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August 23, 1987

Changes Set for 'Perfect Strangers'
Knight-Ridder Newspapers

Fans of ABC's "Perfect Strangers" will be shocked, then puzzled, then reassured and delighted to know that the show will see major changes in the fall season.

Balki (Bronson Pinchot), the Middle-European foolish-yet-wise star, is getting a permanent job in the mail room of a major metropolitan daily.  And Balki and "Cousin Larry" (Mark Linn-Baker) are getting a new apartment, one in which Balki will have a room of his own.

These moves will give Balki that all-important sense of stability and self-worth, as well as put an end to any audience suspicions about where he's been sleeping.

Baker and Pinchot both went to Yale, though they only overlapped one year.  A couple of TV critics said this must be an important influence in their harmonious acting partnership.  They said forget it.

Pinchot: "It has nothing to do with where we went to school."

Linn-Baker: "It has to do with previous influences, like 'Bugs Bunny.'"

Pinchot: "I also watch 'Moonlighting' and old 'Lucy' shows, but 'Bugs' is the main influence."