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October 25, 2011

Bronson Live on Stipko Live!

We were very excited when we learned from Cousin Lucy of Bronson Pinchot Online that Bronson had done a rather lengthy and interesting interview with Aaron Stipkovich!  This is a terrific piece, and Aaron starts out by talking to Bronson about about his incredible role in True Romance, learning some very interesting information about how he approached some of the more difficult scenes in that film.  Aaron also asks Bronson about turning down Beverly Hills Cop 2, about reality television in general and Bronson's upcoming new series for the Do It Yourself network and Home and Garden Television in which Bronson will be restoring one of his homes, which is scheduled to debut in January (and we will bringing you more information about that as we learn more!)

Click here to watch part one of the interview

Click here to watch part two of the interview

Click here to visit the Stipko Live website

Read a little about Bronson's upcoming series for DIY!


October 4, 2011

Blackstone Audio's Exclusive
Interview with Bronson Pinchot

Many fans will know that Bronson Pinchot has been doing the narration for audio books for several years now and has recorded over fifty audiobooks for Blackstone Audio.  Recently, the prolific and award-winning audio book narrator Grover Gardner interviewed Bronson for Blackstone and both the audio version and written version of the interview is now available on Blackstone's website!  In the interview, Bronson talks about his narrative work on various books, including What It is Like to Go to War and Matterhorn.

Click here to listen to or read Blackstone's Exclusive Inteview


September 20, 2011

Relatively Speaking, Cousins,
Mark's Headed Back to Broadway!

Mark Linn-Baker is no perfect stranger to the Broadway stage, and he will be returning to tread the boards at the Brooks Atkinson Theatre in the highly anticipated trilogy Relatively Speaking, a show that's actually three plays in one, springing forth from the minds of some of the most impressive artists in existence!  Each act is a separate story: Talking Cure was written by Ethan Coen (who formerly penned Almost an Evening in which Mark co-starred); George is Dead was written by Elaine May; and Honeymoon Motel was penned by none other than Woody Allen!  This third story is the one in which Mark will appear.  Directed by John Turturro, the show will also star Marlo Thomas, Julie Kavner, Steve Guttenberg, Patricia O'Connell, Jason Kravitz, Lisa Emery and many more!  Previews begin on September 20th and will official open on October 20th.  If you plan to be in New York at all, this would definitely be the show to catch!

Click here to visit Relatively Speaking's Official Website


August 16, 2011

Some P.S. Episodes Available for Sale Online!

We were very excited when Cousin Susan on our Facebook Group alerted us to the fact that Amazon.com, as well as iTunes, are now offering episodes of Perfect Strangers for sale via their sites.  The 12 available episodes not only include previously released Season 1 and 2 episodes, DVD, but there are a also scattered Season 3, 4 and 5 episodes in the mix as well (Note: Cousin Susan warns that some of these appear to be cut syndicated versions and not complete episodes!)  They are being offered under the title "Perfect Strangers: Best of the Series."  On Amazon.com there is a choice of buying the available episodes on an individual basis or saving $4.89 by buying them all at once.  These are to view on your computer or on your television if you have a compatible model with such options (like Vizio.)   It's possible with streaming video becoming popular that shows like Perfect Strangers which may not be in line for DVD release may be offered through venues such as this, at least!

Perfect Strangers: The Best of the Series on Amazon.com

Perfect Strangers: The Best of the Series on iTunes


August 2, 2011

Got Questions?  Bronson Has Answers!

Bronson is certainly carving out a niche for himself in the world of audio book narration and the Audio Book world has been sitting up and taking notice, even awarding him an Audie for his work!  Recently, Adam Boretz of Publisher's Weekly interviewed Bronson for the site's Listen Up Blog, and Bronson offered some interesting insight as to how he got started in narration, what some of the challenges are with the work and how he approaches the work.  And if you want even more Q&A with Bronson, you need go no further than to visit Bronson Pinchot Online, where recently Bronson has been once again fielding questions from fans, answering them with both humor and insight!  And you are invited to submit your questions for upcoming Q&A sessions through the website as well by sending them to Cousin Lucy!  Get out of the city!

Click here for Publisher Weekly's Q&A with Bronson!

Click here for the latest Q&A from Bronson Pinchot Online!


July 19, 2011

Virginia Alexander Best Feature in Vegaaas!

Virgin Alexander was screened at the Las Vegas Film Festival on July 17th and we've learned that the film won Best Feature Film in the competition!  Cousin WhitLovesBalki0327 attended the screening and while Bronson did not appear at the festival she reported the following on our Forums: "After the movie was done there was a Q&A with the director, co-director, and star Rick Faugno and (luckily) one audience member asked how they got Bronson.  They all said that he found out about the movie and loved the script, and wanted to play in it.  They went on to go about how a sweet and wonderful person he was during filming and when they were not and willing to do the film for free and support the up-coming directors and crew since it was an Indie film."  The movie is currently looking for a distributor and will hopefully be screened in more areas and eventually released on DVD as well!

Click here for Virgin Alexander's Official Website

Click here for Virgin Alexander's Facebook Page


July 5, 2011

One Slight Hitch . . . They're Sold Out!

