Warner Bros. Presents "Television Out of the Box"
at The Paley Center for Media in Los Angeles
through 2015!

    We reported on the opening of this exhibit at The Paley Center for Media in Los Angeles back in March when it first opened.  Warner Bros. has created a very interesting display of props, sets and memorabilia from its long history of television in an exhibit which the public can visit between now and 2015!  Among the shows featured include Perfect Strangers, and now we can tell you just what you will see when you visit the center yourself!

    We have had our first eye-witness report about the exhibit from Cousin Chris, who visited the Center while vacationing here in the United States!  Cousin Chris was gracious enough to take some photographs of what he saw and share them with us!

    Chris was somewhat disappointed that there wasn't more Perfect Strangers material incorporated into the exhibit (he points out that the theme song isn't even part of the "Theme Song Theater" sing-along area, which seems like a major omission on the part of the organizers!)  But there is one of Balki's costumes on display and a video monitor which shows clips from various series.  The Perfect Strangers segment starts out with a montage of clips from the show, then goes into the opening scene of "Knock, Knock . . . Who's There?" with Balki arriving on Cousin Larry's doorstep (this entire episode has also been featured as part of a "Lorimar Hits" special screened in the theater.)  And then another longer scene is shown, interestingly enough from the episode "Lie-Ability" (more specifically the scene where Balki and Miss Lydia attempt to help Larry straighten out his back on Balki's worktable at the Chronicle.)

    What we find the most perplexing amongst the information Cousin Chris sent to us is the Balki costume which Warner Bros. compiled to put on display.  All of the separate components should be very recognizable to fans of the show, but these pieces were never worn simultaneously on any episode!  In fact, anyone viewing the display would come away with the impression that Balki was not only a flamboyant dresser but apparently color blind and fashion-backwards!  Here is the photo Cousin Chris sent of the display plus some screen grabs from the different episodes in which the various items appeared (further explanations to follow below):

    The pants are quite important because they were worn by Bronson in the very first episode of the series, "Knock, Knock . . . Who's There?" towards the end of the episode when Balki works overnight in the store to try to fix the radio and then throughout the last scene.  The shirt was worn in the fifth season episode "Everyone in the Pool" when Balki and Larry are watching the tense-filled football game on which Larry has bet a bundle.  And the vest is quite interesting.  It appeared in a much simpler version in the classic season two episode "A Christmas Story" in the very first scene at the Ritz Discount Store.  But the vest on display has some added embellishments.  These were added for the season five episode "Home Movies" and can be seen during Larry's surprise production of Balki's home movie to Mama and in the final scene as well.

    These pieces of clothing may have appeared in other episodes and TGIF spots as well, but one thing is certain . . . at no time were all three pieces of clothing worn by Balki at the same time!

  Another thing is also certain . . . if you love television then you owe it to yourself to visit The Paley Center for Media and catch this wonderful "TV Out of the Box" exhibit sometime before 2015!  While we're somewhat disappointed to hear there isn't more Perfect Strangers memorabilia currently on display, this is an ever-changing exhibit and who knows?  Maybe in the future you'll see something new or different on display!  We'll try to keep you up-to-date with what's happening there as we can!

    Thanks again to Cousin Chris for his report and for the great photo of Balki's costume!

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