The News and Courier
May 19, 1989

Melanie Wilson: A Stranger No Longer

By Kenneth R. Clark
Chicago Tribune

If you think you had childhood troubles, consider Melanie Wilson and be grateful.  She grew up as the daughter of Mr. Whipple who, for 25 years, battled a bevy of deranged toilet-paper squeezers on behalf of Charmin.  Miss Wilson, the daughter of the character actor Dick Wilson, now portrays Jennifer, the sexy stewardess of ABC's "Perfect Strangers" (8 p.m. Fridays on ABC.)  She said she had no choice beyond a life in show business.

"I haven't forgotten one day of my life as a child," Miss Wilson said.  "If the kids didn't tease me about it one day, I had a big case of Charmin arriving the next.  It was tough growing up.  When you're a kid of 11, 12 or 13, and you just want to blend into the woodwork and be anonymous, Mr. Whipple is not the father to have."

Miss Wilson says her father, still under contract for the toilet paper commercial, though it has not run in recent years, is "a brilliant character actor" who does not deserve to be typecast as the man whose life's work is summed up by the admonition, "Don't squeeze the Charmin!"

"He was also the drunk on 'Bewitched' for years," Miss Wilson said.

(Other reprints of this article included the following information):

She started acting as a child "running lines" for her father in "Bewitched."  But she debuted even before that.

"I made my film debut when my mother was pregnant with me on 'Dennis the Menace,'" she said.