We often report on Perfect Strangers related stories on our Facebook group well in advance of posting them here.  Such was the case when we mentioned that Mark Linn-Baker would be appearing at the Williamstown Theatre Festival in Lewis Black's play One Slight Hitch, running from July 6 - 17 in the Berkshires of Western Massachusettes.  Much to our surprise, the website Berkshire On Stage has now reported that the two week run is already completely sold out!  Mark reunites to work with his long-time friend Lewis Black and in the website's written piece, complete with photos from rehearsals of the show, Mark reminisces about the play's origins and comments Black's social commentary and its relevance in today's society.

Mark Linn-Baker on One Slight Hitch at BerkshireOnStage.com


June 14, 2011

Does Anyone Else Detect a Hint of Mypos Here?

We learned late last week (thanks to Cousin WhitLovesBalki0327 and also Cousin Pavan of SitcomsOnline.com) that Bronson was going to be making a guest appearance on The Disney Channel series Shake It Up!, debuting on Sunday, June 12th.  The episode will be repeating throughout the week on The Disney Channel (you can check the days and times by going to our What's On Television? page!)  Bronson played the father of fraternal twins Gunther and Tinka, an eclectic brother and sister dance team with unique accents which hail from an unpronounceable mountain country (sound familiar?)  And if you think the twins are unique, wait until you see their parents!  As Rocky observed, "Gunther and Tinka are the normal ones!"  The appearance gave Bronson a chance to be zany (as well as to sing!) and if he seemed right at home in front of the camera it has to be in part because of the familiar face behind the camera . . . the episode was directed by none other than Perfect Strangers' and Second Sight veteran director Joel Zwick!  If you have a chance to catch this funny episode sometime this week or in the future, definitely do!

Click Here to Read TVGuide.com's story on Bronson's Appearance

Click Here to Visit the Official Shake It Up! Site


April 5, 2011

All You Have to Do is Siiiiiign Your Name . . .

Due to popular demand on our Forums and the frustration of many Cousins who have been trying their best to be patient for Warner Bros. Home Video to release more episodes of Perfect Strangers to DVD, we have decided to set up a petition at PetitionOnline.com whereby fans can make their voices heard!  What can you do to help?  Well, you can start by signing the petition, of course (don't be ridiculous!)  And then spread the word amongst family, friends, blogs, anywhere you think there may be fans who also want to see the episodes on DVD.  Our goal is to obtain 10,000 signatures.  That's a lot, we know, but we may as well aim high!  We know there are lots of fans who want to see these shows released on DVD, and we will also be spreading the word as best we can.  Let's let our collective voices be heard!

Sign the Official P.S. I Love You! DVD Petition!


January 18, 2011

Or Perhaps Florida is More Inviting This Time of Year?

Many thanks to the folks at David Pomeranz' Official Website for letting us know that David will be performing in concert at the Ruth Eckerd Hall in Clearwater, Florida, on January 29th at 8:00 p.m.!  As you know, David is the wonderful singer of Perfect Strangers' iconic theme song Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now, but he also penned many classic songs sung by the likes of Barry Manilow, Clay Aiken, Kenny Loggins, Bette Midler, Freddie Mercury, and so many more!  It should be a really wonderful concert, so don't miss out on your chance to see him if you're in that neck of the woods!

Click here to order tickets from the Ruth Eckerd Hall

Click here to visit David's Official Website


January 11, 2011

Say We Flew to New York to See Mark Sing?

We have learned from Playbill.com that Mark Linn-Baker will be among the cast appearing at the world famous Birdland jazz club in a musical night entitled Say We Flew - The Songs of Andrew Gerle, which will focus the spotlight on the prolific composer-lyricist behind such musicals as The Tutor and Meet John Doe.  The show will take place on January 31st at 7:00 p.m.  Also appearing in the show will be Karen Ziemba, Carrie Manolakos, Christa Justus, Richard Maltby, Jr., Pamela Bob, Cassie Wooley and Victoria Huston-Elem.  If you plan to be in New York around that time, why not take in the show at the world-famous venue?  It should be a very entertaining evening!

Click here to read the story at Playbill.com

Click here to purchase tickers from the official Birdland website


January 4, 2011

Listened to Any Good Books Recently?

As you may well know, Bronson has been named Audible.com's Narrator of the Year for 2010, and it's no surprise!  He is a fantastic reader with many audio books to his credit!  And Audible.com has many of these wonderful books available to download from their website!  So why not start off the New Year by treating yourself to a wonderful audio tome narrated by Bronson?  There's plenty to choose from!

Click here to peruse the titles narrated by Bronson at Audible.com!


January 4, 2011

Winner Picked in Bronson Pinchot Christmas Contest!

After careful consideration of all the entries in the Bronson Pinchot Online Christmas Contest, it was decided the winner was none other than Cousin Alyce, who submitted a really pretty Christmas style graphic with her lovely sentiments included.  ALL the entries were wonderful and it was a very difficult choice!  And all of the messages were compiled into a special video greeting for Bronson, which you can view below!

Click here to view the special video Christmas greeting to Bronson!


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