hilarious versions of the Perfect Strangers opening credits done by fans on YouTube.  There are actually an impressive number of these videos out there; some better than others.  But now we have the ultimate, most accurate and hilarious version yet, courtesy of The Baggy Pants, a Seattle-based theater company who somehow managed to find the perfect locations around their city to mimic the original Chicago locations!  And we were lucky enough to interview members Chris Bange, Ian Fraser and Cory Calhoun, who were happy to answer our questions about this loving tribute!

Click here to read our exclusive interview with The Baggy Pants!


